Have you decided to do without a TV stand for your new LED or OLED TV?Do you simply want to change the decoration of your living room or bedroom? Hanging your TV on the wall is an excellent choice. Here are some tips to choose the best tv wall mount bracket!

With thinner and lighter TVs, it has never been more fashionable to mount your TV on the wall: it is possible with all flat-screen TVs, Full HD or Ultra HD, so why deprive yourself? A decision that can be made for practical or aesthetic reasons, but beware: there are still some data to consider, precautions to take, and equipment to gather.

What is the best TV wall mount?

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When choosing the support you need, it is important that you check your TV, check its measurements, weight and size and determine which of them will suit you best and will be safer and more comfortable to install.

It is important that, before buying, you make a test of the benefits you want to receive from the product and make comparisons between all available models, in order to determine which is the most suitable for your TV and is best suited to your needs.

Having a guide is never over, so we made a brief review of the products on sale and developed a list of suggestions that groups those we consider, according to their qualities and benefits, are the best:

1. Tilt Swivel Dual Arm TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Bracket, Tilt Swivel TV Mount Max.VESA 600x400mm for 37-70 Inch LED LCD Plasma Flat& Curved...
  • ✅ UNIVERSAL TV COMPATIBILITY - Our swivel TV wall bracket is suitable for most TVs and can be mounted to concrete, brick and...
  • ✅ ULTRA STRONG DUAL ARMS HOLD UP TO 60KG - Our TV wall mount easily holds 37-70” (94cm-178cm) TVs weighing up to 60KG so you...
  • ✅ CUSTOMISE YOUR VIEWING EXPERIENCE - This full motion TV wall mount swivels 45° left to right so you can choose the most...
  • ✅ SUPER SLIM DESIGN WITH EXTENDABLE ARMS - Our TV bracket extends up to 16” (40cm) from the wall so you can move your TV into...
  • ✅ PRODUCT EXTRAS & LIFETIME WARRANTY - Your brand new TV mount wall bracket comes with: 1.8m HDMI cable, 5 x cable ties, bubble...

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Designed in ultra-resistant steel, this TV wall mount is perfectly able to guarantee an optimal angle of view for its user in all circumstances. It is a universal model, compatible with all televisions whose dimensions are between 37 and 70 ′. Indeed, the VESA dimensions agree with most models of major brands. In terms of resistance, the Perlegear TV wall mount can easily support up to 60 kg.

Very flexible, this wall mount allows you to tilt the television 15 ° forward, 5 ° rearward and orient it up to 90 ° on each side. In addition, the pivoting axis allows the panel to tilt 3 ° to the left or to the right.

For more comfort, the user can also adjust the distance between the wall of the TV so as to save space and further optimize his visual comfort. In addition, the rear of the support provides cable ties. In addition to the comfort it provides, it, therefore, does not neglect the final aesthetic aspect of the installation.

This is the ideal accessory to obtain a perfect and permanent viewing angle whatever the layout of the space surrounding the television. The support is delivered with its mounting material and its installation guide.

2. Invision TV Mount HDTV-S

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This model is one of the most versatile of our list, it is made with carbon steel and is compatible with all brands and models of televisions and LCD monitors with VESA technology.

It is a comfortable, compact mechanism that, however, is capable of holding a maximum load of 40 kg, has an ultra-thin profile and a narrow-wall mounting plate, ideal for limited spaces.

It has tilt and turn of screens so you can watch television with more comfort, It is also easy to install, you do not have to be a professional to place it.

The manufacturer relies so much on your product that it gives you 25 years of warranty! You get it in different sizes and functions and it’s a low price product.

3. Simbr TV Wall Mount

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With a maximum load capacity of 50 kg, this support allows a 360 ° rotation and the ability to move from vertical to a horizontal position to place your TV as best suits your needs and comfort.

Those who already have one say that it is a robust mechanism, made with good quality materials and installed without major complications. In addition, It has two years of warranty.

The Simbr model is VESA technology and compatible with screens from 32 to 70 inches. It has double-arm, a quality that makes it more resistant and durable.

It is not the cheapest so it is an investment, but if the price is not a problem for you, then this is an option to consider.

4. Ricoo S5144 TV Wall mount

RICOO TV Bracket Tilt Swivel approx 30-55 Inch S5144 for LED LCD OLED Curved and Flatscreens Wall...
  • ✅ FEATURES: Adjust swivelling / pivoting 180 degrees if display width is max 65cm. Tilting +12/-3 degrees. Rotation of front...
  • ✅ COMPATIBILITY: VESA 200x200 300x300 400x200 400x300 400x400. Supported / recommended sizes 30" 32" 36" 40" 42" 43" 46" 47" 49"...
  • ✅ CAPACITY: High weight load capacity of max 110lbs thanks to durable cold-rolled steel. Wall distance 70-415mm ❗ Includes...
  • ✅ HOLDER SUITABLE FOR MOST: well-known brands
  • ✅ USE: Perfect your Smart-TV unit furniture in your Living Room / apartment and get a pure HiFi home cinema feeling. Fits almost...

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If you are looking for a TV support that is compatible with recognized brands such as Toshiba, Hacer, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Thompson and Samsung then this one suits you.

This system is rotating, flexible, lightweight, full-motion and compatible with all those screens that are governed by VESA technology. The device is robust and can hold televisions with screens of different sizes.

You get it in black and you do not have to spend a lot to take it home because it’s quite affordable. It is a worthwhile option.

5. SIMBR Tilting TV wall mount

Cheetah Mounts APFMSB TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-55” TVs Up To VESA 400 and 115 lbs (kg 52)...
  • Suitable for 20-55 inch TVs with hole patterns up to VESA 400 x 400 (16 x 16 inches) and up to 115 lbs
  • Attaches to two 16" wood bolts as well as all types of masonry
  • Easy to lift and lock the attachment with adjustable pull tabs
  • Allows you to adjust the rotation by 3 degrees to the level after installation
  • Includes a 10 inch HDMI braided cable with twisted wires and a 3-axis spirit level with magnetic function

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This tiltable TV wall mount is designed for flat or curved screens whose dimensions are between 26 and 75 ′. Thanks to its wide range of VESA dimensions, it is compatible with a large number of televisions.

For an optimal angle of view whatever the position of the user in front of his screen, this support allows an inclination of 15 ° downwards and upwards. Sitting, lying down or standing, visual comfort, therefore, remains optimal.

This model is perfectly designed for discreet installation. Indeed, it only removes the TV 8 inches from the wall. Which allows achieving a perfect aesthetic rendering.

Resistant and robust, its cold-rolled steel design allows it to accommodate a screen weighing up to 60 kg.

6. North Bayou TV Wall Mount

NB Wall Mount Swivelling for téleviseurs LED
  • Recommended image size 81.28 cm - 139.7 cm
  • Tuning: + / - 4°
  • Tilt: 5° up/8° downwards
  • Weight 46 kg
  • Min. And Max. output: 55 mm and 499 mm

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Those who have already acquired this support, insist that it offers an unbeatable quality relationship if one takes into account the small investment that must be made to have it.

It is an installation system for screens with an arm that reaches a rotation up to 180 degrees, with flat design and adaptable vertical tilt correction that is specially created for your comfort while you are facing the screen.

It is designed with a durable and resistant machined steel structure and is compatible with VESA-based devices, it is one of the least expensive of the list.

If you already decided to buy, this is a very striking option, more in the case of a product certified by ISO standards and designed for professional use. The manufacturer gives you two years of warranty.

TV Wall mount bracket

Types of TV wall mounts

Before choosing a specific model, you should know the different types of wall brackets that exist.

Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket

It is the most classic and often the cheapest model. It provides a front view of the television. Sold with its mounting material, it adapts to different dimensions and weights of televisions. Before installing this type of support, you should define the ideal position for your TV. Indeed, its viewing angle can no longer be changed after installation.

Tilting Bracket

This accessory is more ergonomic than the first since it allows, once fixed, to tilt the TV forward or backward as desired. Whatever the position of the viewer, the angle of view can therefore always be adjusted to offer optimal visual comfort.

Thanks to this type of support, not only the angle of view adapted to the seated or lying position of its user but it also makes it possible to solve the problems of reflections generated by artificial lighting or by natural light.

Full-Motion Bracket

This accessory further optimizes the viewing angle and the visual comfort of its user. Indeed, the television is not only tilted forwards or backwards, but it can also be oriented horizontally to the left or to the right. The user can then move around the room while maintaining an optimal angle of view.

The tilt swivel TV wall mount

It is the most advanced model and of course the most expensive. In addition to tilting and orienting the screen forward, backward and to the sides, it has a pivoting axis to tilt the panel slightly to the right or slightly to the left.

This support, therefore, offers even more freedom to users who can place themselves anywhere in the room and in any position to watch TV while enjoying optimal visual comfort.

tv wall mount size

How to choose the right size of a wall bracket

To choose the appropriate size mounting mechanism, it is essential that the measurements of your TV match those of the bracket.

Usually, most of these systems use the VESA technology standard, made with a series of holes that determine how far apart the TV mounting holes are from one another. The mechanisms elaborated with this norm can support several sizes of televisions, generally, the manuals of your television indicate the measures of the support that is compatible in each case.

It is important that you also check how much your television weighs and if the selected mechanism brackets that weight. All these factors will help you choose the appropriate support.

What makes one model better than another?

The success you have with your TV wall mount is variable according to the use you give and what you need from the mechanism. Usually, the low cost wall brackets have fewer features than those that cost a little more, however, many of these cheap devices fulfil their function and leave the buyer satisfied. If you are looking for a good wall bracket, these features can serve you:

  • Level adjustment: Some mounts allow you to adjust the level of the TV after it is on the wall. This is particularly useful when trying to level a TV with a fireplace mantel or some wall.
  • Locking mechanism: Many commercial mounts take place for a lock that prevents the TV from being stolen, so it is useful if the bracket is compatible with this system.
  • Precision height adjustment: Once the TV is mounted on the wall it can be adjusted up or down, this is useful when you try to mount a TV in a recessed area.
  • Hardware: It is always important that the system brings the complete hardware and so on. Cheaper stands tend to come with fewer bolts. The pin tightens and holds the bracket on the wall and the low-grade bolts can break while you tighten them, so it’s always useful to have more, to replenish.
  • Mobility: The ideal is that your bracket is ergonomic, that once mounted you can tilt it, extend it or turn it, without loosening the screws and making adjustments to the mechanism.
How to install TV wall mount bracket

How to install TV wall mount bracket?

You now have practically everything in hand. But before you get started, there are still a few choices to make. These do not depend on your tastes, but on the material in which the wall is built to which you plan to hang the screen. Indeed, each material needs specific hardware in order not to have unpleasant surprises. Here is what you need to know to determine the material that will itself decide the right hardware. Find out which fixing for the TV wall mount to choose according to the type of wall.

Determine the wall material

To find out which fixing is suitable for your wall, you must first identify the building material of the wall. You will be faced with different possibilities, but in most cases, two options are possible:

  • Either your wall is full and masonry: concrete wall, brick
  • Either your wall is hollow: plasterboard wall, partition

If you have any doubts about the nature of your wall, it is best to just knock on the wall and listen to the noise. If the wall sounds hollow, it’s plasterboard. If it sounds full, it is made of concrete or bricks.

Choose the fixings according to the wall

The hardware will, therefore, be determined by the nature of your wall, the weight of the TV and the weight supported by the wall. To support the following weights, you will use anchors of the indicated diameters:

  • Less than 20 kg: diameter up to 6 mm.
  • From 20 to 50 kg: diameter between 6 and 8 mm.
  • More than 50 kg: more than 10 mm.

Once the diameter defined, choose your fixings according to the nature of the wall.

The use of plugs and screws adapted to the material allows a solid fixing of the TV wall mount to the wall. You now know what type of mounting to use to hang your TV on the wall.

Steps to install a TV on the wall

You are now perfectly equipped to hang your TV on the wall. All that’s left is to roll up your sleeves and tackle the bulk of the work. For this, you will need a few tools including a meter, a pencil, a spirit level, a mallet and of course screws, the mounting bracket and your flat screen. It is strongly advised not to hang your flat screen on the wall without drilling to prevent everything from collapsing. The installation of a flat-screen TV on the wall is accessible to all DIY enthusiasts. Now just follow the step-by-step method to easily hang your TV on the wall.

How high to install a TV on the wall?

To start the work of fixing a TV to the wall, it is necessary to determine the best possible height of the screen to watch it. Before drilling the walls, you must take the time to study the room.

The best way to know how high your TV should be mounted on the wall is to sit on your sofa and fix a point on the wall. This point will actually represent the centre of your TV screen. Mark the place with a pencil. You don’t have to have to raise or lower your head to watch your TV. It must, therefore, be facing you, otherwise, beware of the torticollis.

Mark the fixings for the TV wall mount fixings

You will now draw other marks which will allow you to determine the location of the holes. These marks will allow you to obtain a well-aligned and above all straight wall support thanks to the spirit level.

To take the measurements and place the marks on the wall, here is the technique:

  • Start by tracing the top of the support. For example, if your support is 50 cm high, draw a mark 25 cm from the central mark.
  • Then present your support and adjust it using a spirit level.
  • Mark the screw marks through the holes in the support.

Once the marks have been drawn on the wall, you should take advantage of this to check the drilling diameter. Depending on the diameter of the fixings, generally from 6 mm to 10 mm depending on the weight of the TV, the drill to use with your drill will be different.

Attach the bracket to the wall

It’s time to place the wall mount. To fix the TV stand to the wall, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Drill the wall where indicated. Care must be taken to drill straight.
  • Place the dowels in the holes.
  • Present the wall mount and adjust its position with the spirit level.
  • Tighten the screws on the support and in the wall.

If you have used the correct fixings (dowels and screws), your TV wall mount must be securely fixed to the wall. Now all you have to do is mount the TV.

Hang your TV on the wall

The last step is to mount the TV screen on the wall. If you have taken the VESA standard into account when choosing the TV wall mount, you will not have any difficulty installing the flat screen on the support.

All you have to do is hang your TV on the bracket:

  • Screw the fixings on the back of the TV, making sure to keep the spacing between the fixing screws.
  • For this step, it is better to be two. Place the TV on the wall mount making sure the brackets are in the correct position.
  • Make sure to position the wiring (power cable, HDMI, optical, etc.) so that it is not visible. You can use a chute for better rendering.
  • Place the safety rods to finish hanging your TV on the wall mount.