5 Best TV Wall Mounts: Security and Convenience when Watching TV

If you have just bought a flat screen TV and are looking for an installation mechanism that is safe and also provides comfort, then what you need at home is to have the best TV wall mount you can find.

Before acquiring a mechanism of this nature it is useful to take into account the characteristics of your TV set and the degree of compatibility with the support, as well as the qualities of interest of the support, so that you take the most suitable one for you .

It is essential that you evaluate the functions that you would like to have and the investment involved in acquiring one. The idea is to buy exactly what you need and that, in addition, fits your budget.

What is the best TV wall mount?

When choosing the support you need, it is important that you check your TV, check its measurements, weight and size and determine which of them will suit you best and will be safer and more comfortable to install.

It is important that, before buying, you make a test of the benefits you want to receive from the product and make comparisons between all available models, in order to determine which is the most suitable for your TV and is best suited to your needs.

Having a guide is never over, so we made a brief review of the products on sale and developed a list of suggestions that groups those we consider, according to their qualities and benefits, are the five best:

1. Invision TV Mount HDTV-S

Compact and easy to install 

Invision TV Wall Mount Bracket with Tilt and Swivel For 19-47 Inch...
44 Reviews
Invision TV Wall Mount Bracket with Tilt and Swivel For 19-47 Inch...
  • 25 year warranty includes on this TV wall mount
  • VESA compatible 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 400mm
  • Compact design with a quick and easy installation
  • Ultra slim profile pulls out from 54mm to 172mm

This model is one of the most versatile of our list, it is made with carbon steel and is compatible with all brands and models of televisions and LCD monitors with VESA technology

It is a comfortable, compact mechanism that, however, is capable of holding a maximum load of 40 kg, has an ultra-thin profile and a narrow-wall mounting plate, ideal for limited spaces.

It has tilt and turn of screens so you can watch television with more comfort, It is also easy to install, you do not have to be a professional to place it.

The manufacturer relies so much on your product that it gives you 25 years of guarantee a lifetime! You get it in different sizes and functions and it’s a low price product

2. Simbr TV Wall Mount

Resistant and durable

SIMBR TV Wall Bracket Mount for 32-70' LED, LCD, Curved, Plasma...
87 Reviews
SIMBR TV Wall Bracket Mount for 32-70" LED, LCD, Curved, Plasma...
  • ★【Ultra Strong Arm Holds uo to 60kg/132lb】Our TV...
  • ★【Universal TV Compatibility】Fits most 32-70 inch...
  • ★【Ultra Slim to Wall&Long Reach】The SIMBR TV Wall...
  • ★【Customise Your Viewing Experience】The full...

With a maximum load capacity of 50 kg, this support allows a 360 ° rotation and the ability to move from vertical to horizontal position to place your TV as best suits your needs and comfort.

Those who already have one say that it is a robust mechanism, made with good quality materials and installed without major complications. In addition, It has two years of warranty.

The Simbr model is VESA technology and compatible with screens from 32 to 70 inches. It has double arm, quality that makes it more resistant and durable.

It is not the cheapest so it is an investment, but if the price is not a problem for you, then this is an option to consider.

3. Ricoo  S5144 TV Wall mount

Adjustable and tiltable

RICOO S5144 TV Wall Bracket Mount Tilt & Swivel Universal Cantilever...
8 Reviews
RICOO S5144 TV Wall Bracket Mount Tilt & Swivel Universal Cantilever...
  • [ FEATURES ] ▪ Adjust swivelling / pivoting 180...
  • [ COMPATIBILITY ] ✔ VESA 200x100 200x200 300x300...
  • [ CAPACITY ] ✔ High weight load capacity of max...
  • [ SUITABLE FOR MOST ] ✔...

If you are looking for a TV support that is compatible with recognized brands such as Toshiba, Hacer, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Thompson and Samsung then this one suits you.

This system is rotating, flexible, lightweight, full motion and compatible with all those screens that are governed by VESA technology. The device is robust and can hold televisions with screens of different sizes.

You get it in black and you do not have to spend a lot to take it home because it’s quite affordable. It is a worthwhile option.

4. Cheetah TV Mounts APFMSB

The most economical

Cheetah Mounts APFMSB TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-55” TVs Up To...
173 Reviews
Cheetah Mounts APFMSB TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-55” TVs Up To...
  • Fits 20-55" TVs up to 115lbs
  • Fits hole patterns up to VESA 400 x 400 (15.75" x...
  • Ultra Low 1" Profile
  • Easy Lift and Lock Attachment

This support from Cheetah Mounts is the most economical of our selection. It is made with adjustable straps for easy mounting and dismounting and has an ultra-slim profile that lifts a weight of about 52 kg.

Like others, it also has a lifetime guarantee. It’s no surprise since it’s made 100% iron and with VESA technology, compatible with almost all screens.

According to the opinion of those who already bought it, it is a great product at low cost, which gives it an added value.

It is available in the market in black with colorful straps. The package includes 3 meters HDMI cable and Magnetic Level with 3 bubbles of 15 centimeters.

5. North Bayou TV Wall Mount

Good value for money

NB Wall Mount Swivelling for téleviseurs LED
1 Reviews
NB Wall Mount Swivelling for téleviseurs LED
  • Advanced technology: F160 Dual Arm Desk Mount is with...
  • Full motion mount: a wide range of movement of the May...
  • 'Compatibility: Fits most monitors, LCD, Plasma, TV and...
  • Hardware: Complete bracket Package Includes...

Those who have already acquired this support, insist that it offers an unbeatable quality relationship if one takes into account the small investment that must be made to have it.

It is an installation system for screens with arm that reaches a rotation up to 180 degrees, with flat design and adaptable vertical tilt correction that is specially created for your comfort while you are facing the screen.

It is designed with a durable and resistant machined steel structure and is compatible with VESA-based devices, it is one of the least expensive of the list.

If you already decided to buy, this is a very striking option, more in the case of a product certified by ISO standards and designed for professional use. The manufacturer gives you two years of warranty.

How to choose a TV wall mount

Choosing a wall mount to place an OLED television can be a more complicated decision than you think. There are many sizes, sizes, types of assembly and manufacturers of these mechanisms, so it is necessary to have a minimum of knowledge to make a good choice. Choosing the wrong support can cause you hours of frustration as you try to get it to work properly. Here we show you the three most common types of supports:

  • Full/Articulated Movement: Wall mounts made for full movement, are ideal for corners, although they work well everywhere. They are also very sought after for cabinets, recessed locations and other situations in which you need to take out and turn the television from the place where it was placed. These brackets allow you to remove the TV from the wall and rotate it in any direction. They can also tilt up or down, and push back or flatten them against the wall whenever you want. They are more difficult to install, more expensive and require longer cables.
  • Low profile: The mounting of low profile support is used when you want the TV to be as close to the wall as possible. They do not tilt or rotate at all, but they are usually the least expensive of all available supports; unfortunately, in some cases, the TV is so close to the wall that the cables cannot be connected. If the cable connections are on the back of the TV, facing the wall, you’ll need 90-degree adapters and you’ll have to use spacers to pull the TV out of the wall. If the connections are on the side of the TV, you are in better shape, but sometimes the cables may push the bottom of the TV out, causing the TV to tilt slightly upwards.
  • With inclination: This is the best option for most facilities of this nature. Allows the TV to tilt up or down. It is less expensive than full-motion mounts, but more expensive than low-profile mounts, and is also easier to install

How to choose the right size of wall bracket

To choose the appropriate size mounting mechanism, it is essential that the measurements of your TV match those of the support.

Usually most of these systems use the VESA technology standard, made with a series of holes that determine how far apart the TV mounting holes are from one another. The mechanisms elaborated with this norm can support several sizes of televisions, generally the manuals of your television indicate the measures of the support that is compatible in each case.

It is important that you also check how much your television weighs and if the selected mechanism supports that weight. All these factors will help you choose the appropriate support.

What makes one support better than another?

The success you have with your support system is variable according to the use you give and what you need from the mechanism. Usually the lower cost supports have less features than those that cost a little more, however, many of these cheap devices fulfill their function and leave the buyer satisfied. If you are looking for good support, these features can serve you:

  • Level adjustment: Some mounts allow you to adjust the level of the TV after it is on the wall. This is particularly useful when trying to level a TV with a fireplace mantel or some wall.
  • Locking mechanism: Many commercial mounts take place for a lock that prevents the TV from being stolen, so it is useful if the bracket is compatible with this system.
  • Precision height adjustment: Once the TV is mounted on the wall it can be adjusted up or down, this is useful when you try to mount a TV in a recessed area.
  • Hardware: It is always important that the system bring the complete hardware and so on. Cheaper stands tend to come with fewer bolts. The pin tightens and holds the bracket on the wall and the low grade bolts can break while you tighten them, so it’s always useful to have more, to replenish.
  • Mobility: The ideal is that your support is ergonomic, that once mounted you can tilt it, extend it or turn it, without loosening the screws and making adjustments to the mechanism.