Using a treadmill can be as simple as using a stairclimber or walking. However, choosing the best treadmill on the market may not be so easy. You have to have several considerations in mind and it is also true that the offer is very broad, with a variety of models and manufacturers that seek to take the majority of the clientele and be the leaders in this part of the fitness industry.

The truth is that these excellent devices will make your life easier and, in combination with a good diet, they will offer you incredible benefits and benefits such as losing weight, improving your physical condition, increasing resistance or even speeding up your metabolism. Apart from that, the best models even offer customized workouts and come with screens that show speed, time, distance, calories and pulsations. They can also come with a scan function.

If you want to have all this in the comfort of your home, then this is your lucky day, because we will help you choose the best treadmill.

What is the best treadmill?

As we commented, there are many different models and brands that offer a good variety of features and functions that add variety and excitement to your workouts.

To make sure you can choose the best model of the market, we have created the following comparative list, in which you can compare and evaluate which is the one that adapts perfectly to you.

1. BH Fitness WG6473U foldable treadmill

The most complete, versatile and convenient

We are talking about a treadmill with a maximum speed of 18 km / h, with a running bandwidth of 51 cm, which gives you a good surface so you can run at a great pace.

It has a compact chassis that can be folded to take up as little space as possible. As for the impact absorption system, it comes equipped with 6 elastomers and a K-Dumper that protects your joints. It works with apps and has an 8-year warranty.

2. Branx Fitness Foldable treadmill

Train with variety and improve your health

This professional model comes with a good screen that shows the speed, time, distance, calories and pulsations and measures your heart rate through contact sensors.

It has 2mm running belt thickness and 0-22 level auto incline. It also includes a beverage holder, auxiliary cable entry, cornets to listen to music and good absorption of impacts that protect your health. It has 21 training programs and it is foldable.

3. Treadmill PrestigeSports XM-PROIII

Excellent quality at a good price

We are talking about a treadmill that not only allows you to train at home for a good price but also includes a massage belt that keeps you more relaxed while exercising with 12 pre-set programs.

It comes equipped with a control panel so you can see the speed at which you go, your heart rate measured by the contact sensors, distance and time and the 3 levels of inclination. It reaches 7 mph.

4. Professional treadmill Sportstech F26

The most searched model by users

If you look at everything you can offer and the excellent quality of this product, then you will see that it really is a very affordable model.

It has an excellent power that takes it up to 18 km / h and includes a good impact absorption system that prevents injuries and damage to your body.

It also comes equipped with a motorized tilt and a magnetic security system, has USB and MP3 input and is also foldable.

5. Cardio Runner Fytter Red RU-01R

If you’re looking to save, take a look

Thus we come to the least expensive model, which although it has a low price, is quite convenient and of very good quality. It is a fairly simple runner that can be folded for easy storage and easy transportation.

On your small screen, you can see the speed, time, distance travelled and the pulse. It also has a scan function. As it is so compact, it weighs only 32 kg but can support up to 100 kg.

The benefits of using a treadmill

Having a treadmill at home can be one of the best decisions you can make if you want to improve your physical condition, endurance, lose weight and simply keep in shape, as they allow you to do it in the most comfortable, versatile and controlled way possible. with static exercises at home. With these devices you have many advantages that we will explain to you next:

Burn calories

There is no doubt that running is one of the activities that allow you to burn calories more. And even, if you join it to another exercise designed for the same purpose, you will lose a lot of weight in a short time. For this, we recommend explosive training at regular intervals and high intensity, as they are able to raise your heart rate very quickly, which causes the body to consume more oxygen at lower intervals. This way they burn more calories.

The treadmills or treadmills are perfect for these objectives because they only subject you to your own capacity and do not have any restrictions related to the mechanics of the device, as it happens with the different bicycles.

Excellent cardio training

As with burning calories, if you want a good cardio workout, then you will need a good treadmill to raise your blood pressure. With the same training of high-intensity intervals, you can improve the stamina and resistance, while you accelerate the metabolism and burn fat.

We also recommend that you run for extended periods at lower rates to improve your endurance, as it is excellent. With a good home treadmill, you can have all these benefits without having to worry about passing cars or have to see the path you walk because it is simply a controlled environment from the comfort of your living room, room or even the basement.

It has less impact than running

One of the great advantages of using treadmills is that they reduce impacts, which is one of the biggest concerns of all runners and athletes. Is that many athletes suffer from joint pain and another discomfort in the lower extremities that result from the constant impacts suffered when walking or running in different areas.

With a good treadmill, you can say goodbye to this problem because you save the impact of walking on concrete or pavement. This is because the floors of these products come with impact absorption systems designed to absorb up to 40% of the impacts or even more, depending on the quality of the model and the brand. Of course, the more impact they absorb, the higher prices will be.

You will feel very good

Running generates a feeling that very few physical activities can give you, which is the happiness of the runner, which is causing many athletes to become addicted to this practice.

If you doubt its existence, then we tell you that it is nothing more and nothing less than a scientific fact, since the brain produces endorphins when running, creating changes in the mood of people and make you feel good. Remember that endorphins give a feeling of natural happiness.

The considerations you must have before buying a treadmill

Before enjoying all those amazing benefits you have to choose the indicated model and make the purchase. For this, we created the comparative list that we showed you previously, but we also offer you a detailed explanation of everything you should keep in mind when choosing your ideal treadmill.

Size of the walking and running area

When you go to buy your treadmill, one of your first considerations has to be the size of the area to run. This should be large enough so that you can take long steps comfortably, but compact enough to avoid having space to spare that you will not need and that, in reality, is a waste.

The ideal is to have a model with an area to run of approximately 50 cm wide by 1.5 m long so you can enjoy the space necessary for you to run at full speed. However, if you are a slightly taller person, you may need a couple more cm. Of course, keep in mind that the longest models are around 55 cm x 1.6 m, so we are not talking about a big difference either.

On the other hand, if you only plan to use it for walks, you can also choose a slightly smaller area to save space. The smallest can be 50 cm x 140 meters. Apart from that, if you have limited space, you can always opt for large models, as long as they are collapsible.

Tilting the tape

Just like your gym’s treadmill, your home’s treadmill can also have this great feature that allows you to train as if you were climbing or descending hills and steep slopes. With this, you can achieve a greater boost to your metabolism and heart rate but you can also gain muscle mass in your lower extremities since each angle of inclination allows you to train different muscles in various ways.

In addition to this, the simple act of walking or running with a small angle of inclination allows you to experience less tension in the knees and ankles, which takes care of your bones and joints. So much so, that your knees, ankles and back will thank you.

Now, if you plan to buy a tilt model, which we highly recommend, it is good to see how the angle can be adjusted since it could be manual without motor or even electric or hydraulic. In the manual models, you will find just two or three adjustments, while the others, more expensive and advanced, offer greater configurations. In fact, they can be automatic changes depending on the type of training or how you choose through its buttons and controls.

The inclination can have a maximum of 10% in low-end and low-price models, 15% or 20% in regular models and up to 40% in high-end models. If you use the 40% adjustment, you can have virtually the same caloric expenditure as a runner. Remember that you can also find models that tilt down by up to 6%.

Heart rate monitoring

With most models, you have the function of heart rate monitoring, although its accuracy may vary between different models. If you are looking for a very precise training for specific purposes because you are a competitive athlete, then you will need a model with a minimum margin of error to improve your efficiency.

You can also have a clearer idea by being able to record how you improve with each routine, with great advantages in those models with an intelligent training system that offers reports of your performance and even export it to mobile exercise applications.

With the more expensive models, you can enjoy wireless heart rate receivers that work with chest tapes. There are also other products that include cardiac contact sensors in the handles, which vary greatly in their accuracy and quality and also are not good if you want constant readings throughout the training.

And if that were not enough, the best machines are able to adjust intensity levels depending on your rhythm and blood pressure, which allows you to maximize your capabilities and be much more efficient.

Screens and training programs

If you are one of those who get bored quickly from training routines, then you may need a model with a good screen and excellent programs with the intelligent training system. You can have this both in the most economical models, as in those of higher price, while the best brands have functions like exporting your data via Bluetooth to your mobile.

Regarding the screen, we recommend a product with color touch screen that has access to the internet and new training programs in its control panel. The ideal is that it is between 7 and 10 inches, although you can reach those up to 22 inches and in high definition. Yes, we recommend LCD screens or LED backlight or even buy a model with a port to connect your phone, tablet or even a magazine of your liking.

About the training programs, these are intended to improve your performance and overall performance. They are usually designed by fitness experts who know how to put together the best workouts to lose weight, burn calories, improve endurance or whatever you are looking for.

If you are still looking for more versatility and possibilities, then it is good that you consider the models that allow you to create and save your own programs so that they vary in quality and quantity. There are even others that connect to the web so you can download the creations of other users and use them yourself. To make matters worse, you can find treadmills that include virtual reality, which helps you feel as if you were outdoors.


Ideally, you should buy a model with double-layer tape, since single-layer tapes easily wear out and need to be replaced quickly because they break or tear. Apart from all that, the double layer ends up being much better because they make less noise, are easier to clean and do not require regular maintenance, as is the case with the single-layer models.

You also have to evaluate the durability of the rollers, which move the belt. It is important that they are long and heavy and that they are several. To make sure they are of good quality, they should be about 6.3 cm in diameter.

And finalizing, you must take into account the durability of the motor of the tape, which must come with a lifetime warranty and an ideal performance of 4 CHP. Although you could also choose a model of 3 CHP if you only jog or if you are not a very big person.


A good guarantee is an excellent indicator of the quality of the product, so we recommend you choose a treadmill that comes with a guarantee for the electronic parts, since they are the most expensive to repair; that it is greater than 1 year and that those of the engine and the frame are for life.

On the other hand, you could also choose a model that is even better suited to you and offers guarantees for repairs. The best brands offer repair service at home or up to 3 years of free repairs.

Care and maintenance

Finally, it is important that you know how to keep your treadmill in the best conditions, for which you will need to clean your equipment when you finish training so that the sweat does not make your own, as well as check the oil requirements that your specific model.

Another important consideration is that you keep your treadmill indoors and in a controlled climate since excessive heat or cold can have very negative effects on the electronic components of your device. Remember also that you must keep it away from moisture.