For several years now, Yoga has been one of the favourite disciplines around the world. An Indian discipline based on meditation and body exercises, we count to date millions of practitioners only in the UK. But beyond the trends, yoga brings a lot of considerable benefits both physically and mentally. As its practice does not require many types of equipment. Indeed, only the yoga mat is really essential. Besides, the regulars practice yoga even on the move. Hence the need for a travel yoga mat.

In order to guarantee the comfort and safety of practitioners during Yoga sessions, the market currently offers a wide selection of travel Yoga mats. Apparently simple material, it should be well chosen. Especially since it has an impact on the achievement of different Yoga postures. To help you find the right product for your relaxation sessions, we have taken the time to deepen the subject. We will address the essential criteria for its acquisition, to continue with recommendations on its use and answer a few recurring questions. Also, for more information, follow us until the end.

What is the best yoga travel mat?

The key to a good portable mat is that it is lightweight, occupies little space, but does not sacrifice the grip and the cushioning of joints.

In this guide, I will leave you my favourites for any type of escape. All with an ecological and compact construction capable of entering a small briefcase.

Heathyoga ProGrip Non Slip Yoga Mat

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The Heathyoga ProGrip is without a doubt the best travel yoga mat of the year. Indeed, at the same time, pretty, practical, non-slip and light, it combines many qualities for really very few defects. Thus, it measures 183 cm long by 66 cm wide. It will, therefore, be able to adapt to most body types. In addition, with a weight of only 1.8 kg, it is relatively light and therefore easy to transport. Transport made even easier by the storage bag supplied with this travel yoga mat. Finally, its major asset remains its unique instructional alignment: a set of lines that will allow you to be perfectly aligned on your yoga mat, in order to execute your postures safely. In fact, it will be perfectly suited to both beginners and professionals.

Yoga mat eKO Lite Manduka

Manduka Eko®, yoga mat, 5 mm, Acai
  • Manduka eKO® yoga mat is the sensible companion for yoga sessions.
  • Free from harmful substances and manufactured in an emissions-free process.
  • Manduka uses natural, recyclable, durable and organic materials.
  • This yoga mat is made from natural rubber, cotton and polyester.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 180 x 66 x 0.5 cm. Weight: 3 kg.

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The best thing about this mat is that thanks to its natural construction it does not run off and is very soft to the touch. It is made in a friendly way for the environment and our environment because it is free of toxic materials. It has the perfect combination of padding and thinness.

Harmony Jade Yoga professional mat

Jade Yoga 2 tone mat, Slate blue/Midnight blue
  • Premium 3/16-inch yoga mat made with open-cell, natural rubber
  • Offers terrific slip-resistance even with perspiration on the mat
  • Produces exceptional resilience and incomparable cushioning
  • Made with no PVC or ozone-depleting substances
  • Washes easily with soap and water

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It is another option made in a sustainable way with natural tree gum. It has a firm fill that is concentrated when folded, which makes it perfect for travel. It is an economical alternative that is designed for indoor practices so I recommend not exposing it to the sun.

Liquidbalance Clever Yoga travel mat

Clever Yoga LiquidBalance Travel Mat Eco and Body Friendly Sweat Grip Non-Slip With Carrying Yoga...
  • SUPER LIGHT AND TRAVEL READY. Weighing only 2.2 pounds and with 1.0mm thickness, this luxurious travel mat rolls up nicely in...
  • NO SLIPPING AND SLIDING or worry of losing your grip. Stay planted and stable with unmatchable grip, even during the sweatiest...
  • BODY-FRIENDLY. No toxic chemicals, PVC or latex. Natural and clean materials. Top layer is thin, clear coat of clean polyurethane...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY. Made with sustainably harvested and processed natural tree rubber which is biodegradable. Engineered and loved by...

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With 1 mm thickness, it is a super thin mat. Its lower part is made of natural material that gives stability without so much thickness. In the upper cover there is a layer of polyurethane that does not slip and facilitates quick drying so it does not accumulate any bacteria.

Yoga mat Ultralight Yogo

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat, Folding With Integrated Straps And Handle For Carry And Wash...
  • Foldable, grippy, eco yoga mat great for home, travel or outdoors
  • Clean: origami folding keeps top clean, rinse in shower hang by attached straps
  • Made with vegan tree rubber to support a positive impact on our planet
  • Award-winning grip that combats slip, and helps you remain grounded both in body and mind
  • With every mat, Yogo funds a food-bearing tree and agricultural training for a rural African family

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It is my favourite for beach practices and it is so compact that it fits in a summer bag without inconveniences. It gives a lot of grip but not as much cushioning, but it is perfect for naturally soft surfaces like sand or grass.

Foldable yoga mat IVIM

IVIM Foldable Non-slip Travel Yoga Mat Exercise Mat, Folding Portable, Free From Phthalates & Latex...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Free From Phthalates & Latex, healthy and durable, easy to clean
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: Skidless texture provides stable footing for ultimate performance,improved grip balance comfort and weight
  • FOLDING PORTABLE: Easily folds to 10 x 12 inch/25 x 30cm and easily fits into your carry-on or tote bag,it is the ideal travel...
  • LARGE SIZE: Extended to 174 x 60cm/68 x 24in, there is plenty of room to stretch and move in any direction, suitable for most...
  • PROFESSIONAL YOGA MAT: Ideal for weekend getaways, extended retreats or trips across town,Ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching and...

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This mat is thick and voluminous, but extremely light so you will not notice the weight in a backpacker’s backpack. Provides enough cushioning what is appreciated on a cheap and portable mat. Its grid design allows it to fold easily and without taking up so much space.

What is the difference between a travel mat and regular yoga mat?

The travel versions are thinner and portable. The main advantage is that they take up little space in luggage and do not weigh much. In the rest of the components are equal, both in size, cushioning and support for the exercises.

Benefits of having a travel yoga mat

Although the term travel is clearly put forward in this type of mat, it is not only intended for travellers and nomads. Indeed, because of its advantages, the vast majority of practitioners opt for this model.

To briefly touch on its advantages, we will mention its lightness which reduces annoyances when travelling. In addition, some models are supplied with a carrying bag and have straps.

A travel yoga mat is also distinguished by its finesse and practicality. In short, this accessory constitutes an effective and reliable ally whether for yoga sessions at home or outside.

travel yoga mat

How to choose the best travel yoga mat?

Complete measurements

It is important to know the dimensions of our base when it is deployed.

Folded dimensions

Each brand in addition to a full length and width of the mat has a specific measure for when we roll it up. This is the one that matters to us when we pack it.


Less than a kilo and a half is fine. More of that will be synonymous with buying an almost regular model.


If we choose a model that is too small, we will be throwing aside the ability to give resistance to the slip provided by any mat, something important is a daily practice and in trips where we will not know the surface of the ground.


The essential criterion for comfortable sessions, the thickness of a travel mat is obviously thinner than that of a traditional mat. Generally, it is recommended to choose a mat measuring 1.3 to 1.8 mm thick to leave you sufficient thickness to protect your joints and insulate you properly from the ground.

Type of trip

If it is a family walk, the mat can be colourful, however, if it is a work trip better go for a sober print and enter a briefcase.


Some styles may be inconvenient for humid environments. This will cause our mat to sweat and not allow us to move from one position to another with the appropriate ease. On the other hand, a mat too smooth can lose grip and not be a slip.


Good support for our body is important, especially in positions that require cushioning to the joints. Luckily, the market has developed stable styles and fine but soft and cushioned for the most sensitive.


The good thing about travel presentations is that they are more easily washable than an open foam mat that quickly absorbs stains.


In this comparison, all are light and thin to facilitate their transport and this is because in a rug that must be carried on slopes in different places is essential to have a lightweight material and easy storage.


How to use a travel yoga mat?

For those who practice yoga more than once a week, acquiring a mat will be beneficial and above all more appropriate. Certainly, most Yoga rooms borrow yoga mats for its regulars, but it is always better to have your own equipment. It’s safer and more hygienic. Just as you will be able to reproduce the postures and do a session at home. The practitioner will be able to get more involved and enjoy the benefits of a yoga session every day.

Understand how it works

Regarding its use, regardless of the model, the operating principle of a travel yoga mat remains the same. It requires no special precautions, nor any specific tool for its installation. In the room with other participants, outdoors, on a beach, at the hotel or other, whatever the place, you should know that properly installing the yoga mat optimizes comfort and facilitates the achievement of different postures.

Find the place

Then you have to find the right location. Note that yoga is not just a physical discipline, it is based on meditation and good vibes. Also, for positive emanations, you must choose the place conducive to good waves. In addition, if you are in class, it is important to comply with the teacher’s provisions.


To come to the pose, you should put the travel yoga mat on the floor and roll it out lengthwise. Note that to move faster, it is best to use both hands and stay straight. Also, the mat will be perfectly in line and ready for use.
Finally, we advise you to store the matt correctly, once the session is over. For this, it is important to use a waterproof bag, if it is not supplied with a transport bag.

How to clean your travel yoga mat?

It is essential to maintain your travel yoga mat properly to ensure optimal durability. It is recommended to clean your mat once a month or once every two months maximum depending on your frequency of use. There are two ways to maintain your yoga mat.

Hand wash

Most often, all you need to do is use soap, lukewarm water and rub with a soft cloth. Gently rub your mat until all stains and all traces of soap have been completely removed.

Machine wash

First of all, you will need to check that your mat supports machine washing. Then, you will need to select a cycle for fragile laundry, with cold water and, above all, without spinning. In addition, it is recommended to use a mild detergent (organic detergent or soap nuts for example).


Do not put your travel yoga mat in the dryer. For optimal drying, it is best to dry your mat flat. It is also recommended to extend it away from direct light, in order to avoid degradation of colours and your mat more generally.