The money belt is a little-known piece of equipment which isn’t without interest, on the contrary. It is even a piece of equipment that could well save you big problems since you can hide your money or your papers very discreetly without anyone knowing where they are. Only for a few pounds, the travel belt is the most discreet safety device out there and can even boast of being even more effective than an anti-theft neck pouch. However, in order to reap all its benefits, you will need to make sure that you choose the best one that exists, which isn’t so obvious. It is precisely for this reason that we wanted to provide you with this comparison. In which you will benefit from all our advice to make the best possible choice.

What is the best money belt for travel?

Maybe when we talk about this article, you assume it’s portable, but, well, that portability also has to do with many other things. For example, you will see that in the market there are many models with different types of hooks. There are some that are attached to the belt and others that bring their own strap that can be put up on the ankle.

The form is also important because it will, or will not, be easily accessible. That is why there are those who prefer them in the form of a holster and who are better off with simple, rectangular, fanny-type models.

Also, look at the fabric that affects durability and quality. But, if the price is concerned, the cheapest are below:

1. Hidden RFID Travel Money Belt

Hidden RFID Travel Money Belt

    The perfect money belt to carry on any trip, since you can have all your belongings such as money, cards, mobile and your passport at hand for the moment you need them.

    Its RFID blocking system is ideal to take on your outings to know new places while you are travelling since you will protect card information and identity theft, in addition, its material is waterproof and proof of any splash.

    2. Gritin Running – Money Belt

    Gritin Running - Money Belt

      This is one of the best options when it comes to compact bags to carry your belongings during a trip. With multiple pockets, an adjustable strap that you can adapt to your body and a convenient zippered design that you can easily access.
      It can be machine washed and has reflective stripes that will make you more visible in places with low light. You can also use this one not only when travelling, but when exercising.

      3. Anti-thief Hidden Security Bag

      Anti-thief Hidden Security Bag

        Your belt makes it very versatile because you can cherry on any of your shoulders, your waist and more. All thanks to its adjustable bra. You can carry everything important discreetly.

        4. Eastpak Springer Messenger Bag

        Eastpak Springer Messenger Bag

        This brand, recognized for its quality, brings us several prints to choose according to our personality. All with belts that fit your size, very discreet and easy to use and match.

        5. Discreet portfolio EC-41129050 Eagle Creek

        Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket

          It is attached to the belt with the two loops that it brings. It has a main compartment with two mesh pockets ideal for money and documents. It is Nylon, breathable, quick-drying, lightweight and resistant.

          6. Money Belt for Travelling – Walled

          Money Belt for Travelling - Walled

          Through the use of RFID, this belt protects all the cards so that their data can’t be read, preventing falsifications. In addition, it has many compartments, so it is recommended for trips.

          7. RFID Blocking Waterproof Travel Pouch

          RFID Blocking Waterproof Travel Pouch

            It is one of the most popular on the market because being designed by a sports brand guarantees comfort for going on a long trip and even sleeping with it on. Another plus of this model is its breathable material that doesn’t sweat when next to the skin.

            8. Safe hands travel Travel Pouch

            Money Belt - Safe hands travel

            Of double value because it is an organizer and money belt anti-theft simultaneously. As few, it offers resistance to water while having RFID protection that blocks 99.99% of the chip signal from your cards.

            9. AmazonBasics RFID Travel Pouch

            AmazonBasics RFID Travel Money Belt

              This one has been super useful and practical for me. It is the least expensive of the comparison so it will not be an excessive expense. And thanks to its elongated shape, it encompasses the ultimate in scan-protected storage. It’s all that is needed in a secure document holder.

              10. Travel Money Belt Journo

              Travel Money Belt Journo

              It is one of the cheapest money belts and it works perfectly to save money on long journeys. It has five compartments in which even a Smartphone fits. It has a side pin and also a strap that allows you to run without slipping.

              Buying Guide

              Be sure to consider these things before buying:

              Make a list of the things that you will carry 

              For some, in addition, to secure their money in cash, it is also important to do it with their documents, their cards and even with their mobile. Count them to know if you will need more or fewer compartments.

              Activities that you will do

              You may also want to take the money, credit card, document, phone in your belt in the adventures you have planned on your trip. Then it will matter that it is resistant, also waterproof and that it holds up fairly well, for example.

              RFID Blocking Technology

              Personally, this feature is extremely important in all my bags, especially in a travel pouch, as it blocks us against a new style of electronic pickpockets. It consists of cloth designed to block the scanning of information chips.

              If you don’t know what I mean, I am talking about those electronic stamps that modern cards, licenses and passports have. RFID stands for radio frequency identification and this type of microchip antenna has a lot of our personal data even though some of us aren’t even aware.

              This feature is practical although it can leave us vulnerable to hackers, but not with this RFID protection.


               If you sweat, can the material of your pack irritate your skin? You should consider this and much more if you think it will take a long time.

              Special features

              Some models can bring a hidden emergency pocket or RFID locking system. Look at all those things that you can include and that can increase your security and discretion when saving the money.


              If you are a traveller with a limited budget, don’t surrender to the first one. Yes, it is possible a money belt that is convenient, of good quality and cheap. My recommendations are proof of this.

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