To leave the city or a long walk deserves that you take the essentials to guarantee the welfare of your children. The best travel cot is an item that you should buy when you have a baby between 0 months and 3 years so that during the hustle and bustle you can rest comfortably and pleasantly.

This should be easy to assemble, disarm, insert and remove the child while travelling in the car or plane. With a compact model, you will be pleased to have a valuable option that provides security at the time of sleep or play.

There are those who use them to take the child to the kangaroo’s house, grandparents or to the workplace.

Either way, remember that travelling with young children can be stressful and any equipment that can help improve the situation depends on a successful choice. The goal is that you have a good holiday without setbacks.

What is the best travel cot?

In this comparison, we will help you decide if you really need a travel cot and the model that best suits your budget. The size, weight, security and design, in general, vary greatly from one brand to another and therefore we present the best options in the market.

The type and quality of the materials with which the laptop was made are very important data that you must review before purchasing it. Most are foldable and therefore its use becomes very practical.

As babies generate a lot of dirt and stains from the consumption of food and drinks, it is best to choose one that has the property of removing the cover to wash. The other pieces must be easy to clean.

We recommend you to choose a product that is manufactured with materials free of chemical substances, which may cause damage or allergies to the child.

1. Travel cot BabyBjörn

Comfortable and safe

It is a practical option that will allow you to take children on a trip while protecting their physical integrity at all times. Includes a soft and comfortable mattress. Its walls were made in easy to wash cloth. It only weighs 6kg making it simple to move when deployed. The intelligent new design of the bag means that the travel cradle can be stored, carried and placed without any problems in any luggage compartment.

The mattress incorporates a rigid base that stays firm on the floor, which ensures that your little one will always sleep without falling. In addition to travel, you can use it for short visits to friends’ houses or when shopping.

The sides are designed of a translucent material so that the baby can breathe perfectly through the tissue and you can watch it without any concern. It is light and takes up little space. It comes in light brown.

2. AeroMoov instant travel cot Setting up in 2 seconds

Includes mattress

Aeromoov manufactured a travel cradle that can be assembled and disassembled in just two seconds. Without worries or complications of installation, you can have all your comforts. It comes with an innovative folding system, ideal to go very well equipped for any trip or ride.

It has two heights for adjustment according to the age of the baby and includes a mattress of high quality, made with 3cm thick foam and 18kg density, which will offer greater comfort and durability to this product. As a second use, some acquire it to use it as a small park designed to entertain the child.

The base material is waterproof, with water resistance, so that it can be used on any type of surface and liquid spill support. Also, it is very practical for washing. The manufacturer included a very useful transport bag to easily store the product.

3. Travel cot – Black

With toy bar

This modern travel cot offers you the possibility of changing the mattress level to two different heights, facilitating the interior access of the crib. Includes wheels for transport and window with zipper. Its walls were made with a 100% cotton fabric.

Also, it comes with a game bar that includes cute stuffed animals that will provide entertainment and fun for your child. As if that were not enough, bring a serial changer and a useful compartment for accessories on one side.

The mattress is a gift from the manufacturer, which is very hygienic because you can wash it with confidence since it was made with a waterproof fabric. Its small size makes it attractive and quite practical when folding. Bring a bag that will protect it during the transfer.

According to all its attributes, it is one of the most recommended by its buyers.

4. WeFun Luxury Travel Cot

With wheels

With a conventional design, this lightweight crib has two levels and large viewing windows for the baby, in addition to a wide and practical side exit. It has a changing area and a small opening for when it is bigger it can enter and exit crawling.

Because of its large size, it is used as parks. It has a foldable padded base and carrying case which, due to its practicality, can be assembled and folded in a very short time. It is an alternative if your baby sleeps naps at the grandparents’ house or a second residence.

If you are planning a well-deserved vacation, this could be an economical option and will be a great ally that will not hoard all your luggage, you can download it and upload it comfortably, besides the baby will not miss being at home.

Sitting in a comfortable chair you can rock the baby inside the cot using its two wheels for better movement.

5. Travel cot KIDUKU

Up to 4 years

KIDUKU is a travel cot with umbrella-type closure, which allows simple opening and closing. It has a double security device and can be used from birth to 4 years.

Its edges are rounded to prevent the child from suffering an injury due to a blow. He has placed precaution insurance that will prevent the cot from closing by accident. Its sides are constructed with net-style fabric to facilitate ventilation and cleaning work. If you want more comfort, you can buy an additional mattress.

The height offered is perfect because it allows you to see and hear the baby easily, since if you leave it too “in the background” it will become more complicated, especially if you have to take it out several times during the night to feed it or to change the diaper. It is the cheapest on the list.

What is a travel cot?

It is basically a small crib that serves to travel. It can be folded and carried as carry-on luggage or accommodated in the trunks of cars, being, in addition, really light to carry them in the arms. They are smaller than traditional portable cribs and are ideal for travel.

Advantages of using a travel cot

Having one of these will bring you lots of benefits, here we will talk about some of them:

A great portable alternative

They are very easy to install and transport, which makes them the ideal accessories for long and short trips and even to have them at the grandparents’ house.

Large play area

Due to its portability, in a good travel cot, you will also find the possibility of turning it into a safe and fun playground for your kids.

Good toy for older children

This is, quite simply, an imaginative exercise. My boy, who is 5 years old, still uses his travel cot with the little band of friends, only now they use is completely different. They have installed in the room a very nice camp with the crib where they camp.

Ideal for travelling

As I have already told you, given its lightness, portability and folding, these tools are, without doubt, ideal to take them to any trip, however long or short. It will occupy little space and will weigh practically nothing.

What to consider when choosing the best travel cot

Before buying, it is always ideal to take into account a series of qualities that will help you select the one that best suits your needs:

Easy to use

Precisely the portability of this accessory has to do with how easy it is to use. It is configured simply, it folds in a few movements and can even be placed in a travel bag without major setbacks.


Something that you can take on a trip without causing you problems or suffering, is definitely something portable. This is a light, small crib and very easy to transport. A safe place for your boy to sleep on trips.


No child, no matter how much sleep he has, will be comfortable in an uncomfortable crib. So that you can rest and not wake up with pain or discomfort, the crib should be, at least, padded. A soft mattress but at the same time thick and dense with soft and cosy cover will be something that your kid will appreciate.


Nobody wants to spend money on something that just lasts a few months. The type of material used and the details of construction are important qualities to look at.


This is a really important quality that is rarely paid attention to. The aim is to verify that the product is not made with chemicals that could endanger the child, for example, materials that catch fire quickly or that are harmful to people.

Age range

The size of the crib will depend on the age of the child. What I always advise is that you buy something big that can be useful for the boy for a long time.


Some bring this quality and rise like a playpen to make your little one safer.


You should look at the size that is open and closed. Ideally, you can put it in a suitcase, carry it as hand luggage or place it in the trunk of your car.

Types of a travel cot

There are basically two types of travel cots: folding ones that offer good protection and those of the shell type that is quite compact. It is up to you to decide which one is most convenient for you.


Here it is necessary that you comply with international standards. You should also verify that it has a suitable height that does not allow “leaks” and the space between the crib and the mattress to avoid other accidents.


Key quality It must weigh little.


It is very useful for the child’s hygiene and health to buy something that can easily be washed and cleaned.


It is important that you have adequate ventilation and breathable fabric.

Travel bag

It is not essential, but it is a plus if you bring a bag where you can keep it.

How to assemble the travel cot

When you buy a travel cot and see its instructions, it seems to be a very simple product to assemble.

The steps to mount any folding travel cot are the same for all brands:

  1. Lift both ends until the click sounds and they become straight.
  2. Then lift the other two sides until they are equally rigid.
  3. And finally, push down the base.

After these three phases, we should have the travel cot already mounted. In the video below you can see how simple is and the truth is that it is not necessary to spend so much money for a travel cot.

But with some brands and models it is a real pain to ride the travel cot during the second step. So here is a video where they show us how to set up a travel cot in a simple and comfortable way.