A tower fan is the best option to keep the room cool. It is powerful, quiet and saves energy. The design is ideal since you can locate it in strategic spaces where the tower fan does not disturb your tranquillity or freedom of movement.

Many models include programs to configure them and even lights that dim when you are sleeping, features make a fan of this style a good choice if you want to relax after a long day. Compared to other types of fans, tower fans are easy to clean, use and move.

In case you want to explore more alternatives to refresh your spaces, read our review of fans at affordable prices.

The best tower fans in comparison

Each tower fan is different. Some are more powerful, while others may be less noisy or have more special features that make them attractive to certain users.

If you are not very clear which model to choose from all the ones in the market, do not worry, since we have prepared a comparative list for you with the 5 best models currently available, so that you can have one of these convenient products giving you freshness and comfort.

1. Dyson AM07 Tower fan

Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Bladeless Tower Fan-AM07, 65 W, White
  • Air Multiplier technology - air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth,...
  • Safe - no fast-spinning blades
  • Acoustic engineering - streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM07 60% quieter than AM02

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This fan has the most striking and modern design of the entire list and uses Air Multiplier technology that amplifies the air of a room and creates powerful and uninterrupted currents of soft air.

Its maximum airflow is 500 L / s and is quite silent since it produces only about 64 dBa of noise and works without blades. In turn, it consumes 10% less energy than other models and is safe.

This model is able to oscillate to the sides in a smooth way and has a remote control with 10 precise adjustments of the airflow. At the same time, it has an automatic shutdown that you can set between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

It is very easy to clean the fan, ideal for sleeping, quite light with its 2.85 kg of weight and very convenient. It really is worth its price.

2. Quite Tower Fan Dyson TP04

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air Purifier Tower Fan-White/Silver
  • 10 Speed settings¿½
  • Led display¿½
  • Power cord length: 1.8 m
  • Dimensions: 1054 x 223 x 117 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 4.98 kg

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The Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan is the best Dyson fan you can buy. It is also an air purifier, so it automatically captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles, such as allergens and pollutants. It can also report on the quality of your air via your Dyson Link application. This quiet tower fan can help you if you have asthma or allergies and the high-tech filters should only be replaced once a year. It also has a night mode, so you can cool off and purify your surroundings at night without being disturbed. It’s one of the more expensive models, but this Dyson fan/purifier combination is the best you can buy.

3. Tower Fan oneConcept Northpeak VTS9

Oneconcept Northpeak BK - Column Fan, 44 Watts Pw. Consumption, Air Flow Max .: 3,780 m³ / h,...
  • Eight levels of variable speed, three different modes of ventilation | Height of the fan and oscillation configurable up to...
  • LCD display with backlight | ambient temperature indicator Supplied with a handy remote control for comfortable control
  • Economical, only 50 watts of power absorbed night work modes: Standard, and natural | Night Mode: Speed up the reduction off
  • The vertical fan northpeak oneConcept exceeds aesthetic and technical level to the rest of fans and fills your room with fresh air...
  • The fan distributes cool air in eight speeds – Oscillation is a rotation of the column of Oneconcept northpeak 60,90, 120 or...

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It is an excellent choice of eight-speed levels, three modes of ventilation and connectable ionizer. At the same time, the height is variable and it is a complete 360º rotating model.

It has a backlit LCD screen that shows the ambient temperature and also includes a remote control for your comfort. It controls the timer, the ionizing function, the oscillation, the mode and the speeds.

It has standard, night and natural mode that adapt to you, the night being the ideal to sleep since it reduces the speed to automatically turn off. It produces a soft and fresh breeze.

The oscillation can be 60, 90, 120 or even 360 degrees, while the height is adjustable from 132 to 149 cm. The handles are lateral, weighs about 12 kg and consumes little energy.

4. Klarstein Tower Skyscraper 3G Fan

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This tower fan is available in red, silver, black and white/black and offers 3 comfortable levels of speed and an additional 90 ° oscillation from left to right to improve circulation and airflow.

It is a rotating fan that only consumes 50W, but is powerful, so it saves energy. In addition, its design is quite attractive, but simplistic and modern, with a base of just 24 cm in diameter that fits in any corner.

This rotating model has 3 speeds and also has three modes: normal, night and natural. The nocturnal one stands out for decreasing the speed every 30 minutes to sleep better.

It has an easy-to-wash filter that collects dust and dirt, programmable automatic shutdown mode at half-hour intervals until 8 hours and convenient remote control. It weighs 4.3 kg, so it is quite light.

5. Tower Fan Orbegozo TWM 1009

Orbegozo TWM 1009 Tower Fan with Remote Control, Ionic, 60 W, 3 Speeds, Essence Tray, LED Front...
  • Comes with a remote control for easily and comfortably controlling all different fan functions
  • 3 operating modes: Normal, Breeze and Night Select the right one for each moment and time of day
  • Features an ionizer function: the fan produces negative ions – like the ones that are present in nature and contribute to air...
  • Comes with a tray for aromatic essences which emits a subtle and pleasant scent every time the fan is turned on

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Among one of the most affordable models is the Obergozo brand, which consumes about 45 W of energy and also comes with 3 speeds so you have the air currents you want.

It is available in heights of 107 cm or 89, depending on your convenience. In turn, it brings a digital FND screen and has a timer of up to 12 hours to program its automatic shutdown.

It has three modes of ventilation for your comfort: breeze, normal and night. With this, you can adapt its operation to what you are looking for hot summer days. It also rotates up to 90º from left to right.

This oscillating ionic model also keeps the air pure and fresh, includes a remote control, carrying handle and thermometer to measure the ambient temperature.

6. Honeywell HO1100RE Tower Fan

Honeywell HO 1100 RE
  • Automatic shutdown program past scheduled time: from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours
  • Off, Low, Medium and High Positions
  • Infrared remote control and programmer
  • Easy handling handle and very solid base

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With a slightly thicker design, this 45 W consumption model ranks first as the least expensive of our list. It also offers several modes of operation.

The remote control works by infrared and has a programmer to configure the hours of shutdown of the device in intervals of half an hour, until the 7.5 hours. This greatly facilitates their management.

It is very easy to use a tower fan and it is quite silent, enough to sleep peacefully. At the same time, it is rotating and has a breeze function, so it can be quite soft and gentle.

Finally, it is quite robust, comes with a 3-year guarantee, oscillates at 75º, comes with a carrying handle, a very solid base and a lightweight of just 4.3 kg.

What is a tower fan?

Tower fans are vertical in shape, mobile, and have much more power than classic blade fans. By many, it is considered as the evolution of fans.

They have particular designs and functions such as filtration and ionization that help maintain a constant flow of clean air. It also comes with programmable controls for the fan to automatically operate in different modes.

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Reasons to buy a tower fan

Nobody likes heat and ventilation problems. It is somewhat uncomfortable and really annoying. In fact, even though you have central ventilation or good air conditioning systems, sometimes there are places where you need a little more airflow for hot summer days and to be able to survive.

These devices are a convenient and affordable way to improve air circulation in a space, making them ideal for home, office and more. In turn, these products can give you a very fast freshness when you get air where the conditioned system does not achieve it.

They are fans that occupy little space, they come without blades, they are maintained at about 60 or 120 cm from the floor or you can place them in a piece of furniture, and they are even quite silent, so much so, that you often forget that they are there.

On the other hand, due to its thin and elongated design, they are ideal for small and convenient places, in addition to being aesthetically appealing and joining well with the decoration of your home or workplace.

Benefits of tower fans

Tower fans are the latest version of the traditional pedestal fans we love and know. The temperature may be cooling, but when you have a lot of people in your house, the guests all in the same room, they may start to feel the heat. To prevent electricity from rising while you alleviate the situation for your friends, family and spaces, the best thing you can do is buy a fan that lowers the temperature of the environment.

The tower fans are elegant models that combine in any environment, giving it a modern and fresh look. But the benefits do not stop there. A tower fan offers superior airflow in an incredibly compact unit. These fans distribute the air at a 90-degree angle, oscillating on a stationary base.

The design is probably its most characteristic attribute: the shape allows tower fans to be placed in any space that a fan would not otherwise have been able to accommodate.

When choosing a tower fan, a question must be asked: how much space do I want to refresh? For larger spaces, it is better to choose a fan that offers greater air circulation power. Thanks to the oscillation of the tower fans, they have the power to cool medium or small spaces.

An advantage of tower fans is their silence, as they are designed to be as quiet as possible. They were specifically created to eliminate any unnecessary noise while distributing as much air as possible.

How does it work?

They work with an electric motor like the one that the rest of the fans you know have. The main difference is that tower fans do not have horizontal or vertical blades. Instead, they use other designs with almost imperceptible but efficient propellers.

Since the fresh or cold air in a room is always located on the floor, these fans are placed at their level so that they can take advantage of this temperature. They use cold air and circulate it throughout the room, regulating the temperature with a pleasant result. Thus, they work in the opposite way to ceiling fans, since this makes the hot air that is the air closest to the ceiling, circulate throughout the room.

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Things to consider before buying a tower fan

In the market, you can find a wide variety of these products. In fact, it will be difficult for you to choose from. Anyway, thanks to the comparative list that we have created for you and that you have already read, and the following guide with the aspects that you should look for in the best tower fan, you will not have any problem when buying the ideal model for you.


It depends on how big space where you plan to use it. Each tower fan size offers specific strength and power, so think about how big your room or office is to choose a model that is strong enough. Generally, the device description tells you how much space it is able to cool.


A good fan should have easy-to-use controls. To do this, look if the model comes with remote control and if the buttons and controls with which it comes are durable and resistant.


Avoid noisy models, as they are not good for sleeping or even to work, study or concentrate on any task. Always try to test the model before purchasing it or review the reviews online. And, although you will never find a model without noise, we recommend you always look for the quietest fan you can buy.


Each model has different levels of oscillation and even allow you to vary the levels of air circulation. It all depends on how quickly the user wants his rotating fan to move. Some models can also vary the direction of the oscillation and, although most can only rotate from left to right, other models can do it from top to bottom. This depends on the space you want to cool and your specific needs, but remember that if you have a greater ability to oscillate, it will be noisier.


There are several types of filter, such as air filter or ionizing technique. However, no matter what mechanism you use, look for filters that are easily replaceable or washable. There are also models that come with filters that must be changed frequently. Remember that fans with a filter system are a bit more expensive.


We do not recommend plastic models so much because they can break easily, although we know they can be really cheap and convenient. So, if you do not want one of robust and resistant metal or you can not afford it and you prefer something less expensive, you can also look for more durable plastics.


Look carefully at the grid that covers the fan and prevents it from being large enough for the fingers to slide inwards. In case it is, the ideal is that the blades are a soft material that does not present dangers.


If you plan to leave your fan in one place, it is not so important, but if what you have in mind is a portable model that you can move from room to room or change offices constantly, we recommend you take the lightest you can get.


These are elongated and quite striking products, so you must be sure that people will notice when entering the space that is cooling. Therefore, make sure it matches well with the decor of your room and that it has a pleasing design in view. However, remember that if the design is very elaborate, the price will also be higher.

Tower or standing fan: which is better?

Both variants are pretty good options for cooling rooms, but if you’re wondering which of the two is best for you, you should consider the space you want to cool, the space you have available to place the fan, what you’re going to use it for and the style what do you like.

  • Space:be clear the size of the place where you will use the device, as this will help you determine which is the best model for you. For small rooms or apartments, the tower fans are great for their elongated and thin design that fits in any corner and creates a good draft.

Standing fans are better for rooms and longer spaces where you have plenty of space. This is because their larger blades make them more powerful and allow them to cool larger areas.

  • Purpose:some people just want to improve the air-flow and refresh their space a bit, while others worry about their allergies. If what you are looking for is simply to improve the circulation of air and use it for hot summer days and cool the room, those standing are more than enough.

However, if you want to purify your air and eliminate contaminants, tower fans are more convenient. These can have ionizing systems and improve air quality.

  • Style:the tower models are slim and attractive and join the decor of almost any room. On the other hand, if the style does not worry you too much, a standing fan will be enough and you will not mind that they do not match so well.
    The tower, meanwhile, come with aesthetically attractive, striking, modern designs that can be a good addition to the decoration of any space.