Having gone through several pairs of winter gloves, I know all the problems that can come with poor choices. For example, if they are too thick, my mobile phone might slip when I use it. Or, if they are not touchscreen gloves, they might be too big or not look beautiful. If you have been in a situation like this, you know that the most normal thing is to surrender and go through the dilemma of freezing your hands again or keeping in touch.

But it is not time to surrender. Like you, I also refuse to have to choose between one of these options in each winter. So I dedicated myself to look for the best models of gloves for Smartphone, with the support of good brands and very economical. Do you know what the best news is? I found them, and I share them with you!

What is the best touchscreen gloves?

Rule number one when it comes to things for winter is not waiting for it to arrive. It is better to be warned. And one of the most important items are the touchscreen gloves because, admittedly, smartphones accompany us for much of the day to communicate and to maintain interaction through social networks.

Since you are determined to buy your gloves, you must define if you need only one pair for yourselves or your children also because, of course, the size will vary, they will be more or less light or they will have different colours. If you are fashionistas, athletes or travellers, there is also a pair for each one.

Consider that your next pair of gloves has a material of durability and that you feel comfortable in your hand and have a beautiful colour that harmonises well with your style. Check my comparative list with the cheapest and quality models.

1. The North Face Men Etip Outdoor Gloves

This model has the highly recommended fleece and has a very versatile design that suits you well on a typical winter day or to climb in demanding environments. Thanks to thermoball thermal insulation on the back of the hand, it guarantees greater warmth than other similar gloves and less humidity.

Forget about removing your gloves to use your mobile because the conductive technology u | r powered in the palms of this pair allows the use of touchscreen devices, whether mobile or tablets. Also, Radiametric Articulation technology keeps your hands in a natural and relaxed position.

2. Mujjo Refined Touchscreen Gloves

The Mujjo gloves are high quality and totally thought for the touchscreen, even with tempered glass, and the capacitive buttons and sensors of your mobile device. It is a very convenient model that allows you to use all your fingers because it is completely made with a nylon and silver fibre yarn that allows the same conductivity of the skin at each touch.

These gloves are entirely black to combine with almost all your looks and are double-cloth and have optimised the balance of insulation, conductivity and elasticity and are available in both size M and L.

3. COTOP Touchscreen Gloves

Thought for both men and women, it is a model of multi-purpose gloves that will keep you warm, active, and always communicated because they have touchscreen technology that is sensitive to them so you can write messages without undressing your hands. Its honeycomb design is non-slip that ensures that your phone does not slip and gives more comfort in your daily activities.

It is a waterproof model, so you will not have problems to be in contact with snow or with the wind and fully breathable so that your skin breathes even inside your glove and to avoid bacteria and bad odours.

4. Salomon Agile Warm U

They are warm gloves with fingers with integrated conductive technology that will protect you while widely and safely use your mobile phone outdoors with the same comfort and accuracy you would have to do with your bare hands.

Its design is elastic in the wrist area, without tightening. So it is an adaptable model for many sizes and sizes. However, it is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from children’s to that of adults. It is available in black and grey, which require little maintenance and care.

5. Nanotips Touchscreen Solutions

If you have some favourite gloves and don’t want to abandon them, don’t worry, I have the solution. You do not need to invest in new gloves, in the market, there are other wonderful options like this liquid solution that by just putting between two and three drops on the fingers of your favourite gloves and let them rest at night they will do their magic and create a conductive chain in the fabric of the glove that will allow you to manage your touch devices with maximum comfort.

Each application can last up to 30 continuous days and is 90% transparent, so it will not add colour to your gloves.

6. Dents Silverstone Men’s Leather Gloves

You don’t have to give up the good taste as you have a pair of gloves that protect you in low-temperature environments and also serve you for smartphones. With gloves from this manufacturer, you can have the best of both worlds. It is a pair of black leather, very resistant and with a refined cut, specially designed for women and to be worn on a motorcycle as well as with an elegant outfit. They feature conductive technology that allows fingers to slide through the smart device without any problem. They are very light and very good quality.

7. VBIGER Unisex Winter Gloves

They are the cheapest pair in our selection. Made of leather and cotton velour. They are light, simple and very elegant. The main strength of these gloves is that with them you can easily “touch” touchscreens of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and other devices. In addition, Vbiger gloves are thermal, they will protect you from the cold in a season by keeping your hands warm if you use them at any other time of the year they are breathable and non-slip. They are delicate, adjustable, comfortable and easy to put on. Those who already have them praise their elegance, although they lack capacitive sensors.

Buying Guide

If you are already sure you need it, the first step is to know what to look for before buying the product – and you are halfway there. Here is a guide which we hope will be very useful to you.

Most of these type of gloves have threads, so you can use the keyboard and slide your fingers across the device key, however, each brand will offer you special qualities, so a comparison is not too much.

You will find others made with nanoparticles of silver and others still in leather with clips that will allow you to use the smart device with a touchscreen. With all the variety you will find in the offer available, choosing one might be a particularly difficult task, but if you want to buy, the more recommended is that you choose a product that meets your needs and is affordable.