Teaching children to learn to relieve themselves in the bathroom is a difficult but not impossible task. There is no specific age for starting training, as each child is different during their growth, but the important thing is that you always count on your guidance and support so that they feel confident and safe. To start this process, it’s important that you have the ideal kids toilet seat on hand,and here are some options.

Best toilet seats in comparison

The answer will be obtained when we have found a product that helps children to go to the bathroom by themselves, without danger. It is good that we choose a light product, resistant materials, without toxic elements and that provides comfort to the fullest.

The best part is that most of them are unisex, so you will make an investment that all your children will take advantage of. If it is portable it will be of great benefit because you will take it anywhere without interrupting the routine.

1. Luvdbaby toilet training seat for children

Toddler Toilet Seat Insert - Potty Training Toilet Seat - Kids Toilet Training Seat for Baby Boys or...
  • ★ TOILET TRAINING JUST GOT EASIER: Toilet training your child doesn't have to be a frustrating experience! The Luvdbaby toilet...
  • ★ COMFORT FOR THEIR LITTLE CHEEKS: Your little treasure will love the comfort of the soft rubber surface on top of your kids...
  • ★ SAFETY FIRST: Your child will grow in confidence as they learn to use the grown-ups toilet thanks to our non-slip gripping...
  • ★ STLYE & FUNCTION: As parents ourselves, we believe that baby products should be stylish and functional. Your child will love...
  • ★ LIFETIME MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: As with all Luvdbaby products, these toilet training seats come with a lifetime...

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This child seat adapter has great splash protection so accidental spills will not be a headache. It is a good choice for home and travel.

2. Munchkin toilet training seat

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Sensational seat that will help your child to comfortably go to the bathroom during their learning stage. The edges have anti-slip to prevent falls. Includes disc to eliminate odors.

3. Toilet seat for children with cartoon OKT Kids

Keeeper 10819614046 EWA "Mickey Mouse" Children's Toilet Seat with Non-Slip Function Light Blue
  • Non-slip rubber coating ensures a secure hold.
  • Splash guard prevents small mishaps.
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Decor

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Kids love it because it is a modern but simple model that allows them to sit down easily without any risk. It fits well and its front is raised to avoid leaks.

4. Toilet seat for kids Ikea

Ikea Tossig 102.727.88 Unisex Toddler Toilet Training Seat White and Green
  • The toilet seat makes putty training easier for your child, with soft curved and edges that are comfortable for little bottoms.
  • The anti-slip material on the underside keeps the seat in place.
  • Can be conveniently hung on the wall or stood on its side when not in use.
  • Designed to easily fit over a toilet seat.

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This toilet seat will delight your little one because it can be easily placed and removed. It is one of the cheapest in this comparison, but with high quality.

5. Adjustable toilet training seat BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn Toilet Training Seat, White/Black
  • Comfortable and safe to sit on
  • Easy for the child to put on and take off toilet
  • Adjustable toilet trainer that fits most toilets
  • Splashguard prevents spills
  • Bpa-free plastic made in Sweden

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A simple model, made of plastic without BPA, so that the child has a safe seat in the bathroom. Adjustable and very easy to clean. It is a good unisex gift.

6. Babymoov potty seat

Babymoov Potty Seat with Handles Frog
  • Ultra comfy thanks to a melton seat
  • Easy grip handles for a maximum of stability
  • Safety stop, fixing parts and non slip parts for a maximum of stability
  • Dimensions: 41 x 38 x 6 cm
  • Very easy to clean

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Unlike the previous options, this seat has a padded base for comfort, in addition to two handles that will help the child to go up and down. It is stable and economical.

7. Bath trainer with steps and footrest Emwel

Baby Toddler Child Potty Training, Emwel Height Adjustable Toilet Potty Trainer Seat with Step and...
  • Training Toddler. Can foster child's self-care ability. Suitable for boys girls between one and seven years old, can hold...
  • Adjust Footres to Fit Baby's Height. Fit any floor, with Non-slip pads underneath. Ergonomic and specially designed gripper...
  • Suitable for most standard toilets like V-shaped, U-shaped, O-shaped toilets, Not for square toilets !! Easy to install and...
  • Made of high quality PP, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • [Warranty] Please be advised that we have 12 Months Warranty and 90 Days Money Back Guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if...

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It is one of the most modern in the market. The toilet lid is comfortable and both the ladder and the footrest are removed at the end of the transition from the diaper to the toilet.

8. KEPLIN Adjustable Toilet Training Seat

KEPLIN Potty Toilet Seat Adjustable Baby Toddler Kid Toilet Trainer with Step Stool Ladder for Boy...
  • Fully adjustable footrest and height can be used from age 1-8
  • Soft padding on seat
  • Universal design fits all toilets
  • Great for toilet training for boys and girls
  • Easy to assemble according to our instruction and our Keplin potty toilet seat is suitable for v-shaped, u-shaped, o-shaped...

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It can be used by children at any age because it has safe support to get up and down the toilet. This accessory is easily removed for storage. It is hygienic and practical.

9. Family Toilet seat for children and adults Homfa

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The complications of the remover and pon was completed because this option will allow large and small to use a comfortable and resistant cover. Includes a cushioned fall system to prevent accidents.

10. Folding toilet seat for children Jerrybox

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Recommended by parents who have bought it because it is foldable, comfortable, easy to use and clean. You can take it to any public place and avoid any contamination.

What is a kids toilet seat?

The toilet seats have always been a little impressive for children. Very fearful, the little bits of cabbage are indeed afraid of disappearing in the toilet hole and generally do not want to approach it when they start to come out of the period of the diapers. Also, to help them, toilet enhancer has been created. The kids training toilet seat will have the role of adapting the seat of your toilet to your little angel so that the latter can sit there like “a big one to do his needs.” There are several forms and several colours on the market and depending on their functionality they have one or more advantages.

kids toylet seat

Benefits of kids toilet training seat

Even if baby potties remain a classic for the cleanliness of your little angel, the toilet training seat remains the safest accessory for its transition. Foldable and extremely comfortable, this baby toilet seat will adapt to the child’s morphology as soon as he is old enough to use it. This safety device also has the advantage of teaching cleanliness to your little angel. He can now do his business on his own when he wants to. Scalable, the toilet training seat will accompany baby in all stages of its evolution for a good acquisition of the concept of cleanliness. However, care should be taken to choose the model that best meets the needs of the moment.

How to choose a kids toilet seat?

A toilet seat for children is a toilet training tool. This accessory for the toilet bowl is a kind of adjustable bezel that helps your little one to use the toilet. It is generally in the form of a toilet seat, and most of the time, a padded seat providing great comfort to your child when he has to poop.

Kids toilet seats are available for all needs. If you no longer want your little one to go on the potty, it is important that you know how to choose the best child toilet seat. Here is a list of criteria to take into account when purchasing.


When it comes to kids toilet seat the comfort is one of the most important criteria as it relates to the field of childcare. The reason is that going to the bathroom must be experienced by your child as being uncomfortable at times, both when peeing and pooping.

For example, to help your child settle in well, there are models with a non-slip step. The toilet seat has a splash guard, which is very hygienic. A high backrest and armrests ensure a comfortable seat. The more comfortable your little one is, the easier it is for his intestines to move and, in this case, to evacuate the waste.

In other words, when you choose a toilet seat for your little one, choose an ergonomic model providing optimal comfort to help your child learn to clean up faster.


Using the toilet is not something your child will easily understand, unlike a baby potty. The WC seat already has a look that may not inspire confidence.

Fortunately, most child toilet seats are designed so that you can attach them to part of the toilet bowl using amounting hook. If it is not properly hung, the seat may fall into the toilet. You must, therefore, ensure that the fastening system offers good stability.

Some kids toilet seats have a small stepladder, which your child can use to climb into the toilet and place his feet when peeing. This also allows him to remove his pants to do his business and to flush the toilet. Make sure that the step supplied with the gearbox you are interested in has rubber pads as non-slip feet. Also, make sure that the material is not simple thermoplastic which can flex at the slightest pressure.

The material

The material plays on the solidity, but also on the ease of maintenance. A polypropylene toilet seat is generally robust and easy to clean. Most baby jars are made of solid, BPA-free plastic. But, there are wooden models. And the ideal is that you choose this same material for the seat.


A toilet seat accompanies the child to be clean and must, therefore, adapt to the anatomical shape of his buttocks. At the same time, it must not shift completely from its universe. To do this, it is more educational and fun that it is patterned and well coloured.

For example, you can find a Disney baby toilet seat in flashy or neutral colours (turquoise, purple, orchid pink, snow white, dark grey?). Some models have childish motifs (The Snow Queen, Winnie the Pooh?).

Besides, if your child is just starting to learn toilet training, it is advisable to opt for a seat with colours or patterns that are familiar to him.

The height of the toilet

If your toilet seat is high and your child’s feet do not touch the floor when seated, you should purchase a toilet seat with a stool or a small step stool attached. The latter helps him to climb more easily and to pee poop without a problem.


The major difference between a baby potty and a toilet seat probably resides in transportability.

A potty can be installed anywhere in the house and make available to your baby when he needs to do his business. A toilet seat for children should be installed on the toilet bowl, either permanently or when your child needs to pee or poop.

In this sense, toilet seats are generally portable. You can also use them for travel purposes. If transportability is a factor that you consider to be very important, then it would be better to choose a model that has a fastening system that is easy and quick to make and break.