For people who practice yoga, and other forms of meditation, there is one thing that should not be missed. The singing Tibetan bowls are a great option for meditation. They are effective in relieving stress and also offer other ways to revive body and mind. For beginners, they might be wondering what these bowls are. But, they are essential especially when you are going to sign up for meditation. In addition, they are common among Zen people and others who sign up for meditation sessions.

For many people, especially if you’ve never encountered these bowls, shopping can be tricky. With the look-alike products present in the market, people need to be careful when buying. For all the info you need to know about these bowls, we’ve picked and reviewed the best. 

While older, better sound richness due to the curvatures that are made in the metal by constant use. In the search for mine, I came across manufacturers who make some that are not only beautiful but have a great sound and quality to last over time.

As I know that you also want yours, I show you the five models of the best and most reliable brands, economical and ready to buy in my comparative list.

What is the best Tibetan bowl?

You may be initiated in this ancient spiritual practice, so you need to pay attention to a couple of things so you can make the best choice. For example, it is not only the appearance, which of course should be to your liking, but the quality of the materials is also fundamental for many aspects such as the weight and the tone it will give.

The important thing is that the vibrations and tones are sustained, that they are not cut and are harmonic. Whether or not it takes to emit the sound, that does not make it bad or better, but you will have to take it into account according to the function that you will give to the bowl.

Always keep in mind what is the use you want to give him, if it is for meditation, to heal, etc., from there will come the answer of what you need. I paid for the price, I will show you the cheapest models in the market.

1. Amazing Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl

Amazing Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl

A beautiful model handmade in Nepal, light enough to maneuver it comfortably. Together with the wooden mallet, they are the ideal duo for meditation, music, and Chakra clean-up.

The bowl is made of seven metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc, representing the sun, the moon, and other planets.

2. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

    For beginners and people more experienced in the art of meditation, chakra cleaning and more, its function is liberation and the symbol is the lotus flower. It is totally handmade.

    Its sound quality is just what you need, it emits pleasant tones thanks to the combination of materials with which it is manufactured.

    3. Silent Mind – Tibetan Bowl Set

    Silent Mind Store

      Create beautiful soothing, soothing and soothing sounds by gently tapping or touching it around the top edge. Perfect to generate an aura of meditation and relaxation.

      Each and every one of its details is made by hand to ensure the highest quality you need. That’s why it has the guarantee of its creators. You will love it!

      4. Meditation Singing Bowl Buddhist Art

      Meditation Singing Bowl Buddhist Art

      You will see that its beautiful design is thanks to that it is hand-painted in metal brass to beautify your home and satisfy your musical needs at the same time.

      The whole set is harmonized with the same colours, with an oriental look. It is designed to make it easier for fans to interact and become familiar with it.

      5. Yoga Meditation Om Peace Singing Bowl

      Yoga Meditation Om Peace Singing Bowl

      It is available in various colours and combinations so you can choose the one that best suits you. But not only do you let yourself be amazed by its great appearance it also offers great sound quality and sustained vibration.

      Its three pieces are a good size so you can put it in any space of your home and take it where you need.

      How to choose Tibetan bowl?

      Tibetan singing bowls are becoming more common these days. Originally used for their therapeutic and curative properties, it is not uncommon to see them today serve as a simply decorative accessory. However, each one is unique and using it solely for its aesthetic appeal would be heresy. So of course, the overall appearance of the bowl is important when selecting it, but to really choose your singing bowl you have to go even further.

      Tibetan singing bowl

      What purpose?

      Before choosing your singing bowl, it is strongly recommended to know for what purpose you want to acquire one. Whether to accompany a meditation session or to be used during a massage, each one is unique and therefore has different properties. Once you have your goal in mind, you can now start looking for a singing bowl that suits your needs. Don’t rush, choosing a model is an event that is entirely up to you! It is recommended to test it yourself, to be surprised by its note, by the energy it releases, by the atmosphere it creates. It’s a strong and powerful connection which must settle between you and your bowl. If you’ve ever felt this sensation, you are on the right track.

      The quality

      Most people cannot tell a good singing bowl from a bad one. Not because they are ignorant and uneducated but simply because technology allows us today to make bowls that look like two drops of water, forged and shaped by hand.

      Don’t be fooled and educate yourself before purchasing your singing bowl. Make sure it is a handmade model and not created by machines.

      However, I grant you, a bowl made in a production line in a factory can sound quite decent and its use can also bring you several advantages. Personally, I like to think that by choosing a singing bowl, I get a unique object with a share of history, an object that will share my daily life and for that, I have to feel good and confident. I couldn’t have that kind of feeling with a bowl that comes in several thousand copies.

      singing bowl


      The most important part of a singing bowl is precisely its “song”. It is always pleasant and surprising to discover the tone, but sometimes you are disappointed. Each one being unique and struck by hand, it is each time a surprise to discover whether the final sound that the bowl emits is of high quality or not. If the vibration dissipates too quickly or if the sound emitted is too discreet, it means that the quality of your one is not there. A good quality singing bowl is powerful, and its vibration should resonate throughout your body.

      There is no note more effective than another, again everything is a story of feelings and personal emotions. Seeing how your body reacts to waves or how your emotions are directly influenced by the sound emitted is a complicated job when you start, but once you have experienced it you will immediately know which type you should orient yourself towards.

      Don’t lose hope too quickly by trying to blackmail your bowl. Some require special attention and only “sing” after a while. You have to allow time for the connection between your bowl and you to be made, it can take several minutes or even several days!

      If you already have several singing bowls, you can play them together. Each one is different, the combinations and possibilities are almost endless. Whether for healing, meditation or even massages, you can combine several singing bowls to create harmony and a real haven of peace.

      General aspect

      I am aware that I explained a little earlier in this article that the overall look of the bowl should not influence you in your selection. However, I would like to qualify my remarks a little bit;

      The appearance of the bowl should not be a determining factor, but it is still a feature to consider. No one wants to have something in their home that makes them feel uncomfortable. In addition to creating harmony with yourself through the notes it emits, the object must appear as globally harmonious to you. It should not disturb you during your meditation sessions and its appearance and structure should suit you.

      Once again this is a purely personal choice and no one will be able to choose the singing bowl that best suits you better than you.

      Chakras and desired effects

      Our body is made up of chakras, these are vital points that allow us to draw the energy we need for the proper functioning of our body and our soul. There are 7 in total and each of them has an influence on a specific part of your body and your spirituality. The 7 chakras are aligned all along your spine, we then speak of the central energy channel, it is from there that your bodily and spiritual energy draws all its strength.

      The vast majority of Tibetan singing bowls available are made from an alloy of 7 different metals. We thus find copper, tin, iron, lead, mercury, silver and gold. Each of these metals is symbolically linked to one of our chakras, which is why once assembled the sound produced by these singing bowls will influence the whole of our body.

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