At the pool or at the sea it is both safer and more pleasant to wear a pair of swimming goggles in order to see where the fins are placed. Diving goggles also have a protective function for the eyes and can save you from many discomforts such as irritations due to chlorine contained in swimming pools, or even infections caused by impurities potentially present in the water. For my part, I never swim without a swimming goggles. It is a small investment which guarantees a carefree holiday.

The best swimming goggles in comparison

Knowing all the details and interesting data that swimming goggles have, you will most certainly have an idea of ​​exactly what you want for your aquatic experience, but if you still cannot decide here we leave you a guide of suggestions where you can safely get most appropriate for your needs and your economy.

1. Malmsten Swedish Goggles

The Malmsten are one of the models of the brand which is at the origin of the famous Swedish goggles. Favoured by some elite swimmers, the frame of Swedish swimming goggles consists of a single piece of hard plastic which rests directly on the skin, with an adjustable nose width.

Swedish goggles are smaller than ordinary goggles. They offer a wider field of vision than the others. They are also stronger and more durable because they do not have seals.

2. Cressi Anti Fog

Cressi Anti Fog swimming lenses come with unbreakable tempered lenses and airtight silicone mount that provides great adherence to the face.

In the opinion of those who already have these goggles, it is a light, comfortable, ergonomic product that facilitates visibility during training because it does not fog up. It incorporates a UV protection filter and anti-scratch technology.

It has an interchangeable strap system with patented buckles for its millimetre regulation. You get them at a low price in blue, white, black and a nice transparent design. It is available in large size and in small dimensions.

3. Speedo Adult Unisex Fastskin Elite Swimming Goggles

The Speedo FastSkin Elite are swimming goggles designed for racing. Their aerodynamic design is specially designed to move faster in the water. Approved by the International Swimming Federation, this model is fitted with Speedo IQ FIT seals which guarantee a watertight seal.

These Speedo goggles are designed for competition with their adjustment indicator points and their intelligent secure support. The goggles have a mirror effect and have an anti-fog coating.

4. Swimming goggles Speedo Futura

Ideal for those who constantly practice swimming, the product of the Speedo brand is completely hypoallergenic and flexible frame, which allows you to adjust without problems to the shape of your face.

They are the swimming goggles with the lowest cost of our selection and are provided with blue crystals that reduce the brightness and protect against UV rays. It also comes in other colours and with polarized lenses to prevent the penetration of sunlight.

The users of this team value the resistance of their materials and highlight its hermeticism, comfort and fit.

5. Bezzee Pro 18

If you are looking for affordable goggles, ideal for professional swimmers and that are useful for constant training, this model incorporates anti-fog technology, filter protection against UV rays and provides good clarity.

The product offers you 180 degree magnified vision and improves visibility without distortion; Its frame is completely hermetic and has resistant silicone straps that adapt comfortably to the shape of your head.

The swimming goggles are designed with a nose piece that fits all sizes and shapes of the face. The manufacturer relies so much on the quality of its product that it offers a lifetime guarantee. It comes with a protective case and earplugs.

6. Swimming goggles Zoggs

The most striking feature of these swimming goggles is their ergonomic skeleton, designed to flex according to the shape of the face, a feature that is complemented by its hermetic anti-leak design that prevents chlorine from getting into your eyes.

The Zoggs product also has an anti-fogging system, 180 degrees magnified vision with curved lens technology that also allows observing the periphery.

It is a light, comfortable equipment, which you get in different colours and is adjustable to the head with a pair of straps. It is not the most economical, but those who already have it claim that quality is well worth the expense.

7. AdePoy Swimming Goggles

Whether you are learning to swim or you are an outstanding triathlon athlete, this product is an option that you can not ignore if you already decided to buy.

It is high-end equipment, practical, comfortable, durable, made with good quality materials and with an unbeatable price if you take into account its features and accessories that the product includes.

The Incite Elite model is completely hermetic, it is provided with anti-fog technology, mirror-covered lenses that provide maximum clarity and a system of straps that guarantee quick release and adjustment.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, the product has an elegant and resistant protective case, nose clips, earplugs and a microfiber cloth that will make it much easier to clean.

swimming goggles

Different types of swimming goggles

There are many types of swimming goggles. There are types specially designed for competition swimmers, Swedish style, and types with eye seals with which we are generally familiar. This article will only talk about the last type: the best swimming goggles for occasional swimmers. If you are serious about competitive swimming, you are already likely to know which goggles you prefer or whether you have a set recommended by your trainer or your teammates.

Mirror goggles

The mirrored lenses are exactly what they look like. The exteriors are mirrored and shiny. The outside world won’t be able to see your eyes, but you can certainly see them underwater with them. These types of lenses are the best swimming goggles for outdoor swimming because they reduce glare and can look a bit like sunglasses to soften the bright summer days. However, many indoor swimmers find it difficult to read because the lights are dim. If the room is already dark, swimmers may find that the mirrored goggles are more of an obstacle than a help.

Clear lenses

The clarity of clear lenses does not refer to the colour, but to the shading of the lenses. They are the opposite of mirrored objectives. They are clear without a protective shade. You can see clearly through both sides. If mirrored lenses are like sunglasses, transparent lenses are like reading glasses or everyday glasses. That’s not to say that clear lenses provide no protection, however. The materials used today to make the lenses are all protective against ultraviolet rays. Therefore, even transparent lenses will protect your eyes from harmful sunlight.

Smoked lentils

The smoked lenses are between reflective and clear lenses. They are shaded, but not mirrored. You can see through both sides, but it will be a little darker. They are ideal for people who swim indoors and outdoors and do not want different goggles. They can also work well in difficult lighting conditions, such as sunrise. You don’t want to change your goggles in the middle of your workout just because the sun has risen.

Swimming mask

As the name implies, they have a mask shape. You get them in different colours and sizes, they are usually comfortable and aerodynamic and ideal for children. They tend to give a large field of vision that allows you better orientation underwater. They are ideal for total immersion practices. If you add swimming fins and snorkel for swimming, you can easily snorkel or practice similar exercises.

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What to look for when buying swimming goggles?

The strongest variations are played around the of the seal, the bridge of the nose, the lens and the straps.


In order to be waterproof, the swimming goggles are fitted with seals which act as a buffer between the frame and the face. Not all swimming goggles have the same type of seal: some seals are made of silicone, others are made of foam, and there are also goggles without seals, called “Swedish” goggles.

The very common silicone seals provide a good seal because they marry the face like a suction cup, which means that marks can persist for some time after wearing these goggles.

The foam seals do not leave a mark and do not have this suction cup effect which can sometimes be unpleasant. However, they fail to wear out over time, because the foam is stuck on the frame and inevitably gets damaged.

The Swedish goggles, that is to say without seals can sometimes be seen as uncomfortable. However, it’s all about sensations and some swimmers prefer them to goggles with foam or silicone seals.

They can also be considered more solid and durable than goggles fitted with seals, since the frame is not likely to be damaged as quickly as a seal, generally more fragile. High-level swimmers prefer these goggles, which are also more expensive.

The nose bridge

In order to adapt to different types of faces, there are different models of swimming goggles with sometimes flexible, sometimes rigid nose bridges. The size of the nose plays an important role since the tightness of the goggles is at stake.

Goggles with a flexible nose bridge are the most common. This nose bridge can be simply adjustable, or even interchangeable with several sizes of the nose bridge, in order to adapt to all sizes. This is the simplest option because these glasses generally have every chance of adapting to their wearer.

Nevertheless, people with a face with a more common size may very well put on goggles with a rigid bridge, designated under the name of “monobloc” goggles. The bridge is not adjustable here, which implies that such goggles cannot fit all people.

A final variant exists swimming masks. The latter consists of a single lens as for conventional goggles, but the nose is not included as in a diving mask. The mask can be advantageous because its outfit is generally better than goggles, but it is larger and will not be suitable for competitions.

The lens

It is a fundamental criterion. There are swimming goggles with simple lenses, but also tinted and coloured lens, or with mirrored lenses.

The tinted lens or coloured filter light or only part of it, to improve vision or otherwise to protect from excess light. They are suitable for moderate luminosities.

Mirrored lenses, on the other hand, allow you to swim outside or in a pool with strong lighting. They offer better protection than a tinted and coloured lens.

In general, competition lenses have a narrower viewing angle than leisure swimming goggles, but it is better to choose goggles that you feel comfortable with.

The straps

The straps are one of the most important comfort elements for swimming goggles. Some swimming goggles have adjustable straps on the side, others behind the head by simply pulling the strap. Finally, some models are adjusted by making a knot, for the simplest of them.

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