5 Best Suspension Trainers for You to Train Where You Want

I tell you that I love doing exercises and in these suspension straps I have found what I needed for home and outdoors and the way I like it. But I also tell you that I really got tired of searching among countless products of dubious quality.

Like most of you, I started trying very cheap models to see how and to understand bit by bit what I needed. So I came across a brand that I will not mention, which sold me a used rope, with frayed seams that looked like it would not hold a fitness lover like me.

In turn, I was a rookie, so I would have liked a product with a manual that explained how to train biceps, triceps, pectorals and the other muscles that these ropes help to develop.

What a relief it was to buy a model that worked and now to be able to help you.

What is the best suspension trainer?

It is about finding a quality, durable and convenient product, not just that it is economical.

For this, I suggest you choose a model with instructional DVD or other material that shows you how to exercise the leg muscles with a variety of exercises, including pull and also explain the correct way to do the push-ups, rows, fly, squats, lunge and many other exercises that allow these straps.

The quality of the strings must be high, since they will be in a constant tension and wear. Remember to look for high strength and reliable reliable materials made of carbon fiber.

The handles should be soft and non-slip, but with good grip; the anchorage points are recommended resistant and do not leave marks; while the rope has to be easy to clean, portable and lightweight.

In my comparative list I will show you the best in the market:

1. Suspension Training Strings eaglefit

You will love it!

eaglefit Unisex - Adult Sling Trainer Exclusive...
  • Innovative functional training - made in...
  • Indoor & outdoor: Thanks to the flexible...
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x SlingTrainer...

It is an option that provides flexibility and mobility. It brings you instructions of varied exercises with illustrations and details, padded handles of 7.5 cm, wide straps and slings with an easily adjustable length. Users love that it is portable, very easy to use and durable.

2. TRX Suspension Training System

It will not fail you!

TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit,...
36 Reviews
TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit,...
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE: The TRX GO Suspension...

Train with these nylon straps, high quality handles and high strength metal buckles that offer a load capacity of 600 kg and are recommended for dynamic loads up to 125 kg. It is portable, easy to install and adjustable.

3. Suspension Trainer KEAFOLS

For professionals

Fitness Training Pro Suspension System Training...
53 Reviews
Fitness Training Pro Suspension System Training...
  • ➽Super Strong and Sturdy Suspension...
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It has an adjustable length of 1.6 to 3 meters, is made of nylon and aluminum alloy to give a robust touch that allows you to carry loads of 400 kg. It is recommended for muscle building, flexibility, stability and fat burning. It comes with several anchors and transport bag.

4. Suspension Training System for rip exercises  : 60

Capacity and versatility

RIP 60 Unisex Adult RIP6011 Suspension Trainer...
4 Reviews
RIP 60 Unisex Adult RIP6011 Suspension Trainer...
  • Genuine RIP 60 suspension trainer...
  • 60 days of progressive workouts on an...
  • 60-Day Nutrition Guide

They are made of high strength nylon, anchor of 11 meters and support a maximum tension of 450 kg. Includes a useful exercise guide and comes with double spiral anchor strap for doors, exposed beams, trunk and branches. It has a transport bag.

5. CrossCore Plus suspension training  system

High quality

CrossCore System Plus Home Kit - Black
  • Lightweight aluminum pulley housing....
  • 1 Anchor Strap with adjustable cam...
  • 1 Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag.1...

It is a model with anchoring for doors and materials of high quality and reliability that you can adjust and anchor trees, masts and doors. It is ideal for fat burning, muscle building, strengthening, flexibility and greater resistance. It allows to do more than 100 different exercises and includes instructions.

The true benefits of suspension workouts

Have you ever wondered what these strings really do? I tell you that they are not simply a new fitness fad, but that these flexible devices really will help you and to a great extent. Let’s see how:

They are a complete exercise

With the suspension ropes you can increase in intensity many exercises for all parts of the body. Think of a muscle you want to train and hands to work.

Portability and ease of use

They are small, easy to install and always ready for you to use. You will only need an anchor point. In addition, they are quite light and easy to fold and save once you finish training.

You work the torso

Almost all the exercises that are done with suspension ropes work your torso. With this you can define the abs and even improve posture or avoid annoying back pain.

Excellent for beginners

Practically anyone can use them, from beginners and those who in their life have exercised, to the most experienced athletes.

For cardiovascular and strength training

Not only do they allow you to strengthen and tone your muscles, but all that effort also increases your heartbeat and, therefore, results in excellent cardiovascular exercise. Your breathing and stamina will improve markedly.

Do not damage the joints

Conventional exercises cause a lot of pressure and impact on your joints, which can be fatal in the long run. The good thing about suspension is that it decreases that pressure and takes care of your bones, tendons and joints.

Improve your balance and coordination

When training with ropes you force your body to work much more balance and coordination, improving your posture and toning your body.

How to do workouts in suspension?

Once you have installed it in a firm and safe place, the next step will be to choose a series of exercises or specific routines for different muscles and that is proven to work. The best on the market include instructional DVDs and videos with various routines, but you can also find them on the internet.

It usually begins with low or medium intensity exercises that require few movements. Then you increase the complexity and difficulty as you improve your strength, balance and coordination.

Considerations when choosing your suspension training rope

Quality strings

The main thing is that the ropes are durable and strong to support your weight and strength. The buckles and locks should be made of carbon fibre or some other resistant material.

Comfortable handles

Look for them with anti-slip and padded surface so they do not slip with sweat and so that they also feel comfortable in your hands. A good grip is essential.

Firm anchor points

This is fundamental, since it is the part that makes sure that you do not fall to the ground and you get injured in the middle of a routine. Apart from being tough and firm, they must also fit well to the place where you intend to place them.


The more compact the complete game, the easier it will be to transport from one place to another. If it comes with a transport box, do not let it pass.

With instructional DVD

It will be super useful to find varied and effective routines, especially if you are a beginner user.

Your level

Consider your current level before performing any routine. Some may be too intense for novices and cause injury or discomfort due to poor performance.

Medical conditions

If you suffer from heart, arthritis, blood pressure, muscle inflammations or bone problems, consult your doctor before using these ropes.


If you will be an occasional user you will need a type of rope, while professionals will require something more resistant and versatile.


Not all anchors fit well on all surfaces. Some are better for door or window frames and others are good for the roof, for example. Consider where you want to install your ropes.


There are static and rotating cords. The first ones only generate a simple tension, while the rotating ones allow you to turn and do other movements that expand your training.


The longer the strings are, the greater your freedom of movement and you can mount them at a higher height.

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