With the best suspension trainer, you will have the possibility to do one of the most effective exercises working with your own weight while strengthening the muscles of the body.

Suspension trainers are a relatively new product, however, they have evolved quite a bit in a short time. Initially, they were used for physical training in the United States Navy, but today it is common to find them in gyms.

More and more people join this type of exercise, including the implements, are so practical that you can install them at home, thus receiving all the benefits of this routine from the comfort of your home.

The principle of using resistance bands is based on activating the core of the muscle with each movement and creating a contraction to generate an effective exercise; therefore, when training with this tool supported on your own weight you will work up to 300 muscles without needing large and complicated machines.

What is the best suspension trainer?

It is about finding a quality, durable and convenient product, not just that it is economical.

For this, I suggest you choose a model with instructional DVD or other material that shows you how to exercise the leg muscles with a variety of exercises, including pull and also explain the correct way to do the push-ups, rows, fly, squats, lunge and many other exercises that allow these straps.

The quality of the strings must be high since they will be in constant tension and wear. Remember to look for high strength and reliable reliable materials made of carbon fibre.

The handles should be soft and non-slip, but with good grip; the anchorage points are recommended resistant and do not leave marks; while the rope has to be easy to clean, portable and lightweight.

In my comparative list I will show you the best in the market:

1. Clothink Suspension Trainer

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more complete this suspension trainer from Clothink is the ideal one. Its price is affordable although a little higher than that of the other models that we have shown you, since its benefits are higher. They can be used both for training at home, by placing the suspension trainer on a door, as in any other kind of place, be it a gym, a swimming pool or outdoors. This possibility is great for people who like to exercise in open spaces.

They are very easy to use. Thus, you will not need to hire a personal trainer, with your suspension trainer to train at home and your exercise manual will be enough to get in shape.

In addition, it can be carried comfortably from one place to another, being a light kit and taking up a lot of space, and is suitable for all types of people, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.

1. Suspension Training Strings eaglefit

It is an option that provides flexibility and mobility. It brings you instructions of varied exercises with illustrations and details, padded handles of 7.5 cm, wide straps and slings with an easily adjustable length. Users love that it is portable, very easy to use and durable.

2. TRX Suspension Training System

Train with these nylon straps, high-quality handles and high strength metal buckles that offer a load capacity of 600 kg and are recommended for dynamic loads up to 125 kg. It is portable, easy to install and adjustable.

3. Suspension Trainer KEAFOLS

It has an adjustable length of 1.6 to 3 meters, is made of nylon and aluminium alloy to give a robust touch that allows you to carry loads of 400 kg. It is recommended for muscle building, flexibility, stability and fat burning. It comes with several anchors and transport bag.

4. Suspension Training System for rip exercises: 60

They are made of high strength nylon, anchor of 11 meters and support a maximum tension of 450 kg. Includes a useful exercise guide and comes with double spiral anchor strap for doors, exposed beams, trunk and branches. It has a transport bag.

5. CrossCore Plus suspension training  system

It is a model with anchoring for doors and materials of high quality and reliability that you can adjust and anchor trees, masts and doors. It is ideal for fat burning, muscle building, strengthening, flexibility and greater resistance. It allows to do more than 100 different exercises and includes instructions.

best suspension trainer

What is a suspension trainer?

It is a weight training machine which is composed of 2 suspension straps that are both rigid and adjustable. Also, it is a method which allows you to improve your physical conditioning. To be able to use it, just hang it on a solid support to start the exercises. In addition, it has non-slip handles that you can use with your hands or feet. This allows you to perform different kinds of exercises. 

By using a suspension trainer you are free to choose the sports program suited to your body. You can do gentle or intensive exercises and work your abs, triceps, biceps, calf, glutes or back. Besides, you will be able to benefit from the advice of a sports coach or directly follow the preconceived programs. And by dint of exercising regularly, it is quite possible to continue training on your own.

Benefits of using the suspension trainer

The main benefit of this type of physical exercise is the fact that it can be practised by anyone. On the question who can practice suspension training? The answer is simple, everyone (children, youth, adults and the elderly), whether for sports activities or routine. It can be used for healthy purposes for people seeking to improve their health, also as a hobby (since the implementation of its dynamics is entertaining for the user) for people who do not know what to do in their spare time or for athletes and athletes, since it works as the ideal complement for any physical activity that is being practised. At the same time, it works as a motivational tool to develop the physical and mental integrity of the body.

If we want to be more specific about the benefits of training using suspension trainer, we can say that it seeks to work the body in its entirety, unlike other modalities that generally seek to focus on a specific area, although if you want to, You can also work a single desired area with the suspension trainer with a specific movement, it all depends on the priorities of the person who practices it. Another benefit is that the suspension trainer allows the user to train their body in a meaningful way, that is, with a purpose and utility that ultimately serves them to carry out any type of task. Being part of callisthenics, it is normal for someone who practices suspension see progress over time in aspects such as agility, strength and endurance of the body.

But it is not only beneficial in the sense of obtaining more muscle and toning of the body, but it is also very useful for those who want to lose weight or burn fat and calories because the dynamics with which the different methods of Exercises allow the user to compromise or subject their body to a series of routines that guarantee the body losing weight. So when asked is the suspension training loses weight? The answer is yes. The fact that the body itself is used as the main tool to start the series of exercises is another important benefit to highlight.

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How to do workouts in suspension?

Once you have installed it in a firm and safe place, the next step will be to choose a series of exercises or specific routines for different muscles and that is proven to work. The best on the market include instructional DVDs and videos with various routines, but you can also find them on the internet.

It usually begins with low or medium intensity exercises that require few movements. Then you increase the complexity and difficulty as you improve your strength, balance and coordination.

Considerations when choosing your suspension training rope

Quality strings

The main thing is that the ropes are durable and strong to support your weight and strength. The buckles and locks should be made of carbon fibre or some other resistant material.

Comfortable handles

Look for them with anti-slip and padded surface so they do not slip with sweat and so that they also feel comfortable in your hands. A good grip is essential.

Firm anchor points

This is fundamental, since it is the part that makes sure that you do not fall to the ground and you get injured in the middle of a routine. Apart from being tough and firm, they must also fit well to the place where you intend to place them.


The more compact the complete game, the easier it will be to transport from one place to another. If it comes with a transport box, do not let it pass.

With instructional DVD

It will be super useful to find varied and effective routines, especially if you are a beginner user.

Your level

Consider your current level before performing any routine. Some may be too intense for novices and cause injury or discomfort due to poor performance.

Medical conditions

If you suffer from heart, arthritis, blood pressure, muscle inflammations or bone problems, consult your doctor before using these ropes.


If you will be an occasional user you will need a type of rope, while professionals will require something more resistant and versatile.


Not all anchors fit well on all surfaces. Some are better for door or window frames and others are good for the roof, for example. Consider where you want to install your ropes.


There are static and rotating cords. The first ones only generate a simple tension, while the rotating ones allow you to turn and do other movements that expand your training.


The longer the strings are, the greater your freedom of movement and you can mount them at a higher height.

 Sling Trainer

Where to buy suspension trainer?

If you really want to save money when buying a suspension trainer, Amazon is the best option. The e-commerce giants have for sale suspension trainers on different prices, so you can select the model that best suits your budget and needs.

If you are wondering if it is reliable to choose to buy suspension trainer on Amazon, the answer is absolutely yes. These online stores have very demanding control policies with their sellers, verifying that they offer quality products and adequate customer service constantly.