5 Best Irons for Your Clothes

Wearing impeccable clothes, finishing household chores in less time, doing a neater and more efficient work are some of the advantages of having the best steam iron. Is that a hot iron with a good quality sole can do wonders with the wrinkled clothes and perfectly smooth dry linen and cotton.

A clothes iron with professional results will be a special addition in any home and, in fact, you do not have to spend large amounts to have a light and good one. There are quite affordable prices that do not fail to guarantee high quality and the best results.

Anyway, in this article you will learn everything you knew about steam irons and, when you finish, you will be able to choose the ideal one for you.

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What is the best iron?

You already see that choosing the best steam iron is not as complicated as it seemed at first. You just have to start looking for the type of clothes iron that is most convenient and efficient for you and then you can go looking for the specific model that you have all the functions that we talked about in the previous section.

Give special importance to the characteristics of the auto-off system, as it will take care not only of your clothes and your ironing board, but also your life, your family’s and the security of your home. At the same time, the convenient controls, the transparent reservoir with visible marks and the steam exhalation functions are the most useful and important because they will facilitate your work as you have no idea.

In the same way, we prepare the following comparative list so that you can leave now and buy the ideal model for you and your clothes.

1. Rowenta ProMaster DW4120

Excellent price-value ratio

Rowenta DW4120 AutoSteam 2400W Steam Iron - Blue & White
32 Reviews
Rowenta DW4120 AutoSteam 2400W Steam Iron - Blue & White
  • 2400W Power
  • 140G/Min Shot of Steam
  • 250ml Water Capacity
  • Auto Shut Off

This excellent 2400 W steam iron comes with a stainless steel soleplate and 300 micro nozzles that guarantee a uniform and optimum distribution of steam output. In turn, the sole has the front tip pointed and the back is rounded.

It has automatic adjustments that make the equipment regulate the temperature to the desired level, with a variable amount of steam of 35 gr/ min up to an extra blow of steam of 140 gr/min. It also has vertical use mode and has a laser system and anti-drip system so as not to accidentally wet the clothes.

If you are looking for a model with cable at a good price, of good quality and with excellent features, this is the right one for you.

2. Bosch TDA5070GB Steam Iron

Nobody wins you in popularity

Bosch TDA5070GB Steam Iron, 3050 W, Black/Red
735 Reviews
Bosch TDA5070GB Steam Iron, 3050 W, Black/Red
  • Large 200 g per minute steam shot for stubborn creases
  • Steam System designed for optimised steam distribution
  • Built in Anti Calc system to improve operation, Maximum...
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and convenience

This Bosch injection-moulding clothes iron has a power of 3050 W, comes in white or black and can send a steam flow of 55 gr/min or up to 200 gr/min. Its injection system allows better penetration of the steam since it injects directly into the fabric.

Its i-Temp Advanced technology allows an ideal setting of steam and temperature to eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles more effectively, while the AntiShine Program allows taking care of dark garments.

In turn, its base is ceramic with CeraniumGlissee technology of enamelled lines for a better glide. Its water tank is 400 ml and also has a vertical system and self-cleaning. It comes with an automatic shutdown that detects when it is not being used by one hand.

3. Philips Azur Performer Plus GC4511 / 20

Excellent benefits

Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer Steam Iron - 180 g Steam Boost, 2400...
272 Reviews
Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer Steam Iron - 180 g Steam Boost, 2400...
  • Powerful pressurised steam Iron with auto steam control...
  • Vertical steam - iron out creases in curtains or...
  • SteamGlide soleplate - durable, scratch resistant and...
  • Easy de-scale and reminder: Takes less than 1 minute to...

It is a model of 2400 W that can produce steam from 45 gr/min to 180 gr/ min in steam blow mode. It has a scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean Steam Glide sole that allows an easier and more comfortable glide, a power of 2400 W that guarantees quick heating and a lime and wastewater removal system to protect your garments.

The self-cleaning system maintains the performance and condition of the iron in optimal conditions, while the automatic steam control allows adjusting the adjustments to each type of garment and the triple precision tip allows to eliminate the most rebellious wrinkles.

If you are looking for a good and light iron, with excellent performance and safety and at a low price, look no further.

4. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W

Affordable and efficient

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron 20630 -...
3,507 Reviews
Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron 20630 -...
  • The 45 g/min continuous steam will make light work of...
  • 3100 W of high-powered performance gives this power...
  • Prolonging its life and maintaining performance a...
  • Improved glide means no more struggling to work your...

This model of clothes iron has stainless steel sole for better glides and greater durability. It has 3100 W that guarantees fast and efficient heating, a continuous steam flow of 20 gr/min and a steam stroke of 100 gr/min.

It has a self-cleaning system and an anti-lime and anti-drip system. In turn, it has a weight of 1.6 kg, vertical ironing system, water spray function and a temperature and steam regulator with easy access and visibility.

It is a model that undoubtedly allows efficient, easy and simple ironing while maintaining convenience and practicality for an affordable price.

5. Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118

The best price

Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118 Red Black Steam Iron
466 Reviews
Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118 Red Black Steam Iron
  • Tri-zone soleplate technology for effective crease...
  • Pearl ceramic soleplate - Super smooth & non-stick for...
  • Precise temperature control – match the setting to...
  • 2800W for a powerful performance and quick heat up...

In the place of honour in terms of price it is, is this iron Jata brand clothes. It has a power of 2800 W that allows a decent time warming and without waiting too long, a temperature adjustable thermostat and a permanent anti-lime system to protect your clothes and the device.

It also has a practical and convenient self-cleaning function, as well as a stainless steel sole for better sliding and durability. In turn, it has a transparent water tank and indicator to know the amount of water remaining, as well as a safety cap to prevent drips.

It comes in purple or blue with black and has a steam stroke, water spray function, adjustable thermostat and a large size for any garment.

Vertical Steam Irons

Types of irons

The models vary according to the type of sole, its material, size, weight and features. Some plates produce steam more quickly or have functions such as a steam blow, which allows to finish the job quickly and facilitate the maintenance of the appliance, while others have sliding materials such as stainless steel or ceramic, which allow easier ironing.

At the same time, they come with security measures and features that make their use much easier. Pay attention to the following aspects so you can find and buy the ideal model:

  • Conventional: these allow small amounts of steam to flow towards the clothes to eliminate the folds more quickly. Most new clothes irons can be used with jet water thanks to their resin filters and anti-calcium valves.
  • Steam ironing systems: the plates allow to apply highpressure steam flows constantly, while a system requires much more space and can be placed on a chair or shelf at one end of the ironing board.
  • These systems take time to warm up and many do not have auto shut off. However, they allow the folds to be removed even from dry flax faster. Note that some of these systems do not have a spray function.
  • No cables: they look like conventional steam irons, but do not have a power cord. They are quite manageable and convenient, except that they do not have the best performance.

Choosing the best steam iron

Previously, the most expensive and professional clothing plates were those that had the best performance, but that has changed. Nowadays you can get excellent plates with great functions and at very low prices.

If you want a model that can do the job quickly, that you can use standing up, that has travel portability, that can eliminate wrinkles without problems and that is also comfortable, safe and practical, make sure it meets the following details:

  • Auto power off most new models come with this feature that automatically shuts off the iron if it is not moved for several seconds or minutes regardless of whether it is arranged vertically or lying down. Some also go out if they are left out. This can prevent a fire, but still, remember that you can burn your clothes if it is left warm upside down.
  • Exhale steam or exhaust button: allows to release an extra stream of steam against to eliminate the most resistant wrinkles. It is ideal for fabrics such as linen or denim.
  • Convenient controls: the iron must have easily selectable settings for each type of clothing, as well as temperature controls in places of easy access and visibility. Many models have a light that indicates that the iron is on.
  • Retractable cable: prevents the cable from getting in the way while using the iron or when storing it. Look for a model that does not have a whip effect when you retract the cable.
  • Self-cleaning system: boots the mineral deposits that are formed in the valves or filters, although it is not always effective with prolonged use or with very heavy water. Use the steam blow function to clean the holes where it comes out.
  • A transparent reservoir of water: look for a transparent tank that lets you see easily the amount of water you have available and also has marked with water levels.
  • Vertical boiling: allows you to use the iron vertically to eliminate wrinkles from hanging clothes or even from curtains and carpets.
  • Water nozzle cover: a cover, either pressure or sliding, will prevent water from leaking. However, it does not always work, so stay tuned to your water tank.

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