Some folds on the clothes are difficult to iron. Only the best steam generator iron can overcome these stubborn wrinkles. It is a powerful device capable of ironing any fold.

To have effective results, choose a good quality model. A low-end appliance can burn linen or leave traces of water. In addition, it could only exhaust the water stock without producing the necessary condensation.

A bad choice could lead you to a device that does not iron your clothes. And you may even end up with a product that consumes a lot of energy while providing less efficiency.

A comparison of the most popular steam generators on the market will allow you to identify the best choice and the product that offers the best value for money.

What is the best steam generator iron?

Surely if you plan to buy steam generator iron, you want it to be more than modern, useful, with really practical functions, and of course of good quality material and with guarantee test.

The differences in prices and models vary from one brand to another. To help you tell you we have prepared the following list with the preferred steam generator irons for the users of the web and which are also the most affordable.

1. Rowenta Silence Steam Extreme DG8961

The silent

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This innovative steam generator of vertical ironing with support and hanger, with technology to reduce the sources of noise, presents a high performance of steam to achieve perfect ironing.

It has the ECO function that provides 25% energy savings, which is excellent for the environment, but also for your pocket.

It is equipped with a precision tip for ironing the most difficult areas, also a vertical steam position for ironing coats, directly hanging sheets. Its removable water tank is 1.4 L and a light indicator that alerts you when it is empty.

It is with a compact design that makes it lightweight and very easy to carry. It is an economic model, but efficient.

2. Steam generator Philips GC9682/86

More volume

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron for Large Family Basket Loads, with OptimalTEMP:...
  • Utmost Steam Generator Power: Better for large family basket loads, ideal for thick fabrics and professional results
  • More powerful 165 g/min continuous steam and 600 g steam boost for faster, better deep crease removal on larger loads
  • No burns and no temperature settings required thanks to OptimalTEMP technology; iron everything from jeans to silk without...
  • Lightweight iron for ease of use and Philips better gliding and scratch-resistant T-ionicGlide soleplate
  • 1.8 Litre large detachable water tank for easy refilling, carry Lock for transportation and safety

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This model of iron is associated with a dynamic intelligent sensor which recognizes the movement during ironing and automatically adjusts the amount of steam required.

Ultra powerful, fast and easy to use, it emits a condensation flow up to 155g / min with pressing effect. Thanks to its T-ionic Glide sole, it offers better glide and great resistance to scratches.

Its removable 1.8-litre tank allows quick and easy filling. This device is also easy to maintain.

3. Steam generator Polti La Vaporella XT100C

Polti La Vaporella XT100C, Steam generator iron with boiler, 7.5 bar, no maintenance, 10 year...
  • Innovative boiler with no calc long life boiler technology: prevents the negative effects of limescale for a longer life without...
  • Innovative 360° ​​fluid Curve technology soleplate: perfect results, excellent smoothness, optimal steam distribution,...
  • Steam pulse function 500g: intermittent steam for easier and faster ironing; ideal for ironing vertically.
  • 6 preset ironing programs: universal for ironing all types of fabric and turbo for the most stubborn creases.
  • High pressure iron: boiler up to 7.5 BAR and pump 15 BAR.(*Warranty on the boiler system (solenoid valve/boiler/inlet connection),...

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This innovative device has “No calc long life” technology which prevents the harmful effects of limescale. An intermittent Steam Pulse function allows faster and easier vertical ironing.

It also has an innovative 360 ​​° sole which allows a perfect result in a single pass, a homogeneous distribution of the steam and a high precision tip.

The appliance offers 6 programs defined according to the fabric and the ironing style and heats in two minutes.

4. Tefal GV7340 Express Compact Eco


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This is a low price steam generator, which only takes 2 minutes to warm up.

Made with high technology that improves the sliding of the plate. It has multiple steam outlets with 5 bar pressure, central microperforated area and a layer of active lines that reduces friction.

It is a device that does not scratch and is easy to clean. Your ECO function will save you 20% of energy.

With its vertical steam outlet, you can iron with great comfort garments that are hung on hangers.

5. Bosch TDS6010 6 Series Steam Station


Bosch TDS6010 EasyComfort Series 6 Steam Station 350 g Deep Steam Automatic Shut-Off i-Temp 2400 W...
  • EasyComfort: no setting and no pre-sorting. Easy, quick and safe ironing
  • Ultimate350 PulseSteam: Powerful deep steam for higher tissue penetration with 3 intense steam bursts up to 350 g
  • i-Ttemp: one temperature setting for all fabrics that can be ironed
  • Calc'nClean Perfect: a highly efficient cleaning system - and the first for steam station and iron
  • CeraniumGlisséePro: the particularly smooth and scratch-resistant ironing sole allows perfect ironing results in no time at all

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Your silence will impact you because it is almost noticeable when you release the steam. It is not necessary to turn it off to refill the water tank, so it is very practical.

It has a system so that the iron is firmly fixed to the steam generator, and so move or move safely.

The approximate warm-up time is 2 minutes, so it will be very useful to get you out of trouble.

You can also iron with comfort, thanks to having indicators that alert when the steam is ready and has run out of water.

6. Braun CareStyle 5 Steam Generator is 5042


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This revolutionary model has a system to set the ideal temperature for each fabric.

Likewise, and unlike other models, it presents the first sole of the 3D Eloxal market, for ironing backwards, and also in the problematic part of the buttons that clothing brings.

If you are one of the people who are in constant movement, this steam generator suits you for its excellent anchoring with the iron.

The water device is not removable, but you can still add water when the iron is on.

It has extra steam of up to 340g / min, and 6 bars of pressure for good and optimal performance.

What is a steam generator iron?

It is a team consisting of iron and a separate steam generator. To the conventional plates, water is added to them in an opening that later becomes steam, in the steam generators the generator is the one that receives the load of water and converts it into steam.

The steam generator receives much more water than a regular iron, which generates a continuous and more powerful jet of steam. This helps in a big way that the wrinkles and fabrics harder to smooth, with just one pass of the iron, achieve the desired look.

The amount of volume that the generator can store is up to 1.5 litres, which makes the iron itself much lighter, and does not cause discomfort and fatigue in the arms and back.

Ironing steam generator

What you should look for in an iron stem generator

There are thousands of makes and models of steam generators. These vary in their size, settings, details, functions, etc. There are standard size and compact size that does not occupy as much space and can be stored comfortably.

Some of the best features of an ironing centre include:


Each plate comes with different settings such as low, medium or high or also use it in terms of fabrics: cotton, linen, silk and wool. Each type of fabric must be ironed in a different heat setting. A plate with easy and quick buttons is the best, especially if it has automatic adjustments.


rowenta steam generator

The average weight of the steam generator is between half and one kilogram. Sure you do not want a device too heavy, because over time can be uncomfortable. Most new models are lighter, without affecting the quality of the results.


Look for a well-built steam generator with a good solid soleplate, free of scratches and made of non-corrosive materials. Buying a cheap iron that is not durable can cause you problems. Also, it is a good idea to take care of the manufacturers’ guarantees when buying an iron, so you can be sure that the product really is durable.


Most of the plates still use a wiring system. The best thing is that the iron has a long cable, to have more flexibility in the movement. It is also a good idea to look for a retractable cable to make storage easier.

Steam increase

This button will give you a boost of steam, which is excellent in difficult ironing places because you only have to do the sliding one time, and not in a constant way that can damage the fabric.

This is equal to the pressure and is measured in bars, which are what determine the amount of steam that is applied to the laundry per unit of time, which is usually a minute.

The measurement and the number of bars will depend on how fast or not you can finish ironing.


A very important feature that you should consider, because it is very unpleasant that the clothes have drops marks after you worked so hard on the ironing. Without this function, water is spilt from the tank when the iron is placed at different angles.

Eco configuration

A function to save energy, which makes the ironing station a more ecological plant.


Has it happened to you that you leave home and do not remember if you turned off the iron or not? This feature will automatically deactivate the iron after a set time. Definitely a very useful security function.

Ceramic sealing plate versus iron plate

The ceramic sealing plates or soleplates on the bottom of the plate, make it distribute the heat evenly through the fabric to achieve a perfect smoothing. An iron seal plate is durable, non-corrosive and very effective for ironing garments without problems. Choosing of ceramic iron is more about a personal choice, either of which is very useful.

Large tank

replacement water tank for steam generator

With a large volume tank, you will ensure that you will not run out of water or steam while ironing. A good-sized tank is about 1 litre or more.

In the opinion of users and connoisseurs, a recommendation to maintain the cleanliness of the ironing station is with the use of distilled water. Tap water has properties and elements that can be corrosive to the metal parts of the iron, as well as causing mud and other impurities to lodge.

An excellent recommendation is to empty the water that remains in the device once you have finished ironing and guard the iron in an upright position. Use distilled water and wipe it with a cloth, to remove tartar residues that are stored when you spend time without using the iron.

Tartar, if it becomes abundant, can significantly stain your clothes. All this you must do when the iron is unplugged and at room temperature.

How does a steam generator work?

In order to establish aprecise comparison that will help you retain the best creation when buying your steam generator, understanding its operating mode is an important step not to be skipped.

An ironing steam generator is designed to produce intense steam to better pass through the fibres of the garment and eliminate any creases. When you compare it with other household appliances that produce roughly the same effect, the difference lies mainly in the way steam is produced. Power plants produce steam in two different ways.

First, there are the models which are equipped with a tank and which are called “steam generators with limited autonomy”. Once the tank is filled and heated, it is placed under pressure. The user can then use steam until exhaustion.

The second mode of operation of a steam generator is that of machines with unlimited autonomy. These have apump and a small tank outside the tank. The user, therefore, has the possibility of replenishing them during ironing and then benefits from an unlimited quantity of steam. The heating is faster and he can adjust the temperature as it pleases.