Simple, fast and efficient, the steam cleaner is attracting more and more households for both spring cleaning and daily housekeeping. Without using detergent, it allows to thoroughly clean all surfaces only by the action of steam. In addition to the economy generated by the absence of cleaning products, the steam cleaner owes its success to its ecological aspect. 

Respectful of the environment, it makes it possible to no longer pollute its interior with detergents harmful to health, but on the contrary to clean up the atmosphere of the accommodation and to rid it of mites and dust naturally, which makes it an ideal device for people prone to allergies. It is so successful today that it even exceeds sales of traditional vacuum cleaners.

What is the best steam cleaner?

To decide which steam cleaner to choose, you must first define your own needs and establish a steam cleaner comparison according to its criteria. For example, do you need a steam cleaner mop or a steam cleaner vacuum cleaner? Once this comparison has been made, you can check the ratings and reviews of the steam cleaners online to get an idea of ​​the quality of the models you have selected.

1. Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner Smart 40

Light and portable

Poli is a compact, lightweight, portable and very easy to transport steam wand. It has a pressure of 3.5 bar and a deposit. It contains an indicator that indicates when the steam is ready to start cleaning, also brings a range of accessories, such as large brush, glass cleaner, nylon brushes, steam concentrator, shoulder strap, floor cloth, cloth and funnel.

Polti leaves the kitchen clean, the bathroom and even the upholstery of the car.

This device is very useful when there are children and pets at home. In addition, its variety of functions and benefits, adjust to its price.

2. Steam Cleaner Kärcher SC 3


It is a manual steam cleaner with great quality, maximum performance and easy to clean, after doing all the work of neatness in our home.

Kärcher heats the steam in just 30 seconds and allows filling the water tank permanently and quickly, without interrupting the cleaning. Additionally, it includes a cleaning set with sheet technologies, to clean resistant surfaces of the home, that is to say, floors, although it leaves the carpets great, according to the opinion of its consumers.

This steam cleaner that can clean from floors to kitchens, has an excellent value for money, for all the benefits it brings.

3. Vileda Steam Mop

Economical and fast

One of the most attractive features of this steam cleaner is its water heating time, which is located in 15 seconds. In addition, it has a deposit to accumulate 400 millilitres of water and has a triangular head to access all kinds of corners and corners, which do not reach traditional products, such as brooms.

It is easy to use and does not need chemical products to carry out its functions, which highlights the disinfection of floors, killing germs up to 99%.

It contains microfibres that increase its cleaning capacity and leaves carpets and ceramics as new. For all the advantages that it brings, it has an economic value, it is also useful for cleaning at home.

4. Rowenta RY7535 Steam Cleaner

The mask

In the form of a steam cleaner, Rowenta is a cleaner that loosens dirt from all types of floors, whether granite, ceramic or concrete, this device manages to remove dry spots, as well as being comfortable and practical.

It has an indicator to indicate when the steam is ready after 30 seconds of heating has elapsed. It contains a tank that stores up to 800 millilitres of water. Additionally, it includes a brush and cleaning cloth.

5. Ariete 4146 Delux Steam Cleaner

Of greater capacity

The water heater Ariete has several advantages such as the storage capacity of 1, 6 litres of water to carry out deep cleaning of the home. Asea objects such as ovens, showers, plates and all surfaces that require daily hygiene.

After its purchase, it comes with 13 accessories, including adapter nozzles, window brush, funnel, measuring cup, upholstery brush, among others. Includes a base to store all the attached devices, also has a safety cap to regulate the steam pressure.

The evaporation time is 8 minutes, the longest with respect to other products of this type.

6. SIMBR Steam Cleaner – Steam Mop

Of greater pressure

This is a steam cleaner that achieves maximum performance, cleaning from bathrooms, kitchens, floors, sofas, carpets and glass, without the use of chemicals or detergents. It has a pressure of 5 bars somewhat attractive compared to other steamers higher price.

It has a 13.12ft power cord to reach all corners of the house and eliminate the dirt embedded in them.

It is easy to clean, practical at the time of use and of great quality, all for a low price; It is positioned as one of the least expensive household items.

7. Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 Steam Cleaner

What is a steam cleaner?

A household appliance used to clean floors, windows, textiles and mattresses without using detergent. Its operating principle does not date from today since it dates back to the 19th century. A central unit heats the water to transform it into vapour, which then suffices for the user to propel onto the surface to be cleaned. The loose dirt is collected with a cloth.

The steam cleaner allows you to maintain different types of surfaces. In fact, it can clean floors, windows, sanitary ware, but also furniture, radiators, clothing, upholstery or even household appliances.

As with all household appliances, you should read the instructions for use before using your steam cleaner. Generally, it is used as follows: fill the tank with water, connect it to the mains and press the button to heat the water. Most of the time, once the temperature is reached, a light indicates that the appliance is ready to propel steam. It then suffices to direct the jet towards the surface which one wishes to clean to release the vapour. When the water level is insufficient, we are generally warned by an indicator light that lights up. On vertical surfaces, the steam cleaner is used by projecting the jet from the top to go down. The closer the jet is to the surface to be washed, the deeper the cleaning. Surfaces such as varnished wood or fine fabrics should not be treated with brushes due to their delicacy.

Benefits of using steam cleaners at home

The benefits of using steam vessels for household activities are multiple, they help remove the annoying dust from the fan, which is an impossible task when doing it manually, but also clean and disinfect tile spaces, as well as curtains, among other objects.

However, for all those household chores, there are few types of steam cleaners:

  1. Cylinder Steam Cleaners which are sufficient for accommodation with two rooms or less, take up little space, cost less than large models and are suitable for the desired use.
  2. Vapour Steam Cleaners have sufficient autonomy to clean homes with three or more rooms from floor to ceiling and facilitate cleaning sessions.
  3. Hand-held steam cleaners which are hand-held devices with or without cord and ready to use which make it possible to clean small spots or limited areas, such as for example car seats.
  4. Steam mops which are suitable for sensitive or difficult to clean floors. Used as a broom, they can clean a specific area and are operational in less than five minutes.
  5. Vacuum cleaner steam cleaners which attract people with time to devote to cleaning. They take off the dirt and suck it up immediately.
  6. Window Steam cleaners which allow the glazed surfaces to shine. Some steam cleaners are supplied with a window squeegee that performs the same function.

Tips for buying a steam cleaner

When buying a steam vessel, the consumer must take into account a series of items to have the satisfaction that the expense was in accordance with the quality of the steam cleaner purchased.

  • One of the main aspects to take into is the capacity of water that the steam cleaner can contain. A steam cleaner can be filled with up to a half-gallon of water.
  • Mobility is also another essential point when acquiring an artefact of this nature. It is important that the device can move from one side to another without complications, because perhaps in a morning you want to clean the room, kitchen and bathroom, and therefore must be comfortable at the time of moving it from one place to another.
  • If you want the steam generator to be powerful, you should consider the maximum temperature, of the higher the temperature, the higher the power.
  • The more pressure is applied to the cleaning appliance, the greater its ability to clean.
  • It is important to know the type of attachments of the since they give way to the concentration of the steam according to what is going to be cleaned.


It is economical

Operating only with tap water, it saves the purchase of detergents and wipes, thereby amortizing its purchase cost over the medium term.

It makes it possible to clean all the rooms of the house effortlessly.

With the action of the steam, the dirt comes off without rubbing and it is enough to wipe them with a cloth.

It is environmentally friendly

. Using only the action of steam, the steam cleaner avoids the use of detergents and dusting wipes.

It saves time

The use of the steam cleaner is quick and the floors that have just been cleaned dry quickly. In addition, unlike the traditional cleaner, it can be cleaned in just two steps because, thanks to the action of steam, it prewashes, cleans and rinses in a single pass.

It requires minimal maintenance

Maintenance of the steam cleaner is limited to passing a damp cloth over the outer shell and rinsing the accessories with clean water. In order to prevent the formation of lime in the device, and depending on the hardness of the water in its region, you can also inject a dose of biodegradable anti-lime solution into the tank before using the device.

It is versatile

Perfect for tiling, the steam cleaner also makes it possible to quickly and efficiently clean vitrified parquet floors and all hard surfaces. In addition, the soil dries quickly. The tile joints can be cleaned using the high-pressure nozzle of the spray gun. On carpets and rugs, the steam cleaner cleans not only visible hair and dirt but also germs and mites. The steam cleaner can also be used to clean furniture, clothing, upholstery or household appliances. Finally, this device makes it possible to clean windows and windows in an impeccable manner, or the car.

It cleans thoroughly

The steam cleaner performs cleaning effectively, eliminating mites, dust and bacteria. It is also effective in removing mould from sinks or showers. The air in the house remains pure and free of pollutants after it has passed. This is why it is very successful in people with allergies or in households with pets.