5 Best Standing Fans to Refresh Your Room or Office

Having heat can be very unpleasant, especially on those hot summer days when we perspire without realizing it, even without doing much. In those days we always look forward to having the best standing fan, which can be really powerful, refreshing and convenient, so we can use it in the office, at home and almost anywhere.

There are several types, such as silent tower fans, others with remote control and also oscillating ionic technology, so you have all the possible options that can give you the highest level of versatility, comfort and tranquility in your home or the job.

Keep reading, because in this article we will tell you all about these excellent devices and we will also help you to buy the best model for you.

What is the best standing fan?

Now that you want to buy one of these devices, you’re probably wondering which one is the best on the market and why. Well, to help you with this important part of your purchase, we have prepared a complete comparative list with the 5 best models available at this time.

Remember that each one stands out for its convenience, power, good quality and -as we always think in your budget and your tranquility- excellent prices. Join us to discover your ideal model.

1. Cooler 360 oscillating Floor standing fan

A different design

Cooler 360 oscillating Floor standing...
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Cooler 360 oscillating Floor standing...
  • 【floor Fan】this Pedestal Fan Will...
  • 【adjustable Tilt Fan】adjustable...
  • 【user-friendly timer】convenient...

We are talking about a model with a design quite different from conventional, more modern and attractive. Apart from that, it is a fan with 3 adjustable speeds and a wide 85 ​​° horizontal rotation angle, so you can adjust the direction of your fan to your total convenience. It also stands out for coming with a body sensor, which detects your presence and adapts your oscillating system to cool you down.

It has 4 modes of use: normal, natural, nocturnal and ecological. The natural adapts to the natural wind, the nocturnal decreases the speed gradually while you sleep and the ecological maintains the ideal speed for the ambient temperature. In addition, it comes equipped with LED lights, with remote control and touch screen. At the same time, it is a quite powerful model, with 65 W.

2. NETTA 3-Speed Oscillating Fan

Users love this product for its convenience

NETTA 3-Speed Pedestal Oscillating Fan, 16 Inch...
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NETTA 3-Speed Pedestal Oscillating Fan, 16 Inch...
  • Quiet operation, product dimensions:...
  • Powerful 3 speed motor, Oscillation...
  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC / Power...

This silent model comes equipped with excellent power of 50 watts and also offers an adjustable height system in a range of 30 cm. It is a fan of 16 inch in diameter that produces just 45 dB of noise in its night mode thanks to the technology Extreme Silence System, so you can enjoy nights of real rest even on the hottest days.

On the other hand, this good fan comes with 3 speeds: 1, 2, turbo and silent mode and can reach a maximum airflow of 80 m 3 / min in turbo mode. It also adds the convenience and practicality of coming with a handle to facilitate transportation, a range of air diffusion of 80º and a system of oscillation with adjustable orientation.

3. Oypla Electrical Chrome Metal Stand Fan

For those looking for quality and good price

Oypla Electrical 16' Inch 40cm Chrome Metal...
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Oypla Electrical 16" Inch 40cm Chrome Metal...
  • Official Oypla Branded Product - Brand...
  • Heavy Duty 3 Speed Push Button Speed...
  • F56 Chrome Safety Blades And Housing...

This fan of very good price appears like an excellent option for those who look for something economic but durable, since in addition it is a model made of metal, which adds enough durability and resistance to the equipment. It also comes equipped with adjustable height in a range of 40 cm, as well as a tilt head to give you more versatility and convenience.

It is an oscillating model and comes with 4-position selector and 3 speed settings: 0, 1, 2 and 3. Apart from that, it comes with 55 watts power, is available in chrome and weighs about 6 kg, so It is not the lightest and most portable, but it is still quite easy to move and use.

4. OneConcept Blizzard 2G RC

You will not find it more economical

oneConcept Black Blizzard 2G • Standing Fan •...
  • COOLING: As summer approaches, the days...
  • GREAT: The oneConcept Black Blizzard 2G...
  • FLEXIBLE: In addition, three speed...

If you are looking for the least expensive model on our list, you have reached one of them, since you share this position with the following model, which we will explain below. However, this OneConcept brand fan has 50W power, 5 blades of 41 cm in diameter and 3 adjustable speeds with shutdown timer and a convenient tilting head that can be adjusted at a 20º angle.

Apart from that, this tower type fan has a 90º vertical oscillation, so you can cool yourself in your room or garage, or even your colleagues in the office or other larger spaces. It also comes equipped with an LED indicator for easy use and remote control. If you want to economize without sacrificing quality and convenience, this product is an excellent option.

5. Duronic FN30 Fan

Excellent price and quality

Duronic Pedestal Fan FN60 | Oscillating/Rotating |...
75 Reviews
Duronic Pedestal Fan FN60 | Oscillating/Rotating |...
  • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN: Encased within its...
  • POWERFUL 60W MOTOR: The Duronic FN60 fan...
  • 3 SPEED SETTINGS: Who needs air...

For those looking for power and good quality at a low price, this powerful 60 watt fan and the most affordable cost on our list is ideal. We are talking about a standing model, usable with remote control to turn it on and off, adjust the speeds, the auto-off timer and the oscillation function.

It comes with 5 blades to optimize and increase the flow of air, managing to cool the environment more quickly and is also supported by a fairly robust and stable base, to avoid any trip or fall that could harm your children, pets or the same device. It also comes with an adjustable height system and a head that oscillates up to 90º.

What is a standing fan?

The purpose of these devices is to keep your rooms cool and, although they have been designed primarily for use in the office, it happens that many people use them for home, since they are excellent for hot summer days and can be very refreshing.

Apart from that, they are used a lot to sleep, although those models are more sought after that are silent for obvious reasons. It is also good that you bear in mind that these products will not cool the space where you place them, whether it is the kitchen, the room, the living room or living rooms, since they only create fresh breezes thanks to their blades that rotate at high speed.

They are usually quite cheap but if you are looking for many adjustable speeds and even remote control, you can also find more expensive models but more complete and powerful. In any case, you should not worry so much about that, since in the list that we prepare for you will be able to see the best models and compare prices.

Standing fans: how to buy them

These fans are different from the ceiling fans that many of us are familiar with and have a number of features that make them stand out from the rest. If you are not sure what to look for in these devices and what makes them more suitable or convenient for you according to your situation and needs, we recommend that you pay attention to the following aspects.

Remember that in our comparative list you will find the best market models, which stand out in different ways.

Room size

This is one of the first things you should take into account when buying one of these convenient and useful products. You have to know what are the dimensions of your room or office so you do not make the mistake of many people, who buy something very powerful for a very small space and end up acquiring something they do not really need. Or, on the contrary, people who acquire very small fans for very large spaces and run out of power.

To accurately measure the space you want to cool with a fan, multiply its width by its amplitude. Whether it’s a tower, roof or floor fan, it’s always important to keep this in mind.

Directional or fixed

Some of these fans come with a fixed head, which means that it will release air in only one direction. If you want to refresh a small space in one place, it’s fine, but if you’re looking for something more versatile and that can be used to refresh the space for several people or if it’s a garage, room or larger area, you’d better look an oscillator model. This can be enjoyed by several people at the same time or, if you sleep, you can make it release air throughout your bed.

There are column and no-bladed models that do this very well when swinging sideways, while others can also lean up or down to refresh at certain angles.

Foot height

We talk about the height of the foot from the ground. The best models come with adjustable height, so you can have better access to any area. In some cases it can be something as important as having a directional model, since it gives much more versatility to the device.

Many models have blades of some kind of wood, usually plywood. You can also see other models that come equipped with metal blades but remember that they are more dangerous if you have children or pets that could accidentally touch the blades while it is in operation. They can even be dangerous to you if you are manipulating them and one of your fingers slides towards the blades.

On the other hand, less expensive models usually have plastic blades. Keep in mind that the material does not have an impact on the amount of air that a good fan can produce.

Tilting head

You can also buy a model with tilting head, which allows you to adjust the direction of the air up or down.

Controls and remote control

In general, the controls consist of a switch that turns the device on and off and manipulates the speed settings. Some high-end models come equipped with its remote control so you can use it from a distance. This is especially useful if you want to adjust the levels during the night to sleep better or if you are in the office and you can not move much from your job.

Noise control

Silent fans usually have this feature but it is always good to keep in mind that noise reduction and noise control are two different things. In fact, noise control means that you have some kind of control over the noise produced by the device, such as some models that come with a white noise generator.

While it is not a very common or essential feature, we recommend that you take it into account if you care about the noise that a fan can make.

Speed ​​settings

Too many levels of speed may be unnecessary if your fan is in the corner of a room. Also, when it is too hot, it is always necessary that the fan is at its maximum possible speed. However, if you want the fan to point directly at you, you will probably want to have several adjustable speeds so you can receive the amount of air you want.