I am a small bust girl, so, to highlight the attributes I have always had to resort to push up bras, but now that I do aerobics, wearing one of those is just a nightmare. The movement, the rods and the adjustment hurt me so I decided for something more comfortable and started looking for the best sports bra for running.

These garments are the most appropriate if, like me, you want to sweat in the gym, keep fit and take care of your health.

What is the best sports bra for running?

A good sports bra adapts to your needs. It will not be the same one appropriate for yoga that one indicated for mountain biking.

Another issue that you should look at is the size and fit, however good it is if it does not fulfil its function of protecting your breasts and keeping them in place, it will not help.

The price is also important, you can always find something economic that serves you, so it’s something to look for. A comparison between manufacturers can always be useful.

1. Sport BH Pro Victory Compression Nike Bra

Nike Women's Victory Shape H.s Sports Bra

Made of polyester and elastane, the Nike bra is the most recommended if you are girls who leave their lives in the gym.

It is a light model, but thick and very soft, good material, comfortable and breathable. You can sweat a lot and dry fast.



This INFINITY POWER BRA is stylish, practical and comfortable at the same time. It not only maintains the chest during sports sessions, without compressing it too much, but it also guarantees great comfort and excellent thermoregulation.

Its aesthetic side is enhanced by the front zip and racer back, highlighting the bust and shoulders. Composed of polyamide, polyester and elastane, this bra is anti-perspirant, robust and resistant.

Whatever sport you play, the INFINITY POWER is perfect.

3. Sports bra Adidas Strngr SFT Top

adidas Strngr SFT Top

Since it is a one-size-fits-all garment, you will undoubtedly find a large-size sports bra for running, so when buying, you should consider this.

It has a lot of ventilation, soft and simple cup and great comfort suitable for gym activities.

4. Srizgo Sports Bra Padded Seamless

Srizgo Sports Bra Padded Seamless

    This Srizgo set offers 1, 2, or 4 sports bras, respectively green and red. Each support is equipped with removable pads. Elastic, these bras are also suitable for dance and yoga. If you are looking for very firm support, go for the size below what you usually wear.

    We love the design without closure. It slips on like a tank top. The colour gradient is also a success. In addition, the absence of frames offers a high level of comfort. 

    Airtight, the fabric breathes while remaining airtight. Srizgo can be machine washed at 40 ° C maximum.

    5. PUMA Women’s Yogini Lux Strappy Crop Top

    PUMA Women's Yogini Lux Strappy Crop Top

    With comfortable and adjustable fabric, Puma has released this bra with removable pads that you can use as a kind of “shock absorber” to stop the impact of some sports activities and protect your breasts.

    It has elastic waist and double layer that will increase support and mobility.

    6. Under Armour Women’s Sports Bra

      Ideal for use in the practice of high impact sports this garment is of great strength and quality, in addition, its materials offer support and is very resistant to moisture.

      Its advantage is that you will always feel dry because it is very absorbent and the sweat dries quickly.

      7. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

      FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

        Cheap, practical, aesthetic, versatile, solid and comfortable, this Vi.yo model definitely has many advantages. It can meet your expectations if you are looking for an affordable sports bra with acceptable quality. It is made of fabric, which is breathable, flexible and soft.

        This model is perfect for jogging thanks to its breathable and soft texture. Obviously, this model offers good support, reinforced by the racerback.

        8. Under Armour Women’s Eclipse

        Under Armour Women's Eclipse

        Suitable for disciplines such as Yoga, running, fitness, cycling, gym, exercise, pilates, jogging, running, physical fitness activities and other sports this bra combines beauty and comfort and also serves for informal occasions.

        It is fast drying, with good elasticity and resistant to corrosion. Comfortable and adjustable.

        9. Glamorise Minimizer Support Bra

        Glamorise Minimizer Support Bra

          If you have difficulty finding performance sports supports due to a large bust, try the Glamorise Minimizer.

          Made of polyester, polyamides and elastane, the bra is aesthetic. Without underwire, replaced by the MagicLift system, this bra has a back opening with hooks. The support is such that you can run without the breasts moving in all directions. This eliminates the need to hold your chest while you run.

          This model fits correctly and offers dozens of sizes. For those who don’t know exactly, we recommend measuring. The price is no higher than a busty bra and the quality is there. 

          Benefits of wearing a sports bra

          Using a conventional bra for sports can be a problem, that’s what sports bras are for and it will bring you a lot of benefits.

          Keep the breast shape

          If you are athletes, bad support can cause your breasts to fall. Good support will make this condition not accelerate in your body.

          Keep comfortable

          The idea of ​​these bras is that you feel fresh and comfortable. I recommend light and elastic fabrics that allow air circulation.

          Reduces sinus pain

          Excess movement can inflame muscle ligaments and cause pain. A good bra will prevent this.

          Reduces long-term flaccidity

          If you want to prevent them from falling out before your time, something that will keep them comfortable and in place will go well for you.

          Great alternative to the regular bra

          Although they were created for sports, the reality is that their comfort is making them the favourites of women in any scenario. It is not a cheap item, but it is worth the protection and comfort.

          Buying guide

          When selecting the bra that you will use for your activities, it is important that you take into account a series of factors:


          The type of support will depend on the activity you perform, because this will give you a greater performance and more comfort in your activities. According to this you can choose those of high, medium or low impact support.

          • Low impact: They go well for yoga, hiking or gentle training.
          • Medium impact: They are used for medium training, road cycling and skiing and keep your breasts comfortable and protected.
          • High impact: They are good for running, aerobics and mountain biking because they are specially designed to give you comfort and keep everything in place at times of more movement.


          They are constructed with different types of techniques that minimize the movement of your breasts through styles such as encapsulation, compression or a combination of both.

          • Encapsulation: They use individual cups that surround and hold each breast separately.
          • Compression: These bras restrict the movement of the breasts because they hold them against the thorax.
          • Compression / encapsulation: They work with a combination of both and are usually used for high impact activities.


          It fits around the rib cage without getting too tight. The band is the main support in a bra.

          Shoulder straps

          They are made to reduce up-down movement, they must feel safe and tight. They should not slip or sink.

          • Interlaced: It is the traditional style in the form of X that crosses on the back, provides good fit and is easy to hide
          • Tank top: They are similar to conventional bras. They have adjustable straps and back closure.
          • Crossed back: It is the sporty model that adjusts in the shape of Y in the back. They are not adjustable but provide good support in medium and high impact activities.

          Adjustable straps

          They offer a customizable fit and are common in encapsulated fasteners.

          Back closure

          I always recommend these because they have a better fit. If you use them on the farthest hook, when you stretch your best option it will be the closest one.


          It should be placed flat under the breast tissue and over the rib cage. Hold each breast individually.

          Absorbent fabrics

          They remove moisture from the skin and keep you comfortable, free from bad odours.

          training girl

          Bra size / measure

          Each body has different proportions so it is not just a matter of sizes. For you to select the appropriate thing it is important to measure the rib cage, the size of the band, the bust and the cup.

          • Chest box: You must measure without breathing, just below the breasts. Without you being baggy or too tight.
          • Size of the band: You get it by consulting a guide of measures according to the size of your rib cage. For example, if your thorax measures between 25 and 27 inches, the size of the band will be 30. The size will increase two by two according to the size of the thorax: between 27 and 29 inches will be 32 and so on.
          • Bust size: This figure is obtained by measuring the most complete part of the breast, keeping the measuring tape straight on the back.
          • Cup size: You get it by subtracting the size of your breast with that of the rib cage. For example, 27-24 = 3 inches what corresponds to AA cup. 4 inches is A, 8 inches is DD and so on up to 10 inches which is cup F.


          It should be a little tighter than the normal bra, but you should still be comfortable.

          • Roce: You must make sure that it does not cause chafing and that, if it has pins, do not get hooked.
          • Straps: They must be safe and comfortable, not too tight, or loose.
          • Band: Raise your hands above the head, if the band rises it is very big. You can try adjusting, or with a smaller size.
          • Cup: The breasts should be centered and inside the cups.
          • Support: The best way to try it is by jumping, if they are kept in their place you have found the right one.

          Replace the bra frequently

          The sports bras have a useful life, after which loses elasticity and changes weight. I recommend change after 72 washes.

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