Do you like cycling, but are you reluctant to go out when winter approaches? To keep up the pace and continue practising your favourite activity, you can opt for the best spin bike! The spinning bike is a device specially designed for training indoors. 

The spin bike is equipped with a single wheel (called a flywheel) but has all the functionalities of a classic bicycle, such as an adjustable and fine saddle, a handlebar, a braking system. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, you will definitely have fun riding the spin bike. This sports device was originally intended for group use in the gym, but more and more people are using it alone at home. All you need is a little bit of space, music and you are ready for a full session of cardio training and muscle building.

What is the best spin bike?

All these benefits and features that we have mentioned, will help you to make a wise choice of the spin bike that is ideal for you.

Now we will show you a comparative list of models of spin bikes that are not only affordable but offer excellent functions.

1. BKool Smart Spin Bike

With virtual gear changes

Equipped with a system of magnets that adapts to various resistance positions, this bike will help you with the exercise.

The device adapts to your needs and will often give you tests to know your condition and offer you an adequate exercise routine.

It connects to tables, smartphones or TV and is updated from the Internet and comes with instructions.

2. Spin Bike BH Fitness AERO SB2.8 H9176

Ideal for long workouts

This device will allow you to create a profile of personal training and help you control your weight, pressure and physical condition through a controlled recovery system.

It comes with triple braking system: magnetic, friction and both.

It has an adjustable seat for greater precision and comfort, in addition to pedals adaptable to all types of footwear. It is ergonomic, robust and suitable for intensive training.

3. Sportstech SX500 Stationary Bike

For intelligent training

With the ability to adjust to adopt the correct position and robust construction of anti-slip pedals and adjustable straps, this bike is one of the most popular.

It has padded armrests that will give you comfortable training avoiding aches and pains. In addition, it has intelligent training systems. It comes with transport wheels to facilitate storage and transportation.

It has a flywheel with different levels of resistance.

4. JLL IC300 Cardio – Spin Bike

Adjustable in height and depth

Made of high strength steel and adjustable saddles, this bike provides a comfortable workout for people of different sizes and physical body. It has a flywheel.

It is comfortable and ergonomic, you will burn calories in the right position, thanks to the handlebar adjustable in height, with support for the elbows.

It comes with a multi-function console that sets the standards of your program and pace of training.

5. Spin Bike Capital Sports Radical Arc X18

Compact and with resistance regulator

Ideal for leg exercises, this bike will give you hours of planned training. In addition, it has a resistance regulator that will adjust exercise levels to your abilities, according to physical conditions.

It is a high-quality product, foldable, robust and designed with sufficient ergonomics to give you comfort and improve the mobility of the joints. It is completely foldable and very easy to store.

6. Professional Spin Bike


Low price bicycle with a very attractive design and with adjustable ergonomic elements. It has an LCD screen that shows the time, the speed, the calories consumed, the distance travelled and the pulsations.

It also has a shock absorber in the saddle that reduces vibrations, and a flywheel of 25 Kg. It has variable resistance levels with an emergency braking system, as well as foot pedals to provide greater firmness and stability.

7. Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike


With a flywheel of 13 Kg, and a handlebar and saddle adjustable in several positions, it offers great benefits for training. It has a control console for speed, distance, calories, time, pulse and chain transmission.

In general, it is a robust bicycle of excellent quality that with 45 minutes of training daily will help you achieve great results in a short time.

8. iDeer Life Exercise Bike

With support for the arms

A less expensive bike with great resistance. Its flywheel is 11 Kg. The seat is ergonomic and adjustable in height and length. As for the handlebar, it is adjustable to the height and has an armrest.

It also has a built-in screen that shows the measurements of time, distances, calories. It supports a maximum weight of 120 Kg.

9. TX Cyclo 6 Training Bike from JTX Fitness

For the family

The flywheel of this bicycle is 22 kg and comes with a belt transmission and a modified saddle and handlebar, ideal for the use of the whole family.

You will be able to regulate the resistance according to the intensity with which you wish to train. Its LCD screen has option to read speed, time, distance, calories and pulsation.

In order to provide greater comfort, it has built-in wheels for fast transport.

10. Spin Bike Sporstech SX100

Smart console

Model with low noise belt system and less maintenance for better transmission of force. Bring anti-skid pedals.

The digital screen presents different training programs, and the handlebar measures the pulsations.

Your console is compatible with App and has support for tablet. It provides great comfort with a padded armrest for workouts in an aerodynamic position, and feet to balance the floor.

11. We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike

High range

A product with high-quality standards and a good price. It has a built-in LCD microcomputer that has various functions. A plus of this device is that it has the Silence Fit System for more efficient and silent pedalling.

How does the spin bike work?

Spinning is actually a registered trademark. This concept, invented in the United States, consists of pedalling on a spin bike or RPM on music and under the directives of a sports coach during a group sports lesson for example. The music gives the rhythm for the cadence of pedalling and the interest is to change the musical rhythm so that each user is more focused on his performance than on the boredom of indoor cycling or the pain related to the intense activity. Considered a real fashion phenomenon, Spinning is a world-renowned activity and is now practised in most fitness rooms.

It is not necessary to be a professional sportsman to practice spinning since the user can simply adjust the resistance of the bike and adapt his own pace according to his physical condition.

Benefits of the spin bike

Deciding to do exercises is one of the best attitudes, because not only helps to achieve a better physical appearance but also promotes health significantly.

Let’s find out why using a spin bike benefits us so much:

Low impact exercise

In comparison with jogging, spinning does not hurt your knees. Spinning and cycling are low impact exercises that are not rough with the joints. Running, on the other side, can affect the hips, knees and ankles and become a very painful affectation over the years.

Increase cardiovascular health

While spinning is one of the most convenient exercises to lose weight and gain muscle mass, the cardiovascular benefits it also provides are wonderful. Experts say that at least 20 minutes of spinning a day will be very healthy, and you will be less likely to suffer from heart disease or a chronic illness. Spinning helps a lot to speed up the metabolism, and that keeps you losing calories even after you’ve exercised.

You will feel great

After 20 or 30 minutes of pedalling you will feel animated and euphoric. The endorphins that are released during intense training will tour your body and stimulate you. If you notice that you have become addicted to spinning, do not worry. It is proven that exercise reduces depression and improves mood. Do not require much space for installation as with other exercise machines. Spinning can be practised by all types of people, you just have to be aware of your physical limitations and have tenacity and discipline to, over time, gain resistance and overcome intensity levels. To practice this sport you do not need a coach. That you hire one is a personal criterion. There are many online tutorials of varying intensities and levels that can help you.

Strengthen your bones

The exercise will make them more resistant and the falls and blows will be less traumatic, this will help to minimize the impact on the bone structure.

In addition to these benefits, having a spin bike will help you:

  • You save money: with a spin bike at home you will save a lot of money because you do not have to go to the gym and pay fees for hours of training. If you have a car you also save long-term gas costs, and if you take public service, a few cents per month.
  • Full body training: you will think that using an exercise bike will only favour your legs and buttocks, but it is not. If during training you hold the handcuffs and get up, you will work your back, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles in different degrees.
  • Burning calories: while losing weight, you will burn between 400 and 1500 calories per spinning session depending on your physical condition, the application of the exercise and how long the training lasts. For most people, those calories represent one meal a day, so it will be as if you had not earned them.

The difference between an exercise bike and a spin bike

The spin bike very closely resembles a road bike. Unlike the exercise bike, the spin bike has many setting options (speed, resistance) and especially allows a position similar to that taken by professional cyclists. The exercise bike is used mainly for fitness or physical maintenance, it is less robust and less stable than the spin bike which allows you to make accelerations or braking brutally. In addition, the spin bikes are generally quieter than conventional exercise bikes. They can also be equipped with a small screen serving as an onboard console, with pre-recorded programs (to be able to practice a session alone for example) and all the tracking functionalities (distance, speed, calories expended, etc.).

People think that the static bicycle and the spin bike are the same. There are several differences between both devices that are relevant. In the static bicycle the steering wheel is the one that causes the wheel to keep turning, thanks to the inertia, that is, it influences the strength of the pedals. It also allows to adjust the height of the handlebar and saddle, but not the distance between them, which requires that we pedal seated. For its part, the spin bike allows adjusting the height and distance of the handlebar and saddle, which is why the posture can vary like that of a road or mountain bike. The exercise on the spinning bike is similar to the training of road cycling or mountain biking.

Spin bike buying guide

When buying a spin bike, it is best to take an interest in the characteristics that the different models offer, so you can be sure of buying a good quality product.

The technology has advanced a lot, and the manufacturers of this type of bicycle test and innovate constantly, to offer the best and most updated functions. Here we present some:

LCD Display

There are spin bikes that come with a computer or LCD display that shows the power in watts, the revolutions per minute, the pedalling time, resistance level and travel distance. These readings are very useful to keep track of your performance. Not all spin bikes come with a computer and it is not a necessary element for you to have a good workout, but it is a plus that optimizes the exercise.


You can choose each of the parts of the spin bike and this will add your personal touch and make you feel more comfortable. For example, you can select your own handles, saddle, pedals, etc. This will definitely help you to enjoy more of the training.

Resistance function

One of the most important because you will not always want to pedal at the same pace without changing the difficulty. With the resistance function, the cyclist can adjust the level to make the training easier or more demanding. You can vary the intensity, to go up or down. The current resistance mechanism varies from one bicycle to another.

The flywheel

There are spin bikes that have heavy ruffles to simulate the journey of a road bike. The heavier the steering wheel, the more stable the bicycle will stay and this will give the cyclist safety.

Adjustable handles

They usually come with road bike style handles, but the most important thing is that they are adjustable. While the gears that allow the adjustment is well elaborated, you will want to have more options to buy accessories and specific pieces that satisfy your comforts.

Adjustable pedals

Important, because these will provide greater precision and comfort to your feet and legs while you train.

Adjustment of saddle position

All the bodies are different, and the distance between the saddle and the pedals can affect your enjoyment of the exercise, the good thing is that most spin bikes have this function. Vertical adjustment (up and down) is one of the most common, but it can also be accommodated in multiple directions: forward, backward, etc. The saddle of this type of bicycle is usually ergonomic, lightweight, padded, similar to that recommended in road and mountain biking.

Water bottle holder

With so much exercise you need to hydrate, so having a holder of the water bottle on your bike is a good option.

Weight capacity

Most spin bikes support between 125 Kg and 150 Kg.

The Warranty

Some parts of this device are very expensive, so it is prudent to make sure that the seller guarantees a guarantee. It is not advisable to buy a second-hand economic spin bike unless you are an expert and make sure you do not have any problems or details that will then generate a higher expense.