This may be a concept still unknown to many, but we are sure that we can agree with the fact that the soundbar that comes pre-installed in some of the most current devices always is quite deficient.

We are talking about ultra-thin TVs, laptops or desktop computers, although all these offer many amenities, one of the biggest complaints is that the sound section always suffers the consequences of being the least taken into account within the components of an artefact.

It is for this same reason that the inclusion of soundbars as the ideal complementary audio system has become so popular, especially in smart or very small TV sets.

One of the first things to take into account when making us with our soundbar is the size, or if the dimensions of the soundbar, it is best to always have a good idea of ​​where in the room we are going to place it, obviously it has to be near the device to which it is going to connect.

Next, it is also good to look at the number of speakers, the most standard and common is to find soundbars with two speakers and a subwoofer or bass to recreate a 2.1 sound, this would be the minimum you would find and that anyone would recommend, but you can Find soundbar systems that include up to five speakers.

It is important to keep in mind that the soundbars are not designed directly to replace a Home Cinema sound system.


What is the best soundbar?

If you want a good quality system to listen to the multimedia content shown on your Smart TV or laptop, a soundbar with two speakers will be more than enough to achieve your goal, but if you are looking for more, it may be time to think of a sound system much more focused on Home Cinema.

Many people seek power first when it comes to speakers or headphones, but the truth is that you should be looking for the best sound quality, the power of the speakers is important, but if you can try the soundbar, look for one that has a good quality of it since almost all are handled in a very narrow range of watts.

Finally, it is always important to review the connectivity, both the bar itself and the device that we have at home with which we will use the soundbar as a last resort. The usual is to opt for normal connectivity, with an optical input, RCA auxiliary line or 3.5 mm Jack.

In another variety of models also include USB ports, which are perfect when you want to connect smartphones, pen drives or similar devices to listen to music. There are also systems that work with a wireless connection, which (for convenience) are often used with televisions to avoid the use of cables.

Bose® Solo 5 – Soundbar for TV

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System - Black
  • Single sound bar provides higher sound quality compared to your TV
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices
  • One connection to your TV. Speaker:2.6 H x 21.6 W x 3.4 D (3.73 lbs).Remote control:4.1 H x 1.6 W x 0.4 D (5 oz)
  • Universal remote to command your TV bass module, Bluetooth devices and more

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If you are a lover of serious sounds and you want them to be protagonists when listening to music or watching your favourite movies and series, we believe that you have arrived at the right place. It will not cause you to get up from the chair.

You can enjoy live music, dramatic series and much more in a totally different way since you will have the ability to control the tone of the bass sounds at will,all thanks to the bass buttons found. on the remote control of the equipment.

This control comes with a couple of more surprises since you can not only perform commands with the soundbar, you can also control your Blu-ray, the video console, as well as certain devices that you have connected via Bluetooth.

With this comfortable universal control, you can have the power of practically all your entertainment station, being able to handle any other source of video that is connected to the television.

This is a computer that also does not require a lot of setup timesince all you have to do is to link the Bose Solo 5 to the television using an optical or analogue coaxial cable and your soundbar will be ready to start to be used

  • It is asimple device to use.
  • The audio quality of the dialogues is acceptable.
  • It has a very practical design, comfortable and light.
  • It comes with a remote control that is quite useful and easy to use.

Samsung soundbars

Samsung HW-K450

Samsung HW-K450 soundbar speaker - soundbar speakers (Wireless, Active, DTS 2.0, Separate, Energy...
  • Product features 300 W Wireless subwoofer Bluetooth Digital connection: optical & HDMI
  • 5 Number of Sound Modes (DSP)
  • 2.1 Channel Number of Channel
  • Net Dimension (Main Speaker) (WxHxD) - 908.5 x 53.5 x 70.5 cm
  • Net Dimension (Sub Woofer) (WxHxD) - 179 x 361 x 299.5 cm

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The Samsung company puts at our disposal the ease of controlling our soundbar from the comfort of our smartphone, all thanks to the Audio Remote application and the Bluetooth connection with which this device counts.

You can manage parameters such as volume, on or off the equipment, as well as the equalizers, plus you can obviously select the audio you prefer that is within the same phone, being able to play music as well as movies or sporting events.

Another of the facilities offered by Bluetooth connectivity is that we do without the annoying cables, so you can have a much simpler and cleaner look near your TV or your entertainment station.

This is a soundbar with a2.1 system with its own subwoofer, the estimated power of your speakers is 300 W, with built-in Dolby Digital decoders, which guarantees fairly large audio.

  • Design for particular tastes, it is somewhat robust and seeks to go unnoticed.
  • It provides a pretty strong sound.
  • The sounds of the bass are quite clean, as well as the dialogues when watching movies and series.
  • It has wireless connectivity.

Samsung HW-M360

Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar 2.1ch, 200W, Wireless Subwoofer
  • Make the most of every movie moment with 4 built-in speakers
  • With a single Samsung remote for both your TV and Sound bar, discover a completely connected experience at the press of a button
  • Instantly feel part of the action with the pulsating bass of a separate wireless subwoofer that complements the crisp tones of the...
  • Instantly add atmosphere to a party or wind down after work by wirelessly streaming your music to your Sound bar
  • Keep your space neat and tidy with a seamless and simple wireless connection to your Samsung TV

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With this soundbar from the company Samsung, you can enjoy a surround sound system that will be able to completely surround the room or room in which you are. It is able to create a sound so precise and clear that everything will sound much more realistic helping to create a much more immersive atmosphere.

You can control all the features of this soundbar from the comfort of your smartphone, you will only have to use the Samsung Audio Remote application and the connections via Bluetooth that you have in your hands the possibility of uploading or downloading volume, control equalizers, as well as fix playlists.

With the connection via Bluetooth, you can also synchronize both your soundbar and your phone, allowing you to activate the soundbar once you decide to play music.

  • Design quite robust and resistant.
  • Elegant and low profile appearance.
  • The bass sounds are quite solid.
  • The dialogues are heard clearly and precisely.
  • Wireless connectivity quite convenient.

Philips Soundbars

Philips HTL5160B with subwoofer

Philips HTL5160B/12 3.1 Streaming-Soundbar (Bluetooth/NFC, Spotify Connect, Audio GoogleCast, Wi-Fi)...
  • Easily send music from phone to speaker with Google Cast
  • Spotify connect for an effortless native app experience
  • Dedicated centre-channel speaker for superior voice clarity
  • Philips companion app for easy network setup
  • Included in the box: Philips HTL5160B/12 sound bar, quick start guide, remote control, safety and legal leaflet, trademarks sheet,...

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This device has an integrated Dolby Digital decoder, which eliminates the need for an external decoder since the six audio information channels it counts with will be processed internally, all this in order to provide a much more audio experience. surround, in addition to a feeling of natural environment and dynamism.

This soundbar comes with a couple of USB ports with which you can enjoy your music easily from your MP4, USB memory or smartphone. These audio inputs allow you to connect devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad to the soundbar.

It is an ideal device, especially for those who seek to get rid of annoying cables everywhere. You will not have this problem with the incredible Bluetooth connection technology.

This technology allows you an easy wireless connection with other devices, this is perfect for you to connect your smartphone and that only with a voice command, your favourite music begins to sound.

It has a central speaker, which is specifically designed to differentiate the frequencies of the voices and transmit them clearly and accurately. This translates into a much clearer and more precise voice positioning, which guarantees that you will not miss any detail when watching movies or TV series.

  • Powerful bass sound, plus pretty clear details.
  • great cohesion between the soundbar and the subwoofer.
  • It has excellent construction quality.
  • It has a quite elegant and discreet design.

Philips HTL5160B/12 – 120 W

Philips HTL5160B/12 3.1 Streaming-Soundbar (Bluetooth/NFC, Spotify Connect, Audio GoogleCast, Wi-Fi)...
  • Easily send music from phone to speaker with Google Cast
  • Spotify connect for an effortless native app experience
  • Dedicated centre-channel speaker for superior voice clarity
  • Philips companion app for easy network setup
  • Included in the box: Philips HTL5160B/12 sound bar, quick start guide, remote control, safety and legal leaflet, trademarks sheet,...

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It has one of the best designs that can be seen in the soundbars, it is quite simple and, thanks to its low height, you can easily adapt it on the front of your TV or you can also place it on the wall.

With this device you can be calm since it generates an impeccable sound quality, all thanks to the Virtual Surround technology of the company, this what causes is that the room is completely full of the sounds and details that you are choosing to reproduce.

Thanks to the great effort put by the manufacturers, we can enjoy one of the best audio reproductions in an ideal environment of 5.1 channels.

It comes with classic audio inputs that allow you to connect different types of devices directly such as iPod, iPhone or even iPad, plus you can connect virtually any type of smartphone. All this you can achieve thanks to the connection to the home theatre system of the company Phillips.

You can also count on the facilities offered by Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect devices remotely, this results in a gain in user comfort and make enjoying your music a much more pleasant experience.

  • Pretty discreet and elegant design.
  • Excellent construction quality, it is appreciated that it is a resistant product.
  • It generates an incredible balance of sound between your speakers and the subwoofer.
  • The quality of the low sounds is quite good, for all those who look for quality and clarity.

Soundbar for TV – Denon DHT-T110

Denon DHT-T110 Bluetooth Speaker Base for TV
  • 27kg weight capacity to hold up larger TVs
  • Supports most of the screens up to 50"
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming with aptX
  • Optical and coax digital inputs as well as an analogue input
  • Dolby digital decoder built in

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It may not look like conventional soundbars, but Denon wants to ensure that this model was made to be your ideal soundbar, and thus complement the audio system of your TV.

You will simply have to connect this all-in-one system to the TV and start enjoying the benefits of these incredible speakers. In addition, for the same design of this bar, you can use it perfectly as a small shelf to place the TV on top, all this is possible thanks to the enormous quality of construction.

Due to the increasing reduction of the thickness of the televisions, we have seen how the section of sound has been the most damaged in all this, the DHT-T110 is presented as the perfect solution. It has digital audio inputs, which are equipped with the best components to ensure good sound performance.

It also includes Dolby Digital decoders, along with five modes of listening to surround sound. You can connect any type of mobile device thanks to the Bluetooth connection it has.

  • It has a solid assembly making this a resistant product.
  • It has a simple and discreet design.
  • Sound quality quite good, the audio is strong, dynamic and fluid.
  • It lends itself to appreciate certain sharp audio details.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana – Soundbar

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar - Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB FlashDrive,...
  • Powerful audio — The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises a tri-amplified, 5-driver design with for games, movies, and music. Each...
  • Works with PS4, PC, and consoles — The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises both optical connectivity and USB, giving you great audio...
  • Pumping Bass — The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises a 5.25" super stiff paper cone subwoofer driver, housed in a CARB-compliant...
  • Built in intelligence — The Sound BlasterX Katana's award-winning proprietary multi-core DSP is capable of producing 24-bit...
  • Aurora reactive light system — The Sound BlasterX's base is lined with 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge. This Aurora...

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This particular soundbar is perfect for all those who are looking for something different, and let’s be honest, the name that the company decided to put on is great fun. It takes the name of katana to make reference to the technology that is included in this device.

It is thought from beginning to end to be a product that allows you to enjoy an acoustic improvement and good sound quality. Thanks to its slim design, this is a soundbar that can be perfectly adjusted under the monitor or TV where you decide to use it.

We must also mention that it is enhanced with the multi-core audio DPS itself in the Under Monitor Audio System. But one of the most important things to note about this model is the incredible section of LED lights that it presents.

It has 49 LED lights with an Aurora Reactive lighting system, which are aligned at the ends of the audio bar. These are easily customizable, which is another way to give a touch of our own sound devices.

Featuring a BlasterX Acoustic Engine mode, plus Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, this sound system represents the combination of 24-bit high definition DAC systems along with a five-conductor system.

  • The sound quality is decent enough.
  • Customizable RGB light section.
  • It has multiple connectors.
  • It has its Bluetooth connectivity section.
  • Optical audio input.

Polk Audio Magni-Fi Soundbar With Subwoofer

Polk Audio Magni-Fi Soundbar with Wireless Active Subwoofer
  • Voice Adjust Technology uses an adjustable three element line array with the center driver receiving the greater share of the...
  • Music and Movie Immersion Modes tailor the Magni Fi Sound Bar for a more immersive listening experience
  • Polk's exclusive Full Complement Bass Drive Technology in the bar improves lower midrange, upper bass tonal richness, fast...
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology with apt delivers CD quality sound from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device
  • Works with virtually any TV. Total Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 22 kHz. Audio Inputs: Toslink Optical & Analog 3.5mm Mini Jack...

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This soundbar has a very practical and particular subwoofer since you will not need any cable to use it. It has Blaring Bass technology, which is responsible for improving the performance of the team with this type of sound.

Thanks to this improvement in terms of bass sounds, you will be able to appreciate much more the dynamism of the audios of your favourite movies and TV series. An account in turn with Bluetooth connectivity.

This particular feature allows you to transmit music or any type of audio, either from smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

It has exclusive voice augmentation technology, which means that you will no longer have to suffer from the feeling that the background noise or music is overshadowing the important dialogues within a series or movie.

Voice Adjust technology will offer you much more immersion and precision, as well as a more immersive feeling when it comes to watching your favourite content.

  • It provides a quite powerful sound, capable of filling an entire room.
  • The performance of your subwoofer is excellent.
  • It has quality construction.
  • Its design is quite attractive.

Energy System Tower 5 – Soundbar

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This is a soundbar with a rather atypical design; instead of following the custom of horizontal bars, it is presented vertically, which is quite good for those who are looking for a different design in this type of device.

In addition to being made so you can continue enjoying the greatest possible comfort in terms of audio quality, it is capable of transmitting music without the need for any cable, since it has Bluetooth technology version 4.0.

Thanks to that connectivity, you can control playlists from the comfort of your smartphone or from any other mobile device.

Another of the great novelties that you will find in this particular product is its tactile control. With this advanced touch panel system located at the top of the bar, you can have a much more satisfying experience when using this device.

It has a2.1 speaker system with about 60 w of real power, which means that you can feel how each song or scene of movies and series take over the room.

  • It has up to 36 months of warranty provided by the manufacturing company.
  • Competitive price
  • It is capable of providing a loud and clear sound.
  • It is of a suitable size and comfortable to use.
  • It has a reader for SD cards.
  • They come with FM radio, in addition to USB ports.
  • You can easily connect mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Yamaha YAS-105 – Soundbar

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You can play music from a distance with the Bluetooth connectivity facilities that this product can offer you, you can easily see the screen and at the same time be enjoying the incredible comforts in terms of sound.

You can activate the Bluetooth standby mode, which through a link establishment with the activation or deactivation of Bluetooth, will offer you greater convenience to be able to turn the device on and off automatically.

Having a pretty elegant design that goes unnoticed, you can place this soundbar, either on the same table or furniture where you have the TV or, on the contrary, you can also place a pair of supports that will help you keep this bar of sound stuck on the wall.

It has an exclusive Yamaha technology that provides a sense of comfort when you start listening to your favourite series, movies or music with this soundbar. It provides very clear details and clarity, as well as having a great surround effect.

  • The orientation of dual sound system.
  • Quality of construction quite solid.
  • The sound is quite dynamic.
  • The intensity of the bass is felt without becoming overwhelming.

ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer

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It may be over, but the truth is that A box is one of the world leaders in terms of audio devices, so it is no surprise that what we are expecting from this product is nothing less than pure excellence.

The company does not disappoint in the least, you can be sure of receiving one of the best audio qualities thanks to this practical soundbar. It is based on the innovative technology of speaker drivers, broadband and full range.

All this in order to provide a range increase in the frequencies and reduce the distortions that may be generated. The audio quality, due to this, is practically impeccable, also offering a much more immersive feeling.

With Miracast you can play any type of content on your TV screen, from videos, photos, applications or video games. You can also do this with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

This comfortable soundbar has Wi-Fi connectivity features, in addition to having support for Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA, this will allow you to transmit any audio or video file directly to the soundbar or TV.

In addition to this, has its typical connection via Bluetooth, which will allow you to have the ability to play songs to any type of audio from a distance and using your smartphone.

  • The sound quality is quite good.
  • It provides strong, clear audio capable of being heard clearly in a whole room.

Sony soundbars

Sony HT-MT301

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This innovative soundbar will allow you to synchronize your mobile playback device with the bar system and start playing your favourite music with a single touch. In addition, you can also watch videos and listen to them through this system.

Perhaps one of the most novel things that this soundbar has is that it has intelligent playback, this means that you can control most of the functions of the bar from the screen of your smartphone.

Thanks to the SongPal application, you can transmit files in an easy and simple way, as well as control the playlist, or activate and deactivate the soundbar.

You will have at your disposal a section of connectivity quite practical and well located for use, it has optical, digital and analogue audio inputs, as well as USB ports.

This is a model that, in addition to everything we have already mentioned, is designed to give you a cinematic sound experience, being able to wrap around your living room or room, this is possible thanks to the S-Force Pro Front Surround technology, the which serves to reproduce a virtual surround acoustic field using only the front speakers.

  • Simple installation
  • It provides a pretty good sound balance.
  • It is avery compact soundbar.
  • Elegant and minimalist design.

Sony HT-CT180 – Sound bar

Sony HT-CT180 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer (100 W, Clear Audio Plus, Virtual Surround Sound,...
  • 2.1 channel sound bar along with 100 W of cinematic sound gives movies realism they deserve
  • Easy bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
  • Experience cinema quality surround sound with virtual surround sound processing
  • S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality and clear audio plus provides good sounding music in one step
  • Flexible setup with a compact wireless subwoofer. Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (mm)-90.1 x 5.2 x 8.4 cm

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Similar to the previous model, this soundbar will allow you to connect your portable playback device via Bluetooth connection, you will not need more than a single touch between both devices.

One of the greatest comforts that this device can offer you is the fact that it tries to reduce the use of cables as much as possible, this is thanks to the fact that the soundbar has a wireless subwoofer.

In addition to this, it has good dimensions to go unnoticed and not use much space in the room. It has front speakers that are responsible for reproducing some accurate and clean bass tones.

The location of the soundbar is a very important point for many, this is because it directly affects the direction of the sound and, therefore, our ease of listening to it. You will not have to worry much about that; This bar can go perfectly in the lower part of the screen or, if you prefer, hanging on the wall.

It also features Sony’s quality and ClearAudio + technology to efficiently optimize audio, whether in the form of music or series and movie sound.

  • 2.1 sound system with a power of 100 W.
  • It has a wireless subwoofer.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity features version 4.0.
  • One year warranty
  • Good sound quality

LG Soundbars

LG Soundbar SJ4

LG SJ4 Sound Bar
  • Good quality and powerful 300W speaker system, good quality tweeter and woofer components housed within single speaker unit...
  • Even audio distribution, a 2.1 channel configuration delivers even audio to each side of the room, which is anchored by a good...
  • New standard of sound quality, with advanced audio processing technology delivering sound of 24bit/96kHz quality you have the most...
  • Intelligently adaptive audio, LG's unique audio enhancing technology analyses frequency levels as you listen to provide an optimum...
  • Matching 43 inch LG TVs this sound bar mirrors the size and design of your television for the optimum audio visual partnership,...

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Maybe its size is deceiving, but this is a good solution, especially if what you are looking for is to improve the audio quality at home with your new TV, the design of it is quite practical and modest, which makes it extremely easy to locate it near the screen so that it adequately projects the sound.

It has a stand-by Bluetooth mode, which allows you to synchronize your smartphone and activate or deactivate the soundbar depending if you want to play music or audio in general through them, also have a power of 300W.

Its playback section viaBluetoothis quite good since it is version 4.0, this means that you will not have to experience so many delays and interference in the playback of your audio.

It also has a wireless subwoofer, which may appeal to many who are looking to get rid of most cables on wireless devices.

  • It has a remote control.
  • Pretty good sound quality.
  • Good performance of Wi-Fi connectivity.


LG LAS260B 100 Watt 2 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar - Black
  • 2.0 Ch 100 W surround sound: Bring to life all of your favourite movies, TV shows, sports and music with 2.0 channel surround...
  • Slim design: LGs ultra-slim sound bar is styled to complement your TVs design.
  • Bluetooth: Play your preferable music from your smartphone or bluetooth enabled device on your LG sound bar by wirelessly...
  • LG bluetooth remote app: Simply download the LG bluetooth remote app for your smartphone to control your LG device.
  • Does not contain optical cable, optical cable must be purchased separately.

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The truth is that this is a good solution if you are not looking for a high level of audio quality since it fulfils its purpose quite well, you can enjoy audio quality superior to that we can find in most TVs.

Perhaps one of its best features is Bluetooth connectivity since it allows you to control the soundbar fairly easily, but not only that, you can also listen to your favourite music from different types of devices.

You will have access to your music in a totally new and uncomplicated way, the LG company invites you to enjoy the music that you have stored on your mobile devices, these can be smartphones, iPods, iPads or others such as tablets or desktop computers that have Bluetooth connectivity.

The sound quality is supported thanks to the fibre optic inputs, in addition to having its particular sound encoders, it also has Dolby Digital sound technology, which has to indicate a minimum good audio quality.

In addition to this, it has DTS technology or, as you can also know, Surround Sound. This model is extremely easy to locate since you can easily place it on the front of the television or, on the contrary, on a shelf that you have on the wall.

Perhaps one of its negative points is that, despite being a soundbar model made by the LG company, it is not compatible with the options of Wireless TV Sound Sync, which is a pity, since it prevents the enormous qualities that this device has in itself rise.

  • It has a very affordable price.
  • An average solution to improve the sound of televisions.
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth.

LG DSH3SH2 – Soundbar

LG SH2 - SH2-100W 2.1ch Sound Bar with Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • 2.1 Channel 100 Watts Bluetooth Streaming Wired Subwoofer Adaptive Sound Control (ASC)

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This new soundbar has a system of standby Bluetooth, which lets you control exactly when you want sounds are heard. This unit enters a sleep mode while no external audio signal is arriving and wakes up automatically when it receives one.

It has the LG technology of Auto Engine Sound, which will be very useful to reduce as much as possible those uncomfortable moments in which the voices of the dialogues on the screen are overshadowed by the background music or another type of sound.

Thanks to this, you can count on a system that keeps the sound balanced regardless of volume.

You will be interested to know that it also comes with ASC technology or as it can also be called, Adaptive Sound Control, this is also a function that helps to regulate the voices of the content you are watching.

When feeling high levels of voices, this equipment automatically reduces the levels of the basses to achieve that the dialogues arrive of clear and precise form to the listener.

It has quite good audio levels, these can reach 76 dB and generate a power of 100 W.

  • Good audio quality
  • Excellent relation between quality and price.
  • Audio options to improve the performance of the system during the dialogues of movies and series.

Dell AC511 – USB Sound Bar

Dell AC511 USB Soundbar 520-11497 USB, Wired
  • DELL
  • 520-11497
  • Available from Next Day Hardware
  • Next Day Delivery
  • USB Soundbar AC511

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This is one of the most unnoticed bars that can happen. If you place it correctly, it may not be obvious to visitors that it is a soundbar, and they may ask you where the music or sound is currently being heard.

This model is perfect, especially for those who already have a monitor from the Dell company, as it is specially designed to be coupled to them in a fairly easy and simple way.

But what we have to be interested in the most is the quality of the sound, and you may be glad to know that Dell does not disappoint, it brings us a more than compliant product, which is capable of reproducing the most powerful and quality audio, also includes connectors for that you can use the headphones.

You will not have to use additional software or anything like that, Dell has made sure that this soundbar is pure simplicity, all you have to do is connect it and start enjoying its stereo sound.

  • Pretty good sound quality.
  • Simple design that integrates perfectly with other devices.

Panasonic SC-HTB8EG-K Soundbar 80W

Panasonic SC 2-Channel Surround Soundbar, 80 W, Bluetooth, Digital Audio, Elegant and Slim Delta...
  • Panasonic Music Streaming app
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 80W output
  • 2 channel sound system
  • Size of speaker bar H6.55, W75, D11.8cm.

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Sitting down to listen to music or watch your favourite series and movies has never been so easy and relaxing, this is a soundbar that is presented as the ideal solution for all those who do not want to miss a single detail of what is being shown on the screen.

You can start to see how you do without the annoying cables, you may not have thought about it yet, but once you see how everything looks without them, you will surely want all your devices to be wireless.

It has an elegant angular design that makes it look much more elegant and above all that integrates perfectly to the decoration of our room or room.

It has a comfortable mechanism that will facilitate its mounting on the wall, this is ideal for all those who already have their TV installed on the wall and do not want there to be any type of discordance between the image emission and the sound source.

  • Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • The performance of his bass is quite good and palpable.
  • The dialogues are managed to listen quite well.

Trust Lino

Trust Lino Wireless Soundbar, Bluetooth Speaker, 20W Peak Power, 3.5 mm Aux, Built-in Music Player,...
  • Portable wireless speaker, designed to fit below any PC monitor or TV screen. 20 W peak power (10 W RMS)
  • Works wirelessly with your phone/tablet and wired with PC or TV. Powerful and rich stereo sound
  • Play your music through Bluetooth, micro-SD or 3.5 mm aux input. Integrated MP3 player to play music from micro-SD card
  • Large, easy to reach volume knob. Rechargeable battery, up to 10 hours playtime
  • 1 meter Micro-USB charge cable and 3.5mm aux cable included

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Trust Lino is a bar of sound with quite simpleBluetooth technology that is able to offer you one of the best audio experiences and at a more than affordable price, this is an ideal option, especially for those who do not want to spend much time thinking about which option to opt-out and do not want to leave a fortune in it.

This audio system has the right technology so you can enjoy the clearest and clearest sounds, as well as the clearest dialogues, this will surely allow you to see much more comfortable everything that has to do with audiovisual entertainment.

Another point that stands out in this model is its comfortable and elegant design has its own charm for many. It is completely perfect to place under the computer monitor or under the television.

  • Features of high wireless voice.
  • Stable audio quality
  • Wireless connectivity functions.
  • Able to play music from micro SD cards.
  • Excellent price
bose soundbar

Maintain and clean soundbar

To guarantee the lifespan and performance of your soundbar, you must know the simple gestures that will allow you to properly maintain this product, which is both delicate and sensitive.

  • Replace the remote control battery: You must replace the remote control battery once its range has diminished or the accessory in question stops working. To do this, use a coin to remove the battery cover if there is one like most Bose soundbar models. Check the polarity of the battery before inserting it into the remote control. Replace the cover.
  • Cleaning: For cleaning, you will need a soft, dry cloth. The surface of the enclosure can be cleaned without using any product. Under no circumstances should you use an aerosol cleaner, let alone a solvent. Also avoid the use of cleaners containing ammonia, abrasive substances or alcohol. If you use a specific product for cleaning, make sure that the openings are tight and that the liquid does not enter these openings. As for the grille (s) of the speaker (s), a vacuum cleaner can do the trick.

You may also experience problems while using your soundbar. Whether it is audio that is not output, the system that does not want to start, or you only hear audio from your television, in this case, you will need to call on your brand’s customer service. Normally, you can have their contacts in the User Manual or on the product packaging. In general, if in doubt, do not hesitate to call a qualified and approved professional. In this way, you can always maintain the warranty related to your soundbar if the purchase is recent.