When repairing electronic devices, the soldering iron is essential equipment for anyone who wants to do the repairs themselves. This versatile tool is perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

In addition to carrying out welding work in electronics, this device is also a faithful ally in everyday life, to carry out welding work in electricity. Because of its importance and versatility, the purchase of soldering iron should not be done in a hurry.

You must first know your needs, but above all consider several selection criteria. This buying guide has been designed to help you find the best soldering iron and help you use it correctly.

What is the best soldering iron?

Well, before buying it is important to note what are the most outstanding elements of all. For example, the portability of the product is an elementary characteristic because it will allow you to transport it easily from one point to another. Our recommendation is to choose a model that works with batteries and has no cables that give you a headache.

The control of the heating, is, in the same way, something fundamental. With current technology, some models allow having an adjustable temperature in variable ranges. Some come with a thermostat that turns off or on automatically depending on the work you are doing and how much power you need.

Also, consider the type of drill you need in your job; It is vital that you choose one that allows the exchange of these because they can vary in shape and size providing more flexibility. Be careful when selecting voltage, professionals prefer those with up to 60 Watts of power.

1. Soldering Iron Kit,WOWGO with Adjustable Temperature

Soldering Iron Kit,WOWGO 60W Adjustable Temperature with Digital Multimeter,5 Soldering...
  • ⏩Premium Soldering Iron Kit: this 60W 220V soldering iron heats up very fast with inner-heated ceramic technology; 4 ventilation...
  • ⏩Complete Soldering Iron Set: Standard dual spring soldering iron holder with sponge can easily clean up the stain on the tips,...
  • ⏩Soldering Tin Wire + Desoldering Pump: 12g 1.0mm Solder Wire comes in a plastic tube, soldering temp 240℃ to 250℃,melting...
  • ⏩Multifunctional Digital Multimeter: Practical for measuring DC&AC voltage,DC and AC current,resistance,diode, transistor hFE...
  • ⏩Practical Accessories + Portable Carry Bag: multiple accessories(two-way screwdriver, small pliers + wrench,tweezers, wire...

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To quickly evoke the advantages of this model, note that the welding temperature is adjustable between 240 to 450 °. It heats up quickly with a total power of 60W. In addition, it incorporates a secure base to allow you to weld fine materials such as plastics. In addition, we also find a multimeter for multiple uses.

Of high-end design, this model also has the merit of being multifunctional thanks to the various accessories that accompany it. Easy to use, you will find a backlit LCD screen on the device, allowing you to accurately assess everything related to voltage, current or resistance. And depending on the welds that you plan to carry out, know that the model adds 5 interchangeable purlins.

2. TiGree Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit 60W 220V

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This 60-watt unit can heat quickly enough to save you time; In addition, the technology that integrates provides a temperature control with a variable range from 200 to 400 degrees Celsius with the interior ceramic induction system heated.

It dissipates heat efficiently and simply thanks to its tip with four holes that offer excellent ventilation and unbeatable by many other brands. Avoid burns thanks to its handle made of silicone that incorporates thermal insulation so that you can comfortably use the tool, without slippage and very resistant.

Versatility is a word that characterizes it because it has five points that can be exchanged, and thus be used in different applications; It also has a soldering iron and sponge support, which is compact and comfortable to wear.

3. Electric soldering iron TABIGER

TABIGER Soldering Iron Kit, Upgraded 21-in-1 Soldering Iron Welding Set with 5pcs Extra Tips,...
  • 【21-in-1 Soldering Iron KIT】- Tabiger soldering iron kit comes with 60w 220v soldering iron gun (with 1.5m power cable),...
  • 【HEAT UP QUICKLY & HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENCY】- 60 watts, upgrade PCB'A, we use the Chip Fixed Resistor (while others on the...
  • 【DURABLE SOLDER WICK DESOLDERING PUMP】- The solder wick is 2.0mm wide, 1.5m in length, 0.4oz in weight and is easy to clean...
  • 【PORTABLE STORAGE TOOLBOX】- The multifunctional toolbox is rather convenient to store small tools. which can avoid losing the...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】The soldering iron sets are the best gift idea for DIYER, various repaired usage of electronics and...

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This model has a reasonably fast heating option due to its purely professional voltage of 60 Watts; with temperature control that goes from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius. This model is handy for those who are starting in the DIY world.

Powered by the electric current, this equipment includes a cable of 140 centimetres that will give you the peace of mind of not having to have an extension or be very close to an outlet. The diameter of the welding wire is one millimetre. Besides, it is a relatively light and super easy to handle option.

Do you want to know how fast it heats up? Well, with a heat of 200 degrees, this unit will reach a power close to 5 watts. If you decide to go for 450, the force will be 23 W. Without adding that it has an excellent price-value ratio.

4. VicTsing

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Technology is increasingly surprising; on this occasion, the VicTsing has a ceramic induction, with a soldering iron that is covered by 60 W that allows it to have a really fast and optimal heating system; Also, it integrates temperature control with variability from 200 to 400 degrees Celsius.

To avoid burning appliances, this domestic equipment gives us an improved PCBA, which is nothing more than an innovative technology that helps heat dissipation in a much shorter time. Also, when purchasing this product, you will not need to look for anything else, you will receive five bits to alternate and use in different jobs.

Security is more than guaranteed; thanks to its construction in steel tubes, you do not have to fear any overheating, since this design helps to reduce the heat in the handle ensuring its safety.

5. HANDSKIT Soldering Iron

Soldering Kit,Soldering Iron with Multimeter,NO-Soldering Welding Tools/Cutter/Solder Wire/Solder...
  • 【Upgraded Accessories】Including Multimeter for measuring DC&AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, diode and continuity...
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipating Soldering Iron 】The soldering iron accelerates the heating process with inner-heated ceramic...
  • 【Anti-Static & Safety Indicator Light】Upgrade anti-static soldering iron ESP protected to ensure that static does not build up...
  • 【Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Design】Our soldering iron is made of only the most high-quality materials, and contains no...
  • 【Quality】Our soldering irons have been built with quality in mind. Using smart design, an intelligent heating element, and a...

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Are you one of those who loves to save, not only money but also energy? Well, this option is designed for you. Through its advanced system, this powerful equipment has the speed to warm up in just one minute, with a force of 220 volts and 60 watts of voltage, but with consumption up to 50% lower than other products in the same category.

It has been made with professional studies that have given him the certificate with CE, FCC, ROHS. Why? Its design has been developed under scientific standards, manufactured with a material that has high durability and resistance even at the highest temperatures of all. Not to mention that it has the same steel tubes for heat dissipation.

If you are starting in this world, this is what you should buy, since it includes a soldering iron, Cutter, Solder Wire, Solder Iron Tip and PU Tools Bag.

6. GHB Soldering Iron

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Last, and not least, we have GHB. This brand offers us a tool with an easy heating plate at an excellent speed; In addition, it has an accuracy of plus or minus 5 degrees, with a temperature range of 200 to 450 ℃.

It has a bulb with an energy-saving feature that allows it to enter a consumption system up to 30% lower than other traditional models. It does not use intrusive materials that can harm the environment, and also has CE, FCC and RoHS certificates because it does not contain lead, mercury or other toxic substances.

Durability is one of its strongest points, it is able to resist corrosion, inclement heat, as well as its materials, allow it to have a good conductivity of heat and thus help the dissipation of it.

soldering iron

Things to consider when choosing soldering iron

The choice of your future soldering iron will depend not only on the different work to be done but also on your skills and your frequency of use.

If the latter is rather intended for occasional use for the purpose of carrying out small and medium jobs, a model of slow and entry-level electric soldering iron will do the trick very well. It is also the most suitable model for a beginner who will not necessarily need to invest in a welding job.

On the other hand, for more frequent and intensive use on more important works, prefer a good quality iron and why not a professional soldering iron which will be delivered in a kit? The most recommended models are therefore those called fast and which present themselves as a pistol that must be activated to release the heat. Most are even fitted with a precision lamp to better illuminate the area to be welded.


Choosing a higher or lower power will mean choosing a more or less efficient tool depending on the type of work you want to do with it. So, if you wanted to work on small electric welds, a 30-watt electric soldering iron will be more than enough. In the case of major electrical welds and tinsmithing work, MN advises you to choose a power of at least 45 watts.

Larger jobs like faucets and plumbing will rather require a device with a power of 150 watts and more, which can even go up to 200 watts if you worked in the professional environment. As for the soldering iron of the zinc worker and the sheet metal worker, nothing more efficient than a gas soldering iron. Remember to take into account the type of component you will have to process because the more it dissipates heat, the more power you will need.


The tip is the tip of the soldering iron which is often interchangeable because it is available in different shapes and sizes depending on the heating power and the type of work to be carried out.

Therefore, if you plan to use a precision soldering iron, especially for precise and meticulous operations, prefer a small size breakdown. It will be more suitable on electronic and electrical circuits, such as on a television or radio, especially if it has a curved and fine shape.

Work on textiles will also require a nylon cutter tip, while for pyrography on wood, our site recommends using a flat tip. However, the best alternative will be to bet on a professional soldering iron which will be sold with different sizes and shapes of the tip in order to benefit from more flexibility in your work. As for quality, favour purlins made of copper, covered with chromium, iron or nickel.


The soldering iron is a tool to be handled with care, as it could cause severe burns. It is therefore for this reason that practical functions have been integrated on certain models in order to minimize the risk of accidents, but also so that you can use it with more ease.

As such, we advise you to orient your choice on a precision soldering iron, equipped with a temperature adjustment to easily lower the heating power on certain jobs.

Also, prefer a model equipped with an ON / OFF switch to ensure your safety or better yet an iron equipped with a temperature lock function. Those equipped with a multimeter with an LCD screen will be used more to facilitate the reading of the data, as will the presence of an LED indicator which will light up once the device is switched on. Finally, do not neglect the grip of your tool and prefer an ergonomic handle covered with a non-slip coating to prevent it from slipping between your hands during your welding.

How to use soldering iron?

Both for a professional in the welding sector and a DIY enthusiast, the soldering iron offers them several advantages. This equipment allows you to join several electrical parts, restore a hole, or change a power cable on one of your household appliances.

Owning a soldering iron also saves you time and money. Indeed, the presence of a soldering iron at home allows you to do without the help of professionals for the repair of electronic and electrical devices, provided you know how to use it. To help you get started with a soldering iron, just follow these guidelines.

Observe safety instructions

When using a soldering iron, we recommend that you follow the safety instructions. Safety standards include wearing protective glasses to protect your eyes from uncertain harmful projections. In addition, do not forget to also wear your work glove, to avoid harmful risks to your health.

Prepare the weld

Before carrying out the welding work, we advise you to clean the tip beforehand using a brass brush, in order to remove harmful materials which could damage the quality of the final result. Then, you must place your soldering iron on a flammable support, before plugging it in to preheat it. Finally, to start the welding, just place the welding paste on the element to be worked.

Perform regular movements

To have exceptional results, it is strictly forbidden to make sudden movements. Thus, it is better to slowly and slowly advance the tip through the welding wire to act in such a way that it melts and penetrates into the joint. When it is cold, you can, however, sand it or file it with a cloth soaked in water.