The smartwatches are not reserved for men anymore! With the arrival of brands like Fossil or Kate Spade on this market, the trend is with an elegant and neat design for women. The worlds of technology and fashion form a harmony that can be found in the watches that we present to you below.

Rich in possibilities, the smartwatch is a very interesting accessory for your smartphone. Always by your side, it does much more than tell you the time. It notifies you of the smallest emails and messages, checks your heart rate, allows you to control the music on your wireless headphones or even be used to make a payment. And in a few years with the innovation of foldable screen technology, will further distinguish between smartphone and watch. In short, it is essential for a much simpler life!

Sometimes fashion, sometimes sporty, the watches in this comparison will surely not leave you indifferent. After more than 72 hours of analysis, you will find here all the useful information to guide you in your purchase.

What is the best smartwatch for women?

Choosing one of these convenient and practical electronic devices can be a challenge. However, in this article, we bring you the 8 best models on the market so you can choose the one that catches your attention the most.

These include the Motorola Moto 360 2nd generation for its incredible design and features, the Withings Steel HR for its great battery life, and the Samsung Gear S2 for its beautiful design and excellent features.

Also, later we will explain how to know which one is the best for you, what key features you should look for, such as camera, battery life, compatibility with mobile operating systems, etc. Keep reading and find out everything.

Apple Watch Series 5

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All things considered, Apple retains its title of leader in the sector of connected watches with this Watch Series 5. The device, therefore, has amagnificent screen, but also awide choice of apps of excellent quality (unlike on other platforms).

This time you can choose between titanium and ceramic, in addition to aluminium and steel. But we will have to pay the price.

After all, this fifth-generation is very similar to the Series 4. The only major difference, in addition to a larger choice of model, would be the presence of an always-on screen. But this small addition is more than enough to justify the existence of the Series 5.

So if you like Apple Watches or already live in an Apple ecosystem, it will not disappoint you. For the others, choose the Galaxy Watch Active 2 instead.

Fossil Women’s Smartwatch with Stainless Steel Strap

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If you want a watch that not only simplifies your life and helps you be more efficient and stay connected, this product can be your salvation.

It’s available at a pretty good price, with a pretty feminine and delicate pink gold finish but elegant and serious enough to make you look like a successful, serious and professional woman.

Its battery lasts 1 day of use, has a good quality AMOLED screen and a powerful processor, as well as a lighting sensor to regulate the brightness automatically. In addition, it has added that it is a hybrid model that works with Android and iOS.

It is made of stainless steel, with a beautiful leather band and is water-resistant up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Also has GPS and heart rate monitor.

Garmin Vivomove Style Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin vívomove Style, Stylish Hybrid Smartwatch with Health and Fitness functions, Real Watch...
  • Hybrid smartwatch with a sophisticated analogue look and advanced smart features, including dual AMOLED colour touchscreen...
  • Features domed Corning Gorilla Glass and a sleek aluminium watch case; choose from stylish silicone or Woven Nylon bands
  • Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar View and more (with a compatible smartwatch)
  • Garmin Pay Contactless payment solution lets you pay for purchases with your watch (available for supported cards from...
  • Connects with your compatible smartphone’s GPS for good accuracy during outdoor walk or run activities; includes additional...

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This new model, an evolution of the Vivomove, will appeal to women and men looking for an elegant connected watch for the city and sport. It is hybrid, that means, equipped with analogue hands and intelligent functions. It’s single (monochrome) or doubles (colour) OLED touch screen lights up when requested. It is available in 10 different designs.

It offers complete health monitoring (stress level, energy level, hydration monitoring, breathing analysis, sleep monitoring, acclimatization assessment at altitude, menstrual cycle monitoring, alerts in the event of a cardiac anomaly, breathing exercises) and activity monitoring (calories, steps, distance, sleep, climbs, intensive minutes).

It also has cardio, a barometric altimeter, a payment solution and 8 sports profiles (running, cycling, swimming in the pool, elliptical, step, yoga, weight training, cardio). Please note, it does not have a GPS (connection possible to the GPS of a Smartphone).

Autonomy 5 days, waterproof 5m (suitable for swimming), smart notifications, weather functions. Please note, it does not have a GPS (connection possible to the GPS of a Smartphone). Autonomy 5 days, waterproof 5m (suitable for swimming), smart notifications, weather functions.

Pebble Time Round Women’s Watch 601-00047

Pebble 601-00047 14 mm Time Round Smartwatch - Rose/Gold
  • Pebble Health-track your steps, sleep, and get personalized insights
  • Always-on, color e-paper display with LED backlight
  • Quick-charging-just 15 minutes gives you a day of use
  • marine-grade stainless steel chassis and 2.5D Gorilla Glass face.

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It is a fairly comfortable and thin product and even looks like anything but a smartwatch. In fact, it looks like a normal watch that you would use for casual outings or family gatherings.

It is made of stainless steel with a leather band, although you can replace it whenever you want. It comes with a circular dial and high-quality screen with ePaper technology for the best visibility in any lighting condition.

It has a screen that is always on, as well as an impressive battery of up to 2 days of use that only takes 15 minutes to recharge.

Its operating system is quite easy to use and it gives you information about calls, messages and even the weather or how many minutes are left to rain. However, there are not many applications available for this specific model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold

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This model is not only quite luxurious thanks to its gold plating,it has a good capacity, with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM. That’s more than many smartphones have.

It has a replaceable white leather strap and several very useful sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, barometer, ambient light and GPS. Its 1.2-inch screen is AMOLED and fully circular.

Remember that this product is compatible only with Samsung smartphones with Android 4.3 or higher and that have at least 1.56GB of RAM.

It has a rotating bezel and customizable dial, internal memory for music and apps, Cristal Gorilla Glass 3 and is water-resistant with IP68 certificate.

Huawei Watch GT Elegant Smartwatch

Huawei Watch GT Elegant, White, 42 mm
  • Continuous heart rate measurement 24/7, supports resting heart rate, simple heart rate, continuous heart rate and other...
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyroscope; Magnetometer, Optical cell for heart rate measurement, ambient light measurement cell,...
  • Supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO. Automatic adjustment of screen brightness by ALS ambient light control
  • Firstbeat function: professional running advice. TruSleep function: (enabled by default, but can be turned off via Huawei Health...
  • Create groups, manage groups, set default groups, initiate friendly competitions, check daily activity rankings and friendly...

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This beautiful watch is made on a white plated chassis with a 1.4-inch sapphire crystal screen, scratch-resistant and with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. Its strap is made of Italian leather for the best comfort and appearance.

It has Snapdragon 400 processor with excellent processing capacity, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM to store music and apps.

It allows you to stay connected thanks to the fact that your Android Wear version lets you receive and make phone calls. In turn, it is a hybrid product compatible with smartphones iOS 8.2 or higher and Android 4.3 and up.

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 Stainless Steel Smartwatch and Heart Rate/Activity Tracker with Bluetooth...
  • Voice commands: Just speak to get the info you need.
  • All-day battery: Go all day and recharge wirelessly on a dock at night.
  • Create your own look: Choose from different designs and strap options.
  • Built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor: Track activity right on your wrist.
  • Water resistant: Withstands immersion up to 3 feet.

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By far, this smart stainless steel watch has won the love of its users and the opinions of them reflect it.

It is the best watch with Android Wear, it is customizable and comfortable with dials and replaceable bands, has a long battery life, heart rate monitor and a bright screen. Could it be that he has everything?

Well it also looks like a normal watch but very elegant and sober with excellent design, comes in different sizes for all types of wrist and even with double leather band. You will look ready, professional and fashionable.

It has sensor of illumination, wireless load, processor of 1.2 GHz, memory RAM of 512 MB, memory ROM of 4 GB for music and apps and battery of 1 or 1.5 days of duration. Resists water splash, but does not have GPS.

Nokia Steel HR

Withings Steel HR - Hybrid Smartwatch - Activity Tracker with Connected GPS, Heart Rate Monitor,...
  • HEART RATE MONITORING - Maximize your workouts with continuous heart rate and in-depth reporting plus daily and overnight HR.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - Up to 25 days battery life on one charge, plus 20 more days on power reserve mode (time & activity tracking...
  • 24/7 TRACKING - Automatically tracks walk, run, swim, and 30+ activities in workout mode. Connected GPS provides a map of your...
  • WATER RESISTANT TO 50M - Steel HR is water-friendly—from automatic swim recognition to having no fear when you shower, go...
  • SLEEP TRACKING - wake to a Sleep Score based on light & deep sleep cycles, interruptions, depth & regularity.

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It has a pretty, sober and classic design with excellent features. But one of the most outstanding aspects of this product is that it is resistant to water up to 50 meters deep.

It has a heart rate monitor and records your measurements during the day and night so you have good control of your physical activities or workouts.

Show the steps you have taken, if you run, swim or walk, your heart rate, the calories consumed, distance traveled and the alarms you have programmed.

It is compatible only with Apple devices: iPhone 4s onwards, iPod Touch of 5th generation or higher and for iPad of 2nd generation and up.


Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch - Black/Dark Red
  • 1.22-inch IPS Display (240 x 204)
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant, Shockproof (1.5m)
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 and above, iOS 7 and above
  • Push Notifications

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So far, all the models have been quite elegant and sober. However, we all want at some point to have a fun smartwatch, more casual and sporty. This model is all that and at the lowest price.

It has IPS touch screen of 1.22 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, 512 MB of RAM and a built-in camera. It is a hybrid model compatible with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7 and up.

It is water-resistant with IP67 certificate, has a heart rate monitor, gyroscope and accelerometer. It has alarm, calendar and haptic system to give different vibrations depending on notifications.

It allows you to accept or reject calls, but they still have to be made over the phone. You can not make calls with him.

Why use a smartwatch?

The truth is that every day we fill up with notifications, emails, messages, missed calls, invitations, events and much more. Our smartphones are vibrating and ringing all the time and, let’s be honest, they are often really annoying and invasive.

However, staying connected is one of your priorities as a woman, mother, housewife and professional. This is why a hands-free alternative that allows you to keep in touch with your bosses, your family and your personal life will be well received.

That’s where smartwatches come in, these little gadgets that are designed to be used for a few seconds each time. It is that your goal is that you do not have to take your smartphone out of your pocket all the time, but that you can stay informed and connected in a non-invasive way and without disconnecting from the real world.

Keep in mind that some models do not allow calls, but most do let you answer text messages using voice commands.

Smartwatches: an accessory for smartphones

These smart electronic devices connect with your smartphone and allow you to save time on simple tasks such as playing your music, answering messages, reviewing your pending events and meetings, monitoring your physical activities and exercises and even measuring your heart rate.

Sure, they do not replace the smartphone because you’ll still need it to watch videos in high definition, write long emails, view articles on the web and more. What they do is to be like an extension that helps you take care of your life efficiently and with free hands, that is, an accessory for your smartphone.

smartwatch for woman uk

How to choose smartwatch for women?

Perfect. You already know which are the best models of the market, what they are for and how you can use them. Now it’s time for you to know how to choose the ideal smartwatch for you and here we explain it easily:


They come in different styles and designs and you always have to keep in mind that they complement your appearance. They show you the time, but they are also a statement of style and should be comfortable, easy to carry and made of good quality materials.

As you will use it every day, it is important to combine with your style, so these watches usually come with replaceable bands and varied materials, from synthetic rubber to leather and stainless steel.

However, few come in different sizes, so some models look very large in the wrists of thin women or short stature since they are designed for men. Look for a model that is designed for you, woman.

Characteristics and Specifications

Smartwatches are able to wake you up with alarms, send you notifications, help you send messages and much more. These extra features are what differentiate them from each other and add value to you.

Many models follow your steps, but not all come with GPS, so look for this feature if you want to register your workouts; some have memory for music and Bluetooth connection for hearing aids; while others come with a heart rate monitor. They also allow you to quickly access any application or smartphone function with voice commands.

Something very important is battery life. Look for a model with the longest possible duration and always charge it at night. No one wants to raise their wrist to check notifications or see the time and find a black screen.

Conventional smartwatch or hybrid model for ladies?

Smartwatches don’t have to be equipped with a digital display. Now there is a wide range that also offers so-called hybrid smartwatches.

These are models that at first glance resemble an ordinary wristwatch, which is provided with an analogue dial. And yet the clever functions are hidden inside. Consequently, these hybrid smartwatches can also be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and transmit all the news received there to the wrist.

These models are already ingenious because, for example, they use a special pointer position to provide information about what has actually happened on the smartphone. Your environment probably won’t notice any of this. Smart and discreetis the motto that manufacturers pursue with these hybrid watches.

Other Aspects that Matter

  • Keep in mind that there are models that work separately from your smartphone in terms of data, so they need a separate data plan with an independent phone number.
  • Pending with the operating system, since the models may come with Android, iOS or some other systems, such as Samsung’s Tizen or Apple’s watchOS, which is a modified version of the popular one. Make sure that the operating system of the smartwatch is fully compatible with that of your smartphone. If they are not, your watch will be useless. It is worth noting that the Android Wear watch is compatible with iPhones, although with some limitations.
  • The screens vary in technology, from AMOLED and LCD to the Pebble LCD LTPS. Find the one that is easiest to read in strong sunlight and has the shape you like, be it rectangular or circular.
  • The internal specifications are also important. Look for a model with at least 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory for apps and music and a 1GHz processor. Of course, the older those numbers are, the better the device.
  • Impermeability is important. Look for a water-resistant model that not only can tolerate some splashing, but also serves to swim or use in the shower.
  • Warranty. Get a model that has a guarantee and that has service centres and spare parts stores near you.