To plan your next winter vacation and take advantage of the snowy landscapes, it is important that you integrate the best ski helmet among your sports equipment. Some are multifunctional and can be used for alpine skiing as well as for climbing.

In any case, you should always make sure that the manufacturing materials of the model of your choice are durable. Opt for those made with high-quality ABS and EPS foam, because these materials absorb impacts well.

What is the best ski helmet?

The recommended before selecting is to check if there is a good brand that offers models at an economical price but of good quality. Also verify all the necessary features to use it during skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Take note of what you should look for:

The UNE-EN 1077 standard governs Certification: According to the UNE the helmets for these purposes, so preferably looking for yours to comply with it for greater safety and comfort.

Types: they are divided according to their design and construction material. You will find them in ABS that guarantee greater durability, the mould ones that come in polycarbonate and EPS foam and finally the hybrids that combine both materials and manufacturing techniques.

The first is the cheapest but can be somewhat uncomfortable. They are preferable for beginners or people who ski very infrequently. The seconds are of a more professional nature.

Ventilation: The most modern helmets are ventilated and protect from the cold at the same time. Some incorporate an adjustable ventilation system that opens and closes the holes in the surface of the helmet at the user’s convenience.

Comfort: It is one of the most important features to look for. Check if you like the round, oval intermediate or long oval design. Many prefer soft ears and no hard ears, but it depends on the tastes and the need for protection. It is preferable as long as it is light and aerodynamically shaped.

Others: you may want to include other functions for a more stimulating experience, such as bringing a Jack cable that is compatible with audio systems and video cameras, with built-in glasses or clips to hold your cables.

If you want to choose without losing a lot of time looking, here is this comparison with the five best ski helmets on the market.

Odoland Ski Helmet and Goggles

Bollé - BACKLINE VISOR Black Silver Matte - Silver Gun S 54-56cm, Ski Helmet, Small, Unisex Adult
  • The adjustable ventilation system allows you to open or close vents with a simple movement
  • A fit system with a turnwheel that allows to fine tune the fit and comfort
  • A strong ABS plastic hardshell provides protection and resistance to dents and dings
  • The superior light filter (slf) polycarbonate visor for sunny to partially cloudy conditions ensures 100 percent uv protection

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The first time I invited my friend to ski, I was sure he would fall in love with this fantastic sport. This is the reason why I opted for a high-end product from the start. It was Odoland Ski Helmet. I flashed on the latter for the aesthetic qualities of its line, but especially for its durable and hypoallergenic materials.

In addition, this highly protective snow goggles have been designed to give you a wide field of vision. 

Ultrasport race edition ski helmet

Ultrasport Men's Race Edition Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet for Men and Women, Winter Sports Helmet...
  • Adjustment ring allows continuous adjustment to any head size
  • Outer shell polycarbonate, inner lining: polyester
  • Ventilation system with 17 adjustable ventilation openings and mesh guard
  • Safety standard EN 1077 Sizes: M = 22.4 – 22.8 ins (57 – 58 cm), L = 23.2 – 23.6 ins (59 – 60 cm), XL = 24 – 24.4 ins...
  • Colour: matte (black)

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Those with small or large heads may want this model that can fit anyone since it incorporates a special ring to do it. Its lining is polycarbonate with an EPS cushion layer on its inner lining that is covered with polyester.

Its ventilation system includes 17 air vents with a protective mesh. For added adjustment, it comes with a padded strap with clip closure for the chin, some clips to hold the snow goggles and removable ear pads.

Bollé backline visor ski helmet

Bollé - BACKLINE VISOR Black Silver Matte - Silver Gun L 59-61cm, Ski Helmet, Large, Unisex Adult
  • [Key feature : Adjustable ventilation system] Choose between warm and cool, The adjustable ventilation system allows you to open...
  • [Protection : Not Applicable]
  • [Adjustment system : Click-to-fit system] Adjustable fit to better match to your headsize, A fit system with a turnwheel that...
  • [Shell Construction : ABS hardshell] A robust and resistant construction, A strong ABS plastic hardshell provides protection and...
  • [Additional Features : SLF Cat. 3 visor] Protective lens for sunny to partially cloudy days, The Superior Light Filter (SLF)...

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Those who have not yet purchased the blizzard glasses will not need them if they are made with this model that has an integrated viewer.

In addition, this highly protective ABS mask has been designed with PanoramicVision technology which gives it a wide field of vision. It also includes interchangeable visors, a category 3 visor for sunny days and a type 1 visor for cloudy days. It comes with an ergonomic regulator.

Smith Vantage Ski Helmet

SMITH Vantage Men's Ski Helmet, Mens, E00655SOK5559, Matte Black Split, Taille 55-59
  • Advantage: M
  • Large (59-63cm)
  • Smith was founded in 1965 with the invention of the very first mask (with waterproof thermal lens and breathable foam).
  • Ski and snowboard helmet in hybrid construction with very good ventilation.

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If you want the best of both worlds, amateur and professional, this hybrid will help you get protection and safety without spending a dough. Its construction is Aerocore with Koroyd and has climate control with a double regulator, very discreet to adjust its 21 points of ventilation.

It has excellent impact absorption. Its earpads are comfortable, removable and perfectly machine washable. It is ultralight.

Ski Helmet Salomon Brigade Audio

Salomon, Men's Snowpark Skiing and Snowboarding Helmet, ABS Shell, EPS Foam, Audio System with Cable...
  • Black snowpark ski helmet for men, For ambitious skiers who enjoy adventures on the slopes with obstacles or in the snowpark, Size...
  • Lightweight (690 g), Round shape, Optimum comfort thanks to detachable ear muffs, Possible to wear a winter hat underneath thanks...
  • Detachable, machine washable lining, Good ventilation through Airflow concept ventilation ducts, Comfortable interior lining
  • Optimum shock absorption thanks to the shell injected with ABS and the interior EPS foam, Standards CE-EN1077 / ASTM F-2040
  • Contents: 1x Men's Salomon Skiing and snowboarding helmet for snowpark, BRIGADE AUDIO, L39915100, ABS shell + EPS foam interior,...

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It is a designed and perfect version for Park and Pipe fans. It is unisex, and its lining is interchangeable by cap and washable. It has a beautiful rounded design, and its earmuffs are removable. It is light, weighs 490g. It has an Airflow ventilation system that favours your comfort.

It is compatible with audio systems so you can listen to music while practising your favourite winter sport.

Kernoda ski helmet

Kernoda Junior Helmet Freeride Ski/Snowboard Ultralight Winter Warm, Seth
  • Lightweight in-mould design for improved balance
  • Passive fixed air venting solution to help keep the little ones cool
  • Dialled in head adjustment with the k:lock fit system
  • Removable padded ear pads
  • Fully removable and washable padded inner liner

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Ideal for those who want to customize their outfit, this model comes in several colours available to choose from. The inner lining is removable, breathable and antibacterial. It is also machine washable at 30 °. Its manufacture follows the CE EN 1077 standards for use in skiing.

Includes an edge for individual adjustment according to the size of the wearer’s head and the chin strap is padded and comfortable with optimal grip adjustment. When with support for glasses.

ski hlemet

How to choose ski helmet?

Back in time, skiers were content with winter hat or headband to protect their heads during winter sports. Nowadays, for safety and comfort reasons, but also for fashion, a ski helmet has become essential equipment.

No matter your track experience, you can always make a mistake or bump your head and it could end in disaster.

It is true that some stations may lend you helmets, but the quality of this equipment is not guaranteed. In addition, they have probably already been worn by more than a hundred people.

Therefore, even if you don’t have your own skis and ski boots, you should get a good helmet. It is the most important equipment that could save your life.

The brand

For sports activities, we always want to come across a product that guarantees our safety while offering maximum comfort and pleasure.

In this sense, if you choose, for example, one of the quality models, if we only quote a few brands like Bollé, Poc or Oakley, you will have the peace of mind of having made the best choice, because these manufacturers are certified.


As mentioned above, to benefit from the best protection during snow sports, it is necessary to check whether the various components of the ski helmet, such as the visor or the goggles, the air intake system and the adjustment wheels for the chin, are in good working condition.

No matter how simple these elements are, they could protect your eyes, ears and head. In this sense, check again the manufacturing materials, the technologies applied to the item you are going to buy, as well as the safety certifications.

Read the customer reviews

Many people forget this step and do not realize its importance. All sporting goods that are intended to keep you safe should be chosen with care.

To get an idea of ​​the quality of a product, refer to the comments and opinions of other novice and expert users. They also tell you about the most recommended brands and products that you shouldn’t even be paying attention to.

Forget the idea that cheap models are of poor quality. Sometimes you may be surprised by reading comments from other users.

black ski helmet

What to look for when choosing a ski helmet?

Below is a brief list of the main features that you should look for in a ski helmet before buying it. It is necessary to check each of these points to benefit from good ventilation as well as excellent protection against cold and accidents.


Ventilation is necessary to allow cold air to circulate around the head. As you already know, the weather in the mountains can change quickly and get too hot. This can be very annoying when your helmet is not well ventilated. Therefore, the higher the ventilation level, the better the airflow in the helmet.

Regarding this, manufacturers of ski helmets have considered developing air circulation mechanisms. There are two types of ventilation systems available, called passive and active.

The passive type is fixed and cannot be adapted, while the active vents are adjustable and can be changed during the day depending on any change in weather and temperature.

The coatings

A ski helmet is supplied with different materials in its manufacture and all the elements do not focus only on the external part, but also on the internal part.

In this sense, you must check whether the lining of the interior fabrics contains hypoallergenic, antiperspirant and antibacterial mesh.

It is also important to check whether the cover and this part can be washed with freshwater and mild soap after each holiday in the snowy mountains.


You always have the choice between various options depending on the type of ski helmet you choose, whether it is a hard, moulded or hybrid model.

Most protective helmets for snow sports are made of an outer shell of polycarbonate, carbon, fibre or fibreglass. They offer excellent protection and absorb shocks. These equipment are also light and comfortable to wear.

The accessories of a protective cap with retractable visor are made of other materials, depending on the brand and model chosen, as well as European regulations.

Head and ear covers

Temperatures change quickly when you are in the mountains. Your limbs and ears are the first parts of your body to feel cold. It is always a great idea to wear a winter hat under your ski helmet.

This will protect your ears and your hearing system. You can also choose to wear a helmet with headphones, which will give you extra protection.

Chin straps

If you don’t have a chin strap to attach your ski helmet, the head protector will likely not stay in place and may slip off at any time. If you plan on going down a steep hill at high speed, invest in an item that can provide you with the chin adjustment system.

The chin rest must, therefore, be adjustable so that you can adapt it to the dimensions of your skull. It is also essential to opt for a chin guard that can absorb sweat. This can add some comfort when you wear your cap.

Compatibility of glasses

As for the perfect fit of the ski helmet, thanks to a system that can fix your head by the use of chin straps, the compatibility for the glasses is something that you should consider and fortunately is easier to achieve, as long as you can try both parts first.

A helmet and goggle system that is not properly fitted can create a pinching sensation. This can push the helmet up and the glasses towards the nose, leaving part of the forehead vulnerable to cold air.

Therefore, the easiest way to ensure a good fit is to buy products from the same brand or find a helmet with built-in glasses.


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