When you decide to spend a weekend in the mountains, put on the spatulas to rub on the long snowy slopes and don’t forget your ski goggles. 

As ski goggles for protection against glare and wind or even improved visibility for more performance and safety, this ski equipment plays several roles which, we often forget, greatly increase the pleasure of skiing.

But here, between classic ski goggles, photochromic, polarized category 1 to 4, frameless or dual screen, we do not always know which ski mask to turn to. The categories, brands and models are so numerous that it is easy to get lost.

In this ski goggles comparison, we are revealing everything you need to know to choose your goggles according to your face, your level and the weather conditions in which you plan to ski.

What is the best ski goggles?

To ski the most convenient is a sunny day, this entails a greater need for eye protection. For this reason, you should look for glasses with wide crystals, with a higher field of vision, and designed not to filter UV rays, being recommended polarised, reflected and photochromic glasses because, in turn, allow clear visibility.

If its shape is spherical or cylindrical, it matters little regarding the quality. It is a matter of your style. What is quite convenient in that it has interchangeable lenses. Likewise, second lenses are recommended and they offer ventilation and nebulization.

It is good to leave this in the hands of the experts because the brands that have years in the industry have a very good endorsement. The best thing is that they produce so many models that it is very likely to find a few cheap ones, as well as the five that I leave, to Next, in my comparative list.

Ski goggles Oakley Flight Deck XM

The Oakley brand is one of the world leaders in the ski goggles market. The Oakley Flight Deck XM model is part of its range of ski goggles. Smaller than the other models presented in our list, it presents a very dynamic look with its cylindrical profile and its F3 anti-fog coating. 

This size, although increasing the visual comfort and the look, does not allow the wearing of corrective glasses inside the Oakley mask. The screen filters 100% of ultraviolet rays for total protection of the eyes. Oakley ski mask also eliminates glare which can obstruct visibility especially at high speed or when the sun invites itself on the runway. These Oakley glasses are particularly comfortable thanks to the thick foam layer behind the frame . The mask is so light and comfortable that it almost goes unnoticed. 

Ski Goggles Anti-Fog Enkeeo

Easy to change lenses

These specialised sports goggles for skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports or outdoor winter activities. Its frame is highly resistant. It has an exclusive coating technology available in its REVO layer and optimises optical clarity without any reflections while blocking UV and UV light. They are also very durable and resistant to scratches.

They have a straightforward lens replacement system through a magnetic design and high performance, which not only serves to replace them but to clean them quickly. Includes strap.

Smith Optics Unisex I / O Ski Goggles

Designs for children and adults

Wishing to buy a model with versions for the whole family? These Smith Optics glasses come in black, red, with floral design, for men and women. Also, all have the best design of indirect vents to prevent blurred vision. They have double layers of spherical lenses that give a wider perspective.

These ski goggles have an ideal coating to avoid the steam issued by the body, considerably reducing the risk of accidents. If we talk about comfort, its three ultrasoft foams with strong cushioning capacity, protect and keep your face warm.

Zionor Snow Goggles

Anti-slip frame, more secure

They are one of the models available in the market that are genuinely anti-fog and offer, in turn, excellent protection against UV rays. They are made to be robust and durable without being too heavy and to fit any face and types of helmets.

Its frame is not only comfortable but non-slip so as not to cause inconveniences during the activity, while its lenses are interchangeable and coincide with the curvature of the eye to give a more peripheral vision. They come in a cloth case, inside another hard case to prevent damage.

Zionor Lagopus X Snowmobile Goggles

There is a good quality-price relation

Despite being an economic model, its quality is one of its qualities. They support the snowfalls very well because they are totally waterproof, robust and highly resistant to light blows and scratches. They have a unisex design, adorable and sober black and lemon green lens, translucent.

They have thick foam pads that cushion possible impacts and make the glasses quite comfortable to wear. Its holes provide more ventilation. It is an ideal model not only for skiing but also for windsurfing or cycling in winter.

Salomon XVIEW

Multilayer screen for greater protection

Ski goggles with a beautiful black and red design, designed for the use of men and women alike. They have a cut perfectly adapted to the shape of the face of medium and large size and a multi-layer screen easily interchangeable, high eye protection and 100% anti UV. This guarantees a more significant reduction of glare and eye fatigue.

This model adapts perfectly to most lighting conditions, while its Airflow system effectively prevents moisture from accumulating between the glasses and your skin.

All models this selection of ski goggles have a favourable, convenient and very safe anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses. Since, in addition to providing maximum protection to the sun’s rays, you must ensure that the glasses you buy can reduce the accumulation of fog inside and outside alike.

This helps to reduce the number of times you will need to clean them on the same day. In case you need to clean them, be sure to do it with products that are not aggressive with your lenses. Also, air drying is the best solution, or you can bring an extra pair of glasses with you in case you need it urgently.

Finally, it is important that you know that the use of a particular transport case for your glasses, included in many models, is transcendental for the maintenance of them and very influential in its durability because it will protect them through delicate materials so as not to scratch the lenses.

What are ski goggles?

The ski mask is no longer to be presented. All winter sports enthusiasts have used this accessory at least once, as have ski boots, neoprene ski clothing including ski jacket, ski pants, ski gloves, wetsuit skiing, snowshoes, backpacks, ski poles.

Fans sometimes find it cumbersome. However, for high-level skiers, the ski mask is essential. Indeed, you should know that it plays several very important roles. It contributes to the safety of the skier, but also helps to optimize performance and increase the pleasure of sliding on its tips.

The primary purpose of the ski goggles is to protect the eyes from glare. You should know that snow has a reflection index of light waves of 80%. The reflected or polarized light is however responsible for the glare. This glare is all the more important as the solar radiation increases by 10% every 1000 meters of altitude. The wearing of ski goggles, therefore, ensures good visibility when riding down the powder and the ski slopes.

Good visibility implies improved performance, especially for professional athletes. The pleasure of skiing also increases when you have a better understanding of the trajectories and the track in general. In addition, this avoids the risk of falls which can be very serious when sliding at very high speeds.

Wearing a ski mask also prevents small objects, miniature flying insects, tree bark or dust ink from entering our eyeballs. It is not uncommon for skiers to undergo this misadventure which can ruin an entire weekend. Let us not forget the wind which, added to the cold and the speed, forms a cocktail which will make your tears fall every time. Without a ski mask, you can arrive at the bottom of the piste with red, watery eyes.

What do you need to know before purchase?

To make a success of your purchase of ski goggles, you must also study several very important criteria. These criteria will allow you to identify the model that best meets your expectations.

The type of lens

Simple glasses suppressing the formation of luminous and anti-fog reflections are no longer sufficient today. Polarized or photochromic lenses are available today. They are more effective in filtering light and systematically offer better visibility.

The shape of the screen

Prefer a cylindrical model if you ski on tracks without obstacle. Spherical screens will be more suitable if you need a wider and panoramic view.

The colour of the screen

Ski goggles are all tinted today. You should know that this shade plays a role in the quality of perception provided by the mask. A brighter shade of colour will be better suited when the weather is grey. Choose a more opaque shade if the sun invites itself onto the track.

Compatibility with prescription glasses

Today there are ski goggles that can be worn over prescription glasses. These are OTG (Over the Glasses) ski goggles which are ideal for people who wear glasses.