6 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners and Professionals

Regardless if you need a sewing machine for casual and simple tasks such as repairing the ring of your pants, improve a seam or sew that rebellious button that decided to leave, having the best sewing machine will guarantee the best results and the strongest seams and durable.

Good sewing machines are simple and easy to use for beginners, produce consistent and well distributed stitches and include some interesting and convenient features such as buttonhole function and different presser foot options and configurations.

They are also versatile and can serve professional seamstresses and even children and teenagers with a vein for crafts. Keep reading, that in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about these practical machines.

What is the best sewing machine?

The variety of sewing machines on the market is great. There are simple and small, portable and professional with a good amount of accessories and adjustable parts. There are also manuals and digital, each with a set of features and functions that will help you exploit all your creativity in the world of sewing.

In the following comparative list we include from simple machines so that novices can learn to make home decorations or create and repair their garments, even the most complex and complete for professional use. With this, we hope to help you choose the ideal model you so desire.

1. Singer Curvy 8770 Sewing Machine

No one surpasses it

Singer 8770 Curvy Sewing Machine
2 Reviews
Singer 8770 Curvy Sewing Machine
  • 55 utility/continuous stitch patterns
  • 10 buttonhole and button sewing stitch...
  • 20 decorative and satin stitch patterns

This digital sewing machine has won the love of the users and with reasons to spare. It has Swift & Smart intelligent threading system with automatic threader and Drop & Sew automatic winding system to collect the threads faster.

In turn, you can adjust the width and length of the 225 types of stitches that includes more 6 styles of automatic one-step buttonholes. Includes even alphanumeric patterns so you can give that personal touch to your projects with a monogram.

It is not one of the most economical of our list, but includes up to towing teeth, 3 LED lights, free arm, easy transport cabin, double needle, 25 year warranty and much more. It is incredibly complete and useful even for professionals.

2. ANSELF SM-202A Sewing Machine

The most economic

Anself Mini Sewing Machine Household 2 Speed...
  • 【Portability&Practicability】: mini...
  • 【Two Speeds Switchable】: high or low...
  • 【Foot Pedal Included】: you can use...

It is the most affordable mechanical sewing machine on our list and, regardless of its price, it has excellent features. Offers double thread sewing and a straight stitch. It also has an automatic winding and easy replacement of the upper thread.

In turn, it is easy to thread the needle in this machine, it also allows you to adjust the speed of the stitches to low or high and has a pedal to choose if you adjust the pressure manually with the foot.

This small machine is even portable, since its size and light weight allow you to move it easily. If you want a good quality device without spending a lot, this is the right one.

3. Alfa STYLE 40

Elegant and powerful

Alfa Style UP 40 Sewing Machine, Purple
5 Reviews
Alfa Style UP 40 Sewing Machine, Purple
  • High quality automatic needle threader^1...

Alfa brand brings us this powerful manual sewing machine with a strong motor to sew up jeans or jeans and thick fabrics that allows you to take the belt to your pants without difficulty. It has 31 different stitches and 4-step buttonholes for you to work on any type of project and unleash your creativity.

It also has LED light to improve visibility, a rigid metal structure that guarantees good quality and durability, as well as presser foot and metal spool holders. Accessories also include thread cutter, automatic feeder, an analog stitch indicator and adjustable foot.

It is available at a fairly good price and also allows to work with quilting and embroidery projects.

4. Bernette Sew B38 Sewing Machine

Great price-value ratio

Bernina Bernette B38 Sewing Machine
4 Reviews
Bernina Bernette B38 Sewing Machine
  • 394 Stitches
  • 7mm Maximum Stitch Width
  • 3 Alphabets

It is a computer model that is really worth its price. It has a total of 197 styles of stitches, alphanumeric design, 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes, speed control, automatic threader, 15 needle positions and also allows to make decorative seams up to 7mm wide.

It has a memory that allows you to store different configurations and combinations, as well as a cap for the needle and start and stop functions of the seam. In turn, it has a built-in LED light to improve the vision of the workspace and free-arm function.

This convenient sewing machine is ideal for making quilts and for decorating and fashion enthusiasts.

5. Brother CS10 electronic sewing machine

Versatile and convenient

Brother CS10 - Electronic Sewing Machine
  • Quick change presser foot and bobbins.
  • Presser foot grading for different...
  • Reverse function.

We find another digital sewing machine that offers excellent performance at a good price. It comes with 40 programs by default, 6 teeth of drag, and 5 different styles of automatic one-step buttonholes. In addition, it has a good visibility LCD screen and LED light for better lighting of the work area.

Among its functions is the free arm, stitches 7mm long and up to 5mm wide, straight, zigzag, elastic, overcast, embroidered, for quilting and many more; backward stitching/reinforcement stitch; as well as tension and height adjustable manually.

For a low price you can have an adjustable sewing machine, with automatic functions and ideal for general and decorative use.

6. Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine

Improved power and versatility

Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black
116 Reviews
Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black

The Japanese brand Toyota not only makes good vehicles, but also makes excellent sewing machines. This mechanical model has 34 sewing programs, 4 different buttonhole styles, zigzag stitches, extended and decorative, improved visibility of the needle, includes 5 needles for leather and 10mm presser foot.

It is easy to thread the upper thread and the stitches are adjustable in width and length. Now, keep in mind that in these Toyota machines you can only use Toyota accessories. Fortunately, the stamp and presser kits of this brand can be easily found.

This model can be home and even for professionals, since it is easy to use, it is silent and also has a good power motor for thick materials.

Why buying a sewing machine?

Sewing machines are one of those ideal tools to let our creativity and self-sufficiency flow. A good machine allows you to create perfect garments for you from scratch or even alter those that you bought and loved but that was simply not perfect in every sense of the word. Also, the pleasure of creating things with your own hands is a great thing about sewing machines.

At the same time, being able to sew your clothes, that button that went out of your shirt or take the ring to your children’s pants before your first day of classes can be expensive. A sewing machine saves that expense, since, while it will take time, it is a good source of savings. You can even let your creativity flow and make that Halloween costume that your children so much want.

The different types of sewing machines

There are two types of sewing machines. There are mechanical or manual and computerized. The former gives a feeling older school and have tremendous durability, but the truth is that they are not as fast and simple to operate as the latter.

Mechanics or manuals

They are perfect for children and beginners as they are much easier to use than digital ones and have many fewer options for sewing and patching. In fact, even if it seems contradictory, the most experts recommend them precisely because of their simplicity and the fact that they can do less things. However, they do them and they do them well.

A good sewing machine of this type offers between 12 and 14 different stitches.


They have LCD screens to select different functions, configurations and types of stitches and this is why some users see them as easier to use than manual sewing machines. In turn, the results tend to be more accurate and predictable with these digital machines.

In this category, sewing machines are capable of offering hundreds of different stitch options and some even have USB input to import styles and designs downloaded from the Internet.

Learn to choose the best sewing machine

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying a sewing machine is the type of work you want to do and the budget you have. That said, sewing machines come in a fairly varied price range and are designed for different sewing specialties.

There are small and portable to carry anywhere, as well as professionals who are perfect for working with heavier materials such as leather, shoes, handbags and bags. In turn, one that has quilting and embroidery capabilities will be more expensive.

Then, everything you need to keep in mind before choosing your ideal model:

Capacities for sewing

There are a variety of functions that affect the effectiveness of your sewing machine. Having many stitch patterns, and the possibility of adjusting the length and width of them will allow you to add personality to your projects and make more elaborate and better decorated creations.


This is measured in stitches per minute (SPM). For large and complex projects, a machine that can give about 750 is preferable. In fact, some models allow adjusting the speed and tension, which will allow you to configure your machine to work with each type of fabric that you use in your projects.

Buttonhole styles

Having a variety of styles and a proper way to make them is essential to make dresses and other types of garments. The one step only need the action of the machine without human intervention, while those of four steps need you to operate your device in a specific way.

It is important that your machine has several styles of buttonholes so you can add any type of button to your garments, as well as double needle to be able to take uniform wheels.


Many models offer needle threading, cutting and winding machines. All automatic. This will help you finish your projects more quickly and efficiently. It does not matter if you have vision problems, because these comfortable functions will do a lot of the work for you.


Most have adjustable heads to be able to sew in any direction, while those of better quality have input coils.

Also look for a model that allows free-arm sewing and add extension tables to work with garments of any type and size. In turn, having a knee lifter will allow you to adjust the pressure without having to use your hands. Finally, there are models with light to improve visibility.


The accessories help make a greater diversity of projects easier and faster. A common accessory on any sewing machine are the presser foot, which allows you to adapt to many types of projects.

Some machines include needles, lids for the reels, screwdrivers, seam rippers and cleaning brushes for your convenience. Also, if your machine will spend a lot of time without use, it is advisable to keep it under a dust cover.


With so many parts and accessories, you’re going to need a sewing machine with a good and solid guarantee, since there are electrical parts and accessories that usually have short warranties.

For maintenance, the manual of your machine will bring instructions. Anyway, there are tutorials and forums where they explain the most complicated procedures. Look for a brand with good online support.