With our lifestyle, we are more and more exposed to stress. But apart from taking heavy work, stress can also reveal an obvious selenium deficiency. The latest research has also shown that this trace element is a decisive factor in longevity, especially in the elderly. It participates in immune defence, that why is important to take a selenium supplement if it is missing in our body.

What is the best selenium supplement?

The best selenium supplement will be one whose manufacturer guarantees that each capsule contains the highest pure percentage of the mineral. Hence, its diversity, because differences are also established in terms of combinations with other natural components, which together provide greater benefits to the body.

The number of tablets is another element to evaluate. According to the time of ingestion that has been medicated and the recommended daily dose, you must select the type of presentation.

It is important that you know that there is the possibility of finding Selenium without yeast, which is extracted in an organic way that helps to provide superior absorption.

If it is cheap or expensive, the important thing is to supply the quantity that the body requires.

Selenium supplement with German formula Lineavi

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It is one of the products with the highest recommendation because it does not contain lactose, gluten or magnesium stearate. Its manufacturer ensures that a daily intake ensures the consumption of 200 milligrams of pure selenium.

Selenium supplement for vegetarians Pure Science

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A great option to offer the body a component as beneficial as selenium, because each capsule helps regulate various body processes. As it does not contain ingredients of animal origin is very sought after by vegetarians.

Selenium complex with cellular protector Solgar

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As selenium strengthens the immune system, this supplement will help you receive the necessary dose for the body to enjoy vitality. It is economic and as a brand, it has been recognized for 70 years.

Plant Selenium Supplement Now Foods

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As prevention is the key to action in any pathology, many people consume this great supplement to avoid complications that genetics can develop. In addition, it is perfect for skin and hair.

Nutrition supplement with Selenium and Vitamin E Mega Food

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Offer all the cells of the body and even your blood circulation a complex that will undoubtedly provide you with the necessary amount of this supplement to keep them balanced and healthy, effectively.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a mineral that can be found in soil, water and in certain foods that we include in our daily diet. It is recommended for people who have some deficiency of this component.

It is considered a natural antioxidant that has a number of beneficial effects on the human body. It is essential for the formation of prostaglandins, which are essential to maintaining the correct movement of the blood. They usually mix it with vitamin C to stimulate growth and strengthen the immune system.

Selenium can be obtained inorganic and organic. The first is found in the soil and plants, while the second is found in animals. Both can be consumed by a human being.

food with selenium

Natural sources of selenium

Selenium is found in plants that grow in soils rich in this mineral. In addition, there are numerous products enriched with this element. It is found in bread, cereals, fish, meats, and eggs. It is an antioxidant, helps neutralize free radicals, induces apoptosis, stimulates the immune system and intervenes in the functioning of the thyroid gland.

When to take a Selenium supplement?

The stress is more and more trying and our way of living and eating does not help to reduce it. The selenium supplement is indicated for people who are prone to stress. Also acts against free radicals by stimulating the production of the enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. Free radicals are responsible for early ageing and degeneration of our cells. 

Combined with antioxidants like zinc or vitamin E, Selenium is very effective in reducing your wrinkles and age spots. When you are taking a vitamin C cure, a selenium intake can also help you better fix vitamin C. This supplements also improve the immune system. 

Studies have shown the positive effect of selenium on the health of people with HIV. Selenium helps fight all kinds of resistant viruses. And finally, taking a food supplement rich in Selenium is also important during pregnancy to ensure the normal development of the child, and in particular of the nervous system.


Selenium is a delicate element. The daily need for a normal person is around 1µg / kg of body mass. The intake that a dietary supplement must provide is then set at 30 µg / day for a man and 20 µg / day for a woman. It is only in case of immunosuppression that the dose can be increased to 400µg per day. In any case, beyond this threshold, becomes a poison for the human organism. Also, note that you can get some of the Selenium from egg yolks and seafood.

Benefits in selenium consumption

For the thyroid

It has been shown that supplement increases the production of active thyroid hormone and reduces the risk of the disease.


Because antioxidants are chemicals that protect the body from cell damage by absorbing free radical compounds, selenium supplements contain this property and therefore act to reduce the risk of heart or metabolic disease.


In combination with the antioxidant, it has the property to act in the inflammation of any part of the body.


It perfectly serves as a complementary treatment in viral infections.

Help in fertility

In the case of men, it contributes to the production of healthy sperm and to increase fertility rates.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Selenium presumably influences the tumor cells by inhibiting the arrangement of the microtubules during cell division. This prevents the cancer cell from overgrowing. In studies with human liver cells, it was observed that the tumor cells partially regressed after selenium administration. The cancer-causing substances were inhibited. In addition, genes were activated that regulate the growth and division of normal cells.

Scientists also suspect that thioredoxin reductase and probably other selenoproteins regulate certain functions of the immune system. On the one hand, they stimulate the cell proliferation of white blood cells, the lymphocytes, and stimulate the formation of receptors for special signal substances of the immune system. On the other hand, selenium contains enzymes prevent inhibition of the tumor necrosis factor TNF, which hinders nucleus division or cell proliferation in a number of tumor cells.

Improves blood flow

Its consumption allows the circulatory system to work more efficiently.

Side effects

Selenium is probably safe for most people when taken orally in doses less than 400 mcg per day, in the short term.

Selenium is potentially dangerous when taken in large doses or long term. Taking doses greater than 400 mcg may increase the risk of developing toxicity. Taking lower doses over the long term may increase the risk of developing diabetes. Large doses can cause serious side effects, including nausea, vomiting, nail changes, loss of energy, and irritability. Poisoning by long-term use is similar to arsenic poisoning. This includes symptoms such as hair loss, white horizontal streaks on the nails, inflammation of the nails, fatigue, irritability, nausea, vomiting, the smell of garlic and a metallic taste.

Selenium can also cause muscle pain, tremors, dizziness, flushing, blood clotting problems, liver and kidney problems and other side effects.


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