When it comes to running belt, you are certainly spoiled for choice. Indeed, the market is full of many brands which all try to stand out by offering original models. Of course, the abundance of the offer sometimes complicates the choice! To help you find the accessory that suits you, here is a selection of the best running belts that have proven to be effective and that are ranked among the best on the market.

The best running belts in comparison

In this comparison, we will show you a series of products that have managed to position themselves in the market. The differences are established by the capacity, colours, fabrics and resistance.

Before selecting, review the following aspects in each option:

  • Comfort: Worth those that allow you to exercise or a long walk without discomfort in the waist. The idea is that it is a very light accessory.
  • Secure fit: Before selecting, we recommend that you measure your waist so that you do not buy any inappropriate ones. Although there are those who make for size, it is best to choose the adjustable strap.
  • Hydration: The bottle cover is essential for athletes because they use it as a hydration belt. In the case of another use, you can choose something simple.
  • Storage: This aspect is the most observation. The number of pockets and compartments vary widely. Check precisely the one that most closely matches your needs.

1. FunFitness sports belt

This running belt is strong, strong and wide. Perfect so you can comfortably carry the water bottle, gels, energy bars and even the cell phone. It is made of flexible material to ensure its fit. Available from size XS to XL. It is recommended to buy one size more than just.

2. MyCarbon running belt

It is a multifunctional option. It comes with four pockets with compartments so you can organize the items you must have while you train. On both sides, you can adjust the water bottle. It has as a headphone port to enjoy music. It is adjustable and reflective material for night use.

3. Fanny pack for running Mosslian

It stands out because it has large pockets with the capacity to protect sports and personal objects. It is made of neoprene, which is a lightweight and comfortable water-resistant material. The strap is adjustable in waists up to 123 centimetres. The design includes a rubber band to not move or hang.

4. Sport belt with Tagvo reflective patch

Large storage capacity but low volume. It is very wanted to go for a walk the dog, cycling, hiking, travel, camping, climbing or for a walk without having to carry the bag or backpack. The straps are wide and elastic to adjust to the waist. The zippers are unbreakable.

5. Skysper waist pack

It is perfect for conservative styles. It is made of a material called Oxford, which is strong and lightweight. Easy to clean and adjust to the waist. It comes with five compartments to organize the items you must carry. The belt is adjustable and its closures are strong and hermetic.

6. FlipBelt – FB0130 Reflective waist bag

It is an extraordinary running belt that allows you to place the essential objects immobile, magnet-like on the inside. It is a single pocket with four openings, two forward and two back. It has no zippers and is made with breathable materials. It comes with a reflective band for night use.

7. Lycra Moko waist bag

This option made of resistant lycra is available in a dozen colours. Your pocket has several compartments for storing small items. Although it does not bring to water the bottle of water is one of the most recommended by athletes. It does not move, adjusting perfectly. The zipper is of good quality.

8. Waist bag for men Dakinе

A functional and resistant running belt, for the materials with which it was manufactured. It has a double zipper for two large compartments. It is considered in colour and style type 80s. The tape is strong and adjustable nylon. It comes in four colours. In the fitness line is perhaps the cheapest.

9. Lc Prime running belt

You will love this running belt in case you are used to carrying many things when training or walking, with a capacity of up to two kilos. Bring an area for the water bottle and the mobile. It is a modern model made of resistant Nylon. It has 3 pockets and adjustable belt.

Belly pack or bracelet? This is a very common question among athletes. Some people prefer fanny packs because they are designed to be worn at the waist during long days of exercises or walks and are prepared to absorb the heat of the body, keeping important objects. Those who tilt their preference towards bracelets is perhaps because they are looking for something simpler and practical to access their iPhone. In these cases should make sure you have a good velcro because many do not have more resistance to support the weight and end up damaged these expensive devices.

If what you want to guarantee a little more security of your belongings, it is better to lean over some of these fanny packs. As you may have noticed, many have been designed to provide comfort, without bothering you when walking or running. Whether it is very economical or expensive, the important thing is that they fulfil their special function of comfortable protection.