For those who want everything automatic, know that there are sensor bins that run on batteries and that open automatically as soon as you approach the lid. These bins are very practical, but not very ecological due to the use of batteries. To stay in ecology and respect for the environment, it should be noted that now there are models of kitchen trash that are designed to facilitate selective sorting. These rubbish bins are well designed while being very practical with lots of compartments to make sorting easier. It is always possible to select a sensor bin for your kitchen.

What is the best sensor bin?

If you are already determined then get down to work! The first thing is to make a comparison of cost and quality. It is also useful to do a performance test of the different containers that you can get in the market.

In the end, you will have to choose an economic model that is convenient for your requirements.

We elaborate this brief guide of suggestions where, surely, you will find many options that will be useful to you.

1. Rubbish bin with semicircular sensor Simplehuman

simplehuman ST2010 45L Semi-Round Sensor Bin with Plastic Lid, Brushed Stainless Steel with Grey...
  • Infrared fields sense the area above and in front of the bin so it opens automatically with just the wave of your hand
  • A planetary gear system transfers speed to torque for smooth, consistent lid operation
  • At 52 db., our bin is 50% quieter than the competition's
  • The outer lid lifts up for easy access to the liner, no need to remove the top of the bin or fumble with a bucket. When you're...
  • Protects stainless steel from fingerprints and germs

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Simple rubbish bin comes with a semicircular motion sensor that will allow you to dispose of rubbish without any contact with the lid and bucket.

It is a sensor bin with a 45-litre capacity. It is not cheap, but it is a high-quality model, made of stainless steel, water-resistant and luxurious.

2. Tower T838001T Sensor bin for Kitchen

Tower T838001T Square Sensor Bin with Fingerprint Proof Coated Exterior, Titanium,Large
  • HANDS FREE OPENING: The bin lid automatically opens with one swift hand motion, for smart and hygienic waste disposal
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Large 75L capacity is perfect for busy households
  • BIN FRESHENER COMPARTMENT: Add scented bin freshener of your choice to the compartment to keep your bin smelling fresh
  • BIN LINER RETAINING RING: This keeps the bin liner in position to prevent mess and makes it easier to replace
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY: Robust stainless steel body with colour coating for a long-lasting reliable kitchen essential

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Equipped with infrared touchless technology this sensor bin has a rectangular shape and removable top cover, you can dispose of the rubbish in it, without touching it.

It comes with a rubbish bag retainer ring and is capable of supporting bags of up to 75 litres in weight.

It is high priced, but it is a fairly stable accessory, solid and made with resistant materials of very good quality, it is a good investment for a durable product.

3. D4P Display4top Automatic Touchless rubbish sensor bin

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When reviewing the domestic rubbish bin, we have seen this model with capacity for 50 litres and sensor system that opens at an angle of 20 ° when detecting rubbish. It is affordable, lightweight, easy to use, minimalist and very elegant.

You find it available in silver, black and grey. If you have a trendy kitchen, this accessory combines very well with space because it has neutral colours. It also fits perfectly in bathrooms and common areas.

4. Bin with TecTake opening sensor 50 litres

TecTake Automatic Sensor DUSTBIN - Different Sizes - (50L Stainless Steel)
  • Automatic waste bin with 50 liters of volume, choose from different models
  • Infrared sensor to detect movement for open and close the lid
  • Opens automatically when approached, close automatically
  • Requires 3 type DC 1,5 Volt batteries (not included in delivery)
  • removable lid

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Manufactured with a luxurious, modern and practical design, this model is the least expensive of the selection.

It is a product of standard size, made of good stainless material, with a sensor of opening, a shutdown function and automatic closing so that you do not have to make any contact with the lid.

It comes with an LED function indicator and you can even put it to work manually if you turn off the sensor. Works with 1.5 V batteries

5. Kitchen Move Sensor Bin

KITCHEN MOVE BAT-58LS06 AS Poubelle Automatique de Cuisine Carré Finition Chrome Inox 40 x 28 x 67...
  • Rectangular automatic kitchen bin with strapping capacity 58L model MAJESTIC in stainless steel mirror polished finish Dimensions:...
  • Stainless steel body (0.4 mm) and ABS lid. Requires 4 x LR20 batteries (not included). ON/OFF button (to keep the lid open)....
  • Smart bin works with an infra-red system and prevents you from contacting the bin lid. Practical and hygienic, the lid opens and...
  • The lid can be kept open thanks to the OPEN/CLOSE buttons (for extended opening). Its smooth materials (non-corrosive stainless...
  • More than a trash can, a designer furniture. It is not useful to bend down to throw away its waste. Stable bin Non-slip base....

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The Kitchen Move manufacturer’s bin is the ideal device if you want to recycle waste. It is manufactured in a solid anti-fingerprint material, which avoids contact with the lid while maintaining your spaces without bad odours. It supports 58-litre bags.

It has a reasonable cost and according to the opinion of those who already bought it is a very efficient, comfortable and light product that combines with the spaces where it is placed thanks to its neutral colour.

6. Morphy Richards Kitchen Sensor Bin

Morphy Richards Chroma 971001 Square Kitchen Bin with Infrared Motion Sensor Technology, 50 Litre...
  • MOTION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: The lid opens automatically as you get closer, then closes after 5 seconds of inactivity, for hygienic...
  • STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Features a high quality body with a non-corrosive coating to provide long-lasting durability
  • 3 BIN LINERS INCLUDED: Complete with a pleasant lemon scent, the 3 bin liners will ensure your bin smells fresh for longer
  • RETAINER RING: Keep your bin liners securely in place with the retainer ring and avoid it falling from the weight of large amounts...
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE: Receive your standard 1 year guarantee, then an additional 4 years when you register the product online within...

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What is sensor bin?

Fruit of the evolution of technology, the sensor waste bin makes life easier for anyone who produces waste. In fact, unlike traditional trash can models, the automatic trash can is designed to open by itself as soon as it detects the presence of an object or a person in its surroundings and to be closed for just a few seconds after. Powered by 3 to 6 batteries depending on the model, these types of trash cans operate essentially thanks to infrared sensors which allow them to identify the presence or not of objects or people in their immediate perimeter and to open or close by the result.

However, the automatic system set to close a few seconds after opening does not always make it easier for those who want to throw a lot of waste, the automatic bins are also equipped with a manual mode which will temporarily deactivate the automatic closing.

rubbish bin

Reasons to buy a touchless rubbish bin?

Nowadays technology has made daily functions less annoying and cumbersome, taking out the rubbish, for example, that now will look like a real amusement park with a rubbish bin that you will not even have to touch. There are many reasons that support your decision to get one of these paper mills, here we explain:

  • Hygiene: It is a great advantage where you look. In the first place, when discarding without touching you will not have to be wasting time washing your hands every two times and you can, calmly, continue in what you were. Also, the less you touch it, the fewer germs will run through your house and if you have small children, so much the better!
  • Durability and cost: Generally, these hands-free rubbish bins are made of very resistant materials, almost always made of stainless steel, so they will last you forever with the proper care. Unlike plastic buckets that tend to break over time. You will not have to spend money every time to replace a new one. The hands-free being more resistant are more expensive, but it is an investment that you will make only once. If you look at it carefully, spending a lot will save you more money than spending a little every so often.
  • Style: Now the fashion is that in the house you have a modern, renovated kitchen, with avant-garde decorations and even elements of landscaping, this scenario is a plastic cube out of tune. So a free-hand cube, with its elegant designs, can easily be mixed with the decoration of your kitchen and is at the same time an aesthetic element that adds value to the view when at the same time it takes you out of trouble.

Types of rubbish bins

In the market you will find an infinity of cubes, each according to your needs and preferences, here we explain the most popular:


It is the most common and simplest of all. In this you must open the lid with your hands. Some more modern versions of this variety have caps that open when pressed by hand or if you push a touch bar that comes incorporated.

These are cheap and easy to use, but by their very nature they are not very hygienic, they are not adequate if you have pets and they are a real nuisance if your hands are busy. In some, you can even keep the lid open.

With Pedal

This works with pedals. The traditional mechanism opens the lid when you press the pedal with your feet. It is ideal for recycling because you can bring one or several compartments and, in addition, it is a good option for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

They are hygienic, you will not have to touch and consequently it will be less bad because you will not leave your prints in it. However, it also has some disadvantages: the lid is not open once you step on the pedal, the pedal mechanism tends to be damaged and only works if you are in front of the trash, in addition, some of these covers can not be opened manually.

With motion sensor

The cube has a sensor that, when activated, automatically opens the lid, they work 100% without contact. You do not even have to touch with your foot or with one hand. The sensor can activate it if you place your hand in front of the sensor, the best thing is that it is specially designed not to activate if you are only walking near the cube.

Its great advantage is that you will not need to touch it, it is comfortable and hygienic and it will give you a new dimension on recycling, its disadvantage is that it is not silent, the engine sometimes tends to break down and you should replace the batteries frequently, maybe the model Do not be pet-proof.

touchless bin

Things to consider when choosing a rubbish bin

At the time of purchase, you must take into account your needs and the use that will be given to the cube. For that it is essential that you take a look at the following qualities of the product that will surely help you to make a selection more appropriate to your interests:


Obviously not in all places the same amount of rubbish is produced, each place (and family) has its natural waste production. The trick here is that you select a cube of a good size so that you do not have to change the bag every two times, but it is not too big and difficult to fill because it would fill your spaces with bad smells and with the days the rubbish tends to break down more.

If more rubbish is produced in your house or the clan is big enough, you should go for a big one. If your family nucleus is more prone to recycling and is efficient in disposing of waste, you should be consistent and choose according to these characteristics.


If you want to make sure you do not throw your investment, you must then look for a product with guarantees.

If you make the investment in a durable model then it is best that you make sure that it is also covered and that, in case of any eventuality, you can replace it, or you will have options for repair and customer service. A guarantee will remove the hassle of having to spend more because of a defective cube that was not covered by the manufacturer.


The rubbish bins are made of different types of materials, the manufacturers have used to make various types of elements that guarantee their resistance, even in the interior to reinforce the area where the rubbish bins are placed, there are, for example, Coal liners, which is placed on the structure to protect the metal part; charcoal that prevents odours and charcoal for the lids.

You will also find hard plastic buckets, they are cheap but tend to stain and break over time. The other option is metal, it is more durable, it does not absorb odours, some are even resistant to fingerprints. They are made of stainless steel and finished in different colours. Other elements of the cube such as pedals and hinges can be metallic or plastic.

Ease of cleaning

At the time of disposal of waste, the best is practicality. You must bear in mind that, however, organized you may be, at any moment you will throw something out of the rubbish, so here you must think of something simple, with edges and smooth frames, without ridges and grooves that accumulate dirt, bacteria, bad odours and, in addition, they are difficult to clean.

automatic rubbish Bin uk

Easy to use

You do not need a PhD precisely to know how to use rubbish bin no matter how modern and technological it is.

They are intuitive and easy-to-use products, they work with a simple pedal mechanism and hinges to open the lid or, in the most modern case, with sensors that will prevent you from even touching the cube.


Has not it happened to you that you see on the internet funny videos of pets making rivulets in the kitchen? Well, when it happens to you it will not be as fun as in the videos of the network, so if you have dogs or cats, it is advisable to avoid these wrongs and go for a resistant hinge model on the lid and a strong mechanism to keep the lid tightly closed, and, if possible, enough weight to keep the bucket standing, during some mischief.

Size and shape

According to your kitchen, you can select a cube of great length or one, rather wide. According to the dimensions of the space, you should think very carefully which option will work best for you. If for example, you want to be able to place your cube behind a small cupboard, under the countertop or in some space between the fridge and the cabinets, then the size is a characteristic that you must analyze with care.

The standardized forms are rectangular and square, if you have some specific space for your wastebasket you should make sure it fits well in the place you have thought of placing it. However, if you do not have any idea of ​​that and you want your cube to be part of the decoration, among the variety you will find different sizes.

Solid frame

Do not buy models that can break and filter the rubbish. That’s really disgusting and unhygienic, so you should go for models with mesh, slotted shell or with a weak inner lining.

Tight lid

This option will be of great importance and great interest because it will prevent the filtering of bad odours and also keep your children and pets away from the rubbish bin.


There are cubes of different sizes that house different volumes of rubbish. A standard pick up to 70 litres, you will also find larger and smaller, but if your whim is one, in particular, you may have problems finding measures not adjusted to the standard volumes.

How much cost sensor rubbish bin?

If you don’t have a big budget to buy an automatic rubbish bin, be aware that it is possible to find this type of bin at a reasonable price. It is however very important to carry out thorough research to find the best possible price if it is what you wish. You just have to browse the websites on this subject. You can then compare, which price is the best, and especially compare the products with their advantages and disadvantages. You can even find other kitchen accessories at low prices. Many stores will often offer big discounts so always be on the lookout. You can also buy your sensor bin directly online.