Choosing the best rowing machine is not easy. Therefore, it is important to have a minimum of knowledge on the different types of models available and know the important criteria to take into account before making the purchase. Indeed, you will find on the market a large number of models offering various types of resistance, quality, robustness.

If each rowing machine is unique and has its own characteristics, you should also know that each can have advantages and disadvantages. In order to help you make the best choice, we have prepared this rowing comparison guide in which you will discover, among other things, what this fitness machine really is, how it works, what are the advantages of using it, etc. Follow all of our advice and choose the perfect model according to your needs.

What is the best rowing machine?

To look for a good machine, you must be clear about the use that you will give to the team.

If you are athletes dedicated to the discipline of rowing a professional machine will suit you. If you are only looking for a way to exercise as completely as possible, then with home use you will be fine.

At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to your levels of concentration during the exercise. If you do not like the scandal, you must choose a model that does not make much noise, in which case you would agree with a hydraulic or magnetic paddle.

If among your preferences is a more fluid device, then you would agree to air rowers.

An apparatus with adjustable resistances and a real paddling sensation can also help you to better training. A comparison can be a solution when choosing. If you still do not look at things clearly, maybe this list can help you.

Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine

The Sportstech machine is controlled through intelligent devices, it has 16 training systems and fluid rowing pulleys for you to exercise in silence.

It is a high performance, fully automated machine ideal for high-performance athletes because it strengthens back, legs, belly and improves posture, offers complete exercises with varying degrees of difficulty.

It comes equipped with transport wheels, it is large, heavy and based on cardiovascular frequency training, with a pulse belt.

It is not a cheap device at all, but it is certainly a great investment. It has five years of guarantee.

Skandika Regatta Oxford Pro SF-1150

If you are interested in exercising all the muscles with a single exercise routine, you may need this efficient machine.

It is ideal equipment for those who are dedicated to the discipline of rowing as a sport and even for those who are looking for a way to exercise their muscle groups in depth. It is foldable and has extra long aluminium rails.

In addition, it has a magnetic braking system with an oscillating mass of motor control. It can be controlled through smart devices and supports up to 120 kilograms.

Rowing Machine V-Fit Tornado Air

The V-Fit brand brings you this machine suitable for beginners and even for medium levels where you can train completely and efficiently.

You will notice that it is a homemade device, however, that is why it is not less complete. It is ideal if you like fitness life.

With a single button, you will see that you have up to six functions on your computer screen, which will make your job easier.

Those who have already purchased it stands out for its air resistance, great efficiency and simplicity in assembly. Due to its dimensions, it is suitable for people of stature. Here you can feel comfortable when exercising.

Christopeit Cambridge II rowing machine

With traction system cable made of latex, this machine is the most recommended for chest exercise.

You will also find a complete pass to strengthen the upper part of your body, muscles of the shoulders, back, arms and legs.

One of its main qualities is the large screen that has where you can read the time of your training, burning calories and even offers information about possible strokes.

It is an economic device, for domestic use, ideal for exercise at home. It supports users of up to 100 kg. It comes with user manual.


Equipped with a polycarbonate water tank.

It is precisely the tank, one of its great advantages since it will give you a feeling of real paddling with difficulty level adjustable to different levels

It comes with a console that shows you the calorie consumption and the heart rate. With this device, you will also have the opportunity to establish coordination in which you can control time, number of strokes and rhythm signal.

It is a solid device, of good quality and resistant. The manufacturer gives you two years of warranty.

SportPlus Indoor Rower machine

This model is equipped with a quiet magnetic brake system for a comfortable and smooth ride. It includes six pre-installed training programs with resistance on 8 levels. Its computer with its LCD screen provides information about each workout such as distance travelled, time, calories burned, heart rate and the number of strokes. It also includes a comfortable seat on ball bearings. This rower model is foldable and has built-in casters for easy transport. Users highlight ease of installation and a variety of training programs.

What is a rowing machine?

The indoor rowing machine is a device specially designed to perfectly simulate the action performed during the rowboat. It is mainly used by athletes practising this sport for their training during bad weather. However, in recent years, the rower has become a sport in its own right thanks to its many benefits in the same way as the exercise bike, the elliptical trainer, the motorized treadmill, the stepper, the aerobic, the cardio machines training, the weight bench, the pull-up bar, the jump rope or any other device for building muscle.

The modern rowing machine can also be called an ergometer (device measuring the amount of work done) because it measures the amount of energy used by the rower (the person who rows) during his bodybuilding fitness sessions. Almost complete, equipment cardio strength training is working nearly 85% of muscle mass. You will also have the opportunity to train your cardiovascular system. Despite the appearance of different types of weight machines and fitness accessories on the market, the rower remains the best in the field of cardio training. For regular or intensive use, this device allows a better mass gain, lasting weight loss, regulation of the heart rate and especially muscle work or work of different muscle groups.

As a rule, a rower consists of a frame, a beam, a lifter (more precisely handles serving as oars), a sliding seat on a rail system, a footrest, a console (LCD screen allowing easier control of the exercises and displaying all the related data) and a resistance system.

Different types of rowing machines

There are different types of rowing machines to allow you to do different targeted exercises.

Flywheel Rowing Machines

This type of rowing machine is particularly recommended for cardio and endurance exercises. It allows asymmetry of movements, which helps to develop a harmonious musculature on the whole body. This device is silent and its handling is intuitive. The right rhythm between flexion and extension is quickly found during the first sessions. The flywheel rowing machine allows a complete work of the body because it solicits both the upper muscles and the lower muscles. It consists of a single oar (handle).

Hydraulic Rowing Machines

The hydraulic rowing machine also has 2 oars, it allows for horizontal movement. This rowing machine is more complicated to use because the movements are partially guided, which makes it the closest device to rowing. The particular movement of the hydraulic rowing machine implies a greater opening of the rib cage due to the amplified movements of the arms. The back and shoulder muscles are therefore more stressed. This rower is also not suitable for tall people and professional athletes.

Benefits of the rowing machine

The use of the rowing machine at home is a good alternative to the use of machines present in the local gym. You do not have to be a great fitness expert or a top athlete to be able to use this kind of equipment.

Improves cardiovascular exercise

Rowing is excellent for the heart and lungs because it puts every group of important muscles in your body to work. That causes your heart to pump more blood to the muscle tissue to provide energy and nutrients to the cells.

Increase total muscular body strength and endurance

When you pray, you can, in fact, increase both muscle strength and endurance (although the latter is the main beneficiary). This is due to the repetitive push and pulled against the resistance.

Low impact

Your foot stays in contact with the pad and your hands maintain contact with the handles, reducing the chances of accidents in the ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, or shoulders.

It can be practised individually or in groups

As with real practice, this exercise can be done individually or in groups (an alternative that is gaining momentum worldwide).

Relatively low cost

Whether you buy a unit for the home or use one at the gym, the investment is relatively low when compared to other cardio equipment. Some models can be obtained for less than 300 pounds, although the quality and price are intimately related.


Not all of us have a lake or river nearby – not to mention the boat. These machines are available in almost all gyms, and it is not necessary to have to wear a lifejacket or know how to swim.

Things to consider when choosing a home rowing machine?

Before making the purchase of a rowing machine, you must take into account several selection criteria. Certainly, the rowing machine is a complete device that allows you to work all your muscles simultaneously. However, not all rowing machines are created equal. To make the right choice, you will need to take into account your weight loss or training goals, the type of use you plan to make of them (warm-up, daily training, fitness, weight loss, preparation physical), the frequency of use (intensive, regular) as well as your budget.


In addition to the comfort of use which is essential, the comfort of storage is also necessary for the choice of your home rowing machine. We do not all have the possibility of having a place reserved for our sport. Some rowing machines have casters that will make it easier for the machine to move. It is also possible to find rowing machines who fold to save space when not in use. In most cases, these rowers save so much space that it is then possible to store them in a cupboard.
Remember to check that your rowing machine has a level compensator. This option is all the more necessary as it will guarantee better stability when using the rower. The practise of a sport will be all the more pleasant.

Noise level

Some indoor equipment is noisier than others. But a silent machine is not necessarily for everyone. Some people appreciate the thunderous noise as a kind of support to feel that they are working hard.

Maximum user weight

These products can usually support a heavier weight than most other machines. There are fewer moving parts that can be affected by heavier users.

Easy for storage

Not all rowing machines offer the same comfort of storage and use. Thus, you must check whether the device is fitted with transport rollers to facilitate movement or whether it is fitted with a level compensator which ensures better stability. In the case of a small apartment or a small room, the foldable rowing machine, like the folding exercise bike, is highly recommended. Indeed, the latter is compact and is also easy to store.


Most good products come with a very useful computer that tells you information such as distance travelled, time and calories burned.

Equipped with a display, you can directly evaluate the effort provided. The screen displays data such as the elapsed time, the number of oars made per minute or the number of calories expended. This information can be motivating during exercise.

Easy to assemble

Surely you want to assemble your machine only once, but this time is not a nightmare. Verify that it is easy to install.

Type of resistance

These products come in four different types of resistance systems. Air, water, hydraulic and magnetic piston. Each of them has unique benefits and characteristics that the people who paddle will find useful depending on their individual needs.

Rowing is a rhythmic sport where the slow and fast phases alternate. With the home rowing machine, it is recommended to observe this same alternation for better performance. When set to low intensity, you feel like rowing with a smooth competition boat. At high intensity, the sensation is the same as that felt on a large rowing boat. If you want to make intensive use of your home rowing machine, it is better to choose one that offers different levels of resistance.


You should carefully examine the exercise goals you want to achieve with your rower before buying one. Some are designed to help in a specific type of goal, while others focus on other areas.


This is a very important factor if you weigh more than 110 kg since most of the cheaper option cannot support this weight.


The rail that the rower moves as you exercise is a key part of its construction because it receives a large part of the force during the operation. It should be made of some sturdy material such as stainless steel or solid wood.

Fixed vs. Folding

A fixed unit does not fold up for storage, so you’ll need plenty of space to accommodate it (although they tend to be more durable). Folding equipment does exactly what its name implies: it folds to optimize space.

Seat, handles and footrest

You must be sure that the model you will acquire provides the necessary comfort when sitting and holding, preferably that it is padded with some type of foam rubber.