If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to cut paper, a rotary cutter is an ultimate solution to your problem. Whether private or professional, this machine is very useful for handling paper in everyday life. This type of document shredder will delight countless people with its ease of use and its straight cut of the document. Thanks to its particular design, it helps you to cut a large number of sheets with more precision.

What is the best rotary cutter?

If you want to buy the best rotary cutter in the market, you have to evaluate your specific needs and make a comparison with the advantages of each brand and how satisfied your expectations and needs will be with the chosen product.

Although the same verb is used, cutting a piece of vinyl does not compare to the action of cutting a giant quilt or a piece of fluffy leather; just as it is not the same to cut in a straight line than to cut very tight curves. For each case, there is a suitable tool.

Fiskars pivoting rotary cutter

Average size

45mm diameter blade adapts well to any project. Ergonomic pivoting handle rotates smoothly to offer operator comfort, useful for long periods of time. Popular, economical and easy to handle.

Gingher rotary cutter

Rated as the best

It is not the cheapest of cloth cutters, but its comparative advantages lie in a balanced design for optimal tool handling. It is used to cut several layers of fabric, paper, felt and even vinyl.

Rotary cloth cutter Rcutter-01 Driffy

It also serves to cut paper

Safe to use by the manufacturer’s forecasts to protect the blade. It guarantees precision when cutting, thanks to its steel and titanium blades of high resistance. It is the most economical in the market.

My Comfort TC60C TrueCut fabric cutter

Unique and ergonomic design

This circular cloth cutter is a jewel for straight cuts. 60mm diameter blade allows quick cutting. The unique handle fits the wrist. It is useful for upholstery or lingerie.

Prym fabric cutter

Special for cutting quilts

Manual cloth cutter with very functional safety system if children are nearby. The 45mm rotary cutter is very versatile, easy to use and replace. Super useful in any tool drawer.

Rotary cloth cutter RTY3 / NS Olfa

For long and precise cuts

Rotary cutter with circular blade something useful for any DIY or sewing enthusiast. Precision and neatness in the cuts will give you top quality results in any project.

What is a rotary cutter?

It is a tool composed of a blade or circular blade that rotates on an axis integrated to a handle and serves to facilitate the cutting of fabric and other materials, neat and practically perfect. Although there are models with a straight blade, the most popular cutter is the rotary.

Even if the cutter is not new, it remains essential everyday equipment whether at the office or at home during creative leisure operations. The idea is largely evolving since the machine is not only used in printing. It especially finds its place in companies today. The rotary cutter is one of the most popular office supplies.

At school, it is also considered to be both practical and effective school supplies. In most times, the material is accompanied by other professional equipment such as staplers, binding or punching machine, labelling machine, laminator, folder, counting machine, multifunction printer and many others.

As technology advances, manufacturers continue to introduce countless models of the latest innovation. The cutter comes in several types, namely manual, electric and automatic. To properly choose a cutter during acquisition, it is essential to examine the following parameters:

How to choose the best rotary cutter?

If it is the favourite tool of upholsterers and lingerie manufacturers, it is intuited that it is very useful and practical. However, it is convenient to consider certain elements that can help us choose the best rotary cutter so that we can undertake any project with the necessary for a professional finish.

Size of the blade

The size of the blade will make a difference in the final result. The standard sizes are 18mm for small curves, 45mm for almost any cut, and 60mm for straight cutting and wide curves. Sometimes it is convenient to have all 3 sizes to work without limitations.

Covers and security locks

There are people who avoid buying a product with little security, and if they are cloth cutters, caution is essential. No project, however interesting and exciting, deserves to literally leave the skin on it.

Choosing a cutter with a safety device will make a big difference to operate without fear and stop using it without worrying that a child, or an animal, could get hurt by contact with the tool.

Handle type

rotary cutter
Image credit: peekaboopages

The handles or handles can be curved, straight, ergonomic or padded. When they are very bulky they prevent visualizing the blade and it can be riskier to operate them. Comfort is also very important, as is the possibility of exerting strong pressure on the handle without breaking it. Evaluate and compare what is useful for you.

Blade material

The material of the blade will make a difference in the quality of the product and of the cut. A good new blade will cut up to six layers of cloth in one pass, thereby avoiding the energy expense of using an electric fabric cutter. The most efficient blades are made of tungsten or carbon steel.

Accessories for rotary cutters

An essential accessory for a cloth cutter: a cutting board. In addition to enough replacement blades and a good cutting board, they will help make the job simple, practical and convenient. Another super useful accessory is a ruler and several squares for curves.