Whatever the reason, whether it is because of a disability, after an accident or just because age has done its work, we may all one day have to buy a rollator walker.

For those who are not yet faced with the question does not arise, but for those who are already looking for this type of product, which models to choose and why?

Indeed the choice is not so simple quite the contrary. Although this type of product is intended to make our daily lives easier, his choice remains a real headache.

What is the best rollator walker?

Knowing the necessary details about the qualities that a good walker for the elderly should have is very important that you make a test that allows you to select, in a single device, all those characteristics that you must have for the comfort of your user.

Having a purchase guide, with which you can make comparisons between one and the other, is never the case. We did a review of different walkers that you can find and here we leave you this small list of suggestions, where you will surely find the right one.

Folding Four Wheel Rollator walker – Days

DAYS Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator, Mobility Walker with Padded Seat, Lockable Brakes and...
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminium four wheeled rollator engineered to stringent standards with a weight capacity of 165 kg/26 st
  • 3 year warranty for added peace of mind and comprehensive spares availability
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles make the rollator ideal for anyone with a weak grip or arthritis
  • Folds easily for storage or transport and supplied with a built in rest seat and durable carry bag as standard.
  • Height adjustable with 5 height settings at 25 mm/1 inch intervals and simple to use loop push lockable brakes

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Some people do not like the dimensions of conventional walkers; that they find too large. Here they will not have this problem. This folding Days walker is decidedly discreet. It has 4 wheels but also has a comfortable seat and a backrest. Under the seat, a behaviour allows storing different small personal belongings.

The wheels are guaranteed anti-puncture, for optimal safety. The ergonomic handles are adjustable in height from 2.5 to 2.5 centimetres. The aluminium frame gives it ideal protection against rain. The walker is foldable. In hard blue and black, this comfort device makes it easy to move, whether inside or outside a house.

Walker with brakes Homecraft 91169945

Days Four Wheeled Rollator Walker with Cable Brakes, Padded Seat and Backrest, Underseat Basket,...
  • Lightweight four wheeled walking aid with lightweight but strong aluminium frame with a maximum user weight of 160 kg/25 st
  • Simple to operate loop brakes, to secure stopping and lock into place for security
  • Height adjustable contoured handles ensure a comfortable ergonomic position while walking to aid mobility
  • A padded seat and backrest allows you to easily take a break when you need to. A zippered pocket on the underside of the seat is...
  • The handy basket for carrying shopping and other items comes as standard and can hang under the seat or to allow the rollator to...

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It is the most economical walker on our list. It is resistant equipment, made with aluminium tubular materials, has about 7 kg of weight and supports up to 160 kg. It is suitable for users up to 1.85 meters high.

It is available in two versions: one with a brake lever in the form of a loop that works with a mechanism similar to that of the brakes of a bicycle and another with pneumatic brakes that blocks the walker when it is stopped.

It has a comfortable seat to rest on long trips and a basket under the seat that allows storing medicines and personal effects.

One of the most striking qualities of this equipment is its comfort: it has a piece that can be used as back support and has adjustable ergonomic height handles

It is a practical, comfortable and folding equipment with pleasing design insight. You get it in two shades of red: quartz and ruby.

Aluminium lightweight Rollator Walker

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With a weight of about 7 kg, this four-wheeled walker with high-strength material, also has a handle, backrest and adjustable seat at the height of the user.

This device will allow the user to move with dexterity since it has a brake system that is controlled from the frame when the user walks and that are blocked when sitting to avoid unwanted displacements or falls. Its freewheeling wheels also offer better mobility.

It also brings a basket under the comfortable and firm chair, has the right dimensions to move without a problem within small spaces and is completely foldable, so you can store and move easily. It is an affordable model and is available in black and metallic grey.

Drive R8 Aluminium Rollator with Seat

DRIVE DEVILBISS HEALTHCARE R8 Red Aluminium Rollator with Padded Seat and Vinyl Underseat Bag
  • Very lightweight at less than 7 kg
  • Height adjustable: 33" to 38"
  • Anatomic handgrips
  • Arthritic friendly loop cable brakes
  • Padded flip-up seat

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This model of Drive Medical is, according to those who already bought it, it is the one that offers one of the best value for money – value.

It is a resistant rollator walker, capable of supporting a weight of up to 135 kilograms. It has an adjustable height of 84 to 96 centimetres so it is suitable especially for very tall people and even for those who are obese.

It is equipped with a padded seat that facilitates long walks and a braking system that gives firmness and stability with easy-to-use ergonomic handles, even for people with osteoarthritis and with little strength.

It comes with a basket under the seat and backrest. It is foldable allowing good storage and is available in blue with black.

Aluminium walker with pressure brakes Queraltó

Walker for Seniors with Pressure Brakes
  • Braking system by Pressure of the human body.
  • Two pivoting front wheels and rear 4.
  • Made from aluminum to be lightweight.
  • With Basket, padded back and seat.

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If you are looking for a rollator walker that is practical and lightweight, this chrome Queraltó model may be the option you need. It is made with good quality materials and supports a weight of up to 110 kg.

It can be adjusted completely, a characteristic that makes it suitable for people of any size, especially for those of short stature, due to its dimensions.

It has wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees to offer greater mobility and a brake system that works under pressure in the grip. It is also equipped with a backrest, padded seat and a basket to store things.

In the opinion of those who already bought it, it is suitable equipment not only for the elderly but also for those who have mobility problems or suffer knee and ankle injuries. If you already decided to buy, this is an option that you should not stop analyzing.

Walker Medline Basic

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Like other models of a walker for the elderly, this Medilne brand is equipped with a padded seat, adjustable backrest, 6-inch swivel wheels and a discreet basket for storing personal effects.

It is an ideal equipment for people who struggle with balance or fatigue easily. It is equipped with a brake system placed on the handles for easy handling.

It is lightweight and supports a weight of up to 113 kilograms and the best! It is foldable and can be stored and moved easily. It has no low price and is available in the market in a sober purple with black.

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Why buy a rollator walker?

The usefulness of the walker is very varied, whether for the elderly, those with certain motor disabilities or those who wish to rehabilitate following an accident. Practical, easy to use and above all very secure, this type of equipment offers real balance support to prevent these people from falling while allowing them to maintain certain mobility.

Thanks to this paramedical equipment, the user will have no trouble getting up on their own and moving slowly, whether at home, on the street or even in the park. The wide variety of walkers and rollators allows everyone to adopt the one that best meets their needs.

As you can see, all walker users, whether it is a fixed or foldable model, with or without wheels, move on foot. Indeed, this device was designed to allow people with reduced mobility to continue to perform physical exercises, which is both good for the body and for morale. If they are still able to get up and walk on their own, there is no requirement to sit in a wheelchair. The prescription of a walker is then very obvious to allow to continue moving the legs while having greater autonomy.

rollator walker

Different types of walkers

The Walking Frame

It is a fixed walker, which is generally used indoors. This walker without wheels is recommended to regain self-confidence.

It allows you to stand up and move forward slowly. It is particularly stable in this type of walker you will find two categories:

The simple: 4 feet, 2 handles, it takes a little time to be really comfortable and it is not very practical to handle.
The articulated: Slightly easier to use it will allow you to move one leg after the other rather than in one block.

2 wheel walker

It is a model rather intended for the interior, easier to handle than the walking frame, since it has two wheels, it is also narrower and will allow relieving your arms while helping you to do steps.

In general, it does not have brakes, it is enough to lift it slightly but it remains fairly stable, although intended for the interior, we can do some exits but beware of the surfaces in which you will use it.

The rollator walker with 3 or 4 wheels

This type of walker reduces the efforts of the user. It is not necessary to lift it, but simply to push it. Here again, there are different variants with two, three or four wheels.

A model with two wheels is rather used for the interior. It is a good compromise between a classic frame model and a 4-wheel model. It allows you to maintain a good balance while advancing fairly easily. It is easy to handle, and the front wheels allow turning with great simplicity.

The walker with three or four wheels is more of an outdoor model. Besides, it is often provided with a paper which allows us to carry some groceries. Very handy, they have one or two multidirectional wheels allowing to move easily. They are equipped with brakes, but they require correct support and a little more skill than the models without wheels or two wheels.

Who needs a rollator walker?

Contrary to what you think a walker is not only for the elderly, although, ultimately, these are its most common users. Those who are in therapy, have mobility problems for medical reasons or have suffered injuries that prevent them from standing for a long time or walking long distances, they also need one.

The main reason why a walker is acquired is to improve mobility with better support than a cane can provide. These equipment are useful for active people who need to be outside, but whose mobility limits them walking a lot and they should sit down often.

Other users have opted for a walker because it is more durable and comfortable than the traditional one, it gives them a greater speed of movement and they do not have enough strength to lift those devices devoid of wheels.

4 wheel rollator

How to choose a Rollator Walker?

When choosing a rollator walker, the important thing is the comfort, safety and stability of its user, for this, it is necessary to take into account a series of features that will help you in choosing the right device:

The height of the handle

This is one of the most important characteristics when choosing a good walker since the height of the handle will depend if the user feels comfortable and safe to rest their weight on the device. This will depend on the height of the user. The idea is that the height of the handle measures the same as the result obtained from measuring the crease of the user’s wrists, while standing, to the ground.


It is important to take into account the height, material and shape of the seat. For example, padded and contoured seats are much more comfortable than hard plastic seats, especially considering that users of walkers are usually frail people or with injuries that need the greatest possible comfort. Similarly, it is necessary to consider whether the seat height is adjustable because this is also a comfort factor.


This is also a factor to consider if who will use it live in places with access and exit spaces of standard sizes. Most rollator walkers have dimensions of 22 inches or more, a size larger than that of any standard bathroom or bedroom door. This obstacle can be easily breakable if the device is foldable, but it must be taken into account if the user has the strength to assemble it every time he enters or leaves the bathroom. It is also useful to take this fact into account if the person is very tall, very low or has problems of obesity, in all cases the dimensions should be according to their needs and comfort.

Weight capacity

Here are two factors to consider: The weight that supports the device and what weighs the device. On the one hand, it is very important that you know how much weight the rollator supports and that way you will be able to acquire the one that best suits the needs of the user and where you can support feeling firmness and safety. On the other hand, it is vital that you know how much the appliance weighs if you have to store it, lift it to transport it or climb it up the stairs.

The number of wheels

You can get two, three and even four wheels. The two-wheelers are very similar to traditional walkers, the so-called old-style walking frames, they have a pair of wheels on the two front bars which allows slightly lift the rear end and push the walker forward easily.

There are also three-wheelers that are usually light, narrow, light, easy to steer and offer a tighter turning radius; neither the two-wheeled walkers or the three-wheeled walkers come with a seat.

There are also four-wheeled walkers that come with a seat, do not require any lift to move across the level ground and offer more accessory options than the other varieties. It is also useful that the wheels are large, 8 or more inches since this size allows the user to move better and better push the walker on uneven ground.

The maintenance of a rollator walker

There is practically nothing to do to maintain your rollator walker. We can dust it a little from time to time and clean the stains that can be done on it, if it takes the rain for example. A stroke of a damp cloth is more than enough.

For a walking frame model, we can check that the skates are still perfectly in place and are not too damaged or dirty. If dust or dirt collects underneath, then the stability will no longer be as good.

It is necessary to grease the bearings from time to time to prevent it from squeaking and that the movement is less easy and less pleasant. So there is nothing very difficult to do, even if your legs no longer allow you to run or jump as, in the past, you will have no excuse if your walker is in poor condition.