Have you tired of fighting dust, lint and hair and don’t have time or desire to sweep every day? The robot vacuum cleaner has been on the market for more than a decade and has evolved a lot in that time.

The first ones were not the most effective system in the world. They cleaned, but sometimes they stayed banging against a corner or spinning senselessly in a corner of the house.

Today you can find intelligent robots that identify the level of soil dirt and scan the house so that there isn’t even a clean base. There are those who aspire when you are not, who avoid the stairs and identify areas where you don’t want them to enter, or even pass a wet mop so you don’t have to scrub as often.

Also, prices have been democratized, and what was once an appliance only for people with great purchasing power, today begins to be of common use, with prices that can go below one hundred pounds.

In this guide, you will find the best robot vacuum cleaner in quality-price according to our expert analysts and user opinions, from basic models at low cost to those with advanced navigation system.

In the end, you will also find a useful comparison chart and a complete purchase guide so you don’t have any doubts before making your choice.

Our pick for the best robot vacuum cleaners

These are the most recommended models of today for their unbeatable value for money. Any of them is an excellent purchase, but make sure before it is the most suitable for your needs.

1. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    If you are looking for a good cleaning robot specialized in scrubbing, the Roborock S5 Max is an option to consider, because it is designed precisely for that.

    Its scrubbing mode is one of the most advanced out there. From the app, you can select the amount of water you want to use depending on the type of floor, and you can define areas that you want to vacuum but not scrub, for example, carpets.

    With its 290 ml tank, it is able to scrub a 200 square meter house in one go, and a 65-meter floor, up to three times. It is also one of the few robots that don’t scrub using the weight of the water tank on the mop, because with this method when the tank empties, the pressure drops. It has its own pressure spring that exerts a force of 300 grams regardless of the amount of water in the tank.

    This model has a suction power of 2000 Pa and, thanks to its specialized fan that rotates at 1,500 rpm, it is capable of directing the airflow towards the interior and preventing dust from dispersing throughout the house.

    2. Cecotec Conga Hoover Robot

    Cecotec Conga Hoover Robot

    While most robot vacuum cleaners offer three cleaning modes, the Conca Series 990 from Cecotec goes further and offers a 4 in 1: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs. For this, it has a small water tank of 300 ml that moistens the soil by dripping, eliminating the most difficult spots.

    Although it is comfortable, this scrubbing system is still improvable, and will not prevent you from having to pass the normal mop from time to time. Where the Conga Series 990 does respond is in daily cleaning:

    • On the one hand, it incorporates two systems -Extra power Suction Pro and Turbo Boost- to maximize suction of the robotic vacuum cleaner and guarantee results even on very dirty floors.
    • It also has a special rotating brush, which thoroughly cleans carpets and carpets.

    The control is done by means of remote control with LCD screen, which allows programming the weekly cleaning with five different modes. When the cleaning is finished, or when the battery runs out, the robot automatically returns to the charging base.

    With sensors of proximity, distance and anti-fall, the robot goes through the rooms until it is clean to the last corner.

    A little cheaper, the Conga Excellence is the previous version and has virtually the same benefits. The operating system is 2.0 (the 890 Series is 3.0), and the water tank is a bit smaller but may compensate for the price difference.

    3. iRobot Roomba 605 robot vacuum cleaner

    iRobot Roomba 605 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    We are facing the benchmark in the sector, and one of the most basic models in its catalogue. The iRobot Roomba 605 is a very simple robot vacuum cleaner at a very good price.

    However, as elementary, as it is at the programming level, it is a Roomba and with that is almost everything said: we are before an excellent robot that responds to what is expected of him.

    The three-phase cleaning system has two multi-surface brushes, a special edge brush and a powerful suction. When the battery runs out or has finished cleaning it automatically returns to the charging base.

    It works very well in homes with pets, it adapts to all types of surfaces, whether hard floors or carpets and the side brush has a 27 ° angle that guarantees total cleaning of corners and edges.

    As we say, this is one of the most basic models of the brand. It works simply by pressing the Clean button, while the Roomba 680, for example, offers the ability to schedule weekly cleaning.

    And if we compare with more advanced models such as the Roomba 960, we miss the WiFi or the possibility of scanning the entire house with a navigation system of its own to have controlled to the last corner.

    In short, without ever having a robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 605 is going to change your life. If you go over extra features and you want a simple and efficient cleaning, This one it’s perfect.

    4. Robotics Deebot

    Robotics Deebot

      With very competitive mid-range characteristics, the Deebot N79S of Robotics brand is a robot vacuum cleaner that achieves very satisfactory results, in addition to being able to schedule work sessions thanks to the application of the mobile and the control from a distance.

      The model has four operating modes: Automatic, Corners, Intensive (MAX) and Spot, the latter for cleaning specific spots in a certain area, for example, if something has spilled on the floor.

      It works with two side brushes that drag the dirt to the robotic vacuum cleaner, while the main brush takes care of the deeper cleaning, like the carpet activating the MAX mode.

      Works well on any type of surface, and responds correctly in houses with pets, thanks to the suction system without entanglement that prevents the mechanism from getting stuck (although, as with all appliances of this type, it must be cleaned and the tank emptied periodically).

      Although it doesn’t have a navigation system to map the house, it has the usual functions such as:

      • Fall protection sensors for stairs and obstacle detection to avoid colliding with furniture,
      • Automatic return to the station when the battery is running low.

      The operation is very correct, and the possibility of programming the hours of operation, even when we aren’t at home, makes the Deebot N79S Robotics Robotics a perfect ally of daily cleaning.

      5. ILIFE V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

      ILIFE V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

      iLife is a Chinese brand that is making its mark in the vacuum cleaner market, offering great features at a surprisingly low price. The V5sPro model is one of the best results obtained from its catalogue, in the price range of £150 – £200.
      Without going into high-end features such as WiFi or home navigation system, the V5sPro excels the basic functions. It offers a powerful aspiration in two speeds: normal and max, for dense carpets or pet hairs.

      But in addition, this robot has a tank of 300 ml of water that allows passing the cloth in wet, complementing the daily cleaning of the floor.

      It is possible to choose between three cleaning modes: spiral for large surfaces, normal for medium-sized rooms and manual guiding the movements from the remote control.

      The remote control allows you to program for hours, although it doesn’t distinguish between different days of the week. If you don’t want to have programming, you can put it on the brand by simply pressing the Clean button.

      It is especially interesting for small houses because if you have no place to leave the charging station in a fixed hole, you can directly plug the V5sPro into the network thanks to a simple cable.

      6. Rowenta Smart Force Essential

      Rowenta Smart Force Essential

        For those who don’t want to mess with complicated programming, the Smart Force Essential brand Rowenta is an intuitive robot vacuum cleaner, suitable even for less technical users.

        It can be used manually, with a simple play/stop button, or use the remote to program hours and operating modes. It allows to choose between three cleaning modes:

        1. Random, to move randomly through large areas;
        2. Random room, vacuumed in a specific area for short periods of time, preprogrammed to thirty minutes;
        3. Edge, for edges or corners, in which the robot moves following the sockets.

        To orient itself, it incorporates an infrared sensor technology and six anti-fall sensors. It also has bumpers to protect furniture, although the fact is that infrared do their job very well and the robotic vacuum cleaner doesn’t touch any object while working.

        With a motorized central brush and two lateral ones, the Rowenta Smart Force Essential goes great for hard floors, even the most delicate wooden ones.

        It includes a magnetic strip of two meters in length (cut-outs) that works as a virtual barrier to prevent the robot from entering concrete rooms, for example, if they are full of cables, or to prevent them from going out into the garden in houses on the ground floor.

        Also, the long-life battery (up to 150 minutes at low power) allows you to clean large surfaces in a single session.

        7. ILIFE A4s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

        ILIFE A4s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

        Another of the star models of the iLife brand, the A6 incorporates a new extra powerful suction system that works very well on all types of floors, even the thickest carpets.

        The different cleaning modes are very useful, which allow the robot’s work to be customized much more. The most typical are the Automatic mode for rooms, Edge for corners and sockets and Spot for areas with localized dirt.

        But it also includes a Manual mode, in which you guide the robot with the remote control, a Mini-room mode, which schedules the time and automatically cleans in closed rooms, ensuring that the stay is perfect.

        And of course Max mode, one of the great successes of ilife, which provides an aspirate up to five times more intense than normal, for soft or very dirty floors.

        The mechanism consists of two side brushes and a central one, made of rubber, which works beautifully with pet hair and lint.

        Finally, the battery is long-lasting, up to 140 minutes. And the charging base is the second generation, which reduces recharge times and extends battery life. It also includes:

        • Remote control to program for hours.
        • A virtual wall to prevent the robot from entering specific areas.
        • And, of course,  anti-fall and anti-obstacle sensors.

        8. iRobot Roomba 680 robot vacuum cleaner

        iRobot Roomba 680 robot vacuum cleaner

        iRobot is the leading brand in the vacuum cleaner market. The Roomba isn’t the cheapest but they have become the reference that all manufacturers have in mind. In fact, it has become generic of this type of appliances: no matter the brand, one has “a Roomba” at home.

        The iRobot Roomba 680 meets the standards of the brand in terms of quality of construction and finishes. Although there are other models with more technological extras (for example the Roomba 960), the internal mechanism and the quality of the brushes are the same in all models so there will be no complaint in the daily operation.

        In addition to starting up with a simple button, this robot allows you to program the next seven days, automating cleaning even when we aren’t at home.

        It works well on any house floor, thanks to a self-adjusting system that adjusts the height of the brush to clean hard floors or thick carpets.

        And although it doesn’t map the entire house exhaustively, it has a Dirt Detect system that alerts the robot to work more thoroughly in the dirtiest areas of the house, such as the passage areas.

        All this, combined with a set of sensors that guide the Roomba 680 under and around the furniture, guarantees cleanliness even in the most hidden corners.

        9. XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

        XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

        As the Xiaomi brand has accustomed us, its Mi Robot Vacuum presents a price that, although it doesn’t turn it into a cheap vacuum cleaner, is more than adjusted for everything it offers.

        It is the renewal of its predecessor, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which improves mainly in suction power (2,000 Pa), with a lower noise level, and the new scrubbing function thanks to the microfiber mop that it has incorporated into its base and the 100ml water tank that moistens it.

        These are some of the most remarkable features:

        • Its intelligent cleaning system creates a virtual map of the house to use in each use and perform the work in the most efficient way possible.
        • Its 12 sensors (collision, slope, ultrasonic, accelerometer, gyroscope) do a great job and even allow the Xiaomi robot to adjust its height to better suck soil dirt.
        • The laser sensor placed at the top of the device is responsible for scanning the environment creating a 360º image of the room.
        • Also, the device can be easily controlled through its Mi Home app.

        Regarding your battery, you will not suffer or have a very large floor, because it lasts 150 minutes and in that time is able to clean up to 250 square meters.

        Other improvements added in this new model, is that it is able to climb obstacles of 2 cm in height, compared to 1 cm from its predecessor, which facilitates the proper cleaning of carpets, which is able to automatically recognize to change to a mode of more power (MAX) and clean them better.

        However, if your budget isn’t enough to buy this model and you love the Xiaomi brand, you can take a look at the new vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Xiaowa.

        10. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

        iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

          With its price, the iRobot Roomba 960 gives us an unequivocal clue: this is a high-end model that exceeds the typical performance of a normal vacuum cleaner robot.

          Even so, it is important to make clear that the basic system of brushes is the same in all Roomba models, so the difference in price is justified by the quality of the sensors, the programming possibilities and certain technological improvements that affect the efficiency and comfort.

          In the case of the Roomba 960, one of the most striking features is the WiFi connection, which allows the vacuum cleaner to be operated with an application not only to program the week but also to see reports of each session, to know if there is a problem or to indicate specific changes depending on the house, how to influence a specific area or avoid a room. In addition, it saves the programming and if it runs out of battery, it returns to the charging base and resumes cleaning when it is ready.

          The iAdapt 2.0 navigation system is another feature that is most noticeable, as it maps the entire house and knows where it has been cleaned and where not so that no corner escapes. It also distinguishes specific areas where you shouldn’t enter, for example, to protect the feeder of your pet, thanks to the Virtual Wall system.

          Finally, the entire 900 range of Roomba incorporates the AeroForce cleaning system, which provides five times more suction power than usual. In short, a high-end robot vacuum cleaner with the best features and designed to last many, many years.

          robot vacuum cleaner reviews

          Buying Guide

          If you are one of those who think that with a broom, dustpan and mop you already have more than enough to keep the floors of the house in conditions.

          This is the basic thing, but surely you have a vacuum cleaner that you take out from time to time, probably a mop to polish the parquet or the floor, etc.

          Think for a moment about the amount of junk you have at home, just to clean the floors.

          All that can be reduced considerably if you invest in a robot vacuum cleaner, which will finally keep the lint on the ground at bay, without you having to invest time or effort. It’s going to go pearl if:

          • If you don’t clean at home
          • you have small children who crawl and it is necessary to have impeccable soil
          • I you have pets at home loose hair everywhere
          • you are allergic to dust and you have to take special care with dust and dirt

          Unless you invest in a very high-end device, keep in mind that a robotic vacuum cleaner will not work in depth. Come on, you don’t have to do a general cleaning from time to time, but it isn’t the same to attack the house when you can no longer use the dust to go over a “clean over clean” because the maintenance is up to date. And besides, an automatic vacuum cleaner at home can be a source of extra fun!

          white mi robot vacuum cleaner

          Technical characteristics to take into account

          Type of floor

          A tile floor isn’t the same as parquet or a carpet. It is something that you must take into account when choosing the model of your robot vacuum cleaner since there are some that do not respond well in soft soils or have rollers that can be too aggressive for a delicate wood.

          If you have very thick carpets or pets that loose hair, you will be interested that the robot has an extra vacuum mode, to be able to apply maximum power in these specific areas.

          robot vacuum cleaner

          Anti-hook rollers

          Go ahead that from time to time you have to bend down and clean the robot vacuum cleaner. You have to empty the dirt container and clean the rollers to ensure the best performance.

          However, some robot vacuums include an anti-hook system that avoids jams, especially when facing large carpets or very dirty areas.

          Battery duration

          The bigger your home, the more you care about the battery life. Most models are around 60 minutes, more than enough for daily cleaning, but there are some that can exceed two hours.

          As usual, when we talk about batteries, the duration is given by the manufacturer is estimated and depends on whether you are using the robot in eco mode or at full power.

          Charge mode

          Most models include a charging base, which is left plugged in and fixed somewhere in the house. Many robots return alone when they notice that they are running out of battery, so the base must be in an accessible place without obstacles that prevent the passage to the machine.

          If you do not have too much room at home, there are some vacuum cleaners that allow you to dispense with the base and load directly by plugging in through a cable.

          Noise level

          A cleaning robot is usually much quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner, but it does not stop making noise. If you are going to be at home when the appliance is working, look for a sound level that is tolerable. The resistance threshold of each person is different, but from 65/70 dB it starts to be considered noise. Remember the significant advantage of these appliances: you will be doing something else. Do not let the mess stop you.

          iRobot Roomba 680


          If you have little room at home is something to consider, since the diameter can vary enough from one model to another (and that also influences the capacity of the tank and the periodicity with which you have to empty it).

          However, the most important fact is the height, since that will determine if the vacuum cleaner can clean under your furniture or not.

          Do not forget to check it before buying, so as not to take the unpleasant surprise that the robot does not enter under the sofa by an inch.

          Dry cleaning or wet cleaning

          Although the concept of the automatic vacuum is to work in dry, some models incorporate a water tank that performs a function similar to scrubbing. Some work by drip, others incorporate a mop that works in the wet.

          It is important to say that this does not replace a good traditional scrubbing, but it is an extra cleaning that will keep the floors brighter and stains at bay.


          The brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner will raise dust and particles, which can remain in the air you breathe or sneak into the robot’s mechanisms and damage them over time. That is why it is important that they have some type of filter, much better if it is HEPA, which besides avoiding these damages purifies the air while it is working. The Roomba brand uses the AeroVac filters, which are manufactured in-house, very similar to HEPA.

          Remote control / WiFi

          The simplest vacuum robots are handled with a simple power button, but it is increasingly common to find a remote control in the box. With it, additional functions are controlled, such as cleaning mode or programming, which allows you to worry about cleaning even when you are not at home.

          The most advanced models have a WiFi connection and are controlled by an app on the mobile. There you can do more exhaustive programming, monitor the efficiency of each cleaning session, or receive a warning when there is a problem, such as jams in the engine.

          Orientation system

          It determines the way in which the robot moves to clean, and is one of the elements that most influence the price. The simplest models move randomly through the available space, have a small bumper that prevents them from being damaged when stumbling against a piece of furniture, and when this happens they change direction.

          One step further, most have infrared sensors that warn them when they have an object in front. If they are of good quality, avoid knocks on furniture (and possible brands) making the navigation a bit more intelligent.

          Some even incorporate a sensor of dirt, that allows them to recognize the areas that need special attention, such as the areas of passage or under the dining table.

          Finally, the most advanced models have a navigation system that maps the house, creating a plan of the entire surface to be cleaned. Thus, the robot perfectly controls the areas through which it has passed and why not, making sure not to forget any.

          Fall protection sensors

          Essential if you have a double-story house, or there is the slightest possibility that your robot may fall down some stairs.

          Some cleaning robots also have a kind of “vacuum sensor”, interesting to prevent them from falling through a hole or step. The bad thing is that, if you have a black carpet, you can confuse it with a hole and it will not clean there.

          Virtual wall

          It allows us to delimit a specific area in which we don’t want our automatic vacuum cleaner to work. Virtual wall is very useful to protect the feeders of the pet, for example, or prevent it from entering more complicated rooms, with many cables or delicate material on the ground. It also prevents you from going out into the garden if there isn’t a socket that stops you.

          There are several systems to create a virtual wall, usually with infrared sensors that the robot identifies as an insurmountable obstacle; or by means of a magnetic strip, which is placed as a barrier. Some brands incorporate the “Virtual wall” option, which generates a circular security area around the object to be protected.

          iRobot Roomba 680

          What is the best brand on the market?

          Until recently the only brand to contemplate was Roomba from iRobot. In fact, more than one will hear you say you have a Roomba at home, regardless of the brand you put on the label.

          Roomba is the cleaning robots like Apple to computers: impeccable performance but high prices. And, why not say it, there is a certain social status that is associated with the brand.

          However, as in most appliances, the democratization of technology means that lately, other brands have appeared on the market that faces the almighty Roomba: LG, Philips, Rowenta, Taurus, Vileda.

          And of course, Chinese companies have put their batteries and have begun to compete strongly, not only in the sector of low-end or white brands but with features that don’t have much to envy the most cutting- edge models: Xiaomi, iLife or Ecovacs are great examples of this trend.

          How much a good robot vacuum cleaner cost?

          As always, it depends. But this is one of the cases where there is usually no cheating, and the price is a good indicator to know the quality of what you take. The better the mechanism is, the more it will cost you, that simple. And that’s why you find robots on the market around a hundred pounds and others that are dangerously close to a thousand.

          Does that mean that the cheapest one isn’t going to serve you? Not necessarily, but it does suppose that you are taking home a very simple appliance, which serves as a vacuum cleaner but will not give you all those features you find in a high-end robot: exhaustive programming, intelligent scanning of the entire house, WiFi, etc.

          So you have to find the balance between your budget and all the technical advances that you will probably want as soon as you see them.

          If you’re just budget, you can try a simple model to see how far you take advantage. and eventually, make the leap to a more expensive one that gives you more options and customization.

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