If there is a type of robot that is revolutionizing people’s habits, it is the robot lawn mower. As the name suggests, it will allow you to mow your garden very simply. Because until now, to mow your garden, you used a manual lawnmower or electric one. And between the noise and the effort it takes, it can quickly become a chore. Why not make your life easier and use an automatic means to maintain your lawn? Well, that’s exactly what a robotic lawnmower has to offer. Of course, this will require a relatively large financial investment, but the gain in comfort and time will not be negligible. 

What is the best robot lawn mower?

When choosing the best product of this type, there are some factors that must be taken into account, to undoubtedly make an intelligent purchase, and that can optimize the task of having to mow the lawn.

One of the key aspects is that the robot can work in different types of climates, especially when it is rainy – essential if you live in a place with high monthly rainfall – so you will not have to wait for the lawn to dry to cut.

1. Lawn Mower Robomow RC308U

This aerodynamic design robot lawn mower provides a reinforced, solid exterior to perfectly cut the lawn of your garden. It is equipped with steel blades, which optimally reinforce the cut to make it stronger and more powerful. It is designed to work in areas with extensions as large as 1500m2.

In addition, it is a recommended model for those who seek to involve their mobile phone with everything. This equipment has connectivity to make an integration (iOS or Android) with your Smartphone, and configure it remotely. It has an anti-theft system, which will prevent thieves from taking it from your yard. It has a real economical price.

2. Indego 350 Bosch robotic lawn mower

This model is “Smart”. Not only is it autonomous in its operation, but also, after performing a scan and having mapped the entire area where it will work, your system manages to find the mechanism or the most appropriate precise cutting for the type of lawn you have in your garden.

In addition, it integrates an off-road design that makes it work without complications even when it is raining in your city. You can link it with your mobile device, and turn it off, configure it and adjust the cutting width directly from your application. And if that were not enough, fertilize and keep your exterior alive, when making a mulching cut.

3. Robotic Lawn Mower Flymo 1200 R 

This robot lawn mower is the only one to operate with boundary wire. Flymo 1200 R charge the battery automatically witch has the autonomy to work the 400 m² of lawn in one go. Finally, this automatic mower automatically detects the grass and deduces the areas to be mowed.

4. Robot lawn mower Gardena Sileno City

Your old lawn mower was loud and annoying, wasn’t it? Yes, we always had to deal with complaints from neighbours and even from ourselves. But now, you can keep your garden impeccable thanks to this robot without discomfort, since its technology makes it super silent, avoiding uncomfortable sounds.

This equipment has an anti-theft system that makes it unusable for the thief, thanks to its PIN code that disables it if it is forgotten. It has an LCD screen to better visualize the load and other important elements. It has an attractive exterior design that you will definitely love.

5. Robotic Lawn Mower WORX WR142E M700 Landroid 

The new Worx Landroid robotic lawnmowers are the revelation of the year. They have different models: for 450, 800, 1500 and 2000 square meters.

Next, I will tell you about the superior version, the one that best suits medium gardens.

This robotic lawn mower works for 1 hour without interruption and has an outstanding width of cut (18 centimetres). The normal charging time is 2 hours.

This robot has a double motor, a guarantee when cutting and working on very steep slopes. Off-road wheels. Work in the rain without any problem.

6. Robot mower Miimo Honda

This easy-to-use robot lawn mower is the right choice for those looking for a device with a more luxurious, professional experience, reaching those perfect cuts that we see on Hollywood mansions television in Los Angeles. Made with French technology, this little friend is quite a pass.

Its exterior looks quite elegant and attractive, using a rather dim grey that will give it a glamorous touch while it is working. It has a really enviable operating autonomy, reaching work in lands of up to 3500 m2 in length and making a fast cut.

7. Automower 430X 2018 Husqvarna

It is a device that is at the forefront, introducing a GPS that allows the robot to know the places where it has cut or not.

Not only that but also, it has collision sensors that will prevent it from colliding with other objects during its work. To make matters worse has a weather timer that lets you know when the lawn will grow again, which will cut automatically whenever it is indicated according to the timer.

8. McCulloch ROB R600

The McCulloch ROB R600 automower has three blades for efficient mowing of lawns up to 600m² while ensuring efficient mulching. No effort to make with this robot which simplifies our life to the extreme, with its LCD screen displaying the settings. It can be configured via its 15 buttons hidden under its upper cover to mow every day or at certain times, as we wish.

The brave robot, it can work at night and in the rain, on 25% slopes, without affecting its performance. No one will be able to complain about the noise, because it is a silent model, with its 59 decibels only. Equipped with an anti-lifting sound signal, it also has a PIN code like on telephones to make it inoperative in the event of theft. The field boundary cable is provided ( 150 meters ). The dimensions of this robotic lawnmower are 59 cm long by 44 cm wide and 26 cm high. It can be put in pause mode, when children or animals go out, for even more security. The model is guaranteed for 2 years by McCulloch.

What is a robot lawn mower and does it work?

The robot lawn mower as you might expect it is a robot that automatically mows your lawn. But how does it work?

All robotic lawnmower models on the market are equipped with a battery, each with its own specific maximum autonomy limit. After the charge is exhausted, the robots in the lawn mower must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to function properly.

There are very intelligent versions of robotic lawnmowers on the market and, in the event of battery exhaustion, they are able to independently return to their own charging station. These smart models, in most cases, are equipped with a very important accessory called boundary wire. But what is it?

The boundary wire is an essential accessory for your robot lawn mower because it performs various functions. When installing your garden robot, the boundary wire must be placed, as its name suggests, along the perimeter of your garden to be maintained, whatever it is. This wire will be for the device the equivalent of a reference track, a fundamental element that will allow your robot to better orient itself in the surrounding space and thus more easily find the way back to the base where you position and start the charging process.

The positioning of the charging station is in most cases customizable. Although some models require that the station has at least 1.5 meters of free space on both sides. The presence of the cable is also very important for other reasons: the peripheral cable also offers the possibility of being able to configure programming by zones allowing the device to create a real route ensuring first of all an optimization of the time and the consumption, but above all to significantly improve the robot’s performance.

But is it really necessary to install this unsightly wire? Is it true that each model needs a boundary wire or can you do without it? In most cases, it is true, the boundary wire is useful because, as we have explained, it turns out to be an absolutely necessary element for the proper functioning of the device. However, there are some models of robotic lawnmowers without a boundary wire.

Advantages of robot lawn mower

Time saving

The main advantage, and certainly the primary motivation of buyers of a robotic lawnmower, is the time saved by such a device.
Indeed, the mowing is done in an autonomous and programmed way, there is no more need to have to free time to be able to pass the mower.
In addition, the classic mowing generating a fairly large volume of green waste in the form of cut grass, you must go to the recycling centre during these opening hours.

It is convenient

You will achieve an impeccable cut without applying any effort, and without dealing with the grass stuck in the collector.


Another advantage is the noise level of automatic mowers. Indeed, by using smaller blades than a conventional mower, the engine does not need to be very powerful and is therefore not very noisy, especially compared to a gasoline mower necessary for large terrains.

This is important since a robotic lawn mower is made to work more regularly and longer than a conventional lawnmower your neighbours will thank you!

It is safe

These small devices are quite safe when operating. Once they collide with an obstacle, these devices are returned and choose a new direction to work.


Despite an initial cost that may seem quite high at first glance, in the long term, a stand-alone mower is an economical choice, for several reasons:

  • No petroleum fuel consumed compared to a petrol mower
  • Natural and free fertilizer production
  • Low maintenance costs compared to a conventional mower (oil, consumables)
  • Less frequent scarification

In addition, not everyone needs a very sophisticated and expensive robot lawn mower, for small gardens of simple shape, an entry-level robot will do the trick.
The cost of the robot will ultimately depend on the complexity of the mowing areas to manage and the area of ​​the garden. So just choose a model that suits your needs to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Easy to use

It is easy to use and install, and depending on the model, in some options, you can configure the days of operation, and the hours you will work.


Choosing to store your classic mower standby in the closet and opting for a modern robot mower is also an ecological gesture.
Since an automatic mower only runs on electricity, no CO2 is released into the atmosphere.
The fact of constantly producing a natural fertilizer makes it possible to consume less water for watering your lawn and not to consume chemical fertilizers.

Things to consider when buying a robotic lawn mower?


Verify if the model you will acquire is waterproof or water-resistant, as well as if it contains rain sensors.


Take a look at the technical specifications, and acquire a model with blades, engine, front and rear wheels of excellent quality – although it is not so cheap – to achieve a fabulous performance.

Charging stations

To avoid running behind the robot every time you are downloading, make sure the equipment you buy has charging stations where the device comes back each time it is shutting down.

Navigation system

Make sure the navigation system is good, and that it contains lawn detectors, video camera and a satellite connection.

Cutting area coverage

Try to acquire a model that is capable of covering a larger area of ​​land, especially if your garden is really large. There are different ranges, for different equipment.

environmental friendly

Most of these units are efficient in electricity consumption, and work with rechargeable batteries, without emitting toxic emissions as a diesel-based cutter does.

Timer and settings

Having an alarm is a great option if you want to configure when, and at what time your robot will work only by linking it with your mobile device.

Adjustable size

You can adjust the size of the unit to cut the grass depending on the size you like the most.

Multiple areas

This allows the device to move to different areas (multi-zone) of your yard without the need to configure them manually.


Expand your budget a little, and acquire a brand or model that is worth it in the long term, and that can have a performance according to your needs and that provides security.

Easy to use

The instructions should be easy to follow, without having to apply any technical knowledge.

Cutting quality

Verify the minimum and maximum cut size in the specifications of the product before buying, so that it has a performance equal to or greater than a traditional cutter.


We often hear about the high prices of robotic lawnmowers. When it comes to multifunctional technological devices capable of guaranteeing very high-performance levels, this seems more than natural to us, and we are not here to deny it. However, we ask that you take a break for more than a moment and think about the savings in time and money that these modern appliances can guarantee you in the long term so that you are sure to make the right choice for your garden. and your wallet.