Do you want to equip your car with a reversing camera? You have made the right decision because with such a device, you will have less chance of hitting objects while backing up or parking yourself. Nothing like this accessory to get a clear idea of ​​the obstacles behind your car and to drive safely.

What is the best reversing camera?

Not only must they have excellent resolution and good angle of vision, but you also have to take into account the ease of installing them, whether they are wireless or wired, if they are compatible with your RV or only with small cars or SUVs, or even if they can be used as a dash cam.

But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll talk about all that and we’ll even help you choose among the many brands in the market in the following comparison list.

Zhiren reversing camera CY-9DT1T8

If you are looking for a complete package reversing camera, also includes about five cameras, the 9 “LCD monitor and even a DVR system to record in high definition and store on SD cards up to 64GB, look no further. This system also has an infrared vision.

DVR-X2 Auto-VOX reversing camera

With this camera, you can see in real-time, not only when you go in reverse. It uses a 9.8 “touch screen, has a 180º viewing angle and even supports water and dust with its IP68 resistance. It has night vision, Full HD quality and even GPS.

Podofo Backup Camera Kit

There are four cameras with infrared night vision with a 9 “HD monitor and capacity to be used even in caravans and other large vehicles. They have excellent sharpness, 120º angles, IP67 resistance and can also work wirelessly.

Directtyteam LCD Mirror Monitor

This wired system has many options for you to see everything with clarity and comfort to guarantee total safety on the road. It is waterproof, mounted on a license plate, has infrared and a 7 “LCD-TFT monitor. It has awide field of view of 170º.

Koyoso reversing camera

Install it on your license plate and use its 170º vision and its ability to adjust up to 45º. It is waterproof and has 8 LED lights for night vision, as well as alarm parking sensors and RCA type connectors.

Why buy a reversing camera?

A reversing camera automatically activates when you move the car in reverse, allowing you to see the area directly behind the vehicle on a screen. This feature can be useful when driving a car in reverse, and it is a valuable safety feature.

Reversing cameras are now standard on most new cars. However, you can install one on almost any vehicle.

Because you can usually see the car’s bumper on the screen, you can safely park in tight spaces using a reversing camera, a few inches from other cars or objects.

If you need to align a trailer to your hitch, a reverse camera can help you do it all at once. And stepping back from a tight parking space or driveway is less stressful once you know for sure that nothing is behind the car.

In addition to providing great convenience, reversing cameras represent a huge gain in automobile and pedestrian safety, as they help prevent tragic accidents, in which a driver does not see a person – often a child – behind the wheel. car.

While reversing cameras can help you a lot, you should always look around and use your all mirrors to make sure there are no people or pets behind your car before saving.

You can install an additional reversing camera in several ways.

If your car has a display built into the dashboard, you may be able to install the camera so that the image is displayed. If there isn’t one, or if you can’t connect the camera to the dashboard screen, you can buy a screen that mounts on the dashboard or windshield, or a screen integrated into a rearview mirror.

Dash screens are generally less expensive, but with a replacement mirror, you don’t have to worry about an additional gadget that could clutter up your dashboard or be stolen, and you won’t interfere with any part of your view while you drive.

If your car doesn’t have a built-in screen, a replacement mirror is the most discreet way to add a screen to your car. The registration plate camera must be wired directly to a screen, other models can transmit a picture wirelessly.

reversing camera

Advantages of the reversing camera

A reverse camera is a camera that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle. It allows the driver to be able to clearly see everything that is going on behind the car on a screen mounted on the dashboard. These cameras offer many advantages:

Reduce the risk of accidents

Placing a reversing camera in your car considerably helps to reduce the risk of accidents occurring when vehicles are reversing. The mirrors, the glances, do not always allow the driver was it good and experienced to see all that there is, which occurs and occurs behind him when he reverses his car. With the reversing camera, a perfect view of the reversing space allows you to clearly see all objects and people in your field and allows you to better assess the risks without having to get out of the car, head out and to appeal to all his senses. This is also why this tool is popular with everyone and is recommended by road safety guarantors. It allows you to protect your vehicle, protect your life and that of others.

Makes the driving easier

Tight spaces, poorly managed spaces where cars are parked in an uncoordinated manner are situations feared by all vehicle drivers when it comes to parking. Finding a place for your car quickly and easily is now possible with the help of reversing cameras. With this tool, parking becomes child’s play. The reversing camera thus presents itself as a driving assistant by being your back eyes. It is very practical for parking. Some models also offer line drawing on the screen which gives an exact idea of ​​the space required for parking the vehicle and also of the path taken. This tool is revolutionary for driving and makes it pleasant and less stressful.

Easy to install

A reversing camera is a future that you have to pay extra, so not all vehicles are fitted with it. Only recent vehicle models have it. So, owners of vehicles without a reverse camera may wonder whether to enjoy the benefits of this gadget if you have to change your car to choose one of a recent model with reverse camera. Well no! Manufacturers have thought of everything it is possible to install a reversing camera in a car that was not originally equipped with it.
A distinction is made between wired reversing cameras and wireless reversing cameras. Several varied models of reversing cameras exist.

Affordable prices

Prices range from £10 to £100 depending on whether the camera or monitor is sold separately or whether it is a complete system with an LCD monitor or a complete kit. The size of the screen also determines the cost.

How to choose a reversing camera?

Before you buy a reversing camera, there are a few things you have to to keep in mind:

The image

The first criterion to take into account at the time of purchase concerns the quality and angle of the image offered by the device. Indeed, if the proposed angle does not exceed 120 degrees, it is not recommended to buy the accessory. This is the minimum required for this type of product to be certain of having good visibility. Note that it is important here to also find information on the screen: LCD, TFT LCD or TFT.

Wired or wireless

Choice of reversing camera can be of two types: wired or not. The wireless accessories operate either by radiofrequency, Bluetooth or Wifi. You should know that a wired device is more complicated to install but the quality of reception is therefore better.

Its resistance

Resistance is also an important element to take into account because it defines the lifespan of the accessory. It is, therefore, necessary to check that the waterproofing rate proposed (IP) by the brand is at least 67, which means that the camera is resistant to humidity and solar rays.

The connections

If we compare the value for money, the most interesting is to turn to an aviation type connection. Effectiveness and tightness are guaranteed here, while the RCA type connection offers poorer image quality and a shorter lifespan.

Brand and price

You will, therefore, understand, choosing a reversing camera is not necessarily easy and there are certain criteria to take into account. The last ones to look at are the brand and the price.

Indeed, this type of accessory is offered by various brands and at all prices. It all depends on your budget, but obviously, the more you go up in a range of products, the more you will have access to quality devices. Regarding the brand, we advise you to opt for recognized brands in the field.


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