Thanks to the reusable food pouch, you can take the snack anywhere, children can eat cleanly and just swallow the ideal dose. 

To continue to give purees, baby food or yoghurt to your children without over-exploiting natural resources or feeding landfills in the open air or fueling the fire of incinerators, manufacturers have developed reusable food pouches that can be filled and emptied as much whenever desired, especially with homemade compotes or others bought in large pots.

Comparison of the best reusable Food Pouches

I recommend you keep this in mind in order to buy the best:

1. Reusable food pouch Squooshi Animals

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A must-have for every mother because it is very complete since it includes 6 bags of large and 2 small breaths, accompanied by 12 interchangeable lids, 2 suction nozzles and a case.

2. Pack of 8 reusable baby food pouches

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All these bags are of a size suitable for children who eat a lot because it can contain 2 jars of food. It is easy to fill and clean because of its large opening. They have cute children’s design.

3. 10 pouches from Nom Nom Kids + Free Gift

Nom Nom Kids – 10 x 140ml Animal Design side fill pouches, 5 extra caps, 1 Pen + 1 red or blue...
  • 🥝 CLEVER FOOD STORAGE: The BEST food storage for weaning. Suitable for storing baby food and toddler / kids snacks, holds...
  • 🍎 EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN: Nom Nom Kids Reusable food pouches have the widest opening to allow for easy filling & easy cleaning....
  • 🍉 STRONG DOUBLE ZIP SEAL: Keeps the pouch closed when filled! Too strong for little fingers to open. No leakages we guarantee!
  • 🍓 FUN DESIGN: Helps your little one eat healthy, nutritious food they might normally turn down. Helps during teething and...
  • 🍍 HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: BPA free, Phthalate and PVC free. Choke Free cap, all food grade materials to comply with EU...

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All have a capacity of 170 ml and function as freezer bags because they can be put in the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. They have a double zipper on the top.

4. Reusable food pouch Squeasy Snacker – from Squeasy Gear

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If you are looking for a fun way to feed your kids, this pouch gives you the opportunity. Because it is made of silicone, it is foldable, reversible and reusable. Suitable for fridge and dishwasher!

5. Pack of 6 reusable food pouch from ChooMee

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And I finish my comparative list with these very tender, reusable and multipurpose bags that help take care of the environment and give the opportunity to fill them quickly with its wide opening.

What is a reusable food pouch?

A reusable food pouch is a food container that looks like the popular single-use baby food pouch you can find in the supermarket. This gourd-shaped design is a more recent innovation than a traditional bottle or plastic pots.

Reusable food pouches are generally equipped with a pouring spout (to consume food) and a screw cap at one end and an airtight zipper at the other end to fill the container

reusable food pouches

Reasons to buy a reusable food pouch?

Look at some powerful reasons to go for them:

  • They are practical:   Thanks to their design and the possibility of “squeezer” (squeezing between his hands), the reusable gourds facilitate the baby’s self-feeding. This makes them ideal for any quick meal at home or outside, or when mom just doesn’t have time to sit down and feed her baby.
  • They are economical: Industrial disposable food pouch can easily cost £2 per unit. If you choose organic products, the unit price is even more important. Choose reusable food pouch, make your own baby recipes with healthy food for a few pounds and fill several reusable pouches. You will save a lot!
  • They are better for your health: When you prepare baby food at home and serve it in a reusable pouch, you control the quality of the ingredients, the sugar and fat content of the final product yourself. This will ensure that you give the best to your baby.
  • They are less messy: You have seen what it was to let baby feed alone with a spoon and a compote for example. He puts it everywhere and his meal turns into a real battlefield. Opt for the reusable food pouch will allow you to limit the disorder. Your baby will naturally put the spout in his mouth and eat the food at his own pace.
  • They are environmentally friendly: One of the main disadvantages of some of the baby bottles is that they are not recyclable like traditional glass bottles. The use of reusable food pouch can significantly reduce waste. You are thus helping to respect the environment.

How to use reusable food pouch?

The reusable food pouch is actually used very simply in four main steps:

  1. Fill the Foodi water bottle: Pour your homemade preparations into the reusable food pouches using the container. The latter is very practical and allows you to fill pouches. If you don’t want to fill all at once, you can also store the pourer in the refrigerator.
  2. Store your gourds in a cool place: In the fridge or in the freezer, keep your pouches with baby food by first remembering to write directly on the gourds the date of production and the name of the recipe.
  3. Easily feed your children: Use the 1st age Squeeze spoon to feed baby, or screw on the 2nd age Snack Spout to allow your children to feed themselves.
  4. Wash your pouches and reuse them: The rechargeable food pouches can be washed by hand using a bottle brush. The plugs and accessories can also be placed in the dishwasher.
reusable food pouches uk

How to choose a reusable food pouch?

Many models are available for purchase, and they have proliferated for some time in organic stores or in brands such as Squooshi. Many brands are also available online. The criteria to be taken into account are of course variable but some are essential.


If you turn to the reusable food pouch, it is certain that you want to limit your ecological impact by considerably reducing your waste, while ensuring that you can control the quality of the food you give to your child. With this in mind, it is interesting to look at the manufacturing materials and the guarantees they offer: are they BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free? These are indeed the three compounds that should be sought to avoid because they are bad for health. Choosing a reusable food pouch guaranteed without these elements is therefore essential.

You can also, if you wish, find out about the manufacturing process: is it part of an eco-responsible approach (this criterion, of course, depends on you and what you are looking for!)? Like the washable flasks of the brand Squooshi, does it meet ethical production standards? In short, it is up to you to see if these elements are important or not for your choice.

Utilisation facility

Second important criterion, practicality in use. Learn about the filling, use and cleaning procedures for the pouch: will you need additional accessories for filling, are they supplied if necessary or are they to be purchased in addition? How are the mouthpiece and the closure system designed: are they suitable for the age of your children, do they seem ergonomic? Does the reusable food pouch suitable for dishwasher etc.? Also check if the reusable food pouches you choose can be stored in the fridge and freezer or not (this is usually the case for most models).

Some can withstand exposure to heat, others cannot: it is important to check this aspect before making your choice and to think about the implications on your daily life. In the event that the reusable flexible gourds you choose do not go into the microwave, you can simply reheat the preparation beforehand but this implies a little more time spent on the preparation (although this is very reasonable).


Finally, it is important to consider the price-quality ratio before buying. Find out about the lifespan of reusable food pouches announced by the brand and compare it, if possible, with customer reviews: these will give you a more precise idea of ​​what to expect.

Then do a quick calculation to find out how much it costs you to use the reusable flexible pouch model you plan to buy. For example, a £5 model that you can use about 50 times will actually cost you 10p per use. It is up to you to see if the amount obtained suits you.

Remember to add the advantages of the reusable pouch in your calculation, the product allows you to precisely control the composition of your child’s meals as well as considerably reduce your waste: these are two major interests, beyond the savings made!


These few selection criteria should guide your purchase towards the reusable food pouch that will suit you best. You will understand, the best reusable food pouch will be the one that will best suit your needs and the needs of your family. Whatever you choose ultimately, keep in mind that having multiple reusable food pouches will be a real plus for your organization. As such, several brands offer the purchase of packs of a few reusable pouches. These kits generally allow you to save money on the purchase, in addition to offering you the possibility of preparing several meals in advance and storing them cool for 2 to 3 days on average or in the freezer for even more storage.