5 Best Reusable Food Pouch for Children Easy to Fill

Bring fruits, porridge, compotes and solids or purees and smoothies to the street to feed your baby can lead to one of the greatest disasters that you can imagine. If you are a mother, surely you know. If you are new, it is time for you to take this warning seriously and go for one of these convenient reusable food pouches.

It is recommended for those mothers who like to keep an eye on the nutrition of the kids, but who also love the practicality of keeping and keeping food in a hygienic way in something comfortable and easy to carry.

There are many brands in the market, ranging from economic models to those that are not so cheap. But it is important that you know that they must be sterilized.

What is the best reusable Food Pouch?

I recommend you keep this in mind in order to buy the best:

1. Reusable food bag kit Squooshi Animals

With beautiful animal motif

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch | Animal 6 Pack | 6 Large Pouches 150ml
1,210 Reviews
Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch | Animal 6 Pack | 6 Large Pouches 150ml
  • Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch | Animal | New Larger...
  • Large 6

A must-have for every mother because it is very complete, since it includes 6 bags of large and 2 small breaths, accompanied by 12 interchangeable lids, 2 suction nozzles and a case.

2. Pack of 8 reusable baby food pouches


Baby Food Pouches Reusable 8 x Weaning Puree Squeeze Pouch Bags -...
309 Reviews
Baby Food Pouches Reusable 8 x Weaning Puree Squeeze Pouch Bags -...
  • Do you want to SAVE MONEY? SAVE TIME in the kitchen?...
  • SAVE MONEY & WASTE LESS - Don't buy expensive meal...
  • SAVE TIME - Make 2 or 3 scrummy meals at once and store...
  • CONVENIENT - Pouches are refillable and perfect for on...

All these bags are of a size suitable for children who eat a lot, because it can contain 2 jars of food. It is easy to fill and clean because of its large opening. They have cute children’s design.

3. 10 pouches from Nom Nom Kids + Free Gift

Friendly with the environment

Weaning Starter Kit - Reusable Food Pouches 10 x 140ml Side Opening...
101 Reviews
Weaning Starter Kit - Reusable Food Pouches 10 x 140ml Side Opening...
  • 🍎 EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN: Nom Nom Kids Reusable food...
  • 🥝 CLEVER FOOD STORAGE: The BEST food storage for...
  • 🍉 STRONG DOUBLE ZIP SEAL: Keeps the pouch closed...
  • 🍓 FUN DESIGN: Helps your little one eat healthy,...

All have a capacity of 170 ml and function as freezer bags because they can be put in the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. They have double zipper on the top.

4. Reusable food pouch
Squeasy Snacker – from Squeasy Gear

Very colorful!

Squeasy Snacker (3.5 Oz - Green)
245 Reviews
Squeasy Snacker (3.5 Oz - Green)
  • EASY TO FILL: Features a wide opening. The collar and...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill with delicious blends of...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The bottle can be turned inside out and...
  • Food Grade Non-Toxic Materials.

If you are looking for a fun way to feed your kids, this bottle gives you the opportunity. Because it is made of silicone, it is foldable, reversible and reusable. Suitable for fridge and dishwasher!

5. Pack of 6 bags of food for reusable babies from Hello Little Monsters

Adorable designs

And I finish my comparative list with these very tender, reusable and multipurpose bags that help take care of the environment and give the opportunity to fill them quickly with its wide opening. Includes two teaspoons!

Why do I need reusable food pouch?

Look at some powerful reasons to go for them:

  • Convenient: Thanks to their design, they facilitate the self-feeding of babies.
  • You save money: No more baby food packed, you can prepare it at home and take it. A great expense less.
  • Healthier: Doing it at home translates into higher quality and greater care with the ingredients.
  • Less disaster: The self-feeding of babies with this method reduces the chances of food spills.
  • Ecological: They are reusable.

What to look for and what to consider when buying reusable food pouch?

Before buying, you have to think about all this:

  • Size: Look for a model that responds to the amount your baby eats to avoid waste.
  • Material: Must be free of BPA, without PVC or phthalates and that can be recycled.
  • Easy to clean: When you buy one with rounded corners, you will reduce the likelihood that it will retain traces of food. They are a great option, but it is good to take into account some security considerations.
  • Duration of use: They are reusable, not for life. After 2 months or 12 uses it will be better to discard them to avoid the growth of bacteria and the appearance of leaks.
  • Excessive use: It is advisable to use them as part of a balanced feeding strategy and that they are not the only means of consumption.
  • Choking: Babies should not handle the upper part of the feeding bags by themselves.