Used for many years by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, today most physical trainers have adopted resistance bands into their training programs. Combined or not with traditional weight training machines, they offer the advantage of optimizing athlete performance on several axes: strength, speed, power, etc.

What are the best resistance bands?

Surely you are already thinking of buying these exercise bands to improve your flexibility and acquire more strength in your muscles. However, you should know that it is not as simple as going and buying one of them. You must consider several things to choose the right one. Given that there is more than one model of these products and sure one or some of them are for you.

But this choice is related to your routine and the areas that you pay more attention to. That’s why we offer you all the information you did not know. In this article that we have picked the best resistance bands that you will find in the market. See them in a comparative list that we show you next with the highest quality models and low prices.

1. Exercise resistance bands CKB LTD

CKB LTD Resistance Bands
Image: CKB LTD

    This universal set is made entirely of natural latex. They have been fully tested by professionals who approve and ratify their amazing resistance.

    They come in a set of 4, in different colours that respond to their different lengths and levels of resistance. This allows you to increase the demand for your routine and optimize it. Use them and you will not regret it!

    2. Workout resistance bands Bemaxx

    Resistance Bands Set with Handles
    Image: Bemaxx

      This excellent training set. It comes with a total of 5 latex exercise bands, 2 padded and non-slip foam handles and two straps for the feet, an ideal strap to hold the door. Also, you can benefit from a bag in which you can easily store it and transport it anywhere. This set ensures you a stretch and complete work in all areas of the body.

      3. Resistance bands set OMERIL

      OMERIL Resistance Bands
      Image OMERIL

      OMERIL incorporates a super strong internal security cord. That will prevent damage to the bands and protects your face and body in the rare case of a band breaking.

      Its 3 colours are tailored to 3 different resistance level and has a perfect bag to transport all the pieces.

      4. Coresteady Resistance Band perfect for CrossFit

      Coresteady Resistance Band perfect for CrossFit
      Image: Coresteady

        Many reviews of satisfied customers confirm that these exercise bands are the users favourite for its effectiveness, convenience and durability.

        They are made of pure latex, without using any other type of material that may interfere with the quality, which makes them very resistant and safe. And they are mainly used in squats, buttocks and stretching of the hamstring.

        5. Starwood Sports Unisex Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

        Starwood Sports Unisex Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

        You can take it home for the most affordable price in the market. Start the best training and the most fun at home or wheresoever you want to take them, as the package include a transport bag.

        This is set of 5 exercise bands – 30 cm long and 5 cm wide. Made with natural latex friendly to the atmosphere and very easy to wipe to keep them clean anywhere.

        6. Odoland Exercise Resistance Bands

        Odoland Exercise Resistance Bands
        image: Odoland

        the pack offered by the Odoland brand. It is an extremely complete set comprising 5 tubes to be used with handles as well as 4 exercise bands. In addition, there are two handles, two straps to be attached to the ankles and an anchor point for a door as well as an exercise book and a carrying bag.

        Regarding the exercise bands, they offer resistances ranging from 2.3 to 11.4 kg. They are therefore perfect for working on long series, or for warming up before a sports session. Odoland offers a clever system for hanging each elastic on a handle using a carabiner. This system is well designed. If the 11.4kg maximum has become too easy for you, you have the possibility of hanging two elastic bands on the carabiner. That leaves a good margin of progression.

        Odoland offers 3 different ways to work with its bands: With classic handles, with straps to attach to the ankles, but also with an accessory to be locked in the closing of a door allowing you to work in draw lateral or high. The latter will be very practical for working the back, shoulders and pecs.

        At the level of the more conventional resistance bands, they range from 4.5 to 18.1 kg. A colour code ranging from red to black has been set up in order to more quickly visualize the resistance bands according to their degree of resistance. These bands will be very useful during your training and are a good complement for strength or endurance sports.

        7. FitBeast chest workout resistance bands

        FitBeast Exercise Resistance Bands

        To finish this comparison here is the model offered by the FitBeast. It is aimed at all people wishing to build muscle or get back in shape at home with equipment that takes up little space.

        There are 5 resistance bands for muscle building, all of the different colours depending on the weight of their resistance. Ranging from yellow to black, this resistance is between 10 lbs and 30 lbs. The equipment includes:

        Two handles, two straps for the ankles, and a system to hang the elastics in the closing of a door. Quite similar to the previously mentioned model, these elastics stand out with higher maximum resistance of 100 lbs. If we add to this that you can fix several elastics on the same carabiner, the highest possible resistance leaves something to come in terms of progression. It is, therefore, an accessory that can evolve as your progress progresses over time.

        What are the resistance bands?

        Most of the sets found on the market are made of natural latex, a material composed of certain fats, waxes and various rubber resins obtained from plants and fungi. Often white, but which may also have orange, reddish or yellowish tones, depending on the species.

        Of natural or synthetic origin, they are characterized by their elasticity, their impermeability and their electrical resistance. Latex is more elastic, durable and flexible. Rubbers, on the other hand, are much harder and more resistant. There are sets from 4 Kg to 10 Kg.

        resistance bands

        Types of resistance bands

        The resistance bands are used in the practice of yoga and pilates essentially for their amazing muscular advantages. The fact that they do not depend on gravity to provide tension, as with conventional weights, allows them to generate constant resistance in lifting and lowering exercises. In general, all comply with these premises. However, there are three main types:

        • Tube: they are the most used and usually measure 1.21 m approximately from end to end, with thicknesses that can increase the resistance. They are usually used in strength training for their clips on each end that work perfectly to attach to straps, handles or other static things.
        • Loop: it is a thin continuous band that can be placed comfortably on the body for stretching exercises of yoga, pilates or medical rehabilitation.
        • Flat: as the tube, usually measure about 1.21 m long, but these do not have clips grip. These colourful strips are often used more in physical therapies and dance practices and gymnastics for their great help in strengthening the ankle and lower body areas.


        Its advantages are multiple and its wonderful benefits in terms of muscle strength lie in its non-dependence on gravity, since this allows you to imitate more realistic movements, which generates more functional strength and makes your muscles more useful in applications of real-life as daily activities or sports.

        In turn, it can help you try new and funnier exercise routines because they can be used to get the stress in any direction, whether up, down, sideways, as you want. In addition to doing all this and improving muscle power, these exercise bands have thousands of other reasons why you want them at home.

        Option for stretching

        It is important to perform stretches after each workout. This improves muscle recovery and decreases the risk of injury. I like to use exercise bands to work on mobility and perform my post-workout stretches.

        Typically, you are limited during stretching by your level of flexibility and range of motion, and many effective stretches even require that someone else put pressure on the muscle. Instead, you can use exercise bands to help you stretch, extend your reach, and apply pressure, such as for hamstring stretches.

        Muscle rehabilitation and injury prevention

        We have mentioned, that these bands are also widely used in medical rehabilitation of therapeutic methods. This is because it has been discovered that they provide better injury prevention and excellent physical rehabilitation, which is directly related to the progressive nature of the elastic material.

        This allows you to start with an easier resistance and then build tension through movement, allows the body to gradually build up the force without too much initial pressure on the joints, the rotator cuffs, etc.

        This being their main differentiation from free weights since they are linear and give you the same amount of tension and pressure from start to finish.

        Variety of training

        Yes, these fabulous bands are great for making them part of a fun and versatile workout. And that’s exactly what you need since the muscles tend to adapt easily to the same movements over and over again and can reach a point where they do not gain size or strength.

        The remedy to this is the periodic change of routines and movements in which these tools will be your faithful allies because they give truly unlimited exercise options and can be used in any different direction to create tension, allowing you to work any muscle in the way that you want


        There are so many benefits that we have told you, that you are probably thinking about making a millionaire investment and, no, it is not like that. This is the best part of all, these multi-faceted bands as well as being so good and useful, usually have a very economic price in the market.

        The same can vary between 17 and £25 and usually come in 5-band presentations that range in resistance amounts from 1.36kg to about 9 or 13kg. And, in addition, you can combine multiple bands on a handle for greater strength.

        exercise bands

        Who should use resistance bands?

        After identifying the positive points about using this tool, you may wonder who can use it? The answer is everyone. The exercise bands will surely come in handy if you belong to one of the following groups:

        People who want to gain muscle

        If you are looking to gain muscle mass and strength, you can use them instead of dumbbells and machines to provide new stimulus and thus improve muscle growth.

        People wishing to lose weight

        To lose weight, you must combine 2 essential elements: A healthy diet and cardio and/or muscle building.

        It can be interesting to train with exercise bands in the form of circuit training. It is the fact of chaining several exercises at the same time without taking time to rest. This will add intensity to your sessions and thus increase the number of calories burned.

        Seniors wishing to get back in shape

        For people over 60, it becomes difficult to train in the gym with weights, because the body tends to weaken with age. Resistance bands have the ability to provide resistance to your movements without rushing your body. Moreover, doctors recommend the use of this type of tool, because it helps to increase bone resistance and prevent osteoporosis.

        Pregnant women wishing to exercise

        It is entirely possible to continue exercising during pregnancy. This allows in particular to strengthen his metabolism and his physical condition. However, your exercises must be adapted. You don’t have to go to the gym and do an intense training program. The fact of using exercise bands is interesting in order to tone your muscles slightly without making too much effort. You can, for example, perform movements with higher or lower repetitions (15-20) while controlling the resistance. Be aware that there are brands with different resistance levels. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you!

        Buying Guide

        These excellent tools come in several presentations with different shapes, weights and sizes. That is why we recommend that you keep in mind these recommendations that we will give you below so you can make sure that you get the one that best suits you, your routines and your needs:


        we are not referring to how much these bands weigh, which, in general, are usually very light. It is about the kilos of resistance that they can offer you. To choose the range of resistance that will have what you need, you must take into account what discipline you need, if you only want to vary your routine a little, if you are looking to tone lean muscles, increase your muscle mass, etc. All these things will let you know if you will be fine with a light one if, on the contrary, you need a very strong one.


        ow far do you need to stretch? This depends on your training and you may also need a longer one for the upper area and a shorter one for the area under your body, all this will determine the length of your bands.

        Areas to work

        Think about this before making your purchase because this will determine the type of band you need. For example, if what you want is to have enviable legs to wear dresses and skirts, you should opt for a flat band before any other because they are definitely ideal for strengthening the lower muscles of the body.


        The quality of the product you are acquiring will always be translated into a longer duration. Although traditionally these tools are usually very durable, you should think about investing enough to obtain a very good product that does not generate extra investments in the short term.


        We already told you that they are one of the most economical equipment to have a gym at home. Therefore, take advantage of this advantage and do not be mean with your next investment. Look for a very good brand and good quality that suits you and ensures great durability and optimal results.

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