Rechargeable batteries allow you to keep the autonomy of your devices as long as possible. In addition to this, these energy accumulators minimize chemical waste. 

But how to make a good choice for optimal use, given that there are many brands of these batteries present on the market? How do you know that rechargeable batteries are performing? These are the questions you ask yourself when you plan to pay for your own batteries.

What are the best rechargeable batteries?

These products can be a lifesaver on any occasion both inside the home and outside. Before, when a battery ran out you had to go to the supermarket to buy a new set, now simply connect the battery in a rechargeable battery charger and go.

By reading my list below, you will find six good quality products at an affordable and affordable price with the intention of helping you choose the most appropriate option. Feel free to take a look.

I would like to tell you that there are different types of rechargeable batteries, you can find the nickel-metal hydride or NiMH ideal for high consumption devices that have continuous use. You will run into the NiMH pre-charged options that are perfect hybrid batteries also for high consumption devices.

A popular in the market is also the nickel-cadmium that are used for power tools, and 2-way radios, ideal for appliances that are operated under high temperatures. The options made with lithium-ion are great for sensitive electronics such as computers, recorders or a digital camera.

You are likely to find alkaline batteries that work correctly on individual devices, but they can only be recharged for a short period and are usually quite expensive. Finally, you will find batteries of N cells with a short lifetime and reduced load cycles, although they work wonderfully in small electronics thanks to their low weight.

Do not forget that there are specific characteristics to take into account when buying the most appropriate option. One of these is to determine which is the device that you will power electrically. This will help you choose the most appropriate type.

Keep in mind the place where you will use these devices, whether it will be a cold or hot area since there are models made specifically for low or high temperatures. The capacity is an essential aspect. We recommend you to have an option that has a capacity of at least 2000mAh or higher.

The load cycle of the unit should be high, of at least 500 repetitions. The volume of self-discharge should be around 60 or 80%. Do not acquire anything that has a memory effect, since this feature will prevent you from being able to fully recharge the battery if it is not fully discharged.

They must also be weather resistant, and they should withstand extreme temperatures. Finally, to measure the proper functioning of these units, do it with a digital camera, with batteries of poor quality, there will be a terrible resolution and vice versa.

Set of 8 batteries Eneloop

This versatile option with a storage capacity of 1900mAh (AA) / 750mAh (AAA) can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius. With load cycles over 1900.

4 x HR06-P Duracell rechargeable batteries

Factory pre-filled, you can use it as soon as it arrives. Its capacity is up to 2500mAh of AA size, nickel-metal hydride type. Suitable for devices that consume a lot of electricity regularly like my daughter’s toy.

Rechargeable batteries 5035442-590-2 Ansmann

Its composition is NiMH, with a voltage of 1.2 and a reserve of 2,100mAh. They are super lightweight with an individual weight of just 28 grams. Ideal for your watch, remote control, alarm clocks, medical equipment and flashlights.

16 AA / HR6 rechargeable batteries AmazonBasics

The low self-discharge rate of 80% per year. You can recharge them up to a thousand times and maintain an optimal and efficient operation, with 1900mAh storage. For universal use.

Rechargeable batteries EB-81122 EBL

Recharge up to 1200 times, with a three-year self-discharge of just 75%. Perfect for continuous use electronics, with 2800mAh storage. Use them on your LCD TV.

Rechargeable batteries Energizer

A cheap, high-performance product, a constant voltage of 1.2 capacity of up to 800mAh, and do not discharge anything despite having not used them in a full year with ecological exterior cover.

What is a Rechargeable battery?

First of all, it is an electric accumulator, which is qualified in the same way best-rechargeable batteries a battery. However, it is rechargeable. Unlike ordinary models, i.e. disposable batteries, it can be recharged repeatedly as soon as it discharges.

That is similar to a battery (the one we use for remote control or toys). That said, it always takes the format of conventional batteries, namely, type AA or AAA.

Despite the fact that there are different brands and several models, the technologies used can be classified into 3 categories. First, there is the abbreviated Nickel Cadmium NiCa. Very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, it is very rare these days, even banned in certain regions.

Then there is Nickel-Metal-Hydride or NiMH. It offers an energy capacity greater than 30% compared to the previous model with a power up to 2800 mAh, or even more. It is the most used technology because of its performance and its low dangerousness rate.

Then there is the Lithium-Ion or Lion. It offers more energy density so far with minimal self-discharge capacity. Despite such qualities, this technology is not yet used more than Nickel-Metal-Hydride, probably because of its still high price.

Most of the models sold on the market offer a lifespan of more than 12 months. Also, they have this ability to always store an electrical charge, even when not in use.

Unlike a normal battery, the rechargeable battery does not charge directly through the device where it is used. You must use a dedicated charger for recharging. You can find solar, wall or USB chargers for rechargeable batteries.

How to choose rechargeable batteries?

It’s a fact. There are several types and brands of batteries on the market. Faced with this panoply, many people often find it difficult to choose the ideal battery. Fortunately, there are criteria to take into account to make an optimal choice. These same criteria helped us when testing the 8 best rechargeable batteries. What are they ? 

Battery type

As we said above, there are 4 types of rechargeable batteries on the market and each type has been manufactured for a single-use. So take this criterion into account when choosing your product.


Battery life is an essential element in purchasing batteries. Some brands offer very long-lasting batteries. Battery capacity is generally measured in milliamps per hour or mAh. This capacity is between 800 and 2500 mAh. An 800 mAh battery will last approximately 47 minutes. Battery capacity is a central and decisive factor in the purchase of rechargeable batteries. When you are in your store, choose high capacity batteries for extended use.


The brand of the battery must however be taken into account when purchasing your batteries. There are several manufacturing brands, but it is important to choose one of the best in the competitive market. The label is one of the criteria for selection, quality and reliability of the product and / or service. So, you must therefore integrate this element in your line of choice to ensure you a quality choice.


The guarantee is an element not to be overlooked when purchasing your batteries. This lets you know the period of use of your battery. Some brands offer guarantees of more or less 5 years with the number of refills going to more than a hundred times. You should also consider this aspect when you are choosing your rechargeable battery.


What is a rechargeable battery without charger used for? It is similar to a disposable battery. This is why, you must also take into account the charger when buying a battery. Yes, you should have an appropriate and / or efficient battery charger. These chargers are precisely there to revive your energy accumulator. You will have on the market, several chargers of different performance. But the most important thing is to have one that can favourably charge your batteries.


You should also not forget to look at the price of the battery before buying it.


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