As it is common in today’s cycling environment it is crucial to be safe and be visible while cycling at night. Rear lights are also essential in improving both aspects and are therefore useful for any cyclist – beginner or experienced. As for buying these vital lights, websites like Argos, Halfords and eBay prove to be the most popular ones due to the variety of offers, easy shopping experience, and customer focus.

What is the best bike rear light?

When choosing the model to buy you should be aware of what kind of light it offers, most modern products use LED lights, unlike old-school old valves, and thanks to the advancement of this technology, they can be blindly bright. However, although the light is an important element, do not let it take everything for it.

The shape of the beam and the effect of the lens can make a big difference too. Focus also on observing the charging capacity and the life of the battery. Although the case of the one that shines brightest is best here, it is essential that you examine how long it can last until it is discharged in a single charge or a set of batteries; and examine if you have alternate sources of power.

In this case, check if you need a special charger, or if it can be recharged via USB, which will allow greater convenience.

Shopping Experience and Customer Service

  • Argos has a good delivery service and tends to update the bikes’ accessories frequently to meet the current technology in the market.
  • Halfords has the click and collect service for the customers, and the staff provides fitting and maintenance services to the cyclists who seek personal help.
  • A primary advantage of eBay is affordable prices and a large number of new and second-hand bike lights for sale, which may be difficult to find in other stores.

1. Rear bike lights Apace Vision

Powerful and of good quality

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Do not worry about the visibility you will have. With this powerful rear bike light, you will have the confidence that it can be observed from a distance, in addition, you can charge the unit through a USB cable without having the uncomfortable need to resort to an exclusive charger, not to mention that integrates a compact design, Low weight and adds attractiveness to your bike.

Worried about the duration of the load? I’m not anymore; Thanks to its innovative system, you can walk with a guarantee that it will be illuminated up to 12 hours. It also includes six illuminative modes (high, medium, low, intermittent, slow, fast, and strobe).

It also does not need to be an expert in installation, it is easy to install and it is done in a few minutes, you do not need to have a specific frame since it has a universal design that fits most of the existing frames. Thirty-day guarantee

2. Front light Theoutlettablet

High-level specialised team

Theoutlettablet® Front light - Front for bike 6000 lumens Flashlight Front TORCH LAMP 3x CREE XM-L...
  • LED Model: 3 x CREE XM-L U2 LED.Max 6000lm. Waterproofing design
  • Powerful Triple Focus for Bicycle of 6000 lumen with Battery 18650 of 8.4v and 6400 mAh with all the necessary accessories for its...
  • Battery: 4x 18.650 (6400mah) with battery protection against overload
  • Kit Contents: Triple Focus Front, Wall Charger (EU) for Battery Charging, Battery for Charging Kit, Focusing Accessory Kit
  • We specialize in bike accessories. Search with the words "theoutlettablet bike"

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This bike rear light is designed to provide maximum visible clarity when walking, this unit integrates an LED model of serial 3 x CREE XM-L U2 LED. A luminaire expansion of 6,000 lumens, enough to let you know who is behind you that you are there, and providing maximum visibility for road safety.

Its battery will allow a long duration when taking any ride, has characteristics of 4 × 18650 with a voltage of 8.4 and 6400 mAh. The product weighs just 422 grams, which will not make any difference, nor feel the heavier trips. The battery comes with its black charger to optimise the load properly.

I forgot to emphasise that the battery includes overload protection. In the package, you will receive all the necessary instruments so that the installation is done quickly, easily and simply. And it supports three intensity modes, quite useful.

3. Awnic Rechargeable USB Rear Light

Maximum power

Sunspeed LED Rear Bike Light - USB Rechargeable and Super Bright - 6 Light Modes - Easy Install &...
  • SUPER-BRIGHT TO KEEP YOUR SAFE. This rear cycle light produces an extraordinarily wide-beamed RED light which is eye-catching from...
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS WEATHER. With this bicycle rear light, you can ride your bike in almost any weather, as they are water...
  • USB RECHARGEABLE. This bike taillight can be charged from any USB charging device and needs only 2 hours to fully charged. No more...
  • EASY MOUNT & QUICK RELEASE - No tools needed, this bike tail light can be mount or release in under 5 seconds.
  • ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident you will love the rear bicycle light that we offer 30...

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Equipped with 26 chips of LED technology, this unit will provide the power needed to emit up to 100 lumens of lighting; so much so that it can be compared to the car driver. It allows a recharge in USB to facilitate the convenience of easy form, in any computer or an adapter for an electrical outlet.

The battery charges in just two hours, which will give you enough capacity to save as much time as possible. The battery is 500 mAh. With the lowest intensity of all, you can get a battery operation of up to 6 hours and twenty minutes, and if you decide to have more lighting, the battery could last up to almost three hours.

Do not worry about rainy seasons. Its design has been manufactured to have waterproof characteristics, which allows any internal component to suffer any damage that leaves negative consequences.

4. OUTERDO Bicycle Rear Light

Drive away thieves

No products found.

This unit uses an HID design that will occupy less space in your means of transport and is located in the lower part of the seat; its installation does not require more logic and shows a high level of compactness. Do not worry about the water you can get through. Its waterproof design protects it from any water contact.

It is quite versatile, and it shows three lighting modes that go from the lowest to the most intense brightness of all. It has incorporated grains in the headlight that can be comparable to those used by a normal vehicle, which will allow you to provide greater security in your pass.

Locate your motorcycle in a range of one hundred meters thanks to the alarm that comes integrated, and this same will be activated to the touch with 120 decibels that will scare away friends from the alien (anti-theft). All this handled under smart remote control.

5. Zukvye Super Bright Bike Lights

Great price, optimal functionality

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This bright supremacy light provides a second colour that will attract much more attention thanks to its blue and red COB LED technology with 120 lumens and with a degree of visibility that reaches up to 240 degrees. It offers six modes of operation and includes an alternate SOS option.

Be practical and portable. Regardless of the distance to which you are going, you can always recharge the battery with any USB connector, take your computer full of charge, and you can make the electronic transfer. This battery is lithium and has a voltage of 3.7 with 600 mAh. Using in just two hours will be ready.

It also has a waterproof feature, with a tough material that can withstand any fall. It is designed with ultrasonic welding, and the water resistance is classified in IPX6.

6. LED Bicycle Lights set

Blinkle Bike Light Set B001 LED Batteries Powered Safety Bicycle Lights Kit(2 Front Light/3 Wheel...
  • Free 2 PCS Taillight and 3 PCS Wheels Light Bike light set comes with 2 pcs red taillight (4 x CR2032 battery included) with 3...
  • 3 Lighting Modes & Zoomable Zoomable Bike light can Flexibly adjust the spot size in order to suit for different width of the path...
  • Battery Power Waterproof Bike front Light power by 3AAA battery no included Water resistant rated to IPX6 - Protected against...
  • Easy Installation Bicycle Lights clip made from premium natural rubber, compared to other rigid stents, our bracket can better...
  • Get Bicycle Light Set No Risk Order cycle light set now with no risk,101% satisfaction guarantee ,keep one set for yourself...

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Why the rear light is so important?

Cyclists often downplay the importance of taillights compared to headlights. The headlights of a bicycle must be visible at a distance of at least 100 meters, while the red reflector placed at the rear of a bicycle must simply meet the most basic legal requirements. If a motorist cannot see this red reflector, they may also be unable to see the bicycle, which could cause serious bodily harm or even death to the cyclist.

There are many reports and articles today that deal with the dangers associated with new cyclists hitting the roads without first learning about the appropriate safety protocols for sharing the road and maintaining safe cycling habits. Most state laws simply require reflectors, but it is highly recommended for safety to purchase and maintain bicycle taillights to improve the visibility of motorists and other cyclists.

Bike safety programs have raised awareness among cyclists that cyclists are often even stopped because they don’t have a rear light. Specific examples are given throughout the cycling community of cyclists struck by vehicles because they do not have tail lights for visibility. Most cyclists injured in a motor vehicle and bicycle accidents have headlights but no rear lights.

Not all night drivers drive seriously. Some, if not most, night drivers are less alert than during the day. Even if they see the cyclist perfectly in front of them, without the help of reflective turn signals that cyclists can use, drivers have no idea what the approximation of the next movement the cyclist could take. Of course, if the driver is aware if the cyclist himself has a rear light and a rear light to present.

bike rear light

Flashing rear light

As far as the law is concerned, it’s up to you. The law requires that the flashing modes be between 1Hz and 4Hz (one to four flashes per second); as you will see from the beam comparison engine below, the actual modes vary widely and some are well beyond that. Constant pulse modes are a grey area.

Ask a rider why their light is flashing and they will often say that they are making it visible from a distance. Ask another driver why he has a constant light and you will often hear that distance is easier to assess when tracking vehicles.

LED bike rear light

There is not much scientific research to rely on. Most people who turn on two lights will have one of them flashing. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re riding in a close group – be it a club race, a sport, Audax or whatever – having a bright light blinking in your eyes at close range is pretty annoying. Many lamps have stable operating modes with low power consumption for group driving.

Panoramic visibility with LED

Most rear lights are well lit if you are standing directly behind them. But in many situations – especially in the city – traffic can approach you from other directions, so it’s good for a light to have a wide-angle of view. Again, the type of driving you to do will determine the importance of lateral visibility for you.

USB rear light

Most taillights will easily adapt to the longest route you are likely to throw at them, although not all USB-chargers can be fully trusted to last an entire night, especially on the fixed beam. If you’re planning big forays into the dark unknown – or if you’re just a bit of shit to remember to charge your lights – choose something that has a long lifespan. Lamps powered by AAA tend to be the solution.


All in all, choosing the best bike rear lights entails looking for the light intensity, sturdiness, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. Some of the bicycle accessories include lights, bells, locks, and helmets and cyclists can easily access them from the comfort of their homes through the available online stores such as Argos, Halfords, and eBay among others to enable them to cycle safely at night or whenever they feel like.

To view the current price, special offers, and stock, go to Argos, Halfords, or eBay. Read on for the best bike rear lights that will help you take the next step towards safer cycling. Your safety is important—select the best, select the right, select from the brands you can find at these reputable online stores!


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