5 Best Reading Pillows in the UK that Will Give You Comfort

I am an inveterate reader and I love to lie down and read good books for hours. The only bad thing is that I almost always end up with a pain in the back of the ciborium or with contractures in the neck, tired of stacking the traditional pillows.

I have decided to look for the best reading pillow available on the market, which is an economic model and that allows me to improve posture and read for hours with comfort.

What is the best reading pillow?

Getting the best pillow will depend on your purposes and your work habits. If you prefer to use it in bed or on the couch, some are good for both, but not all

Having clear what you need can help you too and a comparison between the available, no doubt will clarify many things.

Checking well is always possible to find something cheap that suits your needs. If you take a look at this list, maybe you will find what you are looking for:

1. AIBAO Large Backrest Pillow  with Lumbar backrest 

Comfortable and colourful

AIBAO Large Backrest Pillow Rest Cushion Reading...
4 Reviews
AIBAO Large Backrest Pillow Rest Cushion Reading...
  • Plump and comfortable with convenient...
  • High quality shredded foam padding and...
  • Great for dorm rooms and college...

The brand Hand Photos has put on the market this model of a lumbar pillow, ideal for you to spend hours reading, without the pain of any kind.

It comes with armrests, it is very comfortable, washable and soft. You can spend hours lying on it without feeling pain or discomfort.

2. Therapeutic pillow for reading Supportiback

Easy to wash

Supportiback® Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow -...
330 Reviews
Supportiback® Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow -...
  • ✔ LOSE THE PILLOW PILE: Regular...

Endowed with good support, this therapeutic pillow is ideal for you to spend hours reading, working or resting from the bed.

It is ergonomic, hypoallergenic and offers rigid support for the arms, head and back. It is easy to clean and very comfortable.

3. Milliard reading cushion

Comfortable and compact

Milliard Reading Pillow/Lumbar Support Cushion...
30 Reviews
Milliard Reading Pillow/Lumbar Support Cushion...
  • Spill the beans on beanbag cushions and...
  • Pillow too firm? Pull some stuffing out....
  • Zippered velour outer cover has a...

Made of cotton and polyester, this reading cushion will help you to have the correct posture when reading or working. It is suitable for a bed or sofa, watching TV and even working.

It is a very comfortable, breathable cushion with lumbar support, which you can easily transfer.

4. Wedge reading pillow VH-KK1 Purovi

Comfortable and of quality

PUROVI ® Wedge pillow for bed and couch | Back...
37 Reviews
PUROVI ® Wedge pillow for bed and couch | Back...
  • COMFORT: Comfortable lumbar support for...
  • QUALITY: High quality foam and...
  • LEISURE: The pillow to read, watch TV,...

Made with wedge design, this pillow is the most recommended if you are from that group of reading fans who spend hours connected with a book to devour it completely, you will read with great comfort.

It is ideal to support the back in both the bed and the sofa.

5. Kenmont reading pillow

Striking and comfortable

Kenmont Classic Reading Pillow Lumbar Support...
6 Reviews
Kenmont Classic Reading Pillow Lumbar Support...
  • Unique Design: Thick design, high...
  • High Quality: high quality of vacuum...
  • Multi-use: Sturdy handle allows bedrest...

Suitable for adults and children, this visco-elastic foam pillow is ideal for pregnant women or nursing mothers because it gives them the comfort they need to rest or breastfeed the baby.

It is easy to clean product, with head support and easy transport.

How to use a reading pillow?

A reading pillow is a great ally if you are one of those who prefer to lie on the bed to read or review work reports. With these pillows, you can have a good reading while maintaining a comfortable position and without contractures.

Types of reading pillows

In the offer you will find different types of pillow that differ in shape, characteristics and material, here we explain briefly what are the most popular:


This type of pillow completely raises the upper part of the body, as its name implies, it has the shape of a large wedge on which you comfortably rest your back to read at ease. Hold the upper part of your body.

With support for the back and arm

They are the most popular in the hearts of readers and come in many colours and materials. They are characterized by having support behind the pillow that protrudes on the sides where you can place the arms. Not only will you be comfortable on your back, but you will also take care of your arms during the reading.


It has a narrow tip on which rests the head and a wide lower part where the back goes, also allowing you to relax the shoulders. They are the least popular of the whole group.

What to look for when choosing the best reading pillow

Before buying, it is always useful to have all the necessary information so that your selection is comfortable, useful and as appropriate as possible to your purposes: a pleasant and comfortable reading. So I always recommend, before deciding, take a look at the following aspects:


Everything will depend on your preferences, but what I always advise you is that you go for those ergonomic models that offer great support and support and keep your back comfortable and in a correct position.


If you are one of those who spend whole hours in bed reading, this is an option that, without a doubt, you should take into account, for your greater comfort. It is important that you bear in mind that not all of them have this characteristic.


This is an important consideration, both for the bed and the sofa, so you should look for the pillow that works in these two aspects. If you are of short stature, something wide and tall will do you good.


This is essential because it will determine the durability and comfort of your pillow. The important thing is that you select one that gives you comfortable support and does not cause allergies.


To keep it clean or facilitate its cleaning, this is an essential quality. It is only to remove the cover and the washing machine, in less than what you think you will have a clean and fresh pillow.


This is a quality of additional comfort, the most modern models even come with resting arms and are a comfortable pass.


Here your preferences come into play again. Select what you most comfortable according to the types of known forms.

Where to buy a reading pillow?

You can buy reading pillows in a physical store or order one online. Make sure you read the customer reviews, that will help you to find the best model for you.