5 Best Push up Bars that Will Lead the Gym to Your Home

Having a good support for push-ups is vital for any fitness lover or even for those who only want to improve their health and appearance at home. That’s why we fled in terror of the first model we had, which broke soon after. With another we had a similar problem, since it doubled without even reaching the limit weight that it was supposed to be able to withstand.

It is that we have tried everything, even very cheap and unstable supports, that slid when doing the push-ups, which generates a very high risk of injuries and discomfort. There is also something that we noticed when trying different models and is that, if the product has foam of a very low thickness, it will hurt your hands and wrists.

However, with a more exhaustive search in the market we can find economic and good quality models that we will recommend.

What is the best push-up Bars?

Before buying push-up bars to make your home a gym, you have to think about the materials. In general, they are made of metal or rubber, with the most resistant metal ones. The advantage of rubber is that they tend to be more ergonomic and comfortable, although they are not as durable.

The format also matters and is that these supports come in the form of a bar or handle. The advantage of the handles is that they can be more versatile because they allow you to change positions and focus more on chest or arms to convenience, although the bars for push-ups are a proven classic.

It is also good to observe several things as a good guarantee by the seller, the type of exercise routine you practice. Taking all that into account, we have chosen the best models available today and we group them in our comparative list for you.

1. Push up bars – Barbarian Range

A classic touch

Barbarian Range Wooden Parallettes Parallel Bars...
14 Reviews
Barbarian Range Wooden Parallettes Parallel Bars...
  • DESIGNED FOR STURDINESS: We've combined...
  • MATERIALS: Most cheap wooden...
  • NO MORE SLIPPING: Unlike PVC and metal...

We are talking about a model of solid beech wood with a beautiful finish and a capacity of 80 kg in each handle. The sides are birch multiplex to give you additional resistance and support for your exercises at home. The bar has a diameter of 4 cm.

2. Complete training system Maximum Fitness Gear Push Up

A comprehensive training

Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training...
51 Reviews
Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training...
  • Revolutionary color-coded push up board...
  • Heavy duty "Plug and Press" push up...
  • Burn calories and build strength with...

This is a complete training system, one of the most versatile of today. It has a base with colors to place the handles in different ways and work chest, shoulder, arms and even the back. It works very well for all levels and includes instructional videos.

3. Perfect Fitness Perfect V2

For all terrain

Perfect Fitness V2 Pushup Handles - Black, One...
204 Reviews
Perfect Fitness V2 Pushup Handles - Black, One...
  • Pushup stand designed to rotate slightly
  • Ergonomic grips help distribute weight...
  • Reducing pressure points and joint...

Buy these handles with a circular design and patented rotation system is an excellent option because they give you the ability to train different muscle groups comfortably and with an ergonomic handle. It is fixed in a stable way on any surface and supports up to 181 kg of weight.

4. Adidas Push Up Bar

Excellent design and comfort

adidas Push-Up Bars, Black
22 Reviews
adidas Push-Up Bars, Black
  • Ideal for building upper body and core...
  • Lightweight and non-slip design
  • Sturdy platforms to perform push-ups

Handle model widely recommended not only for being one of the best brands in the industry, but for being robust, lightweight and with an anti-slip design to avoid injuries and inconveniences. They are very comfortable, they are made of iron and come in black.

5. CampTeck Push Up Bars


CampTeck Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle...
27 Reviews
CampTeck Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle...
  • Pair of push-up bars suitable for men or...
  • Foam padded handles provide a soft and...
  • Light and strong. Easy to install, just...

This model has foam to protect the palms of your hands and also gives you greater security since it includes two suckers for the product to adhere properly to the ground. It can support up to 180 kg of weight and works not only for push-ups but also for abdominals.

Benefits of the push up Bars

There are numerous benefits that you will find in push-up bars, one of the most important ones, maybe, is that they improve the results of the exercise, but besides that, they are devices that will allow you a complete range of movement in the exercise and they will give you enough comfort to exercise without marks or pains.

Another great advantage is that with them you will change the angles of the exercise, so that you can exercise the deltoids, triceps, forearms and external muscles of the chest efficiently and without injuries.

What to consider when choosing push up bars

Before buying, it is essential that you pay special attention to the following qualities so that you can ensure the proper form:


You can take them wherever you please, they are quite light and portable. They fit in any suitcase.

Weight capacity

It is important that you look at this quality before buying, you will avoid injuries and an unnecessary expense.


Nobody wants a team that they do not feel comfortable with, even more so if it is a device that will help you exercise. Comfort is essential. The filling and the grip are factors to look at.


To make sure you buy a stable support it is appropriate to look at the weight capacity of the team and compare it with the width of the base, you will not do a good exercise if you lose your balance every two times and you can even injure yourself.


You will find them from metal to plastic, through chrome and rubber, the more robust and resistant they carry more weight, this information can help you decide what is best for you.


You can find a simple product or equipment with an aggregate such as a calendar or exercise guide that will help you to program your physical activities for the week.


The price is important, especially if you have a reduced budget. What I always recommend is that you place a few extra euros to guarantee quality.


On this your comfort will depend, you will find them with a circular handle and with bar-type handles. It is a matter of choice and how you will feel better when you exercise.


Depending on the routine you do and the function that you want to give to the supports, you must select between push bars or handlebars, according to the exercises of your preference.

Health restrictions

If you want to take care of your wrists the supports are a good option, but if you have shoulder problems, the bars that increase the range of movement can injure you.

Routines that you can do with the Push up Bars

Given its versatility and ease of domestic use, there are various routines that you can put into practice with these equipment, here I leave some of them to take them into account:

Standard push ups

They are good for back, shoulders, chest and arms, but to obtain results it is essential that you increase the levels of difficulty often while doing the exercise, so that the muscles feel a greater demand. Climbing two levels in difficulty at a time can help you see results quickly.

Wide-arm push ups

With this method you should place the handles horizontally upwards and separate the shoulders, it is essential that the bars or supports are aligned with your shoulders so that the exercise is done correctly and once this is done you must hold the handles forward, the Exercise consists of lowering the head to the level of the handles, briefly holding for a few seconds and then raising the body. Repeat as many times as the strength.

Simple shoulder press

Maintaining the standard position and with your feet in a chair you will have to flex with several repetitions keeping the supports just below the shoulders.

Truck legs

Seated, arms at the sides, palms and bars up, back straight. Get up slowly keeping the support in the arms without moving the feet, then include both feet bending knees in the chest.

Exercise with Push-up bars Video