6 Best Durable Free Standing Punch Bags

Impact sports have always been my favourites. Since I was a kid, I practised karate and then I was venturing into mixed martial arts, boxing and even wrestling. The issue is that I had always practised with boxing bags until I found the best free standing puching bag.

I tell you that, since then, I do not train with anything other than a good doll, only that it was difficult for me to find it since there is so much variety for men and women that you can end up trying low-quality models that break quick or that they are simply too unstable.

What is the best boxing dummy?

For those looking to buy a good doll for wrestling, martial arts, boxing, fitness or gym exercises, we have designed a complete comparative list with the 6 best models of today.

In it you will see dolls made with the best materials, adjustable, highly stable and ideal for many different disciplines. It is only a question of choosing according to your needs and demands and that you get the best one for you.

1. Century VersysTMVS boxing doll

Pretty complete

Century® VersysTMVS. BOB Training Figure
  • The 66fit Balance Pods are a great way...
  • Ideal for mix martial arts such as...
  • Dummy is perfect for full contact...

With 46 cm of diameter and 175 cm of height, this doll with the raised hands is realistic and useful for the majority of the fighters. It also has a weight of about 50 kg with the filling put and 22 kg without filling.

2. Free Standing – Punch Bag Training Dummy

Includes the thighs

Lions Free Standing 6ft Punch Bag Torso Dummy...
10 Reviews
Lions Free Standing 6ft Punch Bag Torso Dummy...
  • Lions Heavy Duty Target 170cm...
  • Flexible neck allows bag to absorb...
  • High grade shock absorbing foam with...

This brand makes excellent dolls, like this drilling-proof model, made for both men and women and that is realistic for practically any discipline. It even goes beyond the torso and includes the area of ​​the shorts. It has adjustable height from 155 to 205 cm.

3. Free standing Punch Bag – Century

Very realistic

Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag
29 Reviews
Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag
  • Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag The...
  • BOB is covered with a vinyl "skin" and...
  • The inner cavity is filled with...

It is a good doll, designed to withstand very strong and constant impacts. It has an adjustable height of 152 cm to 200 cm and, although it does not have the area of ​​pants, it is perfect for gyms and for different types of martial arts and contact sports.

4. Big Bob Dummy Pedestal Boxing Bag – Mytra Fusion

Has it all

Mytra Fusion Big Bob Dummy Pedestal Boxing Bag...
  • Mytra Precision Training Bob Dummy is...
  • The hard coat Polyethylene base holds up...
  • With multiple height option the boxing...

Made for professionals, this boxing doll includes the area of ​​shorts to keep hitting and kicking. The base has a capacity of 122 kg of water or sand, the doll has adjustable height and can be disconnected from the base to wrestle.

5. Lions Free standing boxing Bag

Very complete

Lions 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag Boxing Stand...
10 Reviews
Lions 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag Boxing Stand...
  • Lions Heavy Duty Target 6ft (170cm)...
  • Ideal for Boxing, Sparring, Punching and...
  • Comes with Heavy duty base, Easy to...

With a height of 182cm and a human torso shape, it can give you one of the most realistic and effective training of all. It serves for different styles and is even a good punching bag for feet. Its base is resistant and easy to assemble.

6. Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy DAAN MMA

Very versatile

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling...
1 Reviews

It is perfect for Jiu Jitsu and other fighting styles of struggle. It is made with synthetic leather and can be filled with different materials such as sand or even cotton. There are several sizes, can weigh up to 55 kg and has an excellent presentation style.

Why are boxing figures so popular?

If there are already boxing experts and bags to hit, then why use boxing dummies? Well many people can tell you that spending money on one is the best thing they have done, while others will say that the most recommended is to invest directly in a coach.

The truth is that these dolls, also known as BOB imitate the human torso and even less experienced people can learn with them, to throw good shots and be more effective. They are also useful for kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, muay thai, and virtually any other impact discipline.

There are even larger models with shorts to practice kicks with legs and knees.

What you should consider


The quality of your training, and even your safety, depend on the stability of the doll. It is that, if it falls or wobbles, you can end up injuring yourself. The theme is that the dolls have bases that must be filled with some material so that they remain stable and do not turn over. Let’s see what our options are:

  • Arena: from the most common and cheap to boxing bags and easily available in stores. You can use it both for the base and for the doll, only you can make a real disaster trying to fill any of the two.
  • Water: another of the most popular ingredients for the ease of use and its low cost. It is also very effective, but the only drawback is that it can lead to the accumulation of mold on your impact doll, which is a big problem that you will want to avoid.
  • Cat litter: although it may sound strange to you, cat litter – clean, of course – can give the doll a lot of stability and trap moisture, so you will not have to worry about mold. It is also a bit easier to use than normal sand.


Your sparring doll will receive blows in heaps, so it must be able to withstand everything and last a long time standing. For this, you have to make sure you choose a good material. That said, the most durable are those of canvas, those covered with polyurethane, those of synthetic plastics and then those of high density foams. Leather ones also last a long time, but require excellent care.


The best dolls in the market can be adjusted in both weight and size so you know how to react and fight against all types of opponents, although they will not be so cheap. There are also other models with adjustable arms and others.

Use with varieties of styles

Being able to train with a doll that allows you to practice many styles is perfect, because only then can you improve in personal defense, Muay Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts and practically any other discipline.

Tips for training with boxing dummies

Pay attention

To everything, not just the place where you plan to hit. This could expose you and leave you exposed to kickbacks. Do not stop looking for fear of betraying yourself, you always have to see the opponent.

Keep the balance

In any exercise of struggle you need stability, with both feet on the ground and without leaning or going towards the doll. That could leave you exposed to hard blows.

Hit, do not push

Just hit the doll you have to move your fist away. This is so that the contact is as fast as possible and you do not finish by pushing the doll. Thus you will be a more technical and effective boxer.

Anchor the feet when hitting

Keep your feet firm for greater balance, coordination and strength. If you hit moving your feet you will not have so much strength. Remember that the blow comes from below.

Move your feet when you do not hit

Remember to keep within reach of the doll, neither too close nor too far away. But keep moving when you do not hit. If you do not make an offensive move, make a defensive one.

Dont wait

Never stop hitting! Watch any MMA or UFC match and you will notice that the professionals do not spend more than 2 seconds without hitting.

Less strength and more breathing

You have to concentrate a lot and breathe well or you’ll end up exhausted after a couple of minutes of fighting. It’s all about having good technique and better breathing.

Throw from 3 to 6 blows

Do not hit 1 or 2 times, but not 10 so that the enemy takes advantage of you. Paste in normal and even different combinations.

Stay active while you rest

Never stand still. Keep moving and active.

Keep your hands up

It is easy to lower your hands after hitting without realizing it. So always have a friend to warn you while you train. Ideally, always have your hands up, but with your elbows low enough to defend the rest of the body.

Using free standing punch dummy Video