Contrary to popular belief, boxing is not a sport reserved for thick brutes who need to channel their energy. Boxing is a noble sport that allows you to have great self-control. It is therefore not necessary to practice boxing intensely to equip yourself with a punch bag at your home. 

The punching bag can also be used by everyone, to burn calories and lose extra pounds in a fun way, without having to run or cycle for example. But be careful choosing the right punch bag is not necessarily easy given the multitude of products on the market.

Not all punching bags are the same size or made with the same materials. Some are intended for the use of fists, others allow the use of fists and feet to be combined. To help you choose the best punch bag for you, we decided to create this site compiling tips and tricks. We will start by presenting you the punch bag that most appealed to us, then a selection of the three best-performing punch bags, we will then reveal the three best brands of punch bags and finally, we will finish with advice for choose and above all install your future equipment.

What is the best punch bag?

The most efficient way to find the best punch bag is to know what to look for before buying the product, these details will give you a clearer picture when deciding.

The first thing to look at is the cost, a cheap one is not necessarily bad, but neither is it durable, so you should not be afraid to spend. There are quality and are not expensive.

Another element is the material, it must be strong and resistant to support the hundreds of kicks and blows that you will give in each workout. Leather and durable vinyl are the most common.

Measurements and weight are also essential, the heavier the bag, the less it moves and the better the training, the size, on the other hand, will depend on the discipline to practice and your height. A safe comparison can help you with this.

To clarify some doubts, here we leave you our list of the five best ones:

Professional Punch Bag TurnerMAX

With professional quality, this bag is recommended if you are in training sessions of martial arts.

Made with high-quality leather and filled with an interesting mixture of wool, polyester and cotton that give it a medium hardness.

It comes in four sizes, small, ideal for light and dynamic training, the 100-centimetre is suitable for heavy and stable work, while the large one, 150 centimetres, is ideal for kickboxing.

Boxing  punch bag Klarfit Maxxmma C

Made of polyurethane and stuffed with cotton this training bag of 25 kilos, is a craft product covered in synthetic leather and resistant.

This product is what you were looking for if you are fans of contact sports and high impacts like boxing or MMA.

It comes with a chain to hang on and it also has a zip and closure so you can place it where it suits you best. It has a padded interior that guarantees anti-vibration security.

Padded Punch Bag with Wall Mount RDX

Perfect for resistance training, this bag comes with a wall bracket and high-quality metal chains that will allow you to place it where it is most comfortable.

It has an improved design that will allow a full range of movements without contact with the bag. It has an anti-slip coating for a more stable training experience.

By its design, measures and qualities are the most advisable for the practice of disciplines such as Muay Thai.

MADX boxing set


    The manufacturer MADX has put on the market this bag for boxing that comes with base and support for the wall.

    It also brings a set of gloves, bandages, metal chains, and simple exercise equipment.

    It is an economic and quality product, those who have it stand out the robustness of its filling and the ease of adjustment, according to the weight, thanks to the zipper to open that it has in the upper part.

    Everlast boxing bag

    The brand Everlast puts at your disposal this punch bag designed to withstand even the heaviest blows, a quality that makes it perfect for high performance and resistance training.

    It is made with layers of synthetic leather and vinyl and available in sizes of 3 and 4 feet. It is a bag that will suit you in various types of training. Those who have it emphasize its quality well above its low cost.

    Ringside Leather Heavy Bag

    The best brands of punching bags

    In order to offer you the most complete site possible, we had the opportunity to test a lot of punching bags at the editorial office. All of them have of course the same quality, the same price and are not intended for the same audience. Following our tests, we were particularly seduced by two brands that are known to be the leaders in the boxing equipment market, Everlast and RDX. There are still others, but these are for us the 2 best available to date.

    The RDX brand is a British brand specializing in combat sports, it offers a wide range of products ranging from essential boxing gloves to wrist bands and punch bags, of course. The products are dedicated to several types of boxing, be it MMA, Thai boxing but also obviously English boxing. At the writing, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products offered but also by their very attractive prices. An essential brand, essential for its seriousness and for the variety of products it offers.

    Another brand that has a lot more to us but it was predictable, the famous American firm Everlast which stands out for the design and the quality of its products. Products that have attracted a number of iconic boxers over the past years include the best known, Mike Tyson and Mohamed Ali. This brand created at the beginning of the twentieth century offers a wide range of products ranging from helmets to gloves to punching bags. All these products have in common that they are designed with solid materials and have precise and solid finishes. The Everlast brand is therefore with RDX the brand that has seduced us the most because of the quality of the products and thanks to the competitive prices.

    Why do you need a good punch bag?

    First of all, this product will significantly improve your technique. In addition, it will help you achieve better speed, strength and cardiovascular exercise – essential areas to be successful in any combat sport. Choosing an appropriate decision will have a huge impact on your training as an athlete.

    Different types of punch bags

    There are two main types of bags: hanging bags and freestanding punching bags. Both have their advantages and you should choose the genre that is most suitable for your training needs and the style of martial arts you plan to practice.

    Hanging punch bags

    They re usually suspended from the ceiling by a chain, but there are alternatives to fix them to a wall or with the help of freestanding support. This type of bags is the most used one because they have some important advantages. First of all, as they are hanging, they tend to swing a little when you touch them. This allows you to work on your timing, speed and precision to give a more realistic training experience.

    Second, the weight is better distributed on a bag hanging from the top than on a standing bag that has it from the ground, which allows better work on strength and power. The downside of the hanging type is mostly practical. You can’t move it easily; once installed in its location, it will generally remain so. You also need a ceiling or wall that is strong enough to fix it, unless you use a more fragile, self-supporting support.

    Freestanding punching bags

    If you don’t have enough space to hang a hanging punching bag, this type of floor freestanding punch bag is a good option to consider. You can put it almost anywhere there is minimal space and most are relatively easy to move. That means you can train almost anywhere you want. 
    The quality models are generally equipped with a large round base which makes them very stable, which makes it possible to practice both punching and kicking. However, its weight distribution is different from a hanging bag. They tend to move a little too easily, which some people don’t like, especially those who train for power.

    What you should look for when choosing punch bag?


    This factor is key. A bag that is too light will move constantly before being hit. If it does not offer much resistance, it will wobble backwards with force every time you hit it, reducing the effectiveness of the training. Find an option that offers a good level of resistance.


    • Hard filling: It is made of grated fibre and is encapsulated in a closed interior cell of just 1 inch.
    • Soft filling: Generally, it is made of materials that offer less resistance and is encapsulated in a 2-inch inner cell.
    • Water Filling: A water bag, provides a realistic feeling that feels like hitting – in fact – a human body. It also offers a level of resistance similar to that of an opponent.


    Leather is generally the best option. It is durable and can withstand a high level of action. However, it is the most expensive option, causing some athletes with less money to purchase options made on vinyl. You can also get models made of wool.


    There are basically two ways in which these bags hang: the oldest way is to hold them at the top, and the most modern alternative is to hold them through a heavy base. In my case, I usually use a wall punch bag, less expensive and very effective.


    There are few more important things when it comes to hitting a sack than knowing how good your stuffing is. This feature is crucial to avoid hurting your hand or foot when hitting or kicking the bag – in the case of a standing punch bag. You should also remember that during a session you will be hitting the bean repeatedly.

    Without proper stuffing, you are much more likely to hurt yourself. In general, the most common types of fillers are heavy foam, gel or some type of soft compressed fibre. However, heavy foam is the most popular option as it easily absorbs the energy of each stroke.


    It would not be strange that occasionally some practice partners go to your house to hit the sack; so you’d like to have a unit that has an adjustable weight. It is unlikely that all your partners have the same height as you, so the ability to adjust is a key point.


    Having a good factory warranty is very important when we speak in terms of durability. Although well, no brand will be responsible for damages caused by abusive uses, they will be responsible for any damage related to sewing and defective materials.

    In addition, you will have a clue as to how confident the brand is about your product. Also keep in mind that no brand, however good it may be, is exempt from launching any unit with defects or errors made during production.