For sports or medical reasons, the presence of a pulse oximeter at home may be essential. This medical device measures oxygen saturation in the blood and heart rate. 

He can assess this data in adults and children. However, to benefit from perfectly reliable results, it is advisable to choose a powerful pulse oximeter. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

What is the best pulse oximeter?

The ability to determine the amount of oxygen and heart rate range is vital for people who suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, lung deficiencies and heart conditions. It also constitutes a form of preventive diagnosis for daily use, since it does not merit a rigorous procedure.

The normal intervals are in over 95% presence of oxygen in blood if this happens to be under 90% is when we should worry. Obviously this type of equipment is effective, but you should always consult with the doctor before any alteration.

To be able to buy the best device we must consider:

  • Popularity: The finger oximeters enjoy greater demand for its practicality.
  • Design:small, easy to transport.
  • Ease of use:with LED readers, easy to read.
  • Accuracy:sensor at the tip of the finger for more accurate measurements.
  • Sports use:possibility to use after the execution of athletic activities.

Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth Beurer PO60 BT

Beurer PO60 Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth | Measures Heart Rate and arterial Oxygen Saturation for...
  • HEALTH AT HOME: Check your arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), your heart rate (pulse) and your perfusion index (PI) any time, any...
  • MEDICAL DEVICE: Particularly suitable for those with heart failure, COPD and bronchial asthma. Also suitable for use during...
  • DISPLAY: The easy-to-read colour display has 4 available views and 2 graphical displays and adjustable brightness.
  • HEALTH MONITORING: Internal memory stores 100 readings for wireless trasfer to your smartphone for ongoing health monitoring with...
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Ideal for taking with you anywhere, the PO60 shows you a low battery indicator and comes with a belt strap and...

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The range of functions and possibilities of this pulse oximeter are attractive. Being able to have a detailed record of blood oxygen concentrations and heart rate available to the user in any electronic storage device is a reality, thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows the transfer of data from different measurements made to a Tablet or Smartphone. Later, a health professional will be able to evaluate this information, establishing an accurate diagnosis.

Its design is simple and attractive, in silver colour with a led indicator that shows the collected values. Its size is just, a little larger and thicker than a conventional pen drive, to use it on the tip of a finger. With space for recording 100 measurements, they prioritize the most recent readings. Small and light. It is ideal for the control of different users, from chronic patients to competitive athletes.

Finger Pulse Oximeter ANAPULSE

Anapulse Finger Pulse Oximeter | Digital Display | Heart Rate & Oxygen Level Readings | Batteries,...
  • Accurate Sp02 measurement
  • SPO2 and PR display, bargraph display
  • Auto power off
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Approximately 30 hours continuous use.

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Undoubtedly, this is simple operation equipment that provides the measurements of haemoglobin saturation and heart rate in an effective way. The comments praise the accuracy in the readings, which usually take a while to appear on your digital display. Its size and presentation make it transportable anywhere.

It is blue and like other options, it comes in the form of “clothes hanging clip” to be used at the tip of the finger. Indicated for the home, support in ambulatory emergency services, oxygen therapy units and health centres in general. For athletes, its use is recommended after the execution of the activity has been completed and not during the practice of the activity, due to the alterations that could result in the results.

Some of its buyers do not recommend its use in patients with severe conditions, such as arrhythmias or chronic atrial fibrillation.

Medisana PM 100

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It retains the compact trend of current pulse oximeters. The measurements can be monitored through its OLED screen with a perspective of four different angles, with the possibility of symbolically graphing the results on oxygen saturation in blood and pulse in sight of bar or slings.

It has the advantage that, in case the user forget to turn it off after using it, it automatically shuts down after 8 seconds of inactivity, significantly lengthening the battery life. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted in 10 different levels, suitable for the various light conditions and environments in which the readings are made.

Criticism of this product praises the precision of its measurements and its resistance thanks to the materials with which it has been manufactured. It comes in dark grey and silver, as well as being transportable thanks to its dimensions.

Pulse Oximeter ELEVENSES

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Highlights the orange colour and the modern design of this pulse oximeter. Its OLED screen shows the results, activating a beep that warns of an unusual alteration, considering the established normal values. The brightness of the screen is adjustable and has 6 modes for displaying and adjusting the font size of the numbers, for a better appreciation of the results.

The system has the possibility of functioning in conditions of low perfusion, which consists of the slow flow of venous blood through the pulmonary circulation to the capillaries and the return of oxygenated blood to the heart. It has a power button and another for its function.

It can automatically turn off when having a time of not being operative. Ideal for homes and hospitals as a secondary support resource. It is comfortable, compact and easy to use. Its price-quality ratio makes it economical and recommended.

Digital Pulse Oximeter PRCMISEMED

Pulse Oximeter PRCMISEMED Pro Sports and Aviation Finger-Unit Spot Check Oxygen Monitor Finger with...
  • 【Simple one-button operation】The digital pulse oximeter can perform all operations with one button. The operation is simple...
  • 【Professional Series】 This is a good tool for athletes, pilots, seniors and adventurers. The large OLED screen makes it easy...
  • 【Oxygen saturation in monitor blood】Your SpO2 level or blood oxygen saturation level can help you better understand how much...
  • 【Easy to read, accurate results】The user only needs to put one finger in the photoelectric sensor of the fingertip, suitable...
  • 【Low power consumption】 It needs to be equipped with 2AAA batteries (not included in the package). The oximeter will...

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This brand features SpO2 monitoring with an accessible multi-function button, both for power off, OLED viewer control and alarm. Perfect to use after a sports practice, on aeroplanes or when doing mountaineering activities in high altitude localities, incidents factors in the increase of blood pressure. Upon detection of an irregular or weak heartbeat when measuring the pulse, an alarm is triggered as a reminder to be forewarned.

It is portable and convenient to use. Bring a practical case and cord to take it anywhere as an important assistance accessory. It goes out after 10 seconds in disuse. The alarm can be deactivated for all cases as well as measurements, this is quite convenient when you are in a place with noise limitations, such as hospitals or clinics, without disturbing the rest of the people. It is cheap but fulfils its function effectively.

What is Pulse Oximeter?

The Pulse Oximeter is a device that continuously measures the oxygen level, the arterial haemoglobin saturation. Remember that haemoglobin is the cell that carries oxygen.
It is this activity which earned him the term “saturated with oxygen”. With this device, you get the heart rate in addition to the oxygen level without using a sample. Regarding its operation, the pulse oximeter consists of a sensor, a monitor and a cable.

To use it, you must place the sensor at the level of the fingers, the nose or the soles of the feet. These sensors look like finger clips. To distinguish what is happening, the light flashes. There are conditions to be observed in order not to distort the oximeter data. So you should avoid using it if you have high blood pressure, hypothermia, or heart rhythm problems.

Pulse Oximeter

How does a Pulse Oximeter work?

This meter works as a convenient way to control oxygen levels in the blood. A fundamental aspect for chronic patients, elite athletes, with pulmonary, cardiac, COPD and those dependent on external or auxiliary breathing.

To measure the oxygen saturation, the instrument emits a red light into the finger on which it is placed. The oxygenated blood absorbs this light, while the deoxygenated blood does not.

Thus, in the lower part, there is an infrared photoreceptor that measures how much of the emitted light was absorbed and how much does not, depending on this, the pulse oximeter makes its measurement of oxygen saturation in the globules.

Types of oximeters

Finger pulse oximeter

This model is extremely portable, perfect for home control and patient measurements at home. The reading screen and the light reader are concentrated in a single clip.

Hand-held oximeter

They are larger, more complex, but also more reliable. It is connected by electricity and plugs into a specialized external display.

Wrist oximeter

It is similar to a finger gauge, wireless and placed on the wrist.

Fetal pulse oximeter

It is used in the diagnosis of babies when they pass through the birth canal. They consist of a probe that is placed around the head to make the diagnosis of oxygen in the skull as it passes through infrared light.

Pediatric oximeter

For use on infants and young children this meter is really miniature in size and used on the fingers, toes or ankles.

Veterinary oximeter

To keep pets and livestock healthy, veterinarians use parts specially designed for their legs.

pulse oximeter

What to look for when buying pulse oximeter?


When choosing a medical instrument for home use the first thing is that the measurement that is performed can be fast and accurate. In addition, this precision must always be as good no matter how many times it is used or the external conditions.

These factors depend on its functionality for the daily and domestic control of patients.


There are some extra aspects that come included in an oximeter make it more functional and easy to use.

Among them the most popular is a pulse or voltage measurement included, you can also search devices with a digital display, risk level alarm, history of calculations and automatic shutdown.


In devices with electronic functionality, it is important to have a guarantee of duration that includes long-term batteries, protection against short and improvement of technical damages.

These aspects, together with good shock-resistant manufacturing, give it a possible use for many years in an effective way.


A small size device allows its use to be more precise because it can be transported anywhere in a bag and taken out in an emergency or necessity without this implying discomfort or loss of additional time. In general, a good home oximeter should always be at hand.


Having a digital display allows an immediate reading of oxygen measurements, which is the main reason why this device is purchased.

In this sense, the most practical models are those that include a LED display with its own lighting from the bottom of the screen, so you can see the results regardless of the lighting environment we are in.

In the same way, for me, it is fundamental to know what are the functionalities that can be seen on the display. It is not just about oxygen saturation and pulse, the most modern versions include even the pulse wave, perfusion index and a memory of the latest measurements.


A medical device can be very heavy but these transportable versions eliminate much of the weight so that its use is easier, can be carried on a trip or can be adjusted for measurements in children.


If you are more careful or suffer from an important condition you will like to know that there are pieces that have a sound and visual alert from the device when the measurements reach risky limits for health.

Easy to use

Both for doctors who use it in consultation and in emergency rooms and for patients who want measurements in the face of discomfort, it is very important to have an appliance that is not too complex or takes a long time to activate.

Only 10 minutes should be enough to get the full results and make a second check-up measurement.

A pulse oximeter must be quick, simple to activate and comfortable to place, especially when dealing with the elderly or children in medical danger. For this type of cases, crocodile clip models are more efficient.