The pull up bar or chin up bar is a metal frame that is used to do pull-ups in order to tone the muscles of the arms and those of the back. It will also allow you to sculpt all the muscles of your body because it requires great physical effort.

It must then be very solid to be able to support your weight. So we will give you the most recommended pull-up bars thanks to its quality, but before that, let’s see its different types and some tips that will guide you to make the right choice.

What is the best pull up bar?

So that you can choose the best one more easily, we have prepared the best comparative list with the 10 best models of the market. We promise that all offer excellent results, prices that fit your needs and possibilities and what each model offers, as well as ease of installation, durability and reliability.

Ultrasport 2-way Pull Up Bar

Ultrasport 2-way pull-up bar, individually adjustable for a length of 66.5 to 93 cm, sturdy steel...
  • A 2-way adjustable pull-up bar for your door frame – no screws or drilling necessary: simply secure in place and get your...
  • The workout bar features comfortable grip pads – for a firm hold and minimized irritation to the palms of your hands when...
  • Transparent rubber closures on the left and right – this prevents unwanted marks on the door frame, making this pull-up bar just...
  • Sturdy steel construction with simple handling thanks to its telescopic system / pole diameter: approx. 30 mm, length: 66.5 – 93...
  • Complete with assembly material – pull-up bar with a maximum user weight up to 100 kg – available in 2 colours

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If you are a bit overweight or are muscular enough and want something sturdy that can withstand all your size, this door model may be perfect for you. This bar has a great resistance of up to 150 kg of weight and comes equipped with anti-slip foam handles to prevent falls and accidents that could injure you.

At the same time, a great advantage is that the ends are transparent rubber, so it will not leave marks in your house. It also does not require additional supports to train your pectorals, arms, back and shoulders, although it includes a metallic one for permanent fixation, it is optional. It has a regulable length of 63.5-103 cm and the good thing is that there are enough videos and material online so that you learn to use it correctly and get the most out of it.

Sportstech KS200 pull up bar

Sportstech Pull-up Bar with patented hexagonal system KS200 - with 3-layer padding, safety tension...
  • HEXAGONAL FIXING SYSTEM: Secure grip and optimum force distribution thanks to a unique 5mm rubber fixation & 6 pressure points -...
  • 2 SAFETY TENSION LEVERS: Any twisting of the bar is prevented by 2 unique safety tension levers - maximum safety during your push...
  • 3-LAYER PADDING: Full-length and large handle padding made from high-quality cushioning - sweat-repellent, durable and...
  • HIGH-QUALITY INTERNAL THREAD: Telescopic bar is infinitely adjustable and with max. load up to 300 kg - optimal for door frames 63...
  • INCLUDED: You get our cool and useful blue gloves and a eBook for free. Note: NO ISLAND DELIVERY!

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This pull up bar for home use is extensible, supports a maximum load of 300 kg and is placed on the door. It has an adjustable length of 63 to 100 cm with telescopic system and padded handles so that you do not slip or fall down and to avoid getting your hands irritated and leaving your annoying calluses.

At its ends are two transparent rubber bands that leave no marks on the structure of your home and offer strong and resistant support without additional supports or an annoying and laborious installation process. With it, you can work the upper muscles of your body as triceps, biceps, back and abdominals and includes screws for optional permanent mounting.

Physionics torsion bar KLMZ01 / B

Physionics® Wall Mounted Pull up Bar - Max. Allowable Load up to 350 kg - Chin Up Bar for Training,...
  • Wall mounted pull up bar
  • Sturdy steel tube frame
  • Load capacity up to 350 kg
  • Rubber coated handles
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): approx. 95/50/18 cm

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This reliable chin-up bar has won rave reviews from its consumers and has become one of its favorites thanks to its good features and versatility. We are talking about a wall model with a sturdy steel structure of good quality and with great resistance of up to 350 kg.

The grips are made of foam rubber to prevent slips and falls and have an approximate size of 95 x 50 x 18 cm and a lightweight of 4.7 kg. Now, despite being a model that requires permanent installation and assembly, this is quite fast and simple and is a model suitable for beginners and advanced users.

BodyRip Door Gym Pull up Bar

BodyRip Straight Door Pull Up Bars | Chinup Sit Core Abs | Strength Training, Home Gym, Fitness...
  • Versatility: Easily switch between various grip positions for pull-ups, chin-ups, and other upper body exercises, catering to...
  • Adjustability: Ability to fit different door frame sizes securely and be adaptable to various heights for comfortable workouts.
  • Sturdiness: Built with durable materials capable of supporting substantial weight and providing stability during intense workouts.
  • Multi-Exercise Capability: Besides pull-ups, it should allow for versatility in exercises such as hanging leg raises, push-ups,...
  • Door Frame Protection: Equipped with padding or guards to prevent damage or marks on the door frame while ensuring a secure grip...

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If you are looking for comfort and resistance in a good pull up bar for wall mounting, you have found a perfect model that is also at a very affordable price. This model allows chin domination, which tones your body exceptionally, and comes with an adjustable width of 60 to 100 cm, which is suitable for most doors.

When holding it with transparent lateral gums, the device can support between 100 and 200 kg, but with the permanent clamping screws can resist a total of 200 kg, which is enough. For its part, this product is made of stainless steel, has a handle wrapped in resistant rubber and anti-slip and has a weight of 1.5 kg, so it is really portable.

Capital Sports KS1W pull up bar

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We speak of an excellent model of pull up bar that allows you a stable fixation thanks to quick and easy but safe installation. This model allows different positions and grip surfaces and 8 attachment points to support a maximum of up to 350 kg. It has a distance between the handles of 51.5 cm and anti-slip grip to prevent falls and injuries.

Thanks to its shape and design you can make different grips for different exercises such as dominated, with which you can exercise your pectorals, shoulders, arms, hands, back and even improve posture. Finally, this model weighs about 4.1 kg and has very good opinions from users, who highly recommend it.

Home Gym Pull up bar

ASAB Door Gym Pull Up Bar Home Exercise Strength Workout Fitness Chin Ups Sit Ups Bar Heavy Duty...
  • Door gym pull up bar
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Fits All Standard Door Frames
  • Quick & Easy Assembly (Tools Included)
  • Professional Quality

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The Ociodual brand pull up bar is installed in the frame of the door and provides the resistance, solidity and durability necessary to perform exercises that help improve, strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper area of ​​your body, such as biceps, Triceps, back, shoulders, abs and more.

It is made of very resistant stainless steel with high-quality rubber grips for a complete, secure and non-slip grip. In addition, it has an elegant and portable design so you can easily uninstall it and put it back in another place like your office or your girlfriend’s house. It serves for frames of 61 to 81 cm wide and 12 to 16 cm thick.

It comes equipped with its screws and installation tools and a manual of instructions and exercises.

BenchK Wall bar

BenchK Pull up Bar D8 transformed into the dip bar
  • Device has 3 POSITIONS. Pull up bar can transformed into the dip bar.
  • Made from a sturdy steel construction with powder coating. The hooks can be mounted indoors and outdoors.
  • 8 NON-SLIP handles - standard for professional sport equipment. Polyurethane armrests and backrests were applied in Pull up bar D8...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The professional wall mount bar can be installed at the gym or at home. The mounting instruction is included;
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for all metal elements.

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Ideal for those looking for a pull up bar that is resistant and versatile to be able to do several types of exercises without problems. In fact, it is a multifunction model that serves as a home gym, as it allows for leg and knee lift, pull up bar, standard and wide grip and more.

It has an excellent construction made of sturdy steel that is mounted on the wall and allows a maximum load of up to 150 kg. In addition, the model includes a horizontal bar, a wide bar, a narrow bar, a parallel bar and fists. Everything contains rubber grips so you have a secure hold and avoid falls or slips that can cause injuries or failures in your training.

TecTake Multistation

TecTake Dip power tower station with sit up pull chin up push up bar ab builder Dimensions: 180 x 95...
  • Integrated pull-up and dip station
  • Barbell rack: 3 height adjustable
  • Foldable weight bench l Dip bars l Pull-up bar
  • Total dimensions: (LxWxH) 180 x 95 x 210 cm
  • Non-slip handles

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For those looking for a multi-station weight training machine, this model is here to stay. Although it may have the highest price on our list, it is undoubtedly one of the most complete and versatile, as it comes equipped with a dominated and parallel station, all in one device. It’s really a gym at home.

It comes with an adjustable dumbbell frame in 3 heights, a folding dumbbell bench, parallel bar, pull up bar and anti-slip handles so you can exercise with total comfort. All this system has a high resistance of up to 120 kg of body weight and 60 kg of dumbbells thanks to its steel structure. However, forget the portability, since we are talking about a model of 180 x 95 x 210 cm and 35 kg of weight.

Multi-station Physionics

Physionics Multi Gym Dip Station Power Tower Weight Bench Strength Trainer Back Arms Leg Lift
  • Multy gym trainer with wide range of training options
  • Sturdy construction
  • Integrated leg lift and dip station
  • Foldable weigh bench, barbell and weight tray
  • Height adjustable barbell rest

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We return with another multi station machine for home, since they are really convenient and versatile for which you want to be able to work all the muscles of your upper body in the comfort of your home. This is a model of plastic and iron that has measures of 210 x 74 x 130 cm and an approximate weight of 35 kg, so, as with any other season of dominated, you can forget the portability.

In spite of that, you have a device that serves as a gym at home with a maximum load of 180 kg. In addition, thanks to its folding and adjustable bars and benches, this bar allows you to do pull ups, parallel funds, push-ups, leg and knee lifts and more to work arms, back, shoulders, abs, chest, improve posture and much more. It also allows for dumbbell exercises.

HOMCOM GELUSA training tower

HOMCOM Power Tower Multi-Function Height Adjustable Abs Dip Station, Home Gym Strength Training...
  • MULTI FUNCTION: The multi-purpose free standing pull up bar can be used for pushups, back training, abdomen workouts, curls, arm...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of sturdy steel frame and comfortable padded back pad and arm cushions for daily training. The workout...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjustable height pull up bar stand from 172-224cm. The stability and ergonomic design ensure that you will get...
  • NON-SLIP PADS AND PADDED CUSHION: Foam padded handles and back pad for comfortable workout and non-slip end caps for gym station's...
  • DIMENSIONS: Workout Tower Overall Size: 129L x 98W x 172-224H cm. Assembly Required.

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We come to the last product on the list and it is also an excellent and versatile chin-up station. This model has a load capacity of 110 kg and offers a professional level of training thanks to its great resistance and good quality since it is made of solid steel of great durability and solidity.

With this model, you can adjust the bars in heights and you can perform different exercises to tone and shape the muscles of the upper part of your body. In addition, you can perform free or weight exercises for abdominals, back pull, parallel funds for triceps and more.

Rest assured that you will have complete training and it is also available at an excellent price. In fact, it is the most affordable station on our list.

pull up bar

How do the pull up bars work?

These devices are quite simple and are placed in the frame of the doors. They are used to train and most of all they are oriented to men. There are also other types of pull up bars, such as those that go on the wall or ceiling, free or even homemade. The good thing is that they can be used to train muscles, tone and harden them and are ideal for home use.

If you want to train your upper part in a short time, these pull up bars are the ideal option for you and, while they may seem difficult at the beginning, they are a great form of exercise because they help you increase your muscle mass in a proportionate way using your own body weight.

Benefits of using pull up bars

These torsion bars are ideal to improve your pectorals, arms, shoulders and back and help you gain muscle mass, improve posture and protect the spine and improve your appearance. In fact, the dominated are used by the US military as a form of force measurement: if you can do between 20 and 25 you are in excellent condition, but if you make less than 3, you must work more.

A great advantage is that they also allow you to improve your heart rate because they are cardio exercise, which also increases your resistance. It also counts the fact that it is your own weight that you raise, so it is unlikely that you will overdo it and cause an injury. They are excellent to achieve good physical condition.

  • Increase muscle mass:the skill in the bar for pull ups depends on the weight and size. If you load between 45 and 70 kg, it will be difficult and you will increase your strength and muscles.
  • Improve posture:poor posture and rounded shoulders are a big problem, as we spend hours on a computer arching our backs. This type of exercise helps you to correct the posture and make the muscles help you to take you to the correct position for your spine.

Different types of pull up bars

Not all of these bars are made and installed in the same way. There are several types of these kinds of gyms at home that can be portable, adjustable and placed in different places of the home. Having said that, there are 4 types:

Door frame pull up bar

The name of this bar defines it well because this type of pull bar is fixed on your door, more precisely on the frame of your door. It has an advantage which is the uselessness of making holes for its fixing. There is more than one system at your disposal, whether it is the ‘standard’ pull bar or the one which is more complete. You have a choice. The ‘standard’ is adjustable, simple with ease of assembly thanks to a system of fixing by pressure against the two lateral uprights of the door. On the other hand, it is not possible to carry out with it the movements in a broad grip. Also, make sure that the door fixing is firm, otherwise, it will tend to slip. On the other hand, the one which is of the ‘complete’ type is fixed to the door in a different way compared to the standard door bar. It is simply placed on the door frame, and just a few simple turns on either side of the door to immobilize it. Also, a part rests on the horizontal frame of the door and another on the two lateral uprights. With this fixing system, which is more advantageous, removing the bar is not painful once you are done with your exercises. This pull bar is suitable for most door frames (800mm to 1040mm wide and 70 to 83mm deep) and can support up to a maximum weight of 100kg. However, it must be ensured that the door frame is sufficiently robust and that the system is properly wedged before chaining the series of pulls, because not being screwed, the fixing is sometimes unstable. This bar is also practically installed on the ground thanks to solid handles that allow you to perform pump exercises.

door frame pull up bar

Extendable pull up bar

it is one of the least expensive and easiest to install. They are like telescopic tubes that extend to fit in portals of up to 0.9 meters and have rubber ends to withstand well. In any case, it is recommended to use them with supports so that the bar does not fall.

Wall and ceiling

This type of pull up bars uses screws to fit a solid and strong surface. Both types of the bar have a fairly similar installation, although those that fit the ceiling can be grasped with nails or joists.

Of course, keep in mind that you need your roof to resist about 113-136 kg of weight that goes up and down constantly and without yielding. The wall protruding and allow pull ups and chin pulls.
Those of the ceiling are adjusted in solid and strong places with screws or good quality resistant joists.

Power towers

Power towers are placed where you have available space of 1.5 × 1.5 square meters and good space for the head. Aside from allowing pull ups, these multi-station weight training machines allow parallel funds to work chest and triceps, while horizontal bars also allow abdominal work.
These free pull up bars can be very economical and practically allow you to have a gym at home.

pull bar for door

What you should look when buying a pull up bar

Before choosing the correct pull-up bar, you will have to think carefully about how it will be used and where it will be placed in your house. For those who need regular but moderate exercise, we recommend an adjustable pull-up bar. Its advantage is mobility, it is installed between two walls, but it is not suitable for intensive exercises or heavy weights. This type of For those who prefer intensive exercises, we should think more of a fixed bar. It is fixed to the ceiling by the screws at both ends, but uninstalling it requires a lot more work because it is not very simple. However, we can more or less say that security is assured in an optimal way, but of course, we must ensure that it is hung on a very firm and solid wall, a concrete type wall.

  • Exercises with body weight / Avoid injuries:the good thing about doing exercises using your own body weight is that you avoid overloading and lifting more weights that can injure your muscles. The point is that the body is designed to be able to carry our own weight, so if they are done well, pull ups or pull ups can do wonders for our body.
  • Complete strength training:the pull up bars are made to strengthen arms, shoulders, back, sides, hands and even the chest. Even if you add leg and knee lifts, you can work the abs. Besides, some portable bars let you make parallel funds to work triceps.
  • Compact and strong training equipment:one of the great benefits of these bars is that they are very compact and support high weights: they weigh less than 5 kg but can tolerate weights of up to 136 kg.
  • Portable options:many models do not require installing permanent supports, so they can not damage your doors or walls. However, always try to ensure your peace of mind and make sure that the bar is properly adjusted so that it does not fall or damage your house.
  • Versatility:look for a model with several grip options so you can work for different muscle groups. Remember that there are much variety of styles, prices and features, so get a model that fits what you want.
  • Grip positions:pay attention to how many grip positions you can make in a bar. They generally allow a short and a wide grip, although other models have neutral grips that allow more positions. The most advanced models have a grip called monkey style, which allows more than 5 positions. Remember that the more options you offer, the more expensive the bar will be, so think about how many positions you need for what you want to achieve.
  • Grip:look for a pull up bar with foam, rubber or knurled grip so you can avoid falls or slips. The foam or rubber is softer but can be damaged quickly, while the knurls are harder and more resistant but can cause calluses.
  • Mounting requirements:this depends on the type of bar you decide to buy. Some fit into the door frame, while others are screwed to the wall, ceiling, joists or joists.