The pull buoy is one of those tools that swimmers love to use. One of the things he loves most about pull buoy is the efficiency with which he allows swimming. You feel like you’re flying through the water. One reaches half a taste of what it must be to “swim well.” The truth is that a pull buoy is a good tool because it corrects many key aspects such as balance, maintaining a narrow position, and pushing the chest with water.

The best pull buoys in comparison

In this comparison you will find different thicknesses, weights and shapes to be able to adjust to the legs from the inside of the thighs. The important thing about this choice is that the design allows the buoy not to come out in the middle of the water.

1. Speedo Adult Elite Pullbuoy

Speedo Unisex Adult Elite Pullbuoy, Red, One Size
  • Engineered to isolate the upper body
  • Improves strength and technique
  • Buoyancy aids a good body position in the water
  • Improved comfort and rounded design
  • Made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

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This model is one of the most preferred by everyone in the pool because its durable material is strong but simultaneously it is soft on the skin. Its uneven shape helps the buoyancy and body position to accumulate more foam in the upper part, reducing the resistance in the legs.

2. New Wave inflatable swim buoy

New Wave Swim Buoy - Swimming Tow Float and Drybag for Open Water Swimmers and Triathletes - Light...
  • New Wave Swim Buoy provides: Safe Place to Rest: Once inflated, the New Wave Swim Buoy will stay atop the water as it gently tows...
  • Visibility in Open Water. The brightly-colored New Wave Swim Buoy is exceptionally noticeable to boaters, jet skis, paddlers,...
  • Very light. The New Wave Swim Buoy is widely used by kayakers and standup paddle boarders (SUP's) as well. At a weight of only 10...
  • Storage of Personal Items. The New Wave Swim Buoy is useful in point to point swims. Fastened to your waist by a belt with a...
  • Improved Monitoring of Athletes. If you want to keep an eye on your buddies or loved ones, or make sure that other swimmers are...

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No doubt New Wave has been at the forefront in the market and has released an inflatable model that allows regulating buoyancy and hardness in a personalized way. In addition, it can be compacted without taking up space in the backpack, being a really unisex style able to adapt to any body size.

3. Unisex Finis Axis Pull Buoy

FINIS Axis Buoy (Medium)
  • Dual-function design works as an innovative ankle float and a traditional leg buoy.
  • Engages core and oblique muscles and aids in body rotation when worn at the ankles.
  • Improves body position in the water by lifting your hips and legs.
  • Isolates your arms to increase your focus on upper body technique and build muscle.
  • EVA foam provides a secure grip and allows easy transitions between ankles and legs.

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Despite being the least known brand, this pull buoy is really versatile because it can hold both ankles or be used vertically between the thighs. It is ideal for children or beginners who start using the tool and still do not master the technique of avoiding kicking.

4. Swimxwin Pull buoy

Swimxwin Pull buoys pro6 | Train your arms | Comfort and style for your legs | Italian design
  • Pull buoys made with long-lasting material.
  • 6 coloured stripes
  • Size: 23x13x7.5cm

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It is perfect for children because it has easy handling and its weight is very light. You will hardly even feel that you are carrying something between your legs thanks to 100% EVA foam. The best thing is that it is a cheap and perfect model to start with sports tools.

5. FINIS Foam Pull Buoy

FINIS Foam Pull Buoy Sr
  • Immobilizes legs to maximize the upper body
  • Immobilizes legs and provides lift to help build upper body strength and increase focus on proper hip rotation.
  • Aligns the body from head to toe and improves symmetry.
  • EVA Foam provides durability and prevents skin irritation.
  • Available in Adult and Jr. sizes; the Jr. size is ideal for swimmers with smaller legs or under the age of 12.

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An intermediate model with the lightness and softness of the best has a good quality for the endurance of the legs in the exercise of arms. Its design makes a style works, anatomical, how to wear and waterproof in its material. It is a long-term purchase.

What is a pull buoy?

The pull-boy was invented to focus strength work on the arms when training without moving the legs and, in fact, many of the monitors, coaches and other swimming professionals use it for that purpose. But, today and, after many practice sessions, we understand that the pull-boy can help you achieve a wide variety of objectives and master various swimming skills. It is very important that when you put a pull-boy between your legs, you focus your attention right there, on your legs.

pull buoy

Benefits of using a pull buoy

Train and maintain the position of the body

One of the most difficult things, when swimming is to maintain the correct position of body balance since the body swings with each stroke and the excessive tilt to the side, can affect the swim. For this reason, having a floating element in the lower train helps to have a rotation aligned with the horizontal axis very well balanced. Something difficult to train without help.

Facilitate swimming

Stopping the pounding of the kick for a few minutes of training can help to make the practice calmer, decrease heart rate and facilitate body movement.

Control of breathing

By concentrating on the movement of the arms, breathing is also worked, its frequency, rhythm and mobility. Therefore, having the pull buoy can be a great tool to improve breathtaking.

Technique exercise

The kick is usually very powerful because of its ability to drag in the water, so by neutralizing it we can think and move with more awareness and technique the strokes which will end in a general strengthening of the upper trunk.


What to look for when buying a good pull buoy?


There are models for children and adults and in addition to the size, the difference is in the capacity of buoyancy, hardness and weight. So you should not only look at your stature but at your strength and ability.


Many pull buoys are made of foam due to the great capacity of flotation and lightness. However, the softer foam may be weak in the face of continuous exposure to the sun and chlorine.

For this reason, it is not always good to go after the most economic model, but rather we should look for coverage that is more resistant and more durable.

Form and design

With its variations, the general design of the pull buoy looks like, it is a single piece with the curves of an 8 with a thin area in the middle to adapt to the natural shapes of our legs.


These buoys must have a minimum width to be held, but being too large also prevents them from being held in place.


The endurance capacity must be important, but this should not sacrifice the softness of the external coverage.

How to use pull buoy?

Between Your Upper Thighs. The most classic position for using a pull buoy. It increases the flotation in the calf area (thigh) and allows us to improve the position without giving up a slight kick, cancelling the action of the hip and working the knee more. It is usually used in continuous swimming and in technical exercises such as paddles.

At the knees. Position for a swimmer of a certain level. Increase core implications by sliding the lift base slightly back from the navel, causing the core to have to contract and generate tension to maintain the position parallel to the surface. It can be used in certain types of paddling to feel the support of the water (sculling, catch-ups) or even to correct aggressive movements of scissors in the kick (scissors kick).

On the feet: Only for experienced swimmers and a high level. Not indicated for swimmers with hyperlordosis, since if the core is not activated correctly the tendency will be to arch the lumbar area too much. In this position, the work of adductors will increase (muscles necessary as synergists in cycling pedalling). It can be used for specific technical exercises but not so much for continuous swimming if the swimmer is not used to it.