You want to train effectively to lose weight, get in shape, have fun, or have a healthy lifestyle. To achieve these goals, you need good hydration and a balanced diet. This is why the protein shaker bottle has become essential to improve your physical performance. You don’t know? You will see how this fitness accessory makes a difference.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already a professional athlete. Hydration and nutrition are fundamental to our health. In a protein shaker bottle, you can mix proteins, milk and any supplement used in your sports routine. We can say that there are many different kinds of shakers, and the choice can be difficult. Want to know more? We will guide you in your choice.

What is the best protein shaker bottle?

Before giving a look at the products that we have grouped for you in this comparative list, we are going to tell you a bit about the characteristics that you should look for in the best protein shaker bottle. First of all, you have to make sure it offers a strong seal to prevent liquids from spilling at any time and damaging your day. It also has to be robust because, in theory, you will use it in the gym and in many places where it can take hits or falls that could break the most delicate materials.

Another issue is the mixing mechanism. A mixer of drinks should do it perfectly without leaving lumps or solid remains, so look for them to come with mixing balls and so on. It should also be economical, easy to clean, free of toxic materials such as BPA, the right size for you and with a proper grip to prevent falls.

Blender Bottle ProStak

Blender Bottle ProStak - 22oz Protein Shaker Cup Water Bottle incl 150cc and 100cc Jar,Fashion...
  • Shaker cup 100% BPA free - Leak-proof, expandable & unbelievably powerful the BlenderBottle ProStak gets you what you need when...
  • Fully Independent Jars - Keep powders & pills in place - with or without the bottle. ProStak's unique interlocking jars have...
  • Making it possible to carry pre- and post-workout supplements, meal replacements, and snacks, even without the bottle.
  • 100% leak proof - Drink your shake, don't wear it. The ProStak's screw-on lid and SureSeal flip cap keep your shake where it...
  • The BlenderBall wire whisk delivers lump-free protein, nutrition & meal replacement shakes even blending flavorful additions e.g....

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It is the ideal shaker for making protein mixes, energy drinks, supplementation or simply for water. In addition to its 650 ml capacity, it also has 3 containers for storing the ingredients of your shake and the vitamins. It is free of bisphenol-A and phthalates and is dishwasher safe. The Blenderball is agitated in the bottle and gives a light consistency to the ingredients by mixing them perfectly.

This blender bottle is available in ten varieties of colours. The cap is 100% airtight and includes a carabiner for easy carrying and even hanging keys. Hermetic, stretchy and efficient, the shaker is the solution for all athletes looking to pay attention to their hydration and nutrition.

Mixing bottle with Promixx iX x-blade technology

PROMiXX iX Battery Powered Electric Protein Shaker - Beautifully Engineered Mixer Bottle with...
  • ★【Superior Mixing Power: The high speed motor creates a powerful vortex. Add your supplements for a smooth shake in seconds....
  • ★【The Original Vortex Mixer: The iX is our fourth generation of mixer. Designed in-house by PROMiXX the iX is tested and used...
  • ★【Easy to clean: No more bad smelling shaker bottles. Add warm water & detergent, turn on and let your mixer bottle clean...
  • ★【Quality Materials & Seals: Leak-proof guarantee; BPA Free, odourless and impact-resistant.
  • ★【Fitness Gift: The perfect gift for any fitness enthusiast, No More Shaking, No More Lumps, No More Leaks.

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With this good protein shaker bottle, you will be able to leave behind the lumps, the unpleasant textures and the accumulations of powder supplements that the models of poor quality do. The great advantage of this model is that it is electric and includes the x-blade technology which rotates at speeds of up to 16000 RPM. Apart from that, you will not have to worry about charging, since it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB cable.

Its ergonomic design is ideal for high-performance athletes who spend a lot of time in the gym, as it prevents falls and accidental slides. It has a capacity of 600 ml and is built to be totally resistant to liquid leakage. It is made of plastic but does not have BPA, it has a pretty attractive blue design and includes a 1-year warranty that gives you a sample of its quality.

Blender Bottle Protein Shaker

BlenderBottle Pro45 Shaker Cup | Protein Shaker cup | Diet Shaker | Water Bottle 45 oz | with...
  • 50% heavier than the standard Blender ball, the 12-Gauge powers through thicker, higher-volume shakes
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate-free
  • 45oz / 1300ml capacity (Note: measurements only go to 34oz / 1000ml)
  • Adjustable carry loop for added portability and Spout Guard protects spout from dirty gym fingers
  • Perfect for the thickest protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter and more

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We are talking about an excellent model of protein agitator made specifically for women for its fuchsia colour, although it is also available in other colours such as black, green, blue, purple, red or turquoise. It has a stainless steel mixing bowl that keeps your drinks free of lumps and is also easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. Apart from that, it is free of BPA and is made of high strength plastic.

It has a capacity of 650 ml plus three different compartments, one of 150, another of 100 ml and the last one is a container for additional pills. A good feature is that it comes with the demarcation of capacity in liquid ounces as well as in millilitres, so you can use it comfortably at home or on the go without having to make annoying conversions. It is also 100% hermetic to avoid leaks and easy transport.

PLC020 Stainless Steel Protein Shaker

X SIM FITNESSX 700ml Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker Protein Bottle Albumen Powder Drinking Bottle
  • XsimFitnessx Protein Shaker bottle combines appearance and function in a unique sports bottle. High quality materials and fashion...
  • By using the metal balls to remove the caking of protein powder, easily mixing the protein powder/ milkshake evenly, and fully...
  • Easy to use- large capacity: easy to open and clean. Super light: easy to carry around. Compared with the plastic bottles, all...
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings,...

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For those looking for a protein shaker bottle that looks tough and elegant that inspires not only quality and robustness, but also makes you look serious and disciplined in the gym, comes this PLC020 brand mixer that is ideal for its excellent finish and high-quality materials. Like other models, it comes equipped with the stainless steel mixing ball system that avoids the formation of lumps and the solid and unpleasant textures that you do not want to have in your supplement mixtures.

On the other hand, it is widely recommended for its ability to absorb odours, the robust materials that give it resistance to shock and because it is 100% free of BPA and toxic materials. Its lid is easy to open but also has a strong seal with safety lock. Finally, it also functions as a water bottle and has two compartments of 700 and 100 ml.

Best Body Nutrition USBottle Shaker

Best Body Nutrition High Quality Shaker with Bullet Ball - Black, One Size
  • cup with scale in 50 ml steps (up to 600 ml)
  • easy mixing by bullet ball
  • with extra box for ca. 120 g powder or transport box
  • additional transport box with integrated pill box, handy lid with latching lip flip
  • dishwasher proof

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Forget about the poor quality protein shaker bottles because this model has the best opinions of its users, which has been won based on good materials, excellent features and good results. We are talking about a perfect model for the hydration and consumption of protein shakes that has a total capacity of 600 ml and that is quite light and easy to transport since it only weighs 231 grams.

Its system for the mixing of the ingredients is with the stainless steel mixing ball present in many other models and that gives excellent results. It comes equipped with a container for your additional supplements and is also adaptable since you can place or remove a compartment that allows you to increase or decrease your maximum capacity. Apart from that, it saves you time and effort in washing, since you can put it in the dishwasher to clean it more quickly.

FrontRunner – Protein shaker

FrontRunner Fitness 3 Pack - Premium Refuel Shaker - Hungry Wolf Series - Protein Shaker & Water...
  • Triple Pack - A Shaker expertly designed for fitness and nutrition needs. To keep hydrated or to mix your supplements you will...
  • Latest Innovative Protein Dismantler ensuring Absolutely no Lumps, Just Smooth Fresh Refueling.
  • Easy Hold Finger Loop - Making it easier to carry your shaker from station to station + Spring Carbineer Locker Key Holder OR bag...
  • No guesswork needed, with Translucent Precision ML + OZ Measuring Gauge Either Side; allowing supplement dosage instructions to be...
  • 100% Click and Secure Cap; ensuring no Spills or Leaks

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From first glance, you will be able to notice that this is not an ordinary shaker bottle since it comes with a totally different and peculiar design. The Nutrient Wise brand was in charge of giving distinction to this model and that is why we highlighted it. However, it also has excellent features that make this bottle an ideal model for the gym and sports in general.

To ensure that your shakes are completely liquid and pleasant, this model has two stainless steel mixing balls and is also made of plastic resistant enough to handle cold and hot contents. A great advantage is that it has a secret compartment in the handle where you can take part in your protein powder. Apart from that, you can wash this good beverage mixer both in the dishwasher and by hand to save time.

ShakeSphere Tumbler: Protein Shaker Bottle

ShakeSphere Tumbler: Protein Shaker Bottle, 700ml - Capsule Shape Mixing - Easy Clean Up - No...
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: Unlike other protein shakers, Shakesphere shaker tumblers don’t use a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your...
  • HASSLE FREE CLEANING, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Our patented capsule shape with zero corners ensures that no powder gets stuck - avoid...
  • LEAK PROOF SLIDE CAP: Our tumbler comes with a slide cap that’s safe, secure and leak proof. It won’t drip on your clothing or...
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: ShakeSphere offers you a premium quality shaker tumbler with advanced functionality and a sturdy design. With a...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: ShakeSphere is dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality products that offer amazing...

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What is a protein shaker bottle?

This product is basically a container designed to mix proteins, supplements or other beverages in a simple way. Modern innovations include a blender ball with a kind of cable that works to cut through protein powder and other ingredients to create a rich meringue.

Whatever the mechanism of operation, the general purpose is to mix the powders and other coarse ingredients with liquid.

What can you do with a protein shaker bottle?

  • Protein mixtures: This is the main use, since the last thing a gymnast wants, is to feel the sensation of dry powder as he consumes his drink.
  • Supplements: There is a great diversity of energetic supplements for before and after each session. Again, these products are in powder form and can be mixed with water in your bottle.
  • Fruit Smoothies: These shakes are great to meet your daily fruit needs. You can use this mixer product to prepare them, but you will need to cut and flatten the fruits and vegetables.
  • Breakfasts or snacks: You can mix pancakes or eggs to create a delicious breakfast or some type of snack. Some mixers can even mix ingredients for Waffles.
  • Cocktails: This is, perhaps, something completely different from the original use. But you can create delicious cocktails for any opportunity. These containers should be able to contain alcohol and fruit juices.

What should I take into consideration when buying a protein shaker bottle?


This is the most important aspect of any mixer. If it is not able to effectively mix the powders and thick ingredients with some liquid substance to form a smooth meringue, it is not worth having it.


This is the main essence of this unit. You should look for a model that can meet all your specific needs. There are options with basic functions, while there are more advanced units that offer all-in-one solutions.


Be careful of the products made of cheap materials. Remember that you will be storing the liquid in these containers, and probably carry them in your personal bag. If the plastic gets to crack or break you’ll end up making a mess in there. Look for a model that integrates a firm and reliable closing system.


You must always be aware of the size. The best product is one that is the right size for your favourite protein, and that is large enough for the dust and space for the mixing part.


If you care very much that the bottle can fit inside the cup holder of your car, then acquire a fine bottle. However, a wider cup is more stable and less likely to spill.


Look for cups that are free of BPA and that are made of a material that does not break. If a whisk has metal parts, it should be made of stainless steel. Silicone medical seals are fantastic because they count on rubberized grippers.

Good seal

Imagine that you are coming to the gym to perform your training routine and when you open your bag, find your drink spilled on all your clothes, towel and shoes. A leaking bottle is a sure way to ruin your day; so make sure you get a product that approves of splashes and leaks.


This bottle must be able to withstand the impacts by throwing it into your training bag, hitting the ground, and supporting all the outdoor adventures you make.

Additional compartments

The most classic shakers consist only of space for pouring the liquid, much like a bottle. The ones that really make a difference are the models with additional compartments to include proteins, capsules, fruits and other supplements that allow us to benefit from a more nutritious and hydrating mixture.

Easy to clean

You need to be able to unlock the product and clean every corner of it; otherwise, the risk of bacteria growing inside is immense, and with it, the risk of disease.

BPA free

BPA or bisphenol “A”, is an industrial chemical found in some plastics. It is associated with health problems such as high blood pressure and effects on the brain.

Good support

Since you will be quite sweaty after your workout, look for a unit that has a good grip so it does not slip.


The design of the cap can be a decisive factor when buying this bottle. The colours, texture, graphics and extra features can have an impact on your decision.

How to properly clean your shaker to avoid bad odours?

This is due to the fact that we generally use the shaker during our sports sessions, if you do not clean it quickly after your session, the container will accumulate dirt and bad odours. The most foolproof way to remedy this is to wash your container immediately after drinking your drink. By washing it immediately, you will remove the particles remaining at the bottom and on the sides of the container.

If you are outside and you do not have enough to wash your shaker, the best solution is to add a little water inside your container. Then shake it well to remove the largest amount of powder that could have stayed inside, saving you a little time to finish washing it at home. Many shakers can be washed in the dishwasher.