I was having a lot of trouble finding a good pregnancy test, because it seemed like all the ones I found were of poor quality. But finally I found one that worked well, and that made the whole process a lot easier.

But, come on, you haven’t come to remember everything you already know. You have come for a great purchase. The first thing that has to be said is that I have made sure that the models that I present to you are of the highest reliability, that I take you out of doubt, and that they are very easy to read and use.

Also, some of these offer information about your fertile days for those who want to keep trying in a safe and natural way. Are you ready? Keep reading and for them!

What is the best pregnancy test?

The market is full of models of pregnancy tests. Manual, digital, strips, tests that work with urine or blood. You see them in pharmacies and many other establishments, but which is the best? This may be a subjective question, although of course an ultra-sensitive device to detect the hormone HCG or pregnancy hormone is what you are surely looking for so that the results are as accurate as possible.

And that’s when another factor comes in: the clarity of the results. It is very important that there are no doubts because the result can be exact, but if the interpretation is confusing, misunderstandings will be the order of the day.

Then, it will be very important that you obtain a product that is easy for you to read. You will find models that clearly reflect the word “pregnant” or a resounding “yes”, while there are also models that express their result through one or two stripes.

In them, the darker the second line is, the higher the concentration of HCG will be in your urine, which will assure you that the embryo has been implanted successfully. Don’t rely on blurred lines or difficult to see, better be very safe.

You should know that, if you are taking the test on the first day of a missed period, most tests will serve you. Many models, such as those you will see later, have more than 98% accuracy. These serve you until before your lost period due to its high sensitivity.

It must be very easy to use depending on your needs, convenience and comfort. You will see that, mainly, there are two types of modalities.

You should choose between those that require you to urinate right above them and those that have a dip bar. The latter must be submerged for a few seconds in a previously charged cup of your urine. Everything is a matter of personal preference!

One of the first reasons to go for these tests is the fact that, regularly, they are effective and economical at the same time. The cheap ones aren’t recommended, but a good price doesn’t have to be divorced from great effectiveness and to the tests I refer to these five great models of my comparative list.

1. First Response – Early Result Pregnancy Test

These are two packages of two pregnancy tests, all of them have an incredible accuracy that exceeds 99% that many others offer. You can read the results in just 3 minutes and 6 days before the day of your loss period.

2. Clearblue Pregnancy Test

For double security in the result, you will have the information of whether you are pregnant or not and how many weeks you have since conception. In addition, to confirm that the urine is falling where it should, the tip of the test will fade to pink.

3. One Step- 30 x 20mIU/ml Ovulation Tests

Not only is it an effective method, but also fast, with more than 99.99% accuracy, to know if you are ovulating. This way you will know if you are pregnant and what are your days of ovulation. This brand is very popular in many hospitals in Europe for its known quality. Check our recommendation for the best ovulation tests.

4. Digital Ovulation Test Kit

In one package you will find 10 reliable and highly sensitive pregnancy tests that measure the level of HCG hormone in the urine to know if you are pregnant. They have been approved by the FDA with more than 99% rigour, easy to use and read the result.

5. Core Tests 20 Ovulation 10 Pregnancy Test

Do you want quick results? Well, in just one minute this pregnancy test will give you the most anticipated news for you with 99% accuracy. And although it is very easy to use and detects the information through your urine, available the instructions.

6. Pregnancy Test Value Pack

  • Is it reliable? More than 99% from the date of your period
  • When to get tested? From 6 to 4 days before the expected period of your period
  • How to use it? Keep the absorbent rod pointing down under the urine stream for 5 seconds. The stem immediately changes colour and turns pink, thus confirming its impregnation with urine. Maintain this rod in the urine for 5 seconds.
  • Be careful, keep the absorbent rod pointing downwards, or lay the stick flat while waiting for the result.
  • Waiting time: from 1 to 3 minutes, blue lines appear as the test progresses.
  • The result: A blue line must imperatively be present in the control window when reading the results – This line indicates that the test has worked.
  • You must read the result no later than 10 minutes.
  • Don’t take into account any changes after this deadline

If no blue line appears in the window, it means the test didn’t work. If one of the lines forms a “+” sign (even if it is lighter or darker than the other) the result is “Pregnant”

7. Clearblue Pack of 20 Fertility Tests For Ovulation and Pregnancy

What kind of test should you use?

If you’re testing on the first day after missing your period, it doesn’t much matter which model you use – most of the ones on the market today are legit and will show positive for 98 percent of pregnant women. But if you get tested before your period ends, you will need to use a more sensitive one. Note that we don’t necessarily recommend testing in advance, but if you are going to do it earlier, you will need to use a sensitive pregnancy test. The more sensitive your pregnancy test is to hCG, the sooner it can be positive.
Most brands of pregnancy tests have a hCG detection threshold range of 6.3 to 50 mIU / ml, and most tests operate between 20 and 35 mIU / ml. However, what the manufacturers claim isn’t independently verified. When independent studies have been done, the results are often quite different from what the manufacturers claim. Some websites claim to include the sensitivity of various brands of pregnancy tests, but this data usually comes directly from the manufacturer rather than an independent testing agency.

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Buying Guide

Pregnancy tests are different because some products are easier to use than others. Pregnancy midstream tests need to be performed directly on the urine stream, while dipstick tests require urinating into a container, then dipping it for a few seconds. Many women prefer dipstick tests because they are less complicated, but it is a matter of individual preference.


If you’re the type of woman who prefers to wait until your period is several days late and you’re already experiencing early signs of pregnancy, such as sore breasts or increased olfactory sensitivity, price is probably not the most important factor for you when it comes to deciding on a pregnancy test.

But if you are going to do a lot of pregnancy tests during the two weeks of waiting, the logical thing is to look for cheap bulk pregnancy tests, usually bought online.

Clarity of the results

After the waiting time has elapsed, you will see if it is positive or negative in the results window. Positive tests have a plus, two lines, or an explicit message like “yes” or “pregnant.” 

Some women prefer tests that say “yes” or “pregnant” because there is no room for doubt when interpreting the results.

Other women prefer two-line tests because the second line is directly related to the concentration of hCG in the urine (hCG is the hormone produced by an embryo after implantation ). The darker the second line, the higher the hCG concentration. It can be reassuring to see the line darken for several days as hCG levels rise early in pregnancy.

The downside of two-line tests is that the results can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Any second line (even very faint) indicates a positive result. However, if the tests aren’t used correctly, a false second line can sometimes appear (learn to differentiate between a positive pregnancy test and a false positive).