The power tower is one of the most sought after pieces of fitness equipment for a home gym. But why is that? The reason is that they are generally affordable and that many exercises can be performed on the machine.

The power tower is basically a steel tower, which ends with pull handles or a bar. The best power towers include the backrest, the immersion station, the armrests. Some of them also include a grab bar or lifting bars at the base. Now that you know what a power tower is for, what exactly determines the qualities of the best power tower and toning?

What is the best power tower?

The selection of a good device will depend on your needs and expectations. Not all seek the same qualities in these towers, however many do look for similar characteristics.

Stability, ease of use and resistance are always characteristics that all seek, but if, in addition, the towers will be used by several of your family members you must ensure that it is compatible for various heights or that, at least, the bars are adjustable height.

If you still have some doubts, maybe with a look at this comparative list you can draw your conclusions and find what you need.

1. Tunturi PT80 exercise tower

Robust and of quality

Tunturi PT80 Power Tower – Black
  • The ultimate training for the entire body with a multifunctional power tower
  • Kombi leg lift to abdominal training and dip station details
  • Width adjustable and variable pull and pull/chin up station
  • Dimensions: 123 x 124 x 217.5 cm (x Height in cm)
  • Max. User Weight: 150 kg

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With adaptable width to different heights and intensities, variable train and dominated station, this tower supports a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

It is suitable for various types of exercises with a special emphasis on the leg and abdominal lifting.

It is a single-sided tower with short dimensions, very easy to place in any space 1.2 meters of space by about 2.2 meters high will give you complete training.

2. Sportstech PT300 gym tower

With four adjustable levels

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Suitable to exercise all the muscle groups of the upper body, this “power tower” has anti-slip handles for safe handling, in addition to an intelligent design that will allow you to exercise without injury.

It is a multifunctional device with unlimited possibilities of exercises that adjust to the user’s body size ergonomically with comfort and safety.

It is foldable and easy to assemble. You can save it wherever you like.

3. Fitness tower FIT1 Spirits by CapitalSports

Ideal for your house

No products found.

The power tower of the CapitalSports brand offers you the possibility of performing various types of exercises thanks to all its accessories and features, including a base station.

It has comfortable and ergonomic backs that will give you comfort while working on your body. It is a robust, resistant, high quality and durable device.

4. Multi-station FIT KS04 by Klarfit

Effective training

Klarfit FIT-KS04 Pull Up Station Crunches Dips Push Up Workout Pull Up Bar Push Up Grips Dip Grips...
  • Versatile pull up station with 6 functions | Ideal for training the upper body
  • Sturdy rectangular steel frame | Incl. pull up bar, push up grips, dip grips and leg supports for sit ups
  • Max. load capacity: up to 100kg | Assembled within 20 minutes
  • Padded under arm supports and back rest | Illustrated assembly manual

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Having an efficient way to exercise at home is no longer an impossible thanks to this tower of exercises, which experts say is the most recommended to train the torso.

You will also work belly and chest, with the advantage that you will not need additional weight because it is a tool that works with the resistance of the body weight.

It is robust, built-in steel, in a “Roman chair” style model, especially suitable for domestic use.

5. Multi-station fitness 401400 from TecTake

Robust and multifunctional

TecTake Dip power tower station with sit up pull chin up push up bar ab builder Dimensions: 180 x 95...
  • Integrated pull-up and dip station
  • Barbell rack: 3 height adjustable
  • Foldable weight bench l Dip bars l Pull-up bar
  • Total dimensions: (LxWxH) 180 x 95 x 210 cm
  • Non-slip handles

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Equipped with folding dumbbell bench, this device is suitable for training pectorals, back, abdominal muscles and different types of muscle groups.

It is a multifunctional tower integrated with the station for parallel and dominated. It also has an adjustable system in three heights and is capable of supporting up to 120 kg of weight.

No doubt a great acquisition to exercise fully and efficiently in your own home.

6. Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300

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What is the power tower?

Also called power towers, power or simply exercise tower is a set of training tools that are the closest thing to having a full gym at home, suitable for high-level training. A good power tower must have:

Stretch bars up

It is a long horizontal bar with handles on the end with which you can grasp the tool wide. They also call it pull-ups bar and it will help you to support yourself properly when exercising. It also helps you with some types of exercises.

Immersion station

They are two high bars with handles that will allow you to dive without your fingers touching the ground.


It is the area where you will place your back when doing the exercises. Ideally, it should be padded for comfort. Not all the towers bring them, but the ones with the highest quality.

Benefits of a power tower

 Benefits of a power tower

Use one of them to have your own gym at home. You will report a number of benefits. Here we will talk about some of them:


Here I mean two points; On the one hand, they are suitable for both men and women and in the second case, you can do many exercises with this type of power tower.


If you regularly use one of these, you will certainly improve strength and muscle tone. They will condition the central muscles and the upper part of your body.

Check the weight

Regular use of this device will increase your metabolism and burn more calories, allowing you to maintain or lower your body weight for the ideal size and muscle.

Punctual training

This quality is of particular interest to injured people. In a bodybuilding station, you can train in different areas of the body or with a series of specific exercises that will not affect your injuries.

Central stability

The exercise turrets help you with training, but especially with injuries, especially on the back and in the central body area, which also gives you more stability and balance.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of this workout is the ease of having it at home. It is easy to assemble and takes up little space. It fits practically everywhere.

What to look for when choosing the best power tower

choosing the best power tower

Before buying, it is essential that you pay attention to the following details:

Space and height of the location

A power tower will need measures of about 2.5 x 3.0 of space, if they have double sides, if they have a single one, they will require a space between 0.9 and 1.2 meters to function correctly. As for the height, it is necessary, at least about 2.5 meters for you to exercise with comfort.


They are good for callisthenics and platform push-ups, but you should be careful with the front levers and weighted bodyweight exercises.

Height and weight

It is important to take this detail into account, especially if you are tall. The standard towers have 1.8-meter bars, but if you are very tall, you can not do push-ups without injuring them. I recommend 2.1 meters and up. It is not cheap, but it will be better for your exercises.


For your own safety, it is not a good idea to have a weak, weak and wobbly team. You must select a resistant one of strong and stable materials. In the offer, there is plenty of economic models that will give you a guarantee of robustness.


As I have already told you, a good model of exercise power tower should have as a minimum, stretching bars upwards and legs stretching. If you don’t know how to use the tower here you can find more exercise ideas.

Ease of assembly

You will not get a device that makes you suffer to install it, this quality is essential.


An unstable device can cause injuries and lots of problems, you must avoid this at all costs so you need to verify its stability.


Nobody wants a bar that lasts a few months, for that the robustness and durability of the materials is necessary. You must make sure you choose a really durable one.


In the market, you will find lots of exercise power towers but not all are really comfortable, one with padded backrest and armrests, with bench and non-slip handles, can serve you.


This characteristic is linked to stability. You need a heavy tower that gives you stability so that you do not lean forward in certain types of exercise.

Training level

Choose something simple if you are beginners and a more complex one if you already know what the advice is that I always give you.


They do not require too many payments. Antiseptic wipes and a damp cloth and go.

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