Let’s face it, a potato masher is from the kitchen utensils that are very little used. Making a large portion of potato mash for a large family meal can be very painful. Don’t rely on a fork or spoon to get the job done. So think about buying a manual or electric potato masher to cut down this titanic job.

But what does this device look like? You have probably already seen this stainless steel tool with a long handle and a flat crushing head. This thing has a name and it’s a potato masher. Whether it’s mashing baby food or getting smooth mash, you can count on this utensil to get the job done. If this is the first time you have heard of this object, do not worry, because we are here to teach you how to choose the best model according to your needs.

In order to simplify your life when the time comes to prepare this delicious homemade mash, we have selected the best potato masher on the market and carry out an in-depth examination for each of these vegetable shredders.

Buy the best potato masher

Finding a high-performance model is not an extremely difficult task, it is only a matter of making a comparison between manufacturers and qualities and selecting accordingly.

You must choose according to your purposes, remembering that a cheap model is not always bad and that, although the quality costs, you will not have to spend a lot of money. In this list you will see some interesting options.

1. OXO Good Grips potato presser

Endowed with a strong and resistant structure, the use of this press is the most recommended in the preparation of foods for children, porridges among other foods. It has soft handles and non-slip knob, it is a durable and very robust device that will help you prepare wonderful mashed potatoes.

2. VonShef Potato Masher Stainless Steel

The Vonshef potato masher is the essential kitchen utensil if you want to prepare small homemade dishes for your baby. Its 10 cm diameter tank can indeed contain many fruits and vegetables. Its stainless steel finish and silicone handle guarantee durability and security. With this tool, you can make a nice smooth and creamy puree.

3. Potato masher DYZQ Easy to Clean

Made in stainless steel, this mash potato masher model is a great option if you will give the utensil more than one use for other foods, those who have it highlight its quality in the process of squeezing vegetables and fruits. It is durable, portable and of good quality.

4. Tefal Ingenio K2071214 – Potato Masher

The Ingenio range from Tefal offers an ergonomic and robust mash press with a pressing head designed to allow easy removal of the mash from the spatula. This dishwasher safe product is made of plastic but is heat resistant up to 230 ° C. A non-slip silicone ring allows this mash press to have a very good grip, thus strengthening your safety. You also benefit from a pledge of quality which is no longer to be demonstrated by selecting a product from the Tefal range.

5. SZTARA Stainless steel potato masher

The SZTARA brand has put on the market this medium-sized presser suitable for mashed potatoes and soft purees. It is made of robust construction and is very suitable for those who have strong hands and grip.

6. Multifunctional Potato masher

Suitable for crushing potatoes and other foods, this accessory is an ally that can not be missing in your kitchen. It has a solid construction and is a very durable instrument since it is made of stainless metal. It is a tool compatible with the dishwasher and very easy to clean.

7. Joyoldelf Stainless Steel Potato Masher

To mash your potatoes efficiently and without difficulty, the Joyoldelf manual potato masher is the ideal kitchen accessory. It provides an excellent result for your recipes to be perfectly successful. In addition, this utensil is made of stainless steel, a material that makes it robust and resistant to rust. It, therefore, has a very good lifespan and will, therefore, be useful for a long time.

In addition, the Joyoldelf potato masher is ergonomic. It can, therefore, be handled comfortably, which saves you from making unnecessary efforts. It is not slippery and you can hold it firmly throughout use. As for cleaning, it is simple since this potato masher is dishwasher safe. It is also easy to store and takes up little space.

8. QLF younker Potato Ricer

You can obtain a thin, medium or thick puree with this presser that offers you several food textures, thanks to its interchangeable discs that will give you a smooth and delicious result. It is a folding tool and suitable not only for potatoes but for foods of various types.

9. Zyliss potato press

Designed with an ergonomic handle with soft-touch and robust grip, this potato press is a good option to have at home. It is a removable model of simple cleaning that offers different types of puree. Those who have it stand out its robustness even being a plastic utensil.

10. Grunwerg Commercial Grade Ricer

What is potato masher?

The potato masher is a kitchen accessory that helps you eat better. Indeed, it helps you to consume homemade mash and in fact, allows you to avoid potentially dangerous substances contained in the mash from the shop. Aware of the importance of this utensil in the preparation of all purees, the manufacturers are sparing no effort to put on the market various models so that everyone can find their own.

Reasons to buy a potato masher

On the appliance shelves, you can find dozens of multi-function robots and choppers that can give you instant and effortless mash. Why would you buy a potato masher? Because firstly, this tool is 10 times cheaper than ablender. But above all, the hand blender risks over-crushing the potatoes.

And if that happens, then you’re going to activate the starch in the potato. This will give a mouldy and completely rotten potato result. And if there is excess starch in your fries or mash and you cook it, then you will caramelize your recipe.

A potato masher makes it possible to crush the potatoes at its own pace and in a homogeneous manner. You can have the consistency you want whatever species you use. In addition, you can buy a potato masher from £5 to £20, so why not deprive yourself of it? In addition, this tool also allows you to crush many other vegetables such as garlic, ginger or when you make a salad with hard-boiled eggs.

potato masher

Benefits of using a potato masher

Using a potato masher will report a lot of benefits, here we will mention just a few:

  • You will get a light and smooth puree.
  • You can use it to puree almost anything: apple, tomato, potatoes, baby puree. It is also good to make gnocchi and squeeze the juice of fruits and vegetables.
  • They are good for preparing delicious jams.
  • Most of them are suitable for the dishwasher, in any case, those that can not be washed in these machines are also very easy to clean.
  • It is very portable, you can take them wherever you want.

Difference between potato masher and potato grinder

Although it seems the same, the reality is that thinkers and potato mashers are two different devices here we will explain what are the differences that distinguish them.


It is considered an extrusion device that leaves you a smooth puree, with grains similar to rice and without lumps. However, using it can take a long time because it requires patience and constant cleaning of the skin of the potato if you place it in the hopper without peeling.


This device is responsible for crushing the potato, it is not so elaborate and its operation is simpler, although it will surely leave you a lot of lumps. However, you will be surprised to learn that they are as popular as the pressers. If you know how to use you can get to improve the technique and avoid the lumps.

How to choose potato masher

How to choose potato masher

Before buying the product that is more suitable, it is always appropriate to take into account certain aspects that will undoubtedly improve your acquisition:


You have two types of potato masher on the market. The choice will depend on the pressing you are looking for and which in turn will depend on the type of potato. The model with perforated holes still exists today. It makes most mashed potatoes.

But if you create very intense purees, almost liquid, then this type of model may break or deform easily. The second is the S shape which is preferable for medium consistency purees. It is suitable for sweet and easily cooked potatoes.

The two tools are not exclusive. This means that the hole pattern is not only suitable for heavy pressing and vice versa. You can make any mash whatever model you choose. But if you notice that it is not suitable, then you will have to cook your potatoes more or less long. In France, we recommend potato species like Pompadour or Amandine, because they become soft like butter during steaming.


The most popular potato mashers are made of stainless steel, are very durable and some are coated with ergonomic rubber handles. You will also find other plastics, which, although good, are not really durable.

Number and size of holes

The holes should not be too big and you should make sure they have a good amount. This way you will have a smooth, delicate puree and without lumps.

Easy to use

Some potato mashers have a simpler performance than others. I recommend those who have anti-slip knobs and can support them while they are used.

stainless steel potato masher


To have the right device you must consider that it has some additional components such as anti-slip, ergonomic handles, large hoppers, portability, performance and robustness, among other aspects.

Quality and durability

A quality potato masher is not only that which is made of stainless steel. Although this, without a doubt, is a good start. You should also look at the robustness in the union of the pieces. A device that is easily dismantled because its screws are not attached correctly, no matter how good material you have, will not work well.


Although the potato masher will serve for lots of things and make different types of purées and porridges, you will get better use of this device if you select one with interchangeable discs that varies the numbers and sizes of holes you will surely get better puree of different ingredients.


Ideally, the grinder chosen should be able to be placed in the dishwasher, in order to save you time when cleaning your kitchen utensils. Objects with small recesses are also to be avoided because mash can easily lodge between these small spaces and make cleaning your potato masher more delicate.


How much are you willing to spend on a potato masher? If you are a regular user and you are likely to use this utensil regularly, you should certainly invest in a quality mash masher, certainly more expensive but which will last you longer. But if your use is only occasional, the choice of an inexpensive potato masher will do the trick. Prefer if possible a tool that can make a large amount of puree, as for a large family. This will allow you in the future to prepare large purees during meals with family or friends.


Having a few models allows you to have the puree you want, but also to crush other vegetables. The choice of potato and cooking are important to have a mash worthy of the name. We told you everything about the potato masher and even a recipe to prepare it. It’s up to you to prepare the best purees in the world!