Ideal for low budgets, the portable sauna allows you to enjoy the benefits of a cabin in good time. Suitable for small spaces, it can be easily assembled and disassembled at will. It is a small cabin in nylon layers or waterproof cotton blanket generally equipped with a large closure to be able to settle in.

Unlike a traditional cabin, you do not fully enter the sauna, a hole for the head and arms are provided. These portable models are the perfect alternative to enjoy a moment of well-being at any time of the day.

In order to make this moment even more pleasant, you can add a few drops of essential oils to the device for guaranteed relaxation!

What is the best portable sauna?

During history, people have used sauna treatment as a safe and strong means of detoxification. This culture goes back to prehistoric times since the first saunas were created and used in the Stone Age.

Its continuous use throughout the history of humanity has to do with the innumerable benefits that it gives to our health.

The saunas are temples of well-being that help us to alleviate the pain of the muscles, eliminate the toxins, reduce stress and optimize the quality of our lives, balancing our hormones and putting at our disposal a source of youth, health and beauty.

Turkish baths, native huts, Finnish saunas and Japanese steam rooms are some of the examples of how many cultures, even in our times, continue to take advantage of the healing power of steam.

It is true that our body is designed to purify itself, however, we currently live a unique moment and not in the best sense, today more than ever in the history of humanity we are exposed to toxins, pollution, chemical agents, additives, herbicides and pesticides, that is why it is of vital importance that we help our body in the detoxification processes, to achieve it there is nothing better than a personal sauna.

The innovative design of the personal sauna offers users a portable, folding and easy to store therapeutic alternative. Its thermal structures are similar to those of a camping tent, providing the user with protection and comfort when receiving the steam treatment.

Now that you know the incredible benefits that a portable sauna offers you and the importance of purifying your body, we guide you in the search for the perfect sauna for you.

In today’s market, it offers you dozens of products, but to navigate the tide of options with mastery, it is necessary to be well informed.

It is for this reason that we recommend taking into account certain determining factors when buying, consider: The size of the product, the manufacturer brand, the design, the special characteristics of each model and of course, the general opinion of the user community.

These data will help you to orientate you so that you arrive at a good port with your investment.

Our editorial team has prepared a comparative selection with the best-valued products on the market, check it out and find in it all the answers you are looking for.

Portable Sauna 100TP Firzone

We present you high-quality equipment, equipped with a high-power heater, 4 carbon heating panels covered by tourmaline reflectors. Its structure has nylon insulation, to provide users with a structure of high thermal efficiency and durability.

An ideal electric sauna to relax your body and mind.

Plug-in sauna, steam sauna

If you are looking for a versatile and personal steam station, you will love this model! The design includes a cabin Cabeza cover, an adjustable timer for sessions between 1 and 99 minutes and a remote control 9 heat settings.

The equipment has a power of 1000 watts and a reserve of 2 litres of water to generate steam.

Portable Sauna – Chi Enterprise

It is an infrared portable sauna, the ideal equipment to accompany you on trips and adventures, thanks to its compact, lightweight and foldable design. It is accompanied by a camping chair, although its size is also compatible with plastic garden chairs.

It has a heat power that varies between 650 and 1000 thanks to its infrared technology.

Home Portable Sauna Asixx

A sauna session in this wonderful portable station will help you relieve muscle tension, burn calories and improve your circulatory system. With this equipment, you can program humidity and steam sessions between 1 and 99 minutes. It has a reserve of 2 litres of water, 1000 watts of power and 9 heat settings available.

Portable steam sauna Flyelf

It is the cheapest portable sauna station of our selection and an excellent alternative for those users on a tight budget. The outer walls of the station have a waterproof coating and the internal walls have 3 layers of nylon insulation.

In addition, you can choose between 10 temperature levels and flexible time settings.

Far infrared Sauna Dome

What is infrared sauna?

The infrared sauna is a concept that comes to us from Japan. Here, the traditional stove is replaced by infrared heating elements installed at strategic points in the cabin.

There are two types of these heating elements: carbon, which covers a large part of the body surface, and ceramic. They act by radiation, we then speak of radiant heat as for the sun (the ultraviolet emissions less of course).

In a traditional sauna, the air is heated to act on our body. Here, infrared heat directly deepens the skin tissue.

Why use sauna?

The benefits of this practice are no longer to be demonstrated so that today the sauna has become essential to combine a healthy mind with a healthy body. Its actions on the organism are multiple:

How to buy a sauna at home – An unbeatable anti-stress: heat involves the vasodilation of blood vessels. This then offers more room for blood to circulate which has the consequence of lowering blood pressure. The user will thus feel perfectly relaxed and rested from the first session thanks to greater oxygenation of his body. Goodbye stress, tiredness and other raw nerves!

A natural beauty treatment: the acceleration of perspiration helps purify pores and keep skin healthy and clear. The elasticity of your skin will be improved.

A strengthened immune system: vasodilation has a decongestant effect on the whole organism. The hyperthermia to which the body is subjected leads to a significant increase in the number of white blood cells which make it possible to fight against the antigens and the small winter diseases.

Better breathing: the use of essential oils (aromatherapy) allows better breathing through deep inhalations. Ideal for enjoying a moment of well-being and having fun after a long day.

Advantages of the infrared sauna

  • Many benefits are attributed to the infrared sauna, most of which are similar to those of the traditional sauna: elimination of toxins, good blood circulation, reduction of muscle tension, etc.
  • The infrared heat would cause stronger sweating (3 to 6 times more!) Than a traditional sauna, thus increasing the benefits.
  • The infrared sauna would also help you lose weight.
  • IR rays can help treat or alleviate certain diseases, such as skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis) or painful conditions, inflammatory diseases. It could even mitigate cardiovascular risk factors (like cholesterol and blood pressure) etc. However, these effects are insufficiently proven and discussed by scientists.
  • The temperature, between 30 and 45 ° C, puts less strain on the heart than the traditional sauna. Thus, the infrared sauna is a good alternative for people who cannot stand the heat well.
  • As the ambient temperature is closer to the body than in a traditional sauna, the infrared sauna allows longer sessions than the traditional sauna.
  • On the practical side: the infrared sauna heats up faster than the traditional sauna and consumes less energy. Also, it is easier to install, cheaper and requires less maintenance. It is for this reason that the infrared cabin is the sauna model that is most often found in private homes.