The portable air conditioner has a system that automatically eliminates condensation from the environment, which also allows savings in the payment of electrical energy because it can be transferred to any room in the house so that I only cool that certain area.

To help you choose the one that suits your needs, we have made this comparison of the best air conditioners, so we recommend you to continue reading so that you can make a good purchase when it comes to air cooler.

What is the best portable air conditioner?

When choosing, you should also take into account your other qualities so that you can select the one that best suits your needs and that is more economical for you.

We did a test, we reviewed the models that are in the market and we made this small list that, we are sure, will help you to make the right decision.

1. EcoAir ARTICA – 8000 BTU Portable air conditioner

EcoAir ARTICA - 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit Cooling Only (Energy Class A)
  • Energy Class A. With new technology, bucketless and self evaporating system for ease of use.
  • Wireless remote control, 3 fan speed, LED display, Built in 24 hours timer and Memory Function.
  • Weighing 24.5Kg with its space saving design and giving easy move by the castor wheels, it is very portable around the house or...
  • 8000 BTU (2.35 kW) Cooling Only. 1 year EcoAir manufacturer warranty.
  • Washable mesh filter giving you fresh and clean air. Comes with 1500mm air vent hose.

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This air conditioner is rather a model with moderate noise, as it has a level not exceeding 47 decibels, lower than similar ones.

It is a device that is easy to install, has good mobility with its four rotating wheels and comes with a remote control to configure its functions

It is small and compact and is categorized in the class A cooling range, it has four ventilation speeds that produce an air conditioner according to your requirements.

It is affordable, works with a voltage of 230 and you only get it in white.

2. EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioner 3 in 1

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Developed with a cooling technology that is friendly to the environment, the Pifco device operates in a cooling range of 16 ° C to 30 ° C.

It comes with a programmable timer, performs the function of cooling, drying and ventilating and, in addition, is equipped with an exhaust hose for efficient water drainage.

It is a device less than a meter high and somewhat heavy for its size, a total of 26.5 kg, however, has integrated wheels that guarantee portability.

It is not cheap, but in the opinion of those who already have it, it fulfils its function and is worth the investment.

3. Olimpia Splendid Portable air conditioner

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The model Dolceclima compact comes with remote control. It is small, easy to move, has automatic programmer for 12 hours and removes the condensed water by itself, that is, it comes with the evaporation system.

This device of the Olimpia Splendid brand has a cold flow of 9000 BTU, capable of perfectly cooling a medium room.

It is low price equipment, made with resistant materials and of good quality, with the energy efficiency of class A and power of 2300 watts. You get it in elegant white colour.

4. COSTWAY 5 in 1 Compact Air Conditioner

COSTWAY 5 in 1 Compact Air Cooler | Heater | Humidifier | Fan | Purifier, with Fan Filter,...
  • 【5 In 1 Air Cooler and Heater】This air cooler and heater is multifunctional. It can be used as air cooler, heater, humidifier,...
  • 【Breathe Clean Air】It can offer you a fresher and healthier environment by its particular air purifying function and Removable...
  • 【Customize Your Cooling】With a 8 hour timer, swing feature, 3 fan modes and speeds, you have plenty of options to get the...
  • 【Electronic Display & Remote Control】User-friendly LED control panel lets you easily see what speed, mode and timer option you...
  • 【Easy to Move and Storage】The compact and lightweight air cooler is easy to carry and storage, and fits discreetly in most...

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The design and finish of this model are made of plastic and it is very beautiful. Above all, it is distinguished by its lightness and superior comfort, which makes it mobile and flexible air conditioning system. Measuring 38 x 74 x 29 cm, the COSTWAY 5 in 1 is relatively large, but at 8 kg it is not very heavy and easy to handle. Its mobility is ensured by its wheels and handles, as well as by its long power cable.

Its simple operation and many features, such as the 5 in 1 principle, show that even air coolers can be of superior quality. One of the biggest advantages of COSTWAY 5 in 1 is the ability to change the operating modes and the fan speed which is giving you the opportunity to sleep in a cool room safely.

5. DeLonghi PACEX120 Silent Pinguino

De'Longhi Pinguino PACEX120 Silent | Portable Air Conditioner with Real Feel Technology | 110m³,...
  • The PACEX120 uses a natural high efficiency gas, propane R290, which has no greenhouse emissions
  • Maximum cooling 11,500 BTU (coverage area: British thermal unit), this machine has the greatest coverage area of the De'Longhi...
  • 12 hour digital timer and thermostat with Real Feel technology
  • Innovative LED display, designed to provide an immediate feedback about comfort status
  • This Pinguino unit operates 49-53 dB(A). No sound interference with your relaxation, with the complete insulation package.

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It is a heavy device, with two cooling speeds and class A energy efficiency, it has small dimensions that do not exceed one meter in height.

It comes with an LED display screen, uses 220 electrical voltage and 160-watt load consumption. It is powerful equipment, with a capacity of 12000 BTU, suitable for rooms of up to 95 cubic meters (not larger than 35 m2).

It is remarkably quiet, with a noise level of up to 53 dB, makes less noise than similar ones.

It has a high price, but it is efficient and efficient, if you have how to make the investment, it is an option that you should analyze.

6. KYR-25CO/AG Portable Air Conditioner 3 in 1

KYR-25CO/AG Portable Air Conditioner 3 in 1 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioning, Air Cooler,...
  • 3-in1 MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Portable air conditioning unit with cooling fan and dehumidifier function, complete with exhaust hose...
  • COOLING FUNCTION: 9000 BTU cooling capacity with an Air Filtration system to improve the air quality, can cool up to 20 square...
  • Wi-Fi ENABLED: Monitor & Control room temperature via smartphone works with Alexa and Google Home.
  • DEHUMIDIFIER FUNCTION: Can be used independent of the air conditioning function; allowing you to extract up to 21 litres a day of...
  • Dimensions H795 W330 D433mm weight 25Kg

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It is a small and light device that has multifunction: air conditioning, air cooler and also comes with a dehumidifier, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. It has two-speed positions, comes with remote control, mobility wheels and works.

It is also equipped with an air filtering function through adjustable grilles and comes with a system that cools the compressor by condensation process. It is low cost and you get it in white. Its users affirm that it is not silent and fulfils what it promises without further expectations.

7. 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU 3-in-1 Cooler, Fan and Dehumidifier unit with 3 Speeds and Remote...
  • Powerful 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Cooling and dehumidifying functions
  • A
  • Great for medium sized areas - Up to 30 m�
  • Simple to operate electronic control panel
  • Ultra compact and Portable design with castors for easy mobility

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Like other equipment of our selection, this is more a fan with cooling capacity than an air conditioner. However, it is very yielding. It has low energy consumption and, although it is small and light, its dimensions merit being placed on the ground.

It is a device with a cooler, fan and humidifier function, works with remote control and three power levels that maintain the temperature. Because of its power levels, it is suitable for small rooms that do not exceed 20 square meters

This device, from the manufacturer Electriq, is the least expensive of our list, comes with a timer, is easy to transport and manoeuvre thanks to its rotating wheels. You get it in black and white.

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a device that cools a room. For this, it works with refrigerant gas and it diffuses cold air in one or more directions.

We are talking about a mobile device because it is not permanently installed. However, there are different types of portable air conditioners. Some are on wheels and it is easy to put it in the living room during the day and in the bedroom at night. Others have no wheels, only handles.

The goal is actually to be able to remove it from the room as soon as it is no longer used. It, therefore, has a fixed location in the house, often linked to the sometimes complex air exhaust system to set up. But it is not installed on the wall and can be moved at the change of season.

Different types of portable air conditioners

f you started your research, you must have realized that there are two main types of portable air conditioners. Let’s see this in more detail.

The monobloc portable air conditioner with an integrated exhaust hose

The oldest type of portable air conditioner is the monobloc air conditioner with integrated exhaust hose. It is a device made up of a block and a flexible hose which is used to dissipate the heat produced by the device. This, therefore, requires integrating an opening to the outside, via a ventilation opening or through a window for example.

The portable air conditioner without exhaust

More recently, the portable air conditioner also exists without evacuation. It cools the air in the room thanks to the principle of evaporative cooling or hydro-cooling. The hot air is then filtered by a damp pad and cooled by contact with water. However, the portable air conditioner without exhaust is more suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. For a large area or a very sunny room, the operating mode of this device may not be sufficient.

Mini portable air conditioner

The mini air conditioner is a small device that can be placed on a desk for example. It is often a cube, sometimes with colours and an LCD screen for settings. It is sold at a very low price. It is not meant to run for several hours in a row.

This type of portable air conditioner is only suitable for one person who is about a meter away. While some like it very much because freshness is targeted, others don’t like the feeling of being enveloped in the cold. Besides, it can be quite noisy.

What are the advantages of portable air conditioners?

Having one of these devices in your house entails its benefits, here we leave only some of those that you can consider:

  • No restrictions: Fixed appliances face many challenges and restrictions. Structure, ordinances, prohibitions of landlords, high costs, among others, so, given the impossibility of having an air window, this option is more comfortable and will remove lots of headaches. It does not stand out from the house, it keeps the freshness in your house and you can place it where it seems best.
  • Small space: If you live in a small place, a room, a studio or one of those minimum studio apartments, a portable unit solves your life, since it does not require permanent installation and you can remove it whenever you want.
  • Economical: Undoubtedly these devices are profitable and at the same time cool very well so that you will save a few Euros not only in the purchase of the device itself but also with the electricity bill.
  • Cooling where you go: One of the great advantages of portable air is that you can take it anywhere because they adapt to whatever the purpose you have for him, if you travel constantly, if you like to go camping or you are one of those people who They travel the country on a mobile home, this is the right option, you will have comfort and a cool climate wherever you are.
  • It can cool and dehumidify: It is an excellent solution for allergy sufferers since they guarantee that the humidity level will be low wherever the unit is turned on, even in places with very high humidity, laptops are able to reduce it and eliminate dust, that is the reason why each time these devices become more popular, even among those users who ignored its existence.
size of portable air conditioner

Choosing the right size of portable air conditioner

To choose the correct size of your air, depending on the space you want to cool, you should look at the number of the British Thermal Unit or BTU, for its acronym in English. This classification determines the number of square meters of a space that the unit can cool efficiently. In the following list you can choose the most appropriate according to the space you want to keep heated:

  • 14 square meters – 7,500 BTU
  • 19 square meters – 9,000 BTU
  • 28 square meters – 10,000 BTU
  • 37 square meters – 12,000 BTU
  • 42 square meters – 13,000 BTU
  • 47 square meters – 14,000 BTU

To this classification, you must also add the characteristics of your space, if it has a lot of humidity or if it is not completely isolated and the heat enters easily. In that case, you must buy a larger unit than the one that marks the classification table as appropriate for space where you will place it.

air con

Things to consider when choosing a portable air conditioner

Depending on the place where you live and the cooling needs required by the space you wish to air-condition, you can choose your portable unit. In addition to that, there are a series of questions and considerations that you should ask yourself before taking one home: Is portable air suitable for you?

If summer is suffocating you and a fixed cooling system is not among your options and you do not find a fan enough, then portable air is just what you need as they cool the house or office more effectively than a fan and the best part is that you can move it from one place to another.


As with many devices, the functionality of your portable air conditioner will depend on the budget you spend on it. But that doesn’t stop us from taking stock of the essential features of a portable air conditioner.

The main function of the portable air conditioner is to cool your home, especially during hot weather, even during heatwaves.

The portable air conditioner also filters the air in the house: it makes it cooler but also healthier. Equipping yourself with a portable air conditioner also means improving the quality of your environment.

A portable air conditioner can also act as a dehumidifier. The majority of models now incorporate this function. It can be automatic (at the same time as air conditioning) or switched on if necessary. What purifies the atmosphere of your home as effectively as it is sustainable!

As we saw above, the portable air conditioner can also act as a backup heater, if you opt for a reversible model. A two-in-one device that you will not have to store and that will save you money!

Practical and inexpensive, the portable air conditioner solves many problems. Especially since accessories are sometimes included with the device, or can be purchased separately. 

For example, for mobile air conditioners requiring a hot air exhaust hose, you can opt for a tool kit to create this exhaust on your window, while sealing the opening. Thus, outside heat does not enter your home and the device makes less effort. And this saves you from doing work to install a vent, for example.

Cooling capacities

It refers to the efficiency with which the unit is able to cool the place where it is placed. Here it is imperative that you review the capabilities of the appliance, the space for which it is most suitable in terms of square meters, the performance, the additional features and the method of moisture removal. If you want a really powerful device, look for one with high performance.

Efficiency and certifications

If you want a portable air that is safe and inexpensive, look for units that highly qualify inefficiency and certifications. Units that comply with industrial safety standards and that, moreover, are not produced with hazardous materials can be a good option. Here it is useful to analyze the efficiency of the unit in terms of its operation and the energy cost that this implies, so you can get an idea.

Portability and design

An air is not portable only because it is not fixed to the window or the wall. You can not fool yourself with this concept. If your intention is to move the unit from one place to another on a recurring basis it is absolutely important that you consider its weight, because that is the only way in which you can really ensure portability, a fortiori if you decide for a manufacturer whose device does not carry wheels.

Even when the unit you buy does not go fixed to the window, if it is too heavy you will not want to be able to move it anywhere and will not fully fulfil the function for which it was purchased. Here comes into the game the design, because according to its design and structure you can ensure mobility, for that the recommended is a light and easy to move a unit, a unit, for example, 29 kg is very heavy to continually make this In addition, the device must have a long hose to expel the water and must be placed near the window, so if your space is short, this may limit the places where you can place or move the unit. Before buying, you should consider this pair of aspects.

Operating modes

You must ensure, according to your needs, that the air you buy has the operating modes you need: cool, warm, dry, automatic or just fan. Many users usually look for automatic mode with which they can adjust to a target temperature and then switch to cooling mode.


Here it is essential that you know how is the flow of energy in your residence or office, because if the device you buy does not meet these requirements then or input will not work, or will not cool well or may even be damaged at the first connection.

Both low-performance devices and very high-performance devices are counterproductive since you could find in both cases difficulties to install it if the place does not fully comply with any of the two parameters, you should opt for that device whose energy flow matches that of the where you will place it.

Environmental issues

You must take into account this detail, especially to ensure the efficiency of the device by which you decide. In this case, the best thing is an environmentally friendly device.

It is opportune that you also see where you will place it, if it is a place where the sunlight comes in, especially at noon or if, on the contrary, it is an area that remains shaded, in these cases you should take into account these particularities to choose the power.

In these cases, you should also consider the number of people who will be in the space to refresh and the air address on the site to be cooled.


air con remote control

You must choose a device that is easy for you to operate or control. Some come with remote control and shutters, others are controlled through your manual system, in any case, you must select the one that gives you least difficulty.

Smart units have recently become popular because of their ease of control, it is just a matter of programming them and they change according to the temperature and the hours that the device has been on. A timer will also make your life easier because it will turn on and pay at a certain time without you having to worry about it a lot.

Duration of use

Another factor to consider is how long you want to keep the unit on. If you want to work for a long time you must choose a durable and quality. Durability and reliability are important aspects when choosing.

Noise level

These units can be quite noisy which is a distracting element, especially if they are in the maximum function. If noise is a problem for you look for the least noisy or analyze well if the laptop is what you need.

BTU / Nominal power

You must determine the nominal power that your air needs to cool efficiently, this, as we explained before, is classified in British thermal units or BTUs. To get an air that cools efficiently multiplies the length of the room by its width in square meters and looks for air with the cooling capacity for that measurement.

For example, up to 18.5 square meters can serve you an air of 8,000 BTU; if the room has up to 28 square meters, a unit of 10,000 BTU would be useful and so on, depending on the measurements of the spaces where you plan to place it. We recommend that, before buying, consult the table that we provide in this article.

Air filtration

The air you buy should be used to cool and dehumidify, it is also necessary to purify the air in your room, which means that you must rid it of dust and pollen.

This factor is fundamental in the choice of your air, since the functions of air filtration are ever more popular among users, especially in those who suffer from countless allergies.


Since it is a device that you will be moving constantly, it is useful to consider its ease of installation because an air conditioning difficult to install will give you discomfort and headaches.

Check the manuals to make sure you can easily understand them. It is also useful to make sure you have the necessary tools to install and disassemble the unit whenever you want.

Maintenance cost

At the time of making your purchase it is advisable that you consider how much it will cost you to do maintenance on air: buy spare parts, do preventive maintenance.

Technical support is also useful when choosing, consider if you can get telephone support, emergency replacement and such services from your distributors before opting for a particular model. This is necessary because you must get support when you need it most. Pay special attention to the life of the compressor and check the warranty.

How does the portable air conditioner work?

The operation of a portable air conditioner is simpler than it seems. In fact, an air conditioner works much like a refrigerator. This appliance is equipped with a refrigeration circuit: it is a cycle which is repeated.

It all starts with the compressor, which compresses the gas in the condenser. Then the gas gives up the heat in the condenser and becomes liquid. It then passes through a tube at the outlet of which, thanks to the expansion valve, it becomes gaseous in the evaporator. When the gas evaporates, it absorbs the calories contained in the air in the room. This cycle repeats until the desired temperature is reached.

In short, there is on one side the production of cold and, on the other, the evacuation of hot. The cold cools the room and the hot is evacuated.

Water Drainage portavle condition

Where does the water go?

As they cool down, the portable air must eliminate the water that generates cooling in the form of moisture. With more reason if the unit also has a dehumidifier. For this, these equipment have several ways to expel the liquid: Some have emptying devices that must be placed near the unit to drain it, others have a total internal evaporation method and you do not have to empty it on your own. 

Some others work with drainage by gravity, that is, connecting a hose to the device to drain continuously by gravity, this method is not as popular and finally there are condensation pumps to which you connect a hose through which the water is expelled.