Sports training involves both slow endurance-type phases and rapid phases to improve muscle tone. at home, you probably have exercise equipment like the treadmill that will play on cardio and fat loss. Now we must move on to toning up with faster exercises that will put pressure on the muscles. It’s time to invest in a plyometric box.

The plyometrics will allow bodybuilding exercises that will target the tone of the skeletal striated muscles. To simplify it is a quick effort with a change of direction jumps to a stop. This type of exercise will energize the agonists by causing a rapid stretch. It is the whole weight of the body that will allow producing an optimal contraction to stimulate all of the muscles.

This type of exercise will play on the muscle fibres and their ability to support the stretch. Note that the faster the change in the stretch, the greater your muscle contraction. With your regular plyometric training, you will improve muscle tone and protect yourself from muscle tear injuries. To do this you need a tool which is the jump box or plyometric box at home.

What is the best plyometric box?

A jump box is a very practical tool that you can have at home for your workouts and in the market, you can find a large list of options to buy, from the most affordable, to models used by professionals of the CrossFit.

To find the best, you must consider not only your budget, but it is also necessary to take into account a number of factors such as size, weight, materials and others, which will determine the good quality of a fitness drawer.

1. Gravity Fitness plyometric box

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A box of excellent finishes, with a very firm base that will give you the security to perform your jumps at three different heights, plus it will allow you to increase your athletic performance in a practical, portable and versatile way.

2. Capital Plyo Crew plyometric training set

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If you want variety in your plyometric drawers and have different heights to make different jumps, this set of boxes from the Capital Sports brand will come in handy.

They do not take up too much space and are perfect to gradually increase your jumps.

3. Siceq Plyo Box plyometric box

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A box designed to help you perform different types of exercises and that will be perfect for toning your legs and muscles with ease.

It has a padded surface that will prevent injuries and will be very easy to clean.

4. Skillworx Plyometric Box 3 in 1

skillworx Plyollettes Set - Lucent Edition: 3-in-1 wooden Plyo Boxes up to 90cm, High Parallettes...
  • MODULAR 3-IN-1 CALISTHENICS TRAINING SYSTEM: Transform your plyollettes set into plyo boxes, high parallettes x 2 or a dip and leg...
  • PLYO BOXES: Jump & elevate - choose your plyo box height: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 cm.
  • HIGH PARALLETTES X 2: Turn the large and medium plyo box elements by 90° and you get two (!) sets of high parallettes.
  • DIP & LEG RAISE STATION: Align the 3 plyo box elements and you get a fully operational dip and leg raise station.
  • TWO EDITIONS - ALL NATURAL, ALL AUSTRIAN: Developed and produced in Austria, available in two editions - the Raw Edition...

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This structure of solid wood is the best you will find in the comparison, since it will give you maximum grip and great versatility to be able to perform different types of exercises, from jumping to doing parallel.

5. PLS BOX  Plyometric Box

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A tool for a professional gym that you can have in the comfort of your home and perform a variety of strength and resistance training.

His non-slip feet will prevent the box from moving when jumping.

soft plyometric box

What is a plyometric box?

The jump box could literally translate as the jump box. Also called a plyometric box, It is CrossFit equipment used to make box jumps. The exercise consists in taking its momentum to jump vertically on an obstacle in front of you and carrying out the reverse movement to return to its supports. To do this, the jump box must be solid and perfectly stable. It can be made of wood or steel. The difficulty of the exercise is proportional to the height of the jump box and the distance from it to the user.

Why use plyometric boxes to jump?

Plyometric training was used by athletes to increase their performance and skills, but, at present, has begun to take popularity among fitness enthusiasts, where a box for CrossFit, MMA, speed and strength is perfect, as it helps to perform explosive training, loaded with fast and energetic movements.

Being a beginner of the plyometric boxes, the ideal is that you start doing small jumps and you increase the intensity as you gain more strength and resistance.

The benefits of training with a jump box

The box jump is often used for the physical preparation of high-level athletes and it is no coincidence. It allows you to work on several physical qualities but also to gain explosiveness. By integrating box jump into your cross-training routine, you train your body but also your mind to be faster.

As a result, many exercises that seemed inaccessible to you will appear more feasible. And it’s not just mental. Box jump tones the trunk strengthens the legs and improves hip mobility and flexion. What better understand other cross-training exercises such as squat, thruster or deadlift.

The box jump is very demanding both physically and mentally but its results are very quickly noticeable. As you take over the exercise, you want to push yourself. Be careful to remain realistic about the jump height of which your body is really capable.

Types of jump boxes

There are different boxes among which you can choose, especially if you are looking for a model that suits your budget since you will find some cheaper than others, but of equal quality, depending on the model you choose.

Among the types of plyometric boxes, you can find:

Metal plyometric boxes

The metal boxes are manufactured to resist, withstand heavy weights and provide maximum stability, as they have non-slip feet that will prevent unwanted movements when using them.

Plyometric boxes 3 in 1

This type of boxes is designed to offer you three different types of heights, according to the position in which you use it. They are usually the cheapest and have a great grip and firmness.

Soft Plyometric boxes

The soft plyometric box is designed to save you from failed jumps, as they will cushion your body in falls, thus preventing injuries, so they are ideal if you are starting to train with plyometric boxes.

plyometric box

What to look for when choosing the best plyometric box?

Before buying a plyometric box model, it is necessary that you define your needs and what you are looking for in one of these drawers, especially if you are a beginner of these exercises, among the most important characteristics to consider are:


The structure of the box must be firm, solid and resistant since you will be jumping on it and you do not want it to fail in the middle of the exercise.


When it comes to the corners of the box, you should think about your safety, so it is convenient that you choose a model with rounded tips or covered with padded material, that way you will avoid injuries.


With these exercises, your performance, strength and resistance will increase, so it is recommended that you choose a box that can be adjusted according to your training level.

adjustable plyometric box


Look for a model that has a non-slip base, in this way you will surely not move from its site when using it.


You must be sure that the box does not have prominent screws that could cause injuries.


If you want a model of a portable box and that you can move without problems, the ideal is that it is lightweight.

Size of the box

In terms of size, you can find a wide variety, there are sets of boxes that have models of different sizes and are a perfect option to train at different levels or you can choose a model that can be adjusted.


Keep away from plastic boxes, as these tend to break, instead, choose boxes of durable materials such as iron and wood.

Available space

You must also take into account the space you have at home, since a large box may end up being a problem.

Type of flooring

Depending on the flooring of the place where you are going to use the plyometric box, you can select a model that has or does not have an anti-slip base, although it is recommended that you always have one.

How to practice box jump safely?

In plyometrics, too much can sometimes be worse than too little. If you ask your body for more than you need, you could be injured. To fully enjoy the benefits of the box jump, it is important to observe a few rules. The first is not to use a box that is too tall for you. You must also make sure that the jump box is perfectly stable before jumping. Some people take unnecessary risks by stacking two jump boxes to have a higher system. If you land on an unstable system, it can cause a lot of damage. During the exercise, when you jump on the plyometric box, hold the landing position for at least one second.

This allows in particular to minimize the impact of the jump on the joints. Posture during exercise is also very important. The body must not be tilted either forward or to the side. Use your hips to propel yourself up. If you feel tired, reduce the intensity either by staying on the jump box to perform small bounces, for example or by returning to the ground to walk or continue with an exercise of moderate intensity. When you continue despite real fatigue, it is your tendons that suffer without taking into account the technique of jumping which degrades. As an indication, 4 series of 6 to 8 box jump with 1 min 30 of rest after each series is already a high-intensity training.